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  1. Your Filter MCM should look like this: It doesnt matter if I put all "Player" options into their own Submenu (for clarification, I consider every Headline a Submenu declaration) and then have Male, Female, Futa, Creature, F Creature listed in it (like you suggest), or if I list Male, Female, Futa, Creature, F Creature and put the Player as an Option in it (like I do now) The Options will be the same, only the layout differs
  2. Not necessarily. If you want only MM you disable any option except Male in the Male Submenu, if you only want FM & MF, you disable everything except Male in the Female submenu & female in the mal submenu The Options would stay the same, no matter how I order it Dont confuse the Black Market with something like SLUTS HQ, the Black Market in Yametes Base implementation is intended to only add a couple of single NPC in Skyrim ("Agents") to give you something to do with Slaves you no longer want. Technically you can set them free or kill them, but I think having a place to sell them is something important to the fundamental gameplay I dont intend to make anything super big out of them, they will be less disrupting to gameplay than LALs pointless farm near Whiterun Not too much actually. As mentioned Yamete only uses Softlinks for its individual blocks, so if I flag certain Actors in certain ways, I should be able to easily fake the circumstance Thats afaik one reason why I wanted to make the system as I do it here I always found the idea of turning a hostile NPC into something like a follower fairly interesting, the idea of enslavement in Yamete is one to allow you an easy access to make those NPC friendly, what exactly you would do with them though is up to you. The system is intended to be kept simple so you can easily grab an Actor through Yamete and have another mod take over once you got that NPC where you want it to be, doing whatever they want with that (potentially still hostile) NPC Yamete shouldnt give you much more than basic interaction, tie ups with ZAZ Animations might be doable, that was already requested a while ago actually.. I think Display Model would also be veeeery fitting but thats also pretty much the limit of what I want to do here From OStim Discord
  3. Because of how the Arrayis structured. I could change it technically. I made the Filter before anything else when designing V4 so by the time everything else was in place (which is indeed set from the POV of the Victim), the Filter was long finished Afaik the MCM Page of the Filter is only 6 lines long or smth like that and I actually liked the er.. structure of having the Follower next to the Aggressor and the Player set as an additional Option below Thats how it originally was and the Filter was extremely big and unreadable Its 1-by-1. If you have 5 Victoires standing around you and a 3p Animation starts with a 90% satisfaction chance, then each of of the 3 actors have a 90% chance of being satisfied (75% chance of all 3 being satisfied at once), the 2 standing next to them will stay unsatisfied at 100% chance The new algorithm doesnt recognize a "Main Victoire" anymore, that is just a temporary value to get the whole thing going but after the 1st Animation, that one doesnt exist anymore That might happen if you dont have any 3p Animations for OStim No At random, equal weights, nothing is preferred. SL is only preferred if Creatures are involved Dunno. Im actually fairly interested in Reapers Mercy (pc aggressor), imo its a really cool system that if polished enough could be really fun, a lot more fun than running around with a sack on your back at least Also, each block of content in Yamete is independent from one another, you literally cannot break the Combat Quest by editing Reapers Mercy and vice versa. This fact allows me to expand Yamete in any direction with barely any limitation. My plans on PC aggressor specifically; I wrote up a ToDo somewhere that has a red block at the bottom which gives a few headlines to what I want from it in V4 Basically the way this should work (and its not implemented in your Version rn because Im waiting for some more votes), is that Reapers Mercy is supposed to have its own Systems that knock you down with certain conditions, how exactly theyll look like Im not sure yet but with how the Poll currently stands I will probably go with a modular version of the base Knockdowns + some gimmicks that you can unlock The Reapers Mercy functionality will be heavily expanded from V3 to V4, what you currently have in V3 will be considered the "claiming" in V4 which is a temporary state an Actor can be put in, acting as a form of stasis to freeze NPC in place for some time. This will work mostly the same as in V3, the exception here will only be about the limitation. In V3 you could only have 2 Actors in this State, V4 will completely remove this limit, allowing you to claim endless amounts of Actors Whats new in V4 will be an actual mini enslavement which can be expanded in a lot of different ways afterwards. The fundamental features that are supposed to be part of V4 (which Im working on rn) will be that you can interact with a claimed Actor to "enslave" them, making them some kind of follower that walks after you with hands bound. They cant engage combat can however take commands otherwise. There will be a limit to 3 Actors that can be enslaved at once Then, to finish it off, there will be a new Faction introduced which Im referring to as "the Black Market", which can buy those slaves off you Future Versions - if focused on player aggressor - would mostly focus on the Blackmarket and Reapers Mercy as an Ability As for the Enslavement System, I want it to be rather simple to use. Its also written in a rather simplistic fashion which should invite others to expand on it specifically. If I do something more with it after the initial detailing, Id do so in an additional .esp
