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  1. Animal SOS SE does not change the meshes of female werewolfbeast. Try on the male werewolfbeast. Maybe a skeleton problem.
  2. Animations between creatures in the SE version do not work. There may be errors converting SexLab Framework to SE version.
  3. There is no separate MCM. Standard Creature Framework SE functions are used.
  4. If you used SOS - Animal Addon.esp. In the Schlongs of Skyrim SE menu, delete it and save. Delete the old version. And install a new one. Otherwise, delete the old one and install the new one.
  5. You can use Animal_SOS_Original_Mesh.esp It restores the original meshes and this problem too.
  6. Run Data \ tools \ GenerateFNIS_for_Users \ GenerateFNISforUsers.exe De-Install Creatures wait Update Fnis Behavior wait The problem will disappear.
  7. This is not related to AnimatedParasites. Starting with version 1.5.3, this is an animated object that has its own bones, in principle, it cannot affect the main skeleton.
  8. So the problem may arise because the game developers did not give the creatures gender. This problem is partially fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. You can also change the Creature Framework SE settings (General->Genders->Default Gender->Female). Or use the console command: sexchange Removed the cow from the main Animal_SOS.esp, also disable HighlandCow in the Creature Framework SE settings (because the skeleton will no longer be there and it looks bad) Animal_SOS.esp
  9. You do not need to update FNIS when installing and uninstalling AnimatedParasites
  10. Disable SOS - Animal Addon.esp and Animal_SOS_Original_Mesh.esp and use Creature Framework SE MoreNastyCritters modifies the original grids I used Animal_SOS_Original_Mesh.esp to restore the original and SOS - Animal Addon.esp to add Schlongs. However, Animal_SOS_Original_Mesh.esp does not always help and still download non-original grids and Schlongs is superimposed. I recommend using the Creature Framework SE. Try it Animal_SOS_Original_Mesh.esp
  11. Installed the complete set The Selachii - Shark Race - (UNOFFICIAL) SSE Port 3.50 AnimatedParasites SE works but there are breast problems. Shark Race - Digitigrade.esp uses a non-standard XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended skeleton and your own, if you have Shark Race - Digitigrade disabled, turn it off and try without it.
  12. In general, LE took off completely. That's why I can't support the LE version anymore
  13. Try it. If it works, update to LE AnimatedParasites_LE_0.
  14. I understand you Cellan Race for SE 3.2.1. Tried in myself everything works with this addition, maybe something replaces the skeleton.
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