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  1. I couldn't find anyone asking this same type of question here, so I figured I would ask. Would you play a game that is just the sexlab content, or do you like the fact that it is a "real" (so to speak) game that has sexual content added in? With game engines like Unity, or Godot its fairly simple (not easy, but simple) to allow external files(mods) to be used by your game. If a standalone game were made, would anyone care? Would a community make content for it, or would everyone just go, "ehh...it aint elder scrolls or fallout."
  2. Hi everyone I recently uploaded a Nude Mod to Gamebanana! Finally a legit Nude Mod for Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Its a Model from Soul Calibur, of Ivy. Check it out at Gamebanana.com - https://gamebanana.com/skins/182887 (I've been modding for years, and I wanted to give back to the community) (I got a friend to make it, but he gave me permission to upload it)
  3. Hey Ya'll, I've been getting back into making clothing conversions (since we never can have enough!). Once issue I'm running into though is how to work with outfits that have 'non-cloth' parts. A simple conform all sliders causes all parts on the mesh to morph based on the slider values. For things like buckles and guns though, this leads to severely distorted meshes. However, if I do a mask to prevent the transformation, then the item doesn't move at all with the slider. Does anyone have a good workflow to properly translate these items with the sliders while not changing their morphs? Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Edit 10/15/2017: This thread has exploded so much to the point where I don't even have time to read everything and/or play/mod Haydee.. if a mod/admin would like to edit this OP and make this thread way more accessible to people trying to mod Haydee, by all means please continue. I don't plan on checking this thread for a long time, and I'm not really willing to read through 1000 posts to add a huge modlist of everything, so if some mod/admin for some reason wants to edit this post, by all means please go ahead. Well, looks like this thread has turned into a place to share your mods.. neat! If someone could make a master-list for all mods posted here, I'll link it in this 1st post for anyone who happens to stumble upon this Hi! I'm personally pretty excited for Haydee to be released, and the demo is in fact moddable.. I've made a few texture mods (mainly for the legs) and I'd be willing to share them with you guys, if you want. Does anybody else have any mods they've made? I'd love to see some VR48 was awesome enough to make a OneDrive folder with a very large selection of mods found from Steam, Loverslab, and Reddit, which you can find at his post here. Majin Vongola also has made a list of quite a large amount of mods, which you can find here.
  5. With all of the ideas now floating around for modding Stellaris I thought it might be a good idea to have a designated thread for helping each other out and passing around ideas. That way we can avoid hijacking already existing threads and maybe coordinate some tie-ins between mods and avoid potential overlaps as well. Also, Passing around suggestions for event image artwork could be another thing to link in this thread. There is also a Discord chat server started by mk40 for discussing Stellaris modding: https://discord.gg/TrkNsGU Edit: I need to update the list of up-to-date mods.
  6. So I'm adding a new character but I cannot place DNA properly. Any help? newchaII.rar
  7. R.I.P. Star Wars. Saw the original trilogy at least twenty times and never really got tired of it. Piss-poor writing/directing/Disney is what eventually killed you. R.I.P. Bioware. You were the best rpg game dev imo. You were gobbled up by the virus- EA and spit out again. R.I.P. ES and Fallout. Your devs have gotten fat and lazy.
  8. So, dealing with non-unique npcs is currently a massive hassle for mod-makers. AI-packages, faction relations, outfits, aggressiveness, and so on all need to be adjusted in a very heavy-handed way, making it incredibly hard to make use of all the pretty bandits roaming about. A lot of the hassle is that most non-unique npcs aren't designed to be used outside of a combat scenario. The simplest way to get around this would be to edit the npcs ActorBase form, but because they aren't unique, any edits to one instance of a bandit will change a lot of other bandits as well. However, I think I've come across a way to circumvent this. Instead of trying to edit the hostile actorbase found in Skyrim, we can take a copy of their appearance and abilities, and make a new instance of them. The way to do this is very involved, so I've included a test mod that has the basic scripting to show what I mean. If a modder wants to copy a non-unique npc, they call "GetLeveledActorBase" on the npc, and use the "AddForm" function to add that base to a LeveledActor form. That LeveledActor form is set as the template of another ActorBase form. This new ActorBase can then be placed using a quest alias or the "PlaceAtMe" function. The template flags can be set such that this new actorbase has all the abilities and the appearances of the original, but with different faction relations and ai behavior. Also, this copy can be modified without changing any of the originals. I haven't done extensive testing, so I'd like others to try to expand on what can be done with this system, and if there are any major issues with it. I've already discovered attempting to place the copy when the original is no longer in memory causes a crash, but I imagine that's not the only thing that could go wrong here. copy actor test.rar
  9. So basically there's this LE mod that I want in SE and its quite an important mod to me. Basically what it does is let you pass lvl 81 and go to like lvl 347 and even further. The entire mod is just 1 ESP and nothing else at all and yet I'm struggling to get this thing to properly work.
