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  1. Default Consequences will be killmove, bleedout and running away for the time being. These two sound like the most straight forward ones And yes, anything thats either Unique or Essentially wont be killed and will always run away (or fall into Bleedout) The Bleedout will be a fairly long one that you can cure by giving whoever is knocked down any healing potion. I will automate the whole thing as much as possible, only giving you a quick message if you want to cure the guy and based on your MCM Setting then either give the guy - The weakest Healing Potion - The stron
  2. New Filter & about Animation Frames: First, the Filter: As mentioned got reworked for easier Storage but I decided to go a Step further and also rework some of its Functionality. The new Filter looks like this inside the MCM: Not sure if coloring the Player was a good idea but I felt like I needed something to underline the Player-Option The new Filter, as mentioned, the Structure with which that one is saved now is significantly faster than the previous one, that aside though the amount of options available will also be less To be
  3. From 1 log alone, the best thing to do is figuering out what exactly those "possible relevant objects" are here. There is this one reference (thats something loaded into your world) with the FormID "0200ED48" - who or what is that? You might have a mesh or texture replacer, Id check on that. Thats a Vanilla Mesh with the ID "0000003B" places by the Dawnguard DLC If that doesnt help, get a few more ctd, if there is something specific causing the ctd, the log would note it everytime There isnt really anything else that comes to eye there. A few many OnGameReload Calls bu
  4. You will need the DCL patch as long as youre using Sluts & DCL together. That isnt an update file for SlUTS; its a compatibility patch The same goes for the cart, its an optional asset to replace the original one, if you want to use it youll have to replace the original sluts cart with it
  5. If youre updating from V1.x to V2, you need a clean save otherwise you can just install it
  6. Righty, so.. What do I want from V4 First and foremost Ill go over the entire Frame that is currently there and try to optimize it as much as possible. Thats what Im currently at and that requires me to rearrange how I store data in some instances. The biggest change here thus far is the Filter Function, which thanks to some basic math & this rearrangement of storage is now up to 50 times faster than before, for you that essentially means that - next to the obligatory clean save - you cant use your current MCM.json for the next version.. and the mod is faster.. and with that mo
  7. Yep, that looks really cool I asked just now, and now I wait.. and wait.. and if I get permission will replace the current budget edit with that one Dont really like the Harness Integration anyway tbh, I think they should be DD Items. Just to keep things unified.. and we dont get to 1k DD Items by not making DD Items.. ye. So if I get permission Ill redo the Harness's to resemble proper DD Items with a new shiny mesh Thats most certainly an overlook. Ill wait for a PM about the Harness and (if I get permission) do both in one Update. Lot of things broken
  8. Neither and all? You will find that I will attempt to make each Secretary as well as the manager a diverse and unique individual. There is no "were all evil". You will find the carriage drivers to always be welcoming but on the contrary you will also find some very gruesome and potentially gory stuff in the HQ Maybe you could think of the HQ as some sort of Damocles Sword, where you will find some potentially really nice and friendly people but you wont feel comfortable around them because of the HQs general atmosphere that will always be surrounding them Id argue also th
  9. I cant reproduce the bug with the menu no appearing. Yokes not changing I can fix though: SlutsHQBusinessLedger.psc SlutsHQBusinessLedger.pex
  10. If I dont explicitly say that you need a clean save, you can just overwrite
  11. You mean when talking to Lucy about trading Coins and no menu pops up? I had that bug happen once but could never reproduce it. Did you try restarting your game or typing "resetquest sluts_hqdialogue", Ill upload the missing language files now
  12. There seem to be a couple of people using it in VR successfully ye Cant really help you with your ctd, I dont exactly know much about VR
  13. Looks like youre missing language files.. or the Syntax for those is different in LE compared to SE What language is your client?
  14. That one looks an awful lot like its caused by DDC, not SLUTS. Portia is a NPC thats locked in Furniture 24/7, that Ctd looks like your game not being able to handle that Npc getting locked into the furniture I look into the other one, wont promise to get it by today The only issue I had with Susy in all my testings (which were a few dozen) was sometimes if shes locked in the Gallow she would port to Lucy because the DD package override would fail for a second. I wonder also because of your 2nd ctd, if there is something wrong with your DDC install perhaps? Some1 else hav
  15. SLUTS is my first around BDSM focused mod and its probably also going to be the only one I want to heavily focus on I am fairly scared of V2, not only because of how little content there actually is for you to play but also because of the direction I took with this mod now. With 1.19 & 1.20, I was just taking over SLUTS, this here however is a straight up takeover I like the original idea of SLUTS with the Ponygirl themed BDSM playground thing. I think its really cute and adorable, thats why I took it over and wanted to continue develop it but I ran into a wall fairly qui
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