  4. That statement is contradicting. First you want to disable PC aggressor, then you state you are prefering PC aggressor In V4; If you only want NPC v NPC, you go into the Filter Settings and there is the "Player" Setting outlined in Yellow, you just untick that. When the Player is unticked everywhere, he can no longer be used as a Victim; you can also set the % chance for an interaction to 0% in the Defeat Page. You control any knockdown Interaction in the mod like that btw For Player aggressor, you cant knockdown anyone if youre not using Reapers Mercy. By default, Reapers Mercy is disabled and cant be used, youll have to specifically enable it in its MCM Page (As for V4, Reapers Mercy is currently disabled. Im working on the Features around it rn and wait for some more answers to the poll before I do the actual ability to actively hunt down targets) The mod is extremely modular, you can disable almost everything if you dont like it (I wonder, is the % Chance overkill? Should I remove it?)
  5. I never even heard of this issue. I didnt even know Papyrus can comprehend NaN, my pardon. I really wish I knew why Skyrim hates my MCM so much You mean as in, Yamete would just start a Resolution(robbing/rape) when walking past them and then locking them back on afterwards? Probably not in the main mod but technically I can create an addon that supports that I guess. Maybe also including Reapers Mercy, not sure though. I wont promise a thing there
  6. The code is the same for both I remember there being a bug in the Vanilla Game that if you dont add armor before equipping it, that armor would still be equipped to an Actor but not be registered as "equipped". If Nether is recreating this bug in its code, then thats probably the issue It would work the first time as the Armor would be properly equipped, but on the 2nd attempt when Nether enforces the Armor again, it wouldnt be properly registered as "worn" and thus my Functions dont recognize it, returning an empty array and never thus never stripping anything All I can do is set Followers to be waiting for the Player. Im fairly sure Im doing this, Im even removing the Teammate Flag, cant do much more. Would expect the mods implementing those features to respect this too tbh, my pardon
  7. Im just going to trust your testing then: V4.B3.2.1 Yamete!.7z Removed Creature Race analytics from SL Animations as those seem to cause more issues than preventing them Endless Threads in Rushed now properly unclaim that Victim, no longer causing the Combat Quest to get stuck Increased Endless Thread Count from 1 to 5 == Regarding Reapers Mercy since the tendency goes heavily into the Direction of Progression Systems, and Skill Tree; I was thinking about how to properly implement Reapers Mercy since the old System sounds kind of annoying to manage if its really just unlocking new highs. I think what I want to do instead is turning Reapers Mercy more into a passive Ability that you can keep active for majority of your playtime, and was thinking following this design moreso than a simple conditioning one: Reapers Mercy has a Base Chance to knock Actors down with each Hit. At the beginning this Chance will probably be something like 2% (This sounds low ik but the OnHit Event is weird, sometimes firing multiple times in one hit and when keeping it active for a longer while should trigger regulary, rather than just making it this thing you use to get a specific Actor once and then never using it again) You may increase this Chance with Points, 2/4/6 Abilities will focus on increasing this Chance, rather than giving new ways to knock targets down: Frail Feed -> Knockdown Chance is increased if the Target is below 30/60/90% Health Lurking Shadows -> Knockdown Chance is increased if the Target isnt detecting you Or support you in giving you certain utility Shadows Captive -> An about-to-be-claimed target cannot by killed by your hand if its not detecing you (To allow high level assassins to claim victims through stealth kills) Reapers Gaze -> 1/day; Mark a Target for Claiming, if its Hp fall below 30/60/90%, claim it. Maxing out this Ability allows you to see this target through walls; furthermore, affected targets cannot draw their weapons, the target wont be alowed to die either Reapers Command -> Enslave claimed Victims A Claimed Target cant move but can still be raped, killed, drained but to take it with you, you will need Reapers Command
  8. Endless is still WIP, or I dont know if its WIP or not tbh, I didnt test nor detail it yet. Kinda forgot about it, nyaa Thats because theres only 1 Thread. Endless is limited to a certain amount of Threads which have to be created inside the esp Combat didnt end because the Endless Thred doesnt actually reset the Thread in the Combat Quest and thus Combat never closed The Endless Thread has its own Cleanup Algorithm, thats why that follower specifically had no issues but he was still marked as claimed in the Combat Quest Was the Follower being stuck in Bleedout expected behavior? What minor detail, only the bug above?