  10. I don't plan to start any of this stuff until later in the year. Not sure when, it could be as late as June/July, or it could be a lot sooner. Here's the rough order/priority I'm looking at: new deals; new games; follower archetypes/quirks - things like alcoholic follower, sex-mad follower, greedy follower, etc.; ability for the follower to set (radiant) quest objectives for looting opportunities; (radiant) quests to find devious devices that you can wear to please the follower; a way to "pay" followers that doesn't involve cash - though I have no idea what that is yet. minor slavery extensions New deals: New games: Additional Possibilities
  11. Example #1 (hide skirt) Example #2 (swap body model with another one) Prerequisites --------------------------------------------------------- Basic knowledge on Vita with h-encore and NoNpDrm (Please don't ask about henkaku-related questions here.) Obviously, retail game card (I used RecoLove Gold Beach in this tutorial.) Recolove Model Importer script (and Noesis) https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&amp;t=8004 Uncomment line 13 to enable "noesis.logPopup()", then copy fmt_recolove_fed.py into your Noesis/plugins/python/ folder. CriPakTools (CPK unpacker and replacer) https://github.com/esperknight/CriPakTools/tree/master/Build rePatch reDux0 (for modding game contents in your Vita) https://github.com/dots-tb/rePatch-reDux0/releases 1. Hiding some Meshes from a Model --------------------------------------------------------- Unpack CPK file (media/cpk/CharaModel.cpk), you'll get many files like 0000, 0001, ... CriPakTools.exe CharaModel.cpk ALL The real filenames are listed in media/afs/CharaModel.als (one filename per one line). In this example, we use Mariana's default costume: mdb_02mar_000_0_S_def_00.fed. So, rename file 0085 to mdb_02mar_000_0_S_def_00.fed. Load the FED file in Noesis, and find a mesh which you wanna hide. In this example, we'll hide the skirt mesh. Then load FED file in hex editor. Goto faceOffset position (570176), and fill data with zero for 2160 bytes (= the number of faces * 6 bytes). After editing, reload FED file in Noesis to confirm if it works. Replace FED file in CPK using CriPakTools. CriPakTools.exe CharaModel.cpk 0085 NEW_FED_FILE OUTPUT_CPK_FILE Put generated CPK file into ux0:rePatch/TITLE_ID/media/cpk/. Run the game. 2. Swapping Two Models --------------------------------------------------------- First, replace FED file in CharaModel.cpk with desired one. In this example, we swap Yuina's default costume with Mariana's swimsuit-H. CriPakTools.exe CharaModel.cpk 0230 mdb_02mar_007_0_G_swH_00.fed OUTPUT_CPK_FILE And the second, replace TEX file in CharaTex.cpk with right one. CriPakTools.exe CharaTex.cpk 0499 mdb_02mar_007_0_G_swH_00.tex OUTPUT_CPK_FILE HINT: You can get TEX files from CharaTex.cpk using the same method as I mentioned above.
  12. Hello, It took a while to figure out how to put the textures into the game without it crashing every time. The nude mod is for the first costume in the game. I've edited out what could be edited out, except the buckles (hope that's what they're called) on her arm and the beads. Didn't find the textures for that yet, but I think if i remove too much it's going to lose some of the appeal. Instructions: Extract the archive in */data/pl If you don't have a pl folder, create it manually Thanks to JoeMesh for figuring out that you don't need to repack, saved me a ton of time. pl0000.rar Also attached is a NoIntro mod No Intro.rar (after i already made this tested the method of just deleting the video files and that also removes them and doesn't break the game. So just delete the B_US_0000.sfd and PlatinumGames.sfd files Added Various A costume (transparent/wet) pl002d.rar This one was tricky, after a lot of research i couldn't figure out where the bumpmap is stored, so semi-nude will have to do. Note: Red hair. Aded the Angel Joy em0080.rar extract to: Bayonetta\data\em Added Various B costume (Green lace, Red lace, Blue denim) pl002e Blue.rar pl002e Green.rar pl002e.rar Added Nun Costume - Super Hero Version pl0034.zip Updated! Added P.E Uniform A - Lady Deadpool pl0025.zip Note: it's still a WIP, there are some bump map issues. I suck at bump map if I can't fix it will either leave like this or put in a regular base bump... Or someone with more skills can fix it? Probably gonna stop modding this game now. It's been fun but i'm getting bored Hope you all enjoyed the mods so far! Info: I've tested the downloads and they all work. There has to be a computer issue, not a archive issue. I've repacked all the mods into zip: pl0000.zip pl002e Blue.zip pl002e Green.zip pl002e Red.zip pl002d.zip em0080.zip How to Mod It seems that it's still a mystery for most how to actually mod this game. This is the method i use: Tools needed A hex editor Dragon Unpacker (optional but helpful) DDS editing software That's basically it.After extracting the cpk file of your choice (data12.cpk for example) you will get some .dat files in most cases. Most of them contain game textures, model textures, model info...etc. The .dat files that contain DDS images can be either searched for with a hex editor, just simply search for the text DDS, it's the only header in the .dat file that is an actual DDS (from what i found). The way i did it before, was just copy the entire contents from the DDS header till the end and saved it as a dds, that way you can see the image and if it's not the one you want to edit, search again for the next header and delete everything backwards... this method is more time consuming though. I found that with dragon unpacker's hyper ripper you can simply preview the images in DU and also easily extract them with drag and drop. As an added bonus it shows the offset of the dds file which is very important, to put the dds file back. Now the tricky part. After editing your file, you need to have a copy of the original image or have a copy of the original .dat file as the header of the dds needs to be the exact same one as before, otherwise the game crashes... took me a long time to figure out that that's the reason for my crashes. The header is 1D in length in hex code, so after you pasted the hex code of the edited dds on top of the old one, paste also the header of the original on top of that and you're good to go. When i say header, i'm referring to the starting bytes of the dds file, not the image contents themselves. That's about it in a nutshell, if you guys make some cool mods, i can post them here if you want with credits to the modder of course Have fun! Updated!
