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    in June of 2009 I contracted H1N1-09, (Swine Flu, Mexican Aids, Hamthrax...lol I've got jokes!), and spent 12 or 13 weeks in a medically induced coma, and 7 months in ICU, during which I died at least twice. While also developing an lung disease (That caused bubbles to form on my lungs and then popping, and collapsing the lung, which required me having at least 14 chest tubes placed to re-inflate my lungs), that the team of CDC doctors couldn't identify, let alone treat. My lungs were so badly damaged that they recommended an double lung transplant, but I was too weak to survive the surgery. Then ended up Discharging me from the hospital 2 weeks before Christmas, sending me home with In-home palliative care, 4 chest tubes, and oxygen, because they didn't expect me to live much more than another month. So when I obviously didn’t die, the hospital filed paperwork with Social Security declaring me Permanently Disabled. I was then told that due to my illness, even though I had survived beyond their expectations that the illness had taken many years off of my expected lifespan, and that could mean I might have anywhere from 8 to 30 years left before my lungs failed completely. After about 6 months my health improved, but nowhere near to how it was before I got sick, and I've had several chronic conditions ever since. Including only 18% lung capacity due to scar tissue in my lungs from the lung disease I acquired, Chronic Joint Pain, FIbromyalgia, and memory loss, and a form of Dementia. I was told that because of the severity of the infection that it almost completely destroyed my immune system. I have been at risk of catching a deadly form of Pneumonia ever since, and that's what had happened last month, (March 2016), that put me in the hospital. And there's no way to even guess how that may have effected my expected lifespan. Back in 2010 I contacted the CDC to find out if there were any long term studies done on Swine Flu survivors, and they told me that since I was the only person to have such a severe case that survived, there wasn't a budget, or medical interest to perform any long term studies, and was referred to long term studies of SARS cases. These studies indicated that after survival there would be a 3-5 year period where my health would steadily improve, but then plateau for approximately 5 years in which I would be susceptible to catching another deadly virus (which obviously happened this past March due to my weakened immune response. then after that another 5 year period where my health would drastically, and permanently decline. So I may or may not have that to look forward to.

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  1. in the console type "showquesttargets" and then ENTER, all your curetn quests qill be brought up with quest IDs, Animal Mansion quest ID's begin with "NA_"
  2. Creature Framework comes with More Nasty Critters. Sexlab aroused Redux is a requirement of More Nasty Critters. Did you run FNISforUsers first?
  3. I have no idea why anyone would be having an issue with that, since I always saved inside the mansion, while testing the mod over 3 days. My L.O. while testing had over 200 esp/esm running, so to make sure it was compatible with as many mods as possible. It's probably another mod effecting that, or the load order. This is Skyrim modding, so anything is possible. There could be and 100 different mods that could be incompatible for any of a hindered reasons, I can't test them all. If you figure out what the issue is/was please post your solution, here so others can benefit from your frustration. As with any SE conversion, it may be of help to check the original upload help thread to see if anyone had this same issue previously. S I stated in the info section, all I did was convert the meshes and textures, because converting the ESP REALLY screws up the scripts for some reason, and without all the source scripts fixing that is practically impossible. So it's 100% the same as the original LE mod in all aspects other than graphics.
  4. I don't have any "options". I only converted the mod, I don't know everything about it, or even the reasoning behind any of the specific functions as I did not create the mod. I convert mods to make them available for use on SSE. I don't personally use all the mods I've converted either, so I am not intimately familiar with all of their options or functions. Those observations would be best aimed at the actual author.
  5. I'm not sure. I only converted the mod for SE, I did not create it, so I can't speak for specific functions.
  6. Wow. MNC v12.06a was working fine, now suddenly the game CTD between the logo screen and the main menu screen like there's a missing master. I even brought it down to only USSEP, MNC, Sexlab, JContainers, Zaz8, FNIS, Skyui, SL Aroused Redux, and the included creature framework, and it still CTD at the same place. Even with MNC v12.02 it's like all of a sudden MNC is blocked. If I disable the MNC Holy hell, I must have overwritten MNC with the stand alone Creature Framework and forgot, that's why it worked, and then after the reinstall didn't work. DERP..... BUT!!! I did that and it was still happening. Turns out it was Animal SOS SE. I'm not sure if the conversion by olebronkosrak is messed up, or the original mod is simply no longer compatible with MNC after the changes that have been made. Anyone else have an idea?
  7. It picks an NPC at random so when you have the generic quests (how many quest to get to the next stage), set at higher than 3 in the MCM, it's more likely to do that.
  8. Downlaod, unzip, and Drag&drop Creature Framework 1.1.0-pre2A-SE into MoreNastyCritters_v12_06A, and let it overwrite.
  9. I installed downloaded the mod to check that it's the same one you're using, and I can't reproduce this error. If I can't reproduce it, my only conclusion is that there's a problem on your end. A: Obviously, you must have a legit Steam version of Skyrim Special Edition. B: Double check that you have all the necessary mods this relies on, including FNIS SE creature pack, and MNC SE. C; The only other thing I can think of with the information given is that you may have to go into Steam and have Steam verify the local game files. If you were using NMM, you need to wipe the SkyrimSpecialEdition>Date folder, (other than your SKSE>plugins>chargen folder so you don't lose your RM presets), have Steam verify the local files, reinstall SKSE64, clean your masters and try again.
  10. I bit the bullet and joined the Patreon, and am using rev700. the pereq quests, find the ingots, buy the plot (falkreath), buy the schematics, hire the builder, then nothing. Like for 12 actual hours not in-game hours, it's just Thaena camped out at the build site, no dialogue, nothing happening. Is there a way to kickstart the quest, since setstage doesn't work at all here. Apparently, paying for the mod doesn't get you a working version either.....
  11. Isn't loading in what way? You need to give details. If you're using NMM I have no idea, otherwise more info is needed to even hazard a guess.
  12. It worked perfectly using MO2 so I have no idea what NMM could be having a problem with, since I've never used it.
  13. I still have no idea why yours doesn't work, but the MCM menu is not accurate as I don't know how to edit the MCM files. What the MCM says has no bearing on the actual mod.
  14. They won't work since they have their own special AI system. Any follower with it's own AI package will be problematic without a patch.
  15. The SKSE .dll for MNC might be doing it. Delete it, it does nothing in SE anyway. That might be why NMM is rejecting it. Go into the MNC folder, and just delete the skse folder in there. MO2 tells you that the .dll is not for the current version of SKSE64. It never occurred to me that this could be an issue since I never used NMM at all.
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