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  1. I open the furniture anim object in outfit studio, then translate/rotate it until it matches the position of this mod's marker .nif, then multiply the translation by 2 in the json file.
  2. Removing tags will only make the animation appear on fewer types of furniture. The more tags an animation has, the more types of furniture it supports. Don't add new tags to the existing SLAL patches, because I've already tested all the animations to see what furniture they work with. If you add new tags you will just get misaligned animations. If the bench tag was not added to a chair animation it's because the animation has the actor placing their hand on the back of a chair or something like that, so it won't look right on a bench.
  3. New update, 0.8 for SE and 0.7.1 for LE. 0.8 SE Changed the scripting to use the ThreadHook feature in Sexlab SE. This should make furniture scenes start more reliably. Bed scenes that get overridden will now choose the bed as the marker Added option to prefer nearby furniture when overriding scenes 0.7.1 LE Added option to prefer nearby furniture when overriding scenes SLAL Packs Fixed alignment of the Anub Throne Worship animation
  4. Can you show the SLAL menu? If the InvisFurn sets show up in the menu, it's not the same issue that agiz has.
  5. The only reason why an animation set would not show up in SLAL is if the json file has an error in it somewhere. The SLAL json files have not been changed at all since 0.5, which you said was working for you. No other aspect of the mod interacts with SLAL at all, so there are no changes that could possibly break SLAL loading. If the milky set is not appearing in SLAL, then post the InvisFurnMilky.json that is inside your Skyrim install.
  6. The override feature conflicts with how SL handles beds. Don't use both at the same time for now.
  7. The SLAL patches have not been changed since 0.5. Whatever issue you're having is an issue with your own SLAL install.
  8. New bugfix update: Fixed a bug causing some bed animations to be filtered out sometimes Disabled override and filter features for all sex scenes involving a creature
  9. If you're testing using the override, the override does not always choose the nearest furniture. It chooses any furniture within a certain radius. Use the debug spell if you want a specific piece of furniture. The ancient nordic thrones are compatible with fewer animations than jarl thrones. This is normal.
  10. I uploaded a new version, should fix this bug.
  11. Uploaded a new version with bed autodetection. All vanilla beds should be compatible now. Make sure you Update Furniture Types in the MCM after updating!
  12. It means that the animations missing from that version won't play. If you don't register the missing ones in SLAL then everything will work fine.
  13. Sounds like you understand the instructions just fine. I don't think I'll be able to support every possible SLAL pack, but making animations compatible with this mod isn't too hard for people to do themselves. At some point I'll make a guide for how to do it.
  14. It's more complicated due to the way sexlab handles beds, but I think it can be done
  15. I don't know what you mean. Either you're not triggering furniture sex correctly, or you don't have the right animations installed. Adding more markers will be done over time gradually. A lot of vanilla furniture types are autodetected now which means they can be used anywhere they've been placed. I don't think moving between markers during sex is practical to add, no.
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