  13. Hi, I recently stumbled upon this tumblr: https://eriayai.tumblr.com/ with a good looking draenei character. Sadly it seems that the author doesn't wantto share the assets (which is ok, it's his/her work after all). So my question is: How do you think he/she did it? Did they use the existing mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51208/ or did they start from scratch?
  14. Which game file controls the religious head age upon succession?
  15. I saw a mod that takes this feature out. What would one have to do maybe add more muscles onto a character specifically a female one? I love the DNA system in the game and how most of the faces are random. It has been helping me draw people and on occasion I save some I think I would like to draw. My goal for modding is to try and add more idle poses. I'm sure there's other artists out there that could use it and could really utilize this game for their art endeavors and learning like I do.
  16. I read alot of the events for horses. It would be nice in future updates to the game or a mod if we could see them. Same goes for if we have a dog or cat. I miss the mod crusader mounts from CK2. Be nice if that were implemented in CK3
  17. With the recent news of MS acquiring Zenimax, and Todd talking about how that helped to massively overhaul the engine they're going to use for Starfield and ESO6. My question is what does this mean for the modding scene, will this overhaul affect the limits of modding in a negative or positive way. I know that Bethesda's engine is in dire need of an overhaul, but if theres one thing about it that i liked, is the fact that it allowed a very versatile modding scene, modders were basically capable of changing every little thing about the game, to major things like entire frameworks like what we see here on this site. I am honestly hoping it won't limit future modding in exchange for a "prettier" look. E
  18. There are posts that appear in the forum commonly asking for gay mods or mods with male/male content for Skyrim. These requests are normally due to the lack of research or understanding of the vast amount of content that LoversLab and other modding sites have to offer for players who are looking for male/male themed content. So today, I bring you a guide on the content available and how to get started. LAST UPDATED: 6 January 2019 - still a work-in-progress. FIRST THINGS FIRST! Before you get started, there are a few important things you must remember when reading this guide: THIS IS ONLY A REFERENCE GUIDE - I will list a number of different mods and types of content that you can use and how they can be added to a male/male play-through. It is ultimately your decision on what content you wish to use in your load out. THESE ARE NOT MY RECOMMENDATIONS - My play-style will be different from yours. I am not into giving recommendations. I highly encourage you to make your own decisions by utilising the list below and trying the mods out yourself. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS OF EVERY MOD - You will need to read through the download and support pages of each mod to use them. I cannot stress how important this is. Failure to read them may break your game or mods not working correctly. I learned the hard way and I encourage you if you want to be serious about this, to make the time to read and learn. It's not complicated but it requires attention. THE BASICS OF MODDING Before you start your journey into adding mods to your games you need to understand some of the basics. This will help you as you venture forth. THERE IS A LIMIT - There is a general limit of 255 different plugins (ESP and ESM files). It is said that going over this can cause Skyrim to show more glitches and bugs. USE A MOD ORGANISER - The best way to add and remove mods is with a mod organiser. Modding manually can become problematic when files depend on each other. LEGACY OR SPECIAL EDITION - Be aware of mods which are compatible with Legacy (32-bit) or Special/SSE (64-bit) versions of Skyrim and know which version you have. For more reading, here are some good guides on the internet that will give you the basics: BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO MODDING SKYRIM - a visual video guide by Gopher which covers a lot of modding topics including ModOrganizer (recommended organiser) and FNIS (required for animations). They might look like long videos but they show you step by step what to do and what to look out for to help you understand how modding programs and tools work. r/SKYRIMMODS BEGINNER'S GUIDE - A text guide from reddit that covers both Legacy and SSE editions of Skyrim. r/SKYRIMMODS ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S GUIDE - An alternative guide written by conspiringdawg which breaks down the workings of mods. There are more guides out there if you need something more specific. Simply use your search engine for more results. Now before I start to list some mods, I want to take a moment once again to remind you that it is really imperative that you read the instructions for installing these mods. Installing them in the incorrect order or without that other required mods can result in them not working and will get frustrating. I will also admit that following the steps can also sometimes result in things not working and this is equally as disappointing. Every person's load order is different and modding is not perfect. You might need to install one mod before another or change the order you have your mods in. ModOrganizer and LOOT will help with this so do take some time to read and understand more about them. Each mod will also have it's benefits and limitations. Understanding what these are will help you with your choices in what to install/activate and what not to. Pay attention to these benefits and limitations to enhance your experience. Now, onto the mods! MOD CATALOGUE Below is the catalogue of mods which can be used for male/male content. I have not listed every mod as I am either still working on this extensive list or I have never played or used them. I have listed their pros ( + ) and cons ( - ) but understand these are my own personal opinions on them and it will be down to your own choices and decisions as to what works for you. They are not all from Loverslab and will be from other sources. I have included links where possible and also if the links are to Legacy Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition (SSE). Again, these are not my recommendations. This is an alphabetical list for ease and my own opinions are only my own. Each and every mod author has worked hard on the content they create and we each should remember that it's their choice on what they wish to create and respect their work. ESTRUS FOR SKYRIM < LEGACY: [link] SSE: N/A > ISLE OF MARA < LEGACY: [link] SSE: N/A > REVEALING ARMOR < LEGACY: N/A SSE: N/A > SCHLONGS OF SKYRIM < LEGACY: [link] SSE: [link] > SEXLAB ANIMATION LOADER < LEGACY: [link] SSE: [link] > SEXLAB AROUSED < LEGACY: [link] SSE: [link] > SEXLAB DEFEAT < LEGACY: [link] SSE: [link] > SEXLAB FRAMEWORK < LEGACY: [link] SSE: [link] > SEXLAB RANDOM SEX < LEGACY: [link] SSE: [link] >
