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    in June of 2009 I contracted H1N1-09, (Swine Flu, Mexican Aids, Hamthrax...lol I've got jokes!), and spent 12 or 13 weeks in a medically induced coma, and 7 months in ICU, during which I died at least twice. While also developing an lung disease (That caused bubbles to form on my lungs and then popping, and collapsing the lung, which required me having at least 14 chest tubes placed to re-inflate my lungs), that the team of CDC doctors couldn't identify, let alone treat. My lungs were so badly damaged that they recommended an double lung transplant, but I was too weak to survive the surgery. Then ended up Discharging me from the hospital 2 weeks before Christmas, sending me home with In-home palliative care, 4 chest tubes, and oxygen, because they didn't expect me to live much more than another month. So when I obviously didn’t die, the hospital filed paperwork with Social Security declaring me Permanently Disabled. I was then told that due to my illness, even though I had survived beyond their expectations that the illness had taken many years off of my expected lifespan, and that could mean I might have anywhere from 8 to 30 years left before my lungs failed completely. After about 6 months my health improved, but nowhere near to how it was before I got sick, and I've had several chronic conditions ever since. Including only 18% lung capacity due to scar tissue in my lungs from the lung disease I acquired, Chronic Joint Pain, FIbromyalgia, and memory loss, and a form of Dementia. I was told that because of the severity of the infection that it almost completely destroyed my immune system. I have been at risk of catching a deadly form of Pneumonia ever since, and that's what had happened last month, (March 2016), that put me in the hospital. And there's no way to even guess how that may have effected my expected lifespan. Back in 2010 I contacted the CDC to find out if there were any long term studies done on Swine Flu survivors, and they told me that since I was the only person to have such a severe case that survived, there wasn't a budget, or medical interest to perform any long term studies, and was referred to long term studies of SARS cases. These studies indicated that after survival there would be a 3-5 year period where my health would steadily improve, but then plateau for approximately 5 years in which I would be susceptible to catching another deadly virus (which obviously happened this past March due to my weakened immune response. then after that another 5 year period where my health would drastically, and permanently decline. So I may or may not have that to look forward to.

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  1. Try using Fallrim Tools' Resaver save cleaner.
  2. You have to go back and tell what's their face, that it's done, so they buy the farm.
  3. I cannot remember if I tested this mod with RDO. I'd try moving this mod below RDO in your load order and see if that helps. It could need a patch for RDO, but I wouldn't know how to even begin to make one.
  4. I could have sworn that caden said it was included. I'm sorry if my memory is faulty.
  5. No. It's still a WiP in original form, and I only do conversions. I don't know WTF is going on with that HINT file. I suspect it was the file name. So I converted all the files to .txt format and zipped them into a single download. They should download just fine now.
  6. Don't quote me or hold me to it, since I don't know for certain ...... But I think as long as Rigmor or any other NPC is added to the Spouse faction it should work with them.
  7. I've never ever been approached by an NPC. I honestly have no idea, what it could be. I didn't create the mod, so I can't say what would/will/could interact or overwrite this mod.
  8. OH! Submissive Lola stuff. Yeah, I don't think that Submissive Lola (I mistook for SL = SexLab), has the same scripting as DD for blocking inappropriate Anims.
  9. I just had that happen with Breezehome. Leaving the area, then leaving the game, and waiting a while to go back made Breezehome reappear. SO it's not an AMP exclusive issue. Would be nice to know what's causing it though. There was no problem with Breezehome in my previous game, with the same exact mods/load order, so I can't troubleshoot by changing things. If I ever figure out what's causing it, I'll let you know, since it's probably the same issue with both of us, just effecting different areas.
  10. SL will block some animations if the D.D. you are wearing should prohibit that animation. Sometimes, it doesn't and sometimes it will. It's kinda hit or miss, but an intentional function.
  11. It just takes a while, you have to drink blood, then sleep like normal. It's a little finicky, so it may take several tries to finally register, but it will. BV isn't made for custom races. Most need a patch, but this one works as-is if a little troublesome.
  12. I'm not sure. It never worked for me, It might be an unfinished aspect of the mod.
  13. Thanks! Some mods have special needs that I'm not equipped to provide, so I'll let someone else that can take over. I'm just trying to get them all available for SE.
  14. I think that's an issue with MNC SE. I've had skeever issues with this and other mods as well, so it's not exclusive to AMP.
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