  9. YamSexLab.pex Removing parts of the race analytics, I guess worst case here is that SL wont be playing an Animation, which doesnt really matter too much In fact unless youre having a fight in which storm, flame, a necromancer and a wolf all try to rape you simultaneously, that check wouldnt return false anyway - if it were working that is, so meh. Cant trust Papyrus anymore, like even less than you already should
  10. What does borked mean Based on the log, the reason why Animations dont start at the end is because SL doesnt deem the combination valid. You do have Creature Anims enabled & got fitting ones installed?
  11. Did you remember to let SL run its installation stuff? Basically yes. No Dialogue, only 1 Victoire but it all happens mid combat Yamete only turns you essential while the Combat Quest is active. Thats controlled by the engine, if the Quest start is delayed by something then the Essential Flag will also be, ye There is in fact a 1 second delay before an Actor is put into Bleedout in Traditional. Not entirely sure why that is there though. Ill remove it with the next upload
  12. V4.B3.2 Yamete!.7z Resolution Rape Updated MCM Documentation Repeated Assault Chance with an Reverse Algorithm now dictates if an aggressors stays interested instead of whether or not they lose interest You can now always set the Max Rounds to 0 to negate the round-limitation Rushed Integrated Resolution into Rushed Be aware that the robbing Consequence while properly pretty fun in Rushed I can imagine, will cause Actors far away to port to the Victim after a short delay which may seem weird if the aggressor is sitting on the other side of the map (like an archer) Rushed now respects Gender & Race settings in a Selective Algorithm After Rushed ends, Actors will be properly standing up again from Bleedout Traditional Fixed an issue with Adult Scenes after the first no longer respecting Gender Settings Actors (including the Player) are no longer able to move around between Yamete! controlled adult-scene-loops Fixed an issue with the Flee Mark affecting NPC that arent bleeding out
  13. Youre using a selective filter, right? If so, anything can knock you down, even stuff that isnt valid. Thats what selective does - no checks upon hit the other one would come back to the not filtering out actors, eh?
  14. You should always play on a new game when testing out those betas. Im not interested in caring for Backwards compatibility in the slightest. Most of them will break if playing on an existing save Am I assuming correctly though, that the last try with a new game worked as expected? Its the Chance that they are satisfied. I may update the Highlights to clarify this more Basically the Question is if Reapers Mercy should be treated the same way as an regular NPC Knockdown is with the settings n everything or if people would prefer it if the Feature would be created seperated from it, with its own Systems, Conditions, Features, beyond just a basic knockdown Basically creating an individual Reapers Mercy together by collecting "building Blocks" which for example define the threshold for an HP knockdown or add new unique ways of knockdowns which I want to avoid implementing into the main knockdown algorithm as they would either be too complicated (e.g. stacking up a Weakening Debuff that you need to stack and on max stacks the Victim would be claimed) or too random (e.g. a random hit chance)
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