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  1. I am still working on the Elbowbinder BodySlide, still need to fix some distortion i noticed in the metal parts, but while at it i also thought the lacing string is a bit weird how it goes under/out in the middle. So i made another version, using way of lacing that makes more sense to me. First image is how the original lacing was/is, second image is the way that makes more sense to me. Which version should i use? Or i could include both variants of the string, and ppl could just zap one or the other when building it from BS.
  2. It appears only after you leave Vault 111 and the vicinity of its entrance (the Sanctuary Hills area). Leave the vault and go downhill to Sanctuary, and you should get it. And if you are using v1.0.2 and up, it has MCM, so you don't need the inventory item anymore.
  3. I don't know if this is related, but maybe its worth looking into... From my observations, a TopicInfo script fragment using GetOwningQuest() sometimes fails, presumably because the TopicInfo the script fragment was run on, was already destroyed/unloaded, so the GetOwningQuest() is run on a null reference. (it is like the ActiveMagicScript problem, when you have some code in OnEffectEnd handler and it tries to refer to the magic effect the script is was attached to) For example, this is what i used to see in Lola: ERROR: Unable to call GetOwningQuest - no native object bound
  4. Devious Captures has na MCM where you can toggle OFF some item types by setting their chance to 0% (belts, bras, plugs, vaginal piercings, nipple piercings, gags, blindfolds, armbinders and/or yokes, collars, cuffs, boots, gloves and/or mittens, corsets and/or harnesses), and toggle usage of specific gags. I believe the above works just fine, even with DD 5.1, but i didn't have a chance to test it extensively, so there could be some items that "slip through the cracks" of these settings. Apart from that, the MCM also allows you to toggle certain styles - for example, allow only i
  5. That is definitely not right, and i suggest you focus on that first, because it suggests something is broken. There is no point testing your new scripts on DD in broken state. I don't know how you are testing your scripts, but here is how i usually do such things: I start a new game: - without your new scripts/modifications (you want a working environment for testing, so if its your stuff that breaks things, you don't want to add it just yet). - with as little mods as possible to minimze chance of things breaking due to some conflicts (it also helps not having to go through tri
  6. Great. I have no desire to use those devices for any other purposes, so if you would include it in DD, that would be simply perfect. Should i send you the files once its done? (and to Zaratha, for the SSE version?) EDIT: Regarding the source mesh/mod for the Elbowbinder in DD 5.1 - is it possible to find that somewhere? Both the CBBE and UUNP meshes in DD 5.1 are a bit messed up (described in one of my previous posts), i'd rather start from the non-deformed original, instead of having to fix it first). EDIT 2: I found the meshes in DD 5.1 LE to look better than those in SE
  7. I will reweight them in OS, that is just one click of a button, but before i do that, i want to add some polygons to places that need it. To make them better fit the shape of the hands depending on preset and NPC weight, and also to help avoid this problem with the misaligned grommets and laces (i bet the main reason it got in the current sorry state is due to being too lowpoly in places that morphed the most when somebody did the conversion to CBBE/UUNP from whatever the original source was). I know i can fix it myself, but i am already doing a lot, so it would help if i could get the ori
  8. @Kimy Is it possible to get the source from which the UUNP and CBBE elbowbinders come from? I want to up the polys in some parts and redo the bodyslides, now that i can do it more precisely having the exact animation poses, but i noticed how misaligned some parts are. I checked both the CBBE and UUNP data that are bunlded with DD 5.1, and this whats there: (first one is CBBE, the second is UUNP) ...i'd rather work on something that isn't this malformed to start with.
  9. Problem SOLVED. First, use the old XP32MS v1.96 skeleton rig (from the main file, not from the modders resource) with hkcmd to convert the animation to KF. Then make copy (call it "anim.nif") of the skeleton NIF from BodySlide resource folder, open it in NifSkope and attach the KF animation to it (ignore any errors). Go to first frame, or whichever frame you want to make snapshot of. Open the "Inspect" tab on the right side, and make sure the "Show Local Transform" is checked. Save the "anim.nif" file, and keep it open in NifSkope. Create another copy (call it "pose.nif") of the
  10. I managed to convert the animation into KF and import it into Max. I had to find the skeleton that worked for the HKX to KF conversion, which was the uber ancient XP32 Maximum Skeleton v1.96 (i was googling for skeletons and trying them one by one until this one worked - which doesn't mean its the best choice for this anim file, but it seem to work). The hkxcmd spits out some warnings about non-uniform scaling, but does create a KF file. Now to import the KF into Max 2012, i tried various rigs i could find (same trial and error like with the skeleton) and what seem to work best is "3D
  11. LOL, this is embarassing... After poking into this a bit further, i found that the "referencePose" frame is completely unrelated to the animation pose. I mean... does this look like an elbowbinder pose to you? 😄 Yeah, i didn't think so. So, back to square one. I need to think...
  12. But that will "bake" the pose into the saved mesh, no? It won't save the values you put in the bone posing input fields, it won't even save the values in the actual bones in the resulting NIF - i mean not in the same way, right? It will save the mesh morphed into the pose, and the values will be lost so you are screwed IF for any reason you need those values again. Or am i wrong?
  13. Just a small update regarding my struggle of getting the "snapshot" frames from the animations (mentioned here)... Who would have thought, but Havok Preview Tool comes to the rescue As i stated before, i can't convert most animations back to KF, and even if i can, i can't import them into Max again. But i can use hkxcmd to convert the anims to the HKX XML format and get the data i need using several easy, not convoluted steps at all: (stick to Oldrim source files - skeletons, animations, etc.) Use hkxcmd to convert the HKX animation to HKX XML format. Start the Hav
  14. My thinking was if you weighted that part of the mesh to the hands and fingers it would be a bit more flexible during an animation. Oh yes, definitely, i agree, i just didn't think the lower part would need to be subdivided to fit the hands. But i just looked at the hands mesh (from CBBE) and they are pretty detailed in comparison, so i think you are right - it may be best not to be stingy and subdivide that lower part too. (it comes from me trying to remain conservative when it comes to increasing number of plygons, but in this case being too conservative is probably not worth i
  15. Well, that would be very nice too - but are you really sure about the permissions? From what is written on the mod page: but also this: ...but even then i still don't know who made it (Zadil, Koffii, Coopervane, Pincopallino, Feuertin, El Duderino, Heretical, and Colycon), and even then i wouldn't know what they permit or not 😄 So i think it would be best to wait for @Kimy EDIT: just one small thing - there is definitely no need to subdivide the area covering the rest of hands down from the wrists (palms and fingers), because there are no sliders affecting th
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