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  1. How exactly do you activate the mods? You need to click on the Playset shown in the center of the initial launcher window. There is a tiny cogwheel icon on the playset itself, which then leads to the only working interface to add and activate mods (and their load order). At the bottom-right of this menu, you have to click "Add More Mods". This allows to add the downloaded mods to the playset. Afterwards you can enable/disable mods and arrange the load order. And any time you want to change anything about your mods, you have to do it over this cogwheel icon o
  2. Well there is at least one other way without mods - with the assassins society you can get the "drug lover" event which, can apparently roll any random female in your court. Seems to have no age limit either, for example my ruler ended up with a 9yo girl as lover.
  3. - no longer available on Steam - creation club update madness from launch day on So for me, the era of Bethesda RPG modding is over. I also don't see any alternatives in the future. Best to find a new hobby, like DAZ3D is actually a lot of fun if you mostly used Skyrim for the pretty artwork.
  4. Hi & thanks for the mod, got two bugs to report: 1) My spymaster was captured when trying to abduct the wife of a neighboring chiefdom's heir. However the spymaster actually ended up in my own prison, instead of the prison of the guy who caught her. 2) With "daddy's lil project", after breaking the daughter i chose the third option "breaking them is my favorite part". This left her in the "broken" state with no further slave- or daddy options.
  5. BTW - after writing the post above, i also started comparing the code for the WOL decision "i have decided to seduce my own [daughter/sister/mother] [name]". It uses something like Root.GetFromRelation but none of this works with the translation file from this mod. Either it results in an empty space, or says half-brother. So the actual error is probably somewhere in the other files?
  6. Just tested this, there are at least two bugs: Example if your character's lover is his daughter, it refers to her as "sister" right on the first page and onwards. Probably because of this: SL_Lover_Sex;You decide to spend time with your [SL_visit_target.GetBrotherSister] After foreplay, if you choose doggy/anal, the daughter refers to the father as "half-brother". Example "do you like what you see, half-brother?" 'Do you like what you see, [GetFromFromRelation]?' Probably the same for everything else, haven't checked. Don't know much
  7. Oh and... tiny lil' Teena also became Archmage 🙂
  8. New character for a Dark Brotherhood playthrough. I tried to give her a stylized asian look, btw this preset was also used as base for the Dunmer "Lucy" posted a while ago. ( ) Getting actual "almond eyes" with RaceMenu is a bit tricky by expanding the nose root / bridge, probably can still be improved somewhat. Most of the slider options to get a more typical round asian face structure don't work so well - moving Nose Area Depth inwards to get a more concave facial area is about the best solution, as there are no morphs to actually rotate the cheekbones out like
  9. Thanks for the input, i spent the week downloading & testing mods. TBH a complete nightmare, Fallout 4 is plug&play compared to this game. Insta.Light: Looks great, but too abstract for my purposes and probably not so good for gameplay. CFL II: Also tested this, but i couldn't find any presets to my liking. Rudy: Haven't tested but judging by the screenshots, it looks worse than the Oldrim version? Well now i'm trying to get PRT+NAT running with the latest binaries, with some updates and customization i think it's also really good for gameplay and scre
  10. Girls! Horses! Kitschy Sunsets! Hi everyone 🙂 After uninstalling Skyrim last year, i just checked out what Skyrim SE has to offer. Most ENBs there are really really shit, though this one (Silent Horizons) was a real surprise. Works nice with Fair Skin Complexion at least; there's some postwork in the kawaii suit shots though to make them really shine. Apparently you can load your Oldrim presets in SE as well, but mine all looked like crap - so here's a new one, working title is "Teena". Say hi & welcome if you like her.
  11. Your entire post is basically just a collection of factoids and false statements. This is plain and simple wrong, and the wiki link doesn't even say that. The case was about photocopies of sheet music, more precisely about those copyrights held by the collecting company VG Musikedition, who tasked the GEMA to represent them in that matter. The kindergartens didn't agree on the batch payment nor on the obligation to document each copied song individually, so the bavarian ministery of family affairs mediated, and all involved parties agreed on a lump sum to be paid fro
  12. They can, and they already do that. The law clearly speaks about licenses, the obligation to obtain them, and demands adequate technical measures that this works as an actual mechanism. There also is the precedence with the german GEMA system, which may have been the blueprint for that. You can read the details in the wiki link; basically it works as a copyright enforcement system for artists in the music branch. Everyone who wants to use copyrighted material from GEMA members can do so by paying for a license, and the GEMA collects and distributes this money to the artists. T
  13. The platforms earn all the money though. And the way things work right now, the mentioned creative freelancers, journalists etc. have absolutely no chance to police these platforms, let alone reporting and bringing each case to the courts. So your thesis already fails at the inital problem: The copyright for these people only exists on paper - unlike for the entertainment industry, they got the DMCA and can occupy lawyer departments for that. This law aims to change that, by giving the responsibility for user-generated content directly to the social media platforms.
  14. Well here is a question to all of you: The world today is evidently run by companies like Google and Facebook, who earn their money by collecting data about you, and selling it for advertising purposes. They do not pay any taxes in the places where they earn most of their money. Their financial power has already allowed them to grow way beyond what an average sovereign country on this planet could ever achieve; a fine of 3 or 5 billion USD is merely a form of minor operating costs for them, which is much cheaper than abiding by the law. Mind you that all this is done with
  15. Cool mod, thanks Not sure why the description says that it requires using the barber services, works fine with LooksMenu on my end. There also is a conflict with LMCC in the ChargenOptionsSortList which seems kind of unnecessary; loading this mod before LMCC seems to work either way.
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