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  1. Why aren't there facial expressions during sex that accurately portray the amount of pleasure they are receiving?
  2. The female settings are for transgender characters, according to the mod description. Also, I mentioned before that I can't get sexlab aroused to work.
  3. I have sexlab aroused but it doesn't work because my arousal level never goes above 0.
  4. We need a mod where the physical that the female player character gets by knight captain cade on board the prydwyn entails a gynaecological, proctological, and breast exam.
  5. Why are there no female squirting mods?
  6. How do I use 0SEX for Skyrim Special Edition?
  7. We need some different flavors of missionary and an ass-eating animation.
  8. Here's a screenshot I took of that xml document. Debug mode appears to be off by default. But I still get the text displayed on my screen.
  9. After installing AAF and booting my game, this text appears on the left side of my screen and won't go away. What is this? And how do I remove it?
  10. Which patch do I download? And do I have to reinstall FP framework?
  11. How do I make AAF compatible with Leito's and Crazy's animations? What about other four-play mods liek sex'em up and the like? Do I need to uninstall four-play entirely before AAF will work?
  12. Fixadent

    Gamoholik's jewelries mod question

    Can I do this in outfit studio? And how?
  13. The SSE version of 0SEX was released not too long ago, and I was wondering if sexlab and sexlab mods/animations break 0SEX?
  14. I downloaded gamoholik's jewelries mod and was wondering if I could choose which pieces of jewelry that I want my female character to wear. How do I do this?