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  1. I guess my question was a bit unclear... I am talking about the "NPC Weight" which is a parameter of the NPC record, with value between 0 and 100. In theory, nothing prevents HDT SMP from getting this number and using it in its calculations - my poorly worded question was whether HDT SMP currently has some such capability. I did something similar, except i changed the "SkinNaked" armor not to use any slot and attched a script to it which equips hidden weight-appropriate "armor" item. Simple enough, but obviously it would be much better to have support for something like this directly in HDT. Sorry, not what i meant. Please read my clarification in my replies to OrrieL above. Anyway, looks like HDT SMP isn't currently capable of doing this, so my question was answered. (if the maintainer of HDT SMP, or some contributor reads this, maybe think about adding this feature, i thing ppl would use it if it were there)
  2. I don't think its an "engine f-up" (well, the whole outfit system is a huge f-up, but this is ...not a bug). Afaik this was ALWAYS actor base function, you can call it on the actor, but it operates on the base.
  3. These strings are in the "Messages": RestedMessage [MESG:000FD80D] WellRestedMessage [MESG:000FD80E] ...and maybe some others So, you need to either edit these messages, or edit script PlayerSleepQuestScript.psc that shows them (you may even want to replace that script with yours - after all, you seem to be rewriting how the resting works, can't imagine doing that without also replacing this script).
  4. How to tweak the XML for body/outfits to result in soft breasts that are properly affected by gravity? The question doesn't really describe what i mean, so let me explain it... I was always using different presets to build different types of outfits and body. Here is how some of those presets look like (i am using CBBE SMP 3BBB, this is 100 weight used by the "fat ppl race", notice how saggy the "body" preset breasts are compared to other presets): Now, with HDT SMP, i thought maybe i won't make the breasts saggy using the preset, but using an XML with different options - where the breast bones would be made much softer for the body or "body" type outfits, and more affected by gravity. I thought, by doing this, i might also get much better results when it comes how the HDT simulated gravity pulls down on the breasts - if the saggyness is achieved via preset, then no matter what you do with HDT, it just won't look good in different than upright positions (for example, when on all four, the breasts should be pulled straight down, but if you build the meshes already saggy using BodySlide, the breast will mostly remain in that shape and it looks weird - like the gravity doesn't really affect them much). So, the idea is to make all presets use breasts roughly in the shape they are on the "Corset" preset, and let HDT handle how much saggy and soft they will be, using different XML with different settings per outfit/body mesh. Problem is, i am new to HDT, i don't really know what am i doing, so everything is trial and error, and i am struggling to get it where i want it. So, my question is really this: Is it really possible? (doesn't have to be perfect, just better than without) Can somebody recommend a download with XML using similar body preset(s), where the result would be similar to what i want? (even if just to use it as an example on how to tweak which values) EDIT: I got relatively acceptable results after changing the L/R Breast02 parent bone from L/R Breast00 to L/R Breast01 and tweaking constraints, but it still needs some work. Now i would like to know if HDT SMP can choose XML or adjust parameters based on the NPC weight - that would be really useful.
  5. @HexBolt8 Another GetOwningQuest error, this time in vkj_zOwnerVibrate.psc: The usual fix... replace: (GetOwningQuest() as vkjOwnerComment).MQ.VibratePlayer() with: (Quest.GetQuest("vkjMQ") as vkjMQ).VibratePlayer()
  6. Main problem is that follower uses the canes as weapons in combat - funny the first or second time you see it, but then it gets old quick. btw. i had a quick peek at how the whole whipping is implemented, and it looks quite messy and using that legacy ZAP code makes it even worse. So, yeah, i don't feel too eager to poke into that mess either. Unless it really starts getting on my nerves.
  7. @HexBolt8 At some point i noticed the follower using a cane while fighting, dualwielding - sword in one hand, cane in the other. As funny as this sounds, i think this is a problem I didn't investigate this thoroughly yet, but it looks like there is some problem with removing the cane after whipping - i found 4 canes in the follower's inventory. I will post more info eventually, but it may take some time, so just in case you'd be messing around the related code, maybe keep this in mind. I think it wouldn't hurt to add something like OwnerRef.RemoveItem(WeaponCane) into vkjmq.WhipPlayer() after the whipping finished.
