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Tara Ultimate Furniture Pack




This furniture release is created for all of you, who like to play skyrim with BD / SM content.
People who do not understand or do not like stuff like this should not be here and better leave the page.
The contence is more BD - orientated and can be activated within other master-mods to become SM-stuff. That depends on the fact, what you like to play.


This mod is use-able as a "resource for modders" , made for people who are writing quest - mods, or it can simply be played without any other dependencies.
In future I´ll use this stuff inside of my personal mods as usually.
This mod got actually an intergration for all "Maria Eden" Gamers and I am very happy about that: Please "keep your eyes" on the Maria Eden Pro.- release 2.5 !!


Dependencies: none, you only need ("Skyrim")


Guide and Intro:


For all Gamers, who do not have access to the modding-world, I created an area to play with, that is integrated completely inside of the sky rim world.


If you do not like to wait and if you want to test the stuff:


ALL FURNITURES ARE AROUND THE RIVERWOOD AREA WITH FULL ACCESS PLAYABLE in and around the "Lost Secret Castle". This is on the map and you can use FAST TRAVEL to reach the area at once. A big Bridge is leading to an old small house in the cliffs of the river, and there you are !


A huge area with over 200 furnitures is awaiting you. Beneath that stuff, I created a bunch of new Cages and some very individual stuff.
I payed Attention to create more fine and suiting textures for the wood and for the metal. And I hope you will be injoying that!




The whole area inside the castle is not NAVMESHED and ONLY for the gamer!
NPS´s won´t coordinate / orientate there and for now it will stay as is.


Guide for the modders:


Please USE ONLY the furnitures, who are listed inside of the creation kit.
IF YOU TRY TO USE nifs that are not connected to the Creation Kit, you may cause game-crashes or CTD´s.
The reason for that is, that some nifs are under developpement. Let me please bring the stuff up into CK, then you can go on.
This would be nice to prevent nonsence and texture issures...


What You get:


You get lot of new furnitures with new animations and alternative animations. If you use a furniture twice, it may happen, that you get
into a different pose (Animation) because some furnitures are "multi-Animation"- furnitures. I did this to prevent a "stereotype" gameplay.
(For this feature, you please use ZEP, Zaz Extension Pack -by zaira: this is needed to see the alternative animations of version 1.01 and 1.2)


You should experiment with different textures to change the outlook of your furnitures. Don´t forget to rename them, to Keep the original furniture as a
base model. If you want "leopardy-style", you can create "leopard gibbets" - texture-names point to their furniture origin, and so on.


If you prefer more darker Wood, I made 3 different textures or it...from light to dark. Please have a look on it and feel free to do experiments with
this feature.


One of the main Job here, has been the texture-changes for the gibbets: now the UV-mapping is like "vanilla" again and you can use every
texture on gibbets, beginning from Wood and ending with the originally texture.
I specially was trying to find textures for glas and we have quite fine results.


I created again a lot of cages/gibbets with doors and this time, I really had a luck with all my workarounds. I´m really happy to be able to offer this stuff, because it´s quite close looking like vanilla and like originally "SKYRIM". For the gibbet textures, I prepared also the original vanilla barrel-iron textures who are available now also for gibbets and straight iron bars. You can use this textures on every gibbet, on my created jail set and straight iron bars and of course on the custom made cages "bird´s cage", "disco-cage", "big cage" and so on. The new colored bed-textures can be used on every noble bed-furniture.




CK coordinator


how to find the stuff...


activators....some wheels for the furniture with wheel use (garrote, rack, torture rack)..and a round water plate
activators...gibbet lifts with examples inside the cell, they need to be started by different levers and/ or trigger
weapons....2 irons for branding (one "3" and other one named "slave")
armor......shield: the "nimbus5000"..will be animated in next updates
quest......tfp main quest
animated objects...a bunch of different AO´s for different animations
texturesets...everything with: tfpTSet...to be used a a variation for the standard...
doors.....a lot of new doors, most of time they are customized to be set into their suiting static object, incl. 2 gallow-traps
furniture.....all the tfp-prenamed furnitures, there should be 200 and some doubled, as a dark version
(racks and garrote): are created as simple furniture and also as "torture machines" with wheels (activators))
movablestatic...the waterbondage sign
static....all the static clutter that is made for gallows, water bondage, cages which need doors, pyre setup, bed pillow, rain water barrel, wells, sagophargus for the wall and so on...
keywords....tfpKW ....











