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  1. That's Similar Event When Player Enter Solitude in First Time (Roggvir Execution Event). That's Not For Kids to Look. Maybe Give a Children Some Devious Explanation Dialog like: "Go Home", "And or "Play With Your Friend". or Like Addvar Said to "Svari, you need to go home. Go home and stay there until your mother comes." -- Vanilla Dialog. or About Some Devious Device Around Skyrim is So Common or Legal Term or that's Capital Punishment or What. or More Realistic Explanation about Devious Device or Regulation etc to Children. Maybe some Repla
  2. Just Replace an "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Path" to "Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch" in Wyne Bash and save. Everything should work fine.
  3. Sorry, My Mistake, I Forget I Have a Link Here, That Should be Working Now.
  4. Sorry, My Mistake, I Forget I Have a Link Here, That Should be Working Now.
  5. Hi Monoman1, I Started to Think about Devious Device that Female Player Carry Like Chastity Key or Anything that Have Devious Keyword on It. Since The Enforcer Inspection Like Armor, Magic and Weapon, I Suggest to add Some Sort Like Devious Licence or Permanently Forbidden to Carry Any Related To Devious Key. Maybe The Enforcer Will Try to Forced Equip to Female if She or Her Follower Carry Any Devious Item on it. Consider She Escape From Device or Something. Enforcer Will Take And Destroy any Devious Key That Female Player/Follower Carry. I Think It
  6. I think nope for now... I start to thinking to use UNP model with Caliente Tools Body Slide, but it's not good idea, it still CBBE anyway. And it will be need a loot time to do that because: We must make or find support for outfit that support UUNP HDT including underwear model. Also convert all outfit including DLC and need to be tested in game one by one. I also open for anyone who want to help convert it into another body type. Specially HDT SMP Psychic Body for Skyrim SE <-- Because I want it too 😈
  7. Hopefully Someday Adetu Can Make Fully Support for Devious Device, Specially For Soulgem Plug (Force Pee when Vibrating) and Prevent Bowel for Anal Plug, The Older Version Side Effect Will Gone in Several Time.
  8. Nice, Thanks Adetu, Support Devious Device, But She Can Poop Even Wearing A Anal Plug.
  9. You can download from original Source for Texture, or I already included in my google drive link, check the link.
  10. I use CBBE Since Version 2 or 3, before Curvy and Slim Type Has Launched. CBBE Classic If I'm Not Mistake.... I'm little lazy to rescale all outfit again since I use that body type and since first time as references, it will be need quite of time. That's why I added all outfit Including devious outfit and body into this mod.
  11. I know... 😢 I Re-Check All Outfit in Version 1.34. Since I Added LSAR Underwear, Most of Outfit Got Through Again. It Should Be Fixed Now.
  12. I Think Bikini Curse Should have an option to forced a female to wear underwear (slot 49 and 56), Or maybe an addition Curse for Woman Clothes Licenses? As feminine issues, female player not wearing an underwear can be a problem (curse)? As Female should be wearing bra and panty off course. Female not wearing Bra and Panty? Heeem.... I Used An Undies Mods that have a same slot as Devious Device Slot (49 and 56). I hope it will be a good consideration for anyone not use an bikini Armor mods.
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