  19. Alright so, I'm trying to get my game working with bondage mods, doing ok so far. however, when I installed all of the essentials for cursed loot and tried to see if the restraints were working, many of them were invisible. I tested to see what was visible and not. Chastity bras and belts, corsets are invisible catsuits. Boots, collars and gloves work. I'm not quite sure what to suspect, I have made sure that the bodyslide build was done correctly by following this guide: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/71481-tutorial-building-dd-items-in-bodyslide-nmmmo/ .Moreover, all of the mods are up to date and have worked before for me. Lastly, I check to see if it had something to do with "hidden devices" in the mcm menu, but that was a dead end as well I am very much a rookie when it comes to modding, so the fault is very likely on me being stupid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Any help is appreciated. Load order:
  20. Is there any way to add more idle poses in the barbershop? Wonder how one would do that
  21. i am working on a "part two" to a well enjoyed mod that i created, i need an animator!!!! i created a new race, will use the same human skeletons (xpmsse) but the animations has to be for this race only. they are not normal anims so i cannot use regular ones. if you like to do animations then please contact me PLEASE!!! i should have the basic idle and movements done already from some one else but he thinks hes not going to have time to continue the other required movements as he has other things to work on. i dont know what all i need but im thinking that sense they are spell casters ONLY (no melee) then maybe magic casting anims? i do not have the knowhow or the proper 3ds max to build the anims myself, hell i can barely figure out fnis for modders lol proper credit will go towords the animator aswell as a % of DP points as this will be released on the Nexus and here. Thanx
  22. I originally thought I'd write about ideas for punishing or rewarding the player, but the question of what a "player reward" looks like turns out to be complicated. Recently, in a long post on the SexLab Survival forum, addressing amputation mechanics, I alluded to an "iceberg" that amputation mechanics were the tip of, but I never explained what iceberg I had in mind. The broader topic of punishment and reward mechanics was what I was referring to. On reflection calling it an iceberg doesn't do it justice. For brevity in future, we need a jargon term to describe the general class of mods I'm talking about. Some can probably guess right away: slavery mods, combat defeat outcomes, "sexist" mods that create continual penalties and hazards on female characters, with an emphasis on the sex part, and other disparity mods that try to create varying experiences for the PC, from pregnancy to running a brothel. The PC doesn't have to be female, but usually is. There's also usually some kind of intentional conflict between a submissive role being imposed on them, and the tasks that vanilla Skyrim makes available (or requires to progress). I'm going to call this very broad category "oppressive" mods. Oppressive mods all have significant capacity to punish the PC. Punishment and reward are at the heart of so many LL mods, particularly those with an emphasis on slavery, combat defeat, or bondage games. In short, oppressive mods are about punishment and reward. Punishment and reward are also at the heart of why so many of these mods don't work well together and why authors aren't inspired to make them work well together. I will present an argument for why this is so. I suspect that conflicts between punishment and reward are also the underlying reason for many players ultimately getting tired of this kind of mod and turning away from it. They're certainly the cause of many frustrations. I will also try to argue why this is not simply an arbitrary claim. Bondage and slavery mechanics add new and exciting ways to punish and reward the PC. Isn't that fun? You may ask, "Why is there a problem?" Let's take a step back... Player character punishments and rewards are NOT player punishments and rewards There are two ways of looking at punishment and reward, we can look at them impacting the PC - the character - or we can look at how they impact the player. The two are different things; potentially a world apart and often in direct conflict with each other. For example, the player fails at combat and the PC is defeated. DCL combat defeat is enabled. The PC is raped (brutal punishment for the PC, but amusement for the player) and then gear may be taken (punishment for both PC and player), and the character may be teleported to some annoying place (punishment for both PC and player), and they may be left wearing devices (punishment mainly for the PC, because the player might enjoy this quite a bit). In oppressive mods, there are many events that take place that are horrible for the PC, but amusing for the player. The kennel in SexLab Survival is a good example of the contrast, the conflict, and the confusion. It's typically an amusing event for the player, but it may well be awful for the poor PC. Unless she is deep into SLS cum-addiction, there is no upside for the PC to be raped by the kennel-keeper or his pets, and she probably isn't going to get a good night's sleep. SLS is a great example of how things get complicated and ambiguous. Is being forced to drink cum a good thing or a bad thing? In SLS, is shifts from one to the other as the addiction increases and it becomes necessary to satisfy it. The player has limited options to prevent the onset of the addiction. Self-gagging might help a little, but it comes with numerous down-sides. The player's reaction to cum-addiction may vary considerably with where they are in their game. At early stages they may seek it out, but at later stages it may start to become a tiresome annoyance. Not only do different mods have different ideas of what events are good or bad for the PC, but the same mod may change its idea as play progresses. The player's idea of what is entertaining remains relatively constant, unless they're over-exposed to a repetitive event that turns what was once amusing into fatiguing boredom. Even this isn't a solid rule. As noted above, the player tends to start to drift away from the oppressive content as their character levels up, and clearing vanilla content (or vanilla-like content) often becomes more of a priority. One thing that's deeply lacking in the majority of mods is any kind of alignment