-MEP-Team , "nameless701" and "zaira" (for the continuous support and their patience and 100% teamwork)
-Pornphile (Animation rig)
-BRUMBECK (SMIMM-textures)
-ZaZ and XaZ (Zaz Animation Pack)
-Ousnius & Caliente (for the possibility to play such a "superhot-tight"-"caliente" Body)
-Groovetama (SKELETON)
-Nosdregamon (scripts, and spending a lot of "exotic" furnitures)
-HALO POSES (30poses), (Chris) [ not yet integrated inside V.0.0 and also not in V.1.0 and not in 1.0.1 and not in V.1.2 ]
-all others who I did not list here-please forgive me
-Vincenza :heart:
-all the visitors and interesting and interested people, who came and visited all the last month and weeks my thread-thank you for your patience !






All previous permissions regardless of conditions are hereby rescinded effect (2018/May/20).  The content in this upload is not open source or resource material.  You may not use my content or derivatives of my content without my expressed permission.

What's New in Version V.1.3


  • V.0.0 Is a rough Version of the pack to give the gamer an overview of a new furniture release. This furnitures and animations have to be pointed to a mechanic/framework to work inside your beloved LL mastermod and gameplay.
  • V.1.0 is a completely restaurated and ready made Version, to be played with your beloved quest-mods. Master - Modder will have now all the useful keywords to connect up their work with this mod. If this mod is used with other Frameworks, the multi-furniture animations may not show up all the different animations. Future updates will come only as ESM-file to support a real resource. Please delete the old Version 0.0 - delete the pointed textures- and meshes folders and create a clean install of this Version 1.0
  • V.1.0.1 some minor changes and corrections, please delete only the old esm and replace with this one (data-folder)-PLEASE TAKE CARE THAT YOU INSTALL THE LATEST ZEP, IF YOU USE THAT MOD WITH THIS ONE, BECAUSE ZEP WAS CARRYING SOME IDENTICAL ANIMATIONS (FNIS ERROR ISSURE-THANK YOU:-) !!
  • V.1.2: two new dancepoles, two new gibbet-lifts with big cages with more place, complete pyre set with animations for firing up and victim´s pyre pole furniture, the nimbus5000 (handbag-"Lover" for her) with one suiting "standing Animation", 2 wells: one moderate, the other one really very deep-suits to any single ground plate Quader (perfect trap for bad characters), some new waterpools in solitude-style and also one "water-rain-Barrel", useable as "mini pool" and for "water bd", alternative prison-parts with a fantastic iron-texture, 2 new pillories (one new animation), "duo-pillory-static bundle-platform" -specially designed for the whiterun market-place, with suiting "pillory-pose-marker" (which can activate all skyrim passive pillories (markrath-pillories-styled)), 6 new pose markers for playing different Musical instruments in different Colors, new textures for the beds (noble-furniture-sets) with exchangeable textures for skyrim-double-noble-beds.
  • V.1.3 is prepared to work with "BanneredMareImmersiveSexualPlayground", the original "Vanilla"-Shackle-Wall with Vanilla-Skyrim-Original-Animation (FNIS do not count this !!), supported as "tfpFurn...", finally two first REAL FURNITURES with Dual-Animation-Support: a BackFace Bondage Pose with a "Caressor" and a "Wall-Hook" with a Spanker - for the moment you can play them all - in future. I will script that stuff (naked switch and first and second sit in control will come)....;-))
  • PLEASE install this PACK aside the old one-if the Mod Organizer and NMM ist asking to overwirte, please AGREE (YES-to ALL)....[this patch won´t be counted as an extra mod]...run FNIS "orange-red", after your installation, then the pack is ready to be played...
  • V.1.3 is the last version of this pack - all contence and much more is available inside of zap (again) - zap-integration is for my past furniture-mods and offsets the best choice - read the thread for more info
  • Corrected the whole links V.0.0, V.1.0, 1.2 and the link of the patch V.1.3

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