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  1. While it is nice of you to offer a reward like that, i don't think that alone can be enough. Depending on what exactly you want, the amount of work could be anywhere between few dozen hours to hundreds. Let's be optimistic and say it takes 100 hours to make the mod, that means the "payout" is $2 per hour - for 99% of people, that will be probably almost as interesting as $0 (for a mod that they have no interest in themselves). I am not saying you shouldn't offer the money as an extra incentive, but you just cannot expect people to jump on it just because of it. People usualy make mo
  2. If i understand correctly what you want to do, i recommend you add one more dependency: JContainers It has some nice features that will come in very handy for storing all that toy related data.
  3. As the foremost anthropology expert specializing in orcs (maybe you read my book On the Origin of Orcs), I am the authority on that, and i agree with that guy. Please, no more pictures of humans with fake plastic tusks. It is a culture appropriation at best, bordering on blackface. I have spoken.
  4. There is HDT SMP for SSE, and while it isn't the same as the HDT-PE you maybe used in Oldrim, i see no reason why a collar with "long chain dangling from it" wouldn't be possbile with it (on the contrary, i am 100% sure that you can do such a thing fairly easily). Have a look around, maybe somebody already made an HDT SMP version of that collar, or maybe you can make it yourself - i would start with the following links: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/68731-hdt-smp-for-sse/ HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics)
  5. Do you have all the requirements installed and active in game? Is SL Defeat SSE installed, configured in game, and running? Is SL Aroused Redux SSE installed, configured in game, and running? Is DD installed and working with other mods? You wrote you "disabled death alternative", so i take it this is on an old save that was using DA? Did you try the Reconfigure option in Defeat's MCM, and then Uninstall and Update in Devious Captures MCM?
  6. Well, i'd say this is wrong, but read on... For OLD Skyrim, the script sources are in Data\Scripts\Source But for Skyrim SE, they changed it to Data\Source\Scripts ...in theory it shouldn't matter, but only if you configure everything according to what paths you are using. By default, Skyrim SE and its new Creation Kit (and by extension the compiler too), expect source scripts in the new path "Data\Source\Scripts". IF you want to use the OLD Skyrim paths with the new SSE CK, you need to specify the paths in CreationKit.ini (or maybe into CreationKitCustom.ini - not sure which one,
  7. One more thing: Are you using some mod manager when installing the mods? If your mod manager is using a virtual file system (i think both MO2 and Vortex do, or can), then you need to take that into consideration. You need to make sure that you are executing the compiler from within the same virtual file system context so it can find those scripts which are probably installed in that virtual file system. If this is your case, i cannot help you, because i do not use MO2 or Vortex. My knowledge about them consist of knowing they exist and nothing more.
  8. So, same exact errors. The compiler cannot find the FNIS and NIO scripts. So again, verify your installation, make sure the scripts are where they should be - which by default should be in Data\source\scripts, but it can be virtually anywhere depnding on your setup (hence why i asked for the tutorial you followed, if any). EDIT: regarding scripts, i mentioned only the source scripts, forgot to mention the compiled ones. So, for Skyrim SE, the default script folders are: Data\scripts for compiled scripts (*.pex) Data\source\scripts for script sources (*.psc) ..
  9. I didn't mean you should be EDITING the scripts inside CK - that would be insane and as such is clearly meant only as last resort, or for really really craaaaaazy people. I was asking why are you not using the Papyrus Compiler that comes with CK, but nevermind that now. If CK kept missing files and would break completely and crash... that clearly means there was (and probably still is) something wrong with your setup. You should focus on fixing the cause of the problem, not trying other tools hoping that they would magically work with the faulty setup environment you clearly seem
  10. This is telling you the compiler doesn't know what 'FNIS' is. Judging by the message, it must be a script that you are missing. Check your FNIS installation and make sure you have its scripts properly installed.
  11. What the hell is "skyrim script compiler pro SE version final" ??? WHY on earth are you not using the papyrus compiler that comes with CK? i recommend you start there. Anyway, whatever your compiler is, it seems to be incorrectly set up - unfortunately, since i have no clue what the fuck that thing is, i cannot tell you how to set it up, so hopefully somebody else will know.
  12. Nonono, on the new mod page should be called "Submissive Lola: The Resubmission Resubmitted". When/if MrEsturk comes back, he will change it to "Submissive Lola: The Resubmission Resubmitted Returned", at which point we will all start praying that the mod never get's "extended" or put down for a few days only to be "continued" again, because nobody's screen is wide enough!
  13. I am one happy SSE user, and i would never go back to Oldrim. But that's just me, maybe a good list of pros and cons may help others decide. SSE pros: Better general stability ? From years of using and creating mods for both Oldrim and SSE, my experience is that SSE is more stable. Bugfixes and some new features ? Bethesda did fix few old bugs in SSE executable. Some as a byproduct of going 64bit, some to fix issues encountered when making CC mods. Yes, they also did introduce some new bugs in SSE, but all those new ones i know of were fixed in SKSE64 or SSE Engin
  14. Weirdly enough, almost nobody seems to care, which i find utterly baffling. I made a mod that solves it, but never published it, because it seemed nobody was interested. Eventually, it slowly grew from a small patch into a big DD/DCL/Zaz gag overhaul with its own system for handling the gags, applying expressions, moaning, applying drool overlays, and it became dependant on my private rewrite of DD, which i can't publish partly due to lack of permissions and partly due to lack of time for providing support for it. That being said, now with the recent release of DD 5.0, i will be l
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