between PC and player punishment and reward. Combat defeat mods are supposed to be punishing the player, but often what they're offering is a lot of sex scenes - which players may find rewarding unless they grow boring - and it's only the character that is getting punished. Even when the PC's items are taken away, the player suffers a great deal less than the PC. And what is the point of putting mechanics into mods that are intentionally boring? Even in a combat defeat mod? There is limited scope to punish the player, and such an approach needs to be used sparingly if players are not to grow disinterested. A certain amount of peril increases excitement, but inevitable failure and punishment are simply annoying and frustrating. To what extent are modders thinking about their mechanics in these terms? Are they considering the difference between PC punishment/reward vs player punishment/reward? Some may be doing this, but I suspect that most have not crystallized that distinction clearly in their minds (until reading this?) There's no doubt that modders are trying to create mechanics that are consistently fun for the player, but the design of existing mods and the way that their authors write about them suggests that they conflate almost everything their mod does with an attempt to deliver player reward, even if it's indirectly. For example, SLS amputations are, to in part, an attempt simply to deliver more excuses for kinky animal sex with a kind of sexual frisson from the underlying reluctance. Only combat defeat mods have reason to seriously consider the topic of player punishment, which they deliver via a very limited toolkit: item theft, disruptive teleportation, and various other annoyances that amount to time-sinks. SD+, if considered as a combat defeat outcome, consists almost entirely of extremely tiresome time-sinking. SexLab Adventures (seems to evidence thinking that the bounties for doing forbidden things are a punishment for both the player and the PC, but in practice they punish the PC far more than they punish the player. The player doesn't set up punishing bounties unless they think they are going to be fun somehow. Loss of time is really the only punishment that can be inflicted on the player, and all other punishments are just indirect routes to this. The things that are lost can almost always be regained with sufficient effort. Whether the PC is being robbed, fined, sent to an inconvenient location, locked in a cell, or chain-raped for two real hours straight, it's all just something that soaks up the player's time in a way that doesn't seem to offer any kind of satisfying progress. In some extreme cases, the punishment takes away from past progress. To what extent the player is genuinely troubled is another matter. After all, they are installing these mods because they like them, and as often as not, they rather enjoy having PoP suck up hours of play while their character is dragged around the countryside on a leash by NPCs who path badly and frequently get stuck. Even when things the player has struggled for are taken away - fancy armors, money, titles, reputation, NPC relationships, levels or skills - it usually comes down to a measurement of time invested that was lost. The things themselves can always be replaced with other things, given more time. What is Player Character Reward or Punishment? How can a collection of data in your computer be punished or rewarded? Is it punishment when her simulation values are modified in a non-advantageous way? I don't believe so. That sort of thinking is nonsense with no reference point or connection to any meaningful context. Reducing the PC's health value is a negative simulation outcome, but without assigning a meaning to it, it is neither punishment or reward. Only the player can assign meaning to these events. Does that mean that there's no such thing as PC punishment or reward? The reference for what is a punishment for the PC is always the story of the PC. There are events that she, as a story character, is supposed to enjoy, and events she is supposed to hate. The player (whether they intend to or not) to some extent cannot help but have some empathy with the human-looking graphic on their screen. She is not just there to create a pornographic visual; if that were the aim then why play Skyrim at all? You could just run SexLab animations in a loop, and a SexLab theater would be the most popular mod around. Instead, there is only modest interest in such mods, and most of that is from people who really are only interested in screen archery - and many of those are still telling stories! However, player empathy with the PC doesn't mean that they player feels misery when the PC is imagined to feel it. Often the PC relishes the horrors inflicted upon their character. There are many reasons for this, but they are topics applicable to media in general, and not Skyrim oppression mods in general. Nevertheless, the determinant of PC punishment or reward is simply the resulting story that the player creates in their head to explain the events and how the character reacts to them. So what's the problem with any of that? The lack of alignment between PC and player punishment and reward leads to a weak and uninvolving experience, shallow immersion, and incoherent story events. Take an example of the PC developing a sex-addiction. This might be simulated as a constantly high arousal value which either doesn't decrease after sex, or doesn't decrease much, and can only be reduced by extreme sexual encounters, or a fast increase in arousal whenever it's low, or both these approaches. In addition, one or more mods may impose stat or XP penalties for this continuing high arousal state. Such additions are generally seen as improving the simulation. In addition, the constant sex events may lead to Wear&Tear on the PC, with additional penalties as a result, again this is seen as an improvement in the simulation. XP penalties are supposed to be a punishment for the player, but they are an ineffectual one because leveling in Skyrim is not terribly important for the player. The stat penalties are inconvenient, and quite likely to involve movement speed or something else that mildly irritates the player, but in many cases may not even be noticed, and may very likely be drowned out by some other mod doing something completely unrelated (needs mod tiredness, for example). The issue here is that a sex-addicted PC is supposed to long for orgasms, but getting them makes almost no difference to the PC or to the player. There is no alignment between the supposed situation - the story you're creating in your head - and the game events. Instead we have a questionable simulation of sex-addiction, with mechanics that are inspired by the simulation concepts. Various conflicting outcomes follow from the simulation, which itself