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About This File

Adds 15 repeatable quests involving performing casual sex for gold. Find them at Missives boards! Each has four lines of Synthetic Voiced dialogue, and a letter written in the style of that character or faction. It's casual, flavourful, and about as "lore friendly" as a SexLab mod can be.



Core Mods

  • Missives (Download) - Of course, you'll need Missives to get the actual Missive Boards used to find the Deeds in this mod.
  • SexLab Framework (Download) - Also has its own requirements. In the in-game MCM for SexLab, there are some very useful Debug features. Make use of them! This will help you figure out what is going on. Once you've enabled Debug, Press '~' to open the console.
  • Replacing Boards for Missives (Download) - Changes Missives boards to a 'porn' styled one. Also adds several new locations, like Ivarstead, Rorikstead, Kynesgrove, etc.


New to SexLab? Mods you may Need


If you're new to SexLab, it can a lot of trial and error to make it work. But if you ensure that everything here is installed, and that you're run both FNIS and Nemesis, you can get it working fully.


*You may also like to check out the 'Recommended Animations' section near the bottom of this mod page.*


There are several interconnected mods, once you have those set up, you've got the basic engine running. 99% of the other mods are just extras. Work from the bottom up, and get the basic system running first.


I'm going to assume that you have SSE/AE. That's all I play with, and I can't advise on LE. There may be other ways to get this mod running, but this is what I have.


SexLab Extensions

  • SexLab Aroused Redux Modified by BakaFactory (Download) - Required for some things to work, like dicks changing between erect or flaccid.


Animation Loaders

  • FNIS XXL (Download) - You MUST use FNIS, not Nemesis, for Creature animations to be registered. The 'XXL' version of FNIS allows for the tremendous quantity of animations.
  • FNIS Creature Pack (Download) - Required for Creature animations
  • SLAL (SexLab Animation Loader) - Also has its own requirements. This is the tool which actually loads new animations to be used by SexLab. After you've created your character, in the in-game MCM, 'Enable All' and 'Register All' animations, then wait.
  • Nemesis (Download) - Although not strictly required, I find Nemesis to be a very powerful and highly supported FNIS alternative, although it does not handle Creature animations.



  • Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Download) - Be sure to also download the one below.
  • Schlongs of Skyrim AE (Download) - This is only a .dll file which replaces the SOS SE one. Use this if you're playing Anniversary Edition.
  • MoreNastyCritters (Download) - Be sure to get both MNC and 'CreatureFramework' from that link. This is the framework for creature dicks, and makes them go between 'sheathed' and erect.
  • Baka's Animated Beast Cocks (Download / Direct Download) - This adds more complex cocks to all creatures, set up for animation.



There may be some things I've left out or forgotten. But that should bring you most of the way.


FNIS or Nemesis must be run every time you add a new animation file (always FNIS for Creature animations), otherwise they will not appear.

Both 'SexLab' 'and SL Animation Loader', must be enabled in-game through the MCM after creating a character.


Some problems that people often have are: 1) Mixing LE and SE animations (only use animations for your version), 2) Forgetting to run FNIS and Nemesis after installing new animations, 3) Forgetting to run SL Animation Loader in-game to register the animations, 4) Not enabling SexLab through the MCM in-game after creating a character.


Rewards: Gold, Dragon Souls, Items

You can earn both gold and Dragon Souls and some items by completing 'Dirty Deeds'.


Gold is determined by the Deed, as well as by your Sex Skills and Speechcraft.


Dragon Souls are awarded based on the overview quest, which tracks one-time completion of all Deeds.


Some Deeds give you items instead of gold. (Such as Falmer, who reward you with a Black Soul Gem.)




You can find the deeds both in Missives Boards around Skyrim, and also all deeds can be found in a respawning cabinet at the Temple of Kynareth. There's a quest which you'll start with, which leads you there.


Most quests (Factions, Locations, Creatures) have a stage to return to an NPC for your pay. You can perform 'bonus servicing' beyond the number requested for extra pay. So if a Deed asks for 5 guards to be serviced, you can service 10 guards and get paid for 10.

To begin a 'Dirty Deeds' quest, pick up the letter, read it, and then a menu will pop up asking you whether you want to 'Accept this Dirty Deed'. You can choose to ignore the quest and begin it later, or start it now.

