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  1. I have to admit, I have no clue about this mod whatsoever All I can tell you is that JF is editing the Dismiss Dialogue in the Follower Quest, if SLEN isnt editing that one, it should be fine (if SLEN doesnt need a patch for DF or SubLola it wont need one for JF either)
  2. Read me Yes Do you happen to know where someone that doesnt own VR can check what needs to be done for this? Or at least what exactly VR does differently (as in what exactly is this "clone" and how it is created)
  3. It does, at the very least you should have one at the top "Hey can we talk" or however I wrote it after recruiting a follower It sounds like your Game has some major issues properly loading the mod, not sure how or why sry. Did you try installing it in a lighter mod setup or so? Doesnt seem like anyone else has this issue
  4. THe way the "stop attacking" thing works is that aggressor & victim both get a spell that makes everyone in their surrounding stop attacking if your clone guy doesnt copy this effect they can still be attacked by everyone yes, in the MCM under Knockdown Condition The one in Player is for Player Victim, the one in Reapers Mercy for Reapers Mercy the one in Follower for Victim Followers and the one in NPC for NPC victims. The Master Setting in general adjust every setting simultaneously hum., I was checking on the Vampire Feed how the Message prompts work a
  5. Do you have the females use 1st position enabled in the MCM? If so, then yes What thing Humans & Creatures are treated equally by this mod, I never had any issues with doing it that way either so Id assume that your SL Setup is broken somewhere. Maybe you forgot to wait for CF to properly setup itself or so?
  6. Joyful Followers Beta3.2 Bugfixes Fixed an issue causing Punishment - DDs to not be equipped properly Fixed an issue that made it impossible for the Dog Collar Punishment to end Fixed an issue with MCM Pages not initalising properly Removed the "Cheat" from all "CheatDebt" Options/Texts in My Fair Shares MCM Page Recompiled all Scripts in JF & DJf
  7. Dumped Stacks are usually a sign for having too many script heavy mods. B2 => B3 didnt change much on the Script you showed in your Log, if that caused your game to suddenly create dumping stacks Id argue that you probably have something else in your LO that has an unrealistically heavy LocationChange Event, the one in JF is fairly basic & smoll The above esp also just added a link to a variable that has quite literally nothing to do with the LocChange Event - or the MCM But youre right, apart from that something isnt working here When I went through the cha
  8. No but I can technically add it anyway How so? The Dialogue Prompt should only appear for Actors that you knocked down I forgot an exclamation mark in my scripts. My pardon, I cry /E Uploaded a Patch for this ==================== I also forgot a lil Detail I added in V2: Player Quest Added "Recovery Time" this is a minor Feature allowing an Assaulted Player to escape from their last Agrgessor before they turn hostile again ==================== Also about Bug reports:
  9. Change in plans, the Scenario wont happen. I have reasons for it Ill explain later but in return Ill also remove Aura of the Aggressor as promised; Yay! I hope this release will be less troublesome than the one in JoyFols cry.. Yamete! V2.0 You require a clean save for this Version Content Table Reapers Mercy Clocking Miscellaneous Bugfixes Known Issues Reapers Mercy I already mentioned a few times that I removed Aura of the Aggressor, so lemme say it once more: I removed Aura of the Aggressor. Im sure no on
  10. There are no wings. The wings are from another mod, this one to be precise: Animated Wings Ultimate at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community That mod just does what you see on the 2nd Picture, changes your appearance during Vampire Lord into a humanoid form with some custom animations. How exactly you look like is customizable depending on your own mod setup. You copy over your appearance from your humanoid form with an ability, that one will then be saved & used during your vampire form Theres literally no reason to use BVLT at this point, its outdated and has
  11. JoyfulFollowers.esp I wont question why this property wasnt filled.. I cry To excuse myself though, this mod is getting pretty big (for comparison: Its bigger than PetProject or DF) Its hard to go through everything with every version Sadge
  12. You dont need a clean save for B3.1 SDP removal will most likely need a clean save again but after that.. I mean I said it once too often so I just shut up and dont promise anythin but Im not sure whats left to rework, even if I wanted to
  13. Joyful Followers Beta3.1 Miscellaneous The Follower no longer considers Jewelry "Tasteless" The Follower no longer offers a few drinks when you're asking for an Event whilte outside an Inn Dog Collars commentary is disabled in Dungeons When recruiting a Follower through Debug, while you already have a Joyful Follower with you, that Follower will first be properly dismissed from the Framework before the new JF is recruited (this shouldnt dismiss them as a Follower but only as a Joyful Follower) Removed the "Global found"/"No Global found D:" debug notificati
  14. I knew why I was scared of uploading this. Imagine having 2 Posts of Patchnotes (I mean even without the 2nd Post which is just future stuff, this Patchnote is massive) and not messing up big time somewhere I double checked it in fact, maybe when rewriting the Present thing it bugged out again.. or it was that one time the CK crashed and thats something I forgot to fix again.. cry Better someone finds this out and embarasses me in front of hundreds of people than keeping quiet and corrupting the mod with more n more bugs - and youre actually really he
  15. It does that actually, sounds a bit like the Scan in your game is looking for invisible entities which fill up the Victim List. If theres no space for new Victims then there wont be more victims 😧 Not sure whats causing that, sounds hilariou tho. If you find out what exactly this invisible entity is, I might be able to do something against it The issue with features like that is that the mod currently has no clue who which Actor is siding with, making that essentially impossible. introducing that righ now could make the Player randomly assault their Followe
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