is the product of multiple mods that were not written to produce any single clear outcome or with any special intent - they are essentially simulation rules - they are devoid of any compelling story. We're supposed to believe that the PC is constantly distracted by her desire, leading to impaired learning. If there's a Wear&Tear mod, we are also (probably) supposed to understand that the PC is physically (and magically) impaired by pain resulting from past sexual activities and abuse. None of this simulation exists, or makes any sense in the context of vanilla Skyrim, where healing spells and potions cure sword cuts and simple praying cures diseases. Some players struggle with the contradictions, and add more mods in an attempt to resolve them: needs mods with harsh diseases, limitations on potions, or potion consumption, limitations on healing capacity and PC recovery, wounds mods that create lasting effects for combat injuries that can't simply be healed away. It's more complexity and more mods to solve a problem that was created by the original mod setting up a questionable simulation that was at odds with vanilla Skyrim. Players typically take the position that vanilla Skyrim is inadequate to support and enhance their fantasies for the PC, so they impose extra perils and dangers upon her. She needs warm clothes and fires, she needs to eat and drink, she needs to get a good night's sleep, she needs to pee (and fart!)... it doesn't stop there... she needs to sleep in comfy clothes, she she needs to eat good food, she gets tired of camping, and she gets hurt and penalized by ... just about everything. Players add mods where the PC can get pregnant, or seems to easily submit to forced sex, mods where she can resist forced sex up to a point, they add mods where everyone wants to enslave and sell her, mods where she can be auctioned, mods where she is hurt by sex, and mods where she becomes addicted to it, or to sex with animals. There are even mods where you can become inseminated with GEMS by animals and give birth to ROCKS! And of course they add mods that tie her up. Lots and lots of those. I could digress into a discussion of what this means about the female gender role in society, but that sounds hazardously close to politics. The point is that the simulation rules we apply to the PC get ever more complex and perilous. They are profoundly weighted in favor of punishing, humiliating and terrorizing the poor PC. If there is something she is ever allowed to enjoy, you can be almost certain that it's some kind of destructive addiction or submissive mental break. This is where player frustration can set in. A player initially believes that modding can deliver new and surprising experiences in their game. As time goes by, modding becomes more of a struggle to balance the conflicting ideas of reward and punishment in the web of mods that they've installed, or simply to get some beloved feature to work as they want it to. Frustration and exhaustion, combined with a loss of belief in the idea that oppressive punishment-oriented mods can deliver any substantially new content leads them to look to other genres, or to abandon the undertaking completely. There's a real shortage of mods that emphasize PC enjoyment, fun or satisfaction. There is no mod where eating cakes gives the PC more happiness. There is no mod where she will pay a fortune to taste chocolate but not be addicted to it like a drug. There is no mod where she enjoys a smile from a child. I guess the majority of players don't want these things in their game for some reason. This isn't some political comment. It's just that game design has conventionally always been about peril and punishment, with the reward being from overcoming those hazards ... but there are games (like Candy Crush) that are composed only of rewards, albeit weak ones. Problematic conflicts arise because each mod is trying to guess how their user-base feels about a certain scenario, and to provide events that are titillating. Each one envisages a slightly different scenario for the PC, then (usually) tries to produce it indirectly through simulation rules. Mods that are direct about the outcomes they want are less common, but the root conflicts begin with the stories. As the intended outcomes (stories) conflict, the simulation rules also interact at cross-purposes. There's no clear direction. Even if these mods can interoperate what would that interoperation look like when they have disparate concepts of a proper outcome? Players tweak mods, put mods in, take mods out, and post on forums, over and over, seeking changes of one kind or another, so that they can get the outcome they imagine as perfect. However, for every modder there are numerous players (even for unpopular mods) who all have slightly different ideas in their heads. With only one modder and all those players, any mod can only please each player a certain amount, and the modder may not be pleased with what they delivered either. (I know I am never satisfied with what I make). Even among the most eager fans of a mod, there are different story expectations. Conflicts Everywhere The conflicts are not only between the mods and vanilla, but between each mod. These conflicts flow directly from different concepts of what is a player or PC punishment or reward. It's inevitably the case that two mods get in a fight over some stat that they both want to change in opposing ways, or some situation or scenario that they want to resolve in profoundly different ways. Superficially, Estrus Chaurus (EC+) appears to be punishing the PC for sex with chaurus monsters, or from picking flowers, or (if you have certain patches or extensions) from collecting chaurus eggs. Of course that's not its true purpose. Its core reason for existence is to amuse the player with tentacle-sex and violation fantasies, then to pile a body-modification fetish on top of it, allowing the player to view their character distorted with huge breasts and belly due to a foul "pregnancy", a parasite infestation that can easily end in a horrid mess of skittering creatures. EC+ punishes the PC but rewards the player. Its pregnancies conflict awkwardly with other pregnancy mods (which have equally complex internal intentions), including combat defeat mods. The EC+ encumbered PC is weakened in combat, suffers additional defeats, and additional indignities, but we're now slipping into territory where the player is ostensibly to be punished for letting their character become inflated with alien eggs to the point that she can barely waddle along. This is a recurring pattern. A mod that offers player entertainment also adds penalties to the PC, and other mods interpret those penalties as an intent to punish the player. And in some cases, they act on that intent, amplifying the "punishment", or attempting to counteract of