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  1. If the furniture is one of the vanilla furniture forms placed by the mod it will work. If it's a new furniture model added by the mod but it has the same shape as vanilla furniture then a patch needs to be made for it to work.
  2. Make sure the animation shows up in sexlab's list of registered animations.
  3. Uploaded a new version of the anim fomod that should fix the consistence errors. If you get errors for missing .hkx files, it means you didn't copy the .hkx files correctly or you're not using the up to date version of the original SLAL pack.
  4. New minor update: Split some wall animations into a new tag so that more wall markers can be placed around skyrim without clipping into the baseboard Fixed fnis issue with the aggressive leito throne animation Remember to rerun fnis, rebuild slal animation registry and rerun the furniture filter in the mcm. Check if you registered this mod's versions of billyy's animations, and not the original versions.
  5. It's the first option in the right column of this mod's mcm.
  6. Sexlab chooses animations randomly from all of your registered animations, including the invisfurn ones. That's just how sexlab works. Enable the sexlab filter option in the mcm.
  7. What skyrim and sexlab version? See anything in your papyrus log?
  8. I don't use vortex but if it works anything like MO2 then it's creating virtual folders for the mod files. You have to copy files from the virtual folders for the original slal packs and this mod.
  9. The milky pack you need to convert yourself.
  10. You need to know how to work with JSON files. First open the SLAL json file (in data/SLAnims/json). Find the entry for the animation. It looks like this: Furniture Sex Framework uses a specific alignment for animations. The marker nifs in meshes/CityMarkers will show the alignments the animations need to have to line up in-game. For most animations you will need to change the alignment so that it fits FSF's alignment. This is done by editing the stage data in the JSON entry. { "actors": [ { "add_cum": 1,
  11. Major update: -Added bench-specific animations and animations added up to Anub 11.2020 and Billyy 4.1 -Added aggressive versions of furniture animations with stages trimmed to make it more fitting. (WARNING: An extra installation step is required to make this work!) -Created a FOMOD for the SLAL packs -Added an option to disable override for aggressive animations -Changed LE version so it now has all the features/reliability of the SE version, but the LE version is now incompatible with some other
  12. You need to make a plugin that adds the furniture forms to the appropriate formlists in the furnituremarkersex plugin.
  13. I have some potentially bad news for the future of this mod. Ashal is planning to remove a feature from the next version of sexlab that this mod depends on. The override system needs this feature to work properly, so this mod won't work when the next sexlab releases.
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