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Alternate Start Live a Deviant Life - Lite Version 1.0.0

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About This File

Mod Inspired by Aelie, Arbiter, and Mister X.


Why this one is Lite Version? When we use some mod that make Skyrim harder we're doom. Example: Skyrim Immersive Creature, Beast of Tamriel, Rebirth Monster, Etc....


Here is the Differences:

  • "Forced Player, with no another option in Mara Statue". so there is no another dialog "For Female Only", Except Deviant Option.

                     you can still choose Vanilla option by "Naked"

  • Modified Mister X Script and use Aelie Dialog.
  • No Bounty at Start.
  • No Combat Restraint. Slave Boots also unlocked.
  • All Player Vanilla Slot is Equip able (boots, gloves, and cloth).
  • Focus on chastity belt and vibration. Player still can roaming erotically without any restriction.
  • No Anal Plug and Use Open Padded. For player who use "Private Need or Pee and Fart" similar mod.
  • Add 3 Familiar Scroll for Handicap. (I encounter with some powerful Monster mod in starting point) so I add this.


Novice - Gentle and trusting.
Iron Plug + Open Belt


Apprentice - Fair but untrusting.
Soulgem Plug + Open Belt


Adept - Harsh and temperamental.
Soul Greater Plug + Open Belt + Padded Collar


Expert - Cruel and heartless.
Soul Grand Plug + Open Belt + Padded Collar + Piercing Nipple and Clitoris 


Master - Awful and hopeless.
Soul Black Plug + Open Belt + Chastity Bra + Posture Collar + Piercing Nipple and Clitoris 


And dialog Change:
I'm a slave. My master was killed! - Can you describe your former master?

  • Gentle and trusting. - One wonders how you could lose such a master...
  • Fair but untrusting. - The road ahead is not an easy one.
  • Harsh and temperamental. - Quite the task stands before you in such a vulnerable state.
  • Cruel and heartless. - May the gods watch over your impossible journey.
  • Awful and hopeless. - Not even the gods can help you this time...
  • And Random (I don't know what my master's nature is.) - Good luck with your master's legacy then.



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