moderate it. The different mods had different outcomes in mind. EC+ seems to think that the pregnancy is more or less the end of the problem, but don't get caught too often or you'll end up inflated for good. OTOH, DiD thinks that tentacle-sex is both a way to lose trauma and also to gain it. I can't figure out what DiD's overall expected outcome is, but it's clearly different to the original intent of EC+ otherwise it wouldn't need to add any new simulation rules. The first problem is that mod X has no way to tell whether the things mod Y were done to amuse the PC, or are supposed to be some kind of disincentive. The second problem is that mod X and mod Y almost certainly have a different outcome in mind, even given the same set of preconditions. Returning to the EC+ example, the mod itself is also internally conflicted. It does things that please the player, while also doing things to annoy them (such adding little scuttling creatures to areas). Of course, the player can control some of these decisions, but the player was always controlling them, from the very point that they installed EC+ they were superficially in control. However, because mods rarely deliver a coherent experience to the player, we see, again and again, the addition of more and more mods trying to resolve a nest of conflicts that can only grow as a result of this approach - and I don't mean script or ESP conflicts, but gameplay experience and immersion conflicts - it's a way of modding that creates an endless appetite for more and more mods and features. Another conflict is that players wish to surrender control, while at the same time exercising it. They choose to add a mod that does things to the PC, but want to feel that the outcomes are beyond their control, or at least beyond the PC's control. They want the story of helplessness, or struggle. They want story events to take them by surprise ... but not too much surprise. They chose the mods they put in their game, and chose how to configure them, but then they want to play within the limits they've created for themselves, with the perils they have so carefully prepared. This is a conflict over control rather than reward and punishment, but it manifests as reward and punishment. When mods go off the rails and break the game, or simply send it in an unwanted direction, the player (as well as the PC) is punished. Often enough, total success for the PC ends up being seen as failure by the player. Again, the mods didn't do the intended job. Is Coherence Possible? (And would we want it?) Is it even technically possible to create coherence between the PC experience and the player experience? Would this be better or worse? It is possible for mods to agree on the nature of an experience, so they all augment it, instead of breaking it? Now we're into more difficult territory. It took until now to crystallize the true nature of this problem, and I imagine that many readers are still not at all convinced there's anything here but a confusing web of points that they feel they have easy counter-arguments to. It's not easy to explain the network of ideas and realizations that have brought me to write this, and it will be a journey of its own for me to learn how to express those ideas clearly and succinctly. For now, the ideas are present, but they're still new. There's scope to improve and refine them, and even more scope to improve how to describe them. But returning to the question at hand, I can offer some examples. In the case of sex addiction, what if the player received increasing rewards for orgasms? The more extreme the addiction, or the longer the period of denial, the greater the player reward would be. Pay attention here, I'm talking about player reward, not PC reward. This could be applied to any addiction mechanic, but its most notable for sex-addiction, because orgasms are rarely a reward, even for the PC (not the player); instead loss of arousal is the reward, if it's even granted, and who that reward is aimed at is ambiguous. Is it the player, who is happy that her character is now better able to function? Or is it the PC, who is supposed to relish the reduction in danger that the sexual-satisfaction leads to? Or (as I suspect) some combination of the two. In the case of combat defeat, can we genuinely punish the player for losing? In the case of being caught without a license in SexLab Survival (SLS), there's a conflicted message. The player is supposed to be punished by losing access to items and abilities, but they may also be enjoying the peril that their character has been placed into. They may well get considerable enjoyment from their character being placed in punishment devices that are clearly intended to be a (story) punishment for the PC. What if the sexist problems imposed by SLS were entirely punishing for the player, and overcoming them entirely rewarding? Is that even possible? One thing is for sure, a mod that has an alignment between PC reward and player reward would be unlike the majority of mods we see, which have almost no consideration of PC reward, and are composed almost entirely of PC punishment. Would alignment in PC and player reward help align mods together? I think it would, up to a point, because it immediately becomes clear what is supposed to be a player reward or punishment. In current mods, two mods that disagree are both trying to deliver player reward (and PC punishment). It's impossible to intuit which player punishments are supposed to be producing player enjoyment, and which are trying to be player punishments. But if the punishment and reward are simplistically objective, it's easier to get alignment between mods. For example, Deviously Enchanted Chests likes to put the PC into bondage gear. While this is somewhat a reward for the player, it's substantially supposed to be a punishment. The goal is (ostensibly) to get out of the bondage gear as quickly as possible and return to business as usual. Devious Training tries to mitigate the penalties of being in bondage gear long-term, while adding extra visual rewards (for body modification fetishists anyway). It's a given you won't install DT unless you like the modification part, but the penalty mitigation is a bonus player reward. DT is at odds with DEC in some areas, aligned in others. However, if we have an objective way to know whether the PC likes being bound ... if the PC's rewards are aligned with the player's, then we also know whether the player wants the PC to be bound. Given this data, a bondage mod no longer needs to guess what to do. The player wants mechanics that make being bound rewarding. So, there's a light at the end of the tunnel ... we can potentially solve some problems by using data about the PC, or the player, and if we put the two into alignment we can create novel experiences, align mods together better, and store less data.
