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  1. CWOR seam Support For This Mods, I Tried It Before And Worked Fine.
  2. How About This Configuration? (Just Suggest). To Avoid Blank Empty Magicka Bar (Because I Use iHud) To Minimize Hud As Possible When Cursed. Also Fast Hiding Bar In Full State. (if Player Set to 0 Magicka Draining and No Regeneration Penalty). It’s Detrimental Effect.
  3. No Problem, Just Do it πŸ‘
  4. Thank You For the Confirmation, Anyway Costume d3d9.dll from ENB And, d3dx9_42.dll from SSME Really Help Us To Avoid Infinity Loading Screen Issues, And for Me It's Long Gone.
  5. Nope, It can Run Both "With or Without", I Still Figure How to Make Civil War More Longer, And CWO is The Best Mods Available. Original CWO is Buggy "But CWO Redux Run Smoothly", And CWRS Not Allowed to Modified Their File but Original Author Not Update The Mods Anymore. That's The Problem.
  6. You Should Try ENB Too. They Separate Skyrim.Exe and DX9 Process Into 2 Process. That' Really Help Boost The Performance, Reduced Bottle Neck, And Reduced Memory Usage.
  7. I Ever Have A Plan to Do, But Since I Used HDT PE Skimpy Outfit That Not Working on SE, (SE Using SMP) I Still Keep In LE, And I Still Find A Way To Convert The Outfit To Work On SE Anyway. 😭 Anyway Are You Tried To Increase Memory Allocation Yet? I'm Using SSME And I Increase It Beyond Recommended. It's Really Took Time to Load If You Set It To Recommended Setting. My Setup: "NewValue01=0x00000480" 896MB --> I Got CTD If Set This to 500 "NewValue02=0x40000000" 1024MB And I Rarely Stuck From Infinity Loading Anymore. A
  8. Are You Using Wrye Smash? Just Put It Under Both ESP File. Edit -- I Think I Understand What You Mean. SLS Integration Is Added Function to Female Undies That She Must Wear It To Avoid Effect. This is Woman Inequality. That May Conflict With Bikini License, Except You Didn't Use It All Undies in SLS Integration Remove The Enchant Effect, And Replace To Negate Side Effect of Woman Inequality If Not Working Property, Try To Re-Add The Inequality Spell Via MCM. It's Should Work Fine.
  9. That's For Underwear Addition, Need SL Survival As Dependency Anyway You Not Need BodySlide To Generate Anything There, That Can Cause Issues.
  10. Thanks Monoman1. I Just Realized SLS Not Have Any Dependency to Any Mods. πŸ˜… I Know That's Involved a Lot of Tricky Fiddling, Since CK Condition Function Still Limited.
  11. Heeem Devious Armor Has 3 Type of Armor Model All In One. That Can Interact With Player Perk (Mage Armor, Light and Heavy Armor Perk). Because Player Can't Upgrade It. Maybe That Cause Conflict With Other Mods That Connected With.
  12. The Slider in MCM menu is Less Than Equal. That Mean For The Last Animation You Can Set IT 99 or 100. It Should Work With Max Arousal.
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