  8. I later realized it is as you wrote, because dancing is the "fallback" action, and its happening too often simply because the delay until you can "ask the follower what they want" again is set to be too short (maybe it has something to do with me using Timescale 7.0, maybe not - in any case i think i just need to tweak the settings, maybe including the minimum number i need to ask). I think all you need is to check if IsMenuOpen("BarterMenu") is true at the moment any gold is received by player. This won't catch gold received while TALKING to somebody (ie. quest rewards), but the task was to differentiate bartering, and for that this should work. If the function returns true when any gold is received, it is a super high chance the gold came from bartering with a vendor, if the function returns false then the gold came from any other source. It is not 100% reliable, but pretty close (scripts can still add gold to player even if the player has bartering menu open, but the chance of that happening is small enough to be ignored), reliable enough for the intended purpose. EDIT: Alternatively, you can use OnMenuOpen/Close events, but that is more suited for if you want to do something more - like give player gold for bartering, then remove it again, etc.
  9. Is it normal that the follower wants me to dance every single time i ask if they want something? Nevermind, it was probably just a weird RNG thing, maybe emphasized by some settings. I did get few other outcomes eventually.
  10. LOL! Serves me right, thats what i get for being so proactive
  11. @HexBolt8 I noticed another error: ERROR: Unable to bind script vkjlib to vkjMQ (56026EC9) because their base types do not match ...its probably not breaking anything, but an error is an error, and should be fixed. The error is caused by a vkjLib script being attached to quest vkjMQ, which cannot work because vkjLib is not extending Quest script - it is clearly some super old forgotten leftover (script vkjLib is used of course, but it contains only global functions, so any reason for this script being attached to vkjMQ either never existed, or is looooooooong gone).
  12. @HexBolt8 In the update 2020-10-04 Plus, you added two more keywords to property DeviceWords on quest script vkjMQ, but you forgot to mention it (together with the fact that the update will not patch the property on previously existing saves). This introduces the following errors for anybody updating from older version on an existing save: ...and obviously any functionality depending on those two new keywords being in the property, will break. For anybody falling into this "trap", like i did, here is patched vkjMQ script which fixes the property without having to start a new game or restart the quest (green is what i added): (NOTE: you need to have the update 2020-10-04 Plus or newer up to this moment) (NOTE 2: you do NOT need this patch if you are not getting the errors above) (NOTE 3: after you apply this and make a new save, you can revert to original script and continue playing from that save) Skyrim LE: SLtR DeviceWords retro-fix for UPDATE 2020-10-04 Plus.zip Skyrim SE: SLtR DeviceWords retro-fix for UPDATE 2020-10-04 Plus (SE).zip
  13. Yes, but... That reminds me of some mods equipping random devices - the framework could provide a function for that, a function which would take into account some MCM settings. I made a private patch for the previous version of DD, where i added MCM where i could toggle literally ANY device (including individual color/material variants), and provided a function for any mods i was using (and made private patches for them, so they would utilize that function). Obviously i had to move all the item related data into JContainers, it would be a true nightmare to implement something like that otherwise. So, i know at least this can be done and works very well, with no problems.
  14. What? Always doing the daily service, being a good little pet? How insensitive to your followers. They want you to misbehave, that's where the fun begins for them! You are playing it wrong! ;-D
  15. Yes, that looks like it. Would it cause oddities? well.. as you can see here, it can, but it depends on what the fragment does. In any case, i am not able to list all the possible pitfalls, even the GetOwningQuest() shennanigans were a new thing to me. So, i'd say your guess is as good as mine. EDIT: oh, you mean THAT particular conflict? i thought you mean in general. But i'd say again, it could, but it depends on what changed in the fragment code (if anything) and what it does now. It also depends on whether the quest would be stopped/stopping when that fragment runs. But seeing the original was OnEnd, and the winning override has OnEnd again, then unless the fragment code changed (compared to what the first mod had), it shouldn't pose any problem at all.
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