  23. Hey guys, i was wondering how to properly create a bodypart for a race, I want to make some custom feet for the argonian and the khajiit races, i'm using the meshes from the "Better Claws and Gauntlets" (the mod will remain personal until i get the approval of the creator) to make the feet, i use bodyslide to move the nail meshes and fit them into the feet, i change the weights of the nails from all the fingers to the feet bone known as "Toe1" i open CK i create the "Armoraddon" with the new feets _0 and _1 for the "khajiitfeetnude" and "Argonianfeetnude", i save the .esp and open the game, but both races are still using the "femalefeet" mesh, no nails to be seen. i haven't found any tutorial that helps me out on this issue, since i can't find any tutorial that talks about modyfing or creating a race, so i woulnd't know...
  24. As I expand the starting options in 'Books of Dibella', I'm looking to include a chance that whatever the PC did before the start of the game might have left a bun in her oven. How can I send a 'Male actor X came inside you' event to SL compatible mods in Papyrus?
  25. Legacy of the Dragonborn LE V19.3.01-52248-V19-3-01.7zI have a great list of mods, that I want to run, but I run into problems with a lot, and I want to see if any of you great people out there with huge communities, and such, to see if you can help me try to get the best of the best experience there is that you can possibly find in Skyrim Legendary Edition, I will share the mod list, and I want you to help me get the mods sorted out in a way that it all will run together flawlessly, although may seem impossible, here is the list of mods. Would it be much to ask for someone to pull their tesv5 file and share it with me? I don't really know how to set it up either. even when following the tutorials and step by steps, I can never seem to get it to work. Thank you, to who ever reads this. Better Khajiit UNP v 4.0-65943-4-0.7z coverkhajiits female version-5941-1-0.rar coverkhajiits male version-5941-1-0.rar Crash Fixes v12 - Beta 4-72725-12.zip Customizable Camera 2.21-37347-2-21.zip Depths_of_Skyrim-98331-1-0-7-1578171387.rar EZ2C DIALOGUE MENU - FULLY CONFIGURABLE --18466-v3-1.rar FaceGenData-64352-.rar FamiliarFaces_1.1.5-54509-1-1-5.7z FNIS Behavior 7_6-11811-7-6-1582308039.7z Folkstead_LOD-58331-14-1-1577284356.rar FPS Limiter-34-V1-01.rar Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor CBBE SE-19663-1-2.7z FranklyHD_Dawnguard_Armor_and_Weapons-19663-1-3-1540912350.7z Furnitures Height Size fix (for all sizes)-100108-1-2-1572912231.zip Horns Are Forever-20861-1-0.rar IFPV v9-22306-9-1585389131.zip Immersive Dragons-92795-1-3-1589761113.7z Immersive Speechcraft-63874-1-1.zip Improved Closefaced Helmets (Legendary Edition)-15927-1-57.zip JContainers-49743-3-3-0-RC-3.zip Khajiit Ears Show - TES5Edit Script-63218-3-0.zip Khajiit Speak - Complete Dialogue Overhaul 4.0beta2-14513-4-0beta2.zip Latest Version (A18)-577-1-1574027078.rar moonpath_to_Elsweyr_95beta_-9782-9-5.rar MXPF-a-68617-v1-1-0.zip New Khajiit Races-6461-1.zip Night Eye Toggle-951-1-1.rar No Spinning Death Animation v1_3-17214-1-3.rar Open Cities Patch for Real estate-83145-.7z Open Cities Skyrim-8058-2-0-5-1571085371.7z Opt. 4 - Full-screen MCM Menu for SkyUI-95924-1-2-1572529916.zip OSA-76744-v2-02.rar PapyrusUtil - Scripting Utility Functions-58705-3-3.zip Path_of_the_Anti-mage-76918-1-5-4.zip Phenderix Skyrim In-Game Editor - 2.3.0-103238-2-3-0-1594234717.7z Player Size Adjuster v1_1-32155-1-1.7z Plugin for Interesting NPCs-14513-0-01.zip
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