Character Deeds

These characters have 'Dirty Deeds' requesting some type of sex in exchange for gold. These are designed as 'personal prostitution'. They pay nearly twice as much the first time you do them, and after that can be repeated infinitely for a lesser amount. The amount of gold varies depending on the character.


You can find Character Deeds only on the Missive Board where that character lives.

  • Belethor
  • Farengar (Oral)
  • Gwendolyn
  • Hemming Black-Briar (Anal)
  • Pantea Ateia (Oral)
  • Stands-In-Shallows*
  • Drevis Neloren


*I've made a minor edit to Stands-In-Shallows's AI Package. Now he never sleeps in the Argonian Assemblage, instead idling outside, making him available at night,

Characters (Double) Deeds

These characters have 'Dirty Deeds', requesting that both characters are satisfied in exchange for gold. You are paid after each one of them has been satisfied once.

There is a 40% chance of triggering a scene with both of them at the same time.

  • Fihada and Jawanan


Faction Deeds

These factions have 'Dirty Deeds', which pay you to sex with faction members. There is a count, usually up to 5, before you are paid. You can do these Deeds across Skyrim wherever that Faction can be found. As well, you can complete the deed additional times, and get paid for however many times you performed.

There is a 33% chance of adding each additional nearby Faction actor to the scene (33% threesome, 11% foursome, etc.)

  • Guards
  • Miners*
  • Tribal Orcs (Aggressive)
  • Companions**


*I've added 'JobMinerFaction' to the miners in Quicksilver Mine, and a few others as well. This lets them also partake in this Deed.

**Companions is new in Dirty Deeds version 1.2, and refers to the 'Circle' of Companions who are werewolves. Before their sex scenes begin, they transform into werewolves! These are therefore creature sex scenes. After the scene completes, they return to their original human forms. (I think you'll be quite impressed with this!)


Location Deeds

These locations have 'Dirty Deeds', which pay you to have sex with anyone there (excluding certain faction members such as Innkeepers). They operate on Location Keywords, so any location (even modded locations) will enable the dialogue to show up and these deeds to work. As well, you can complete the deed additional times, and get paid for however many times you performed.

There is a 33% chance of adding each additional actor to the scene (33% threesome, 11% foursome, etc.)

  • Taverns


Creature Deeds (*New in version 1.2*)


These (fully optional) Deeds represent dangerous, skill-intensive, and profitable Dirty Deeds, and add progression to your SexLab gameplay.


Don't want to do Creature deeds? You can pick them up, click 'Cancel' and drop them, and forget all about them.


Creature Deeds rely on Illusion magic — in order to begin a Dirty Deeds scene with a creature, you must first cast Calm on it (or otherwise pacify it). Higher level creatures need a higher level of Illusion magic or certain Illusion perks to successfully Calm them, but around Illusion 40 with two or three perks is sufficient for all Deeds.


Once a creature is calmed, speak to it. You'll have a new dialogue option which will begin the scene.


Creature Deeds have much more risk, involving travelling into the wilds, and the use of Illusion magic on dangerous animals. But, they are also much more rewarding. Most will give you gold, which is scaled similarly to regular Deeds, according to your Lewd skill and Speechcraft skill.


There is no integration with Defeat, as Dirty Deeds can only be completed successfully if you are in control of the scene. However, you will take Damage from Creature Deeds which may trigger Defeat scenes and their consequences, depending on your settings.


When a Creature Deed scene begins, an invisible area-effect calm spell is cast, which ensures that any NPCs nearby will not fight. This lasts 10 minutes. Once the scene is completed, another area-effect calm spell is cast which replaces it, and lasts for 30 seconds. Once that wears off, NPCs will be restored to their original (violent) state.


Creature Deeds

  • Wolves
  • Trolls
  • Giants
  • Falmer


Creature Damage

When you complete a Creature sex scene in Dirty Deeds, you will take some damage according to the creature and the number of participants in the scene, minus your Lewd skill. Damage adds extra risk to Creature Deeds, as well as a minimum health requirement to have sex with certain creatures and survive. This represents all the biting, scratching, crushing and stretching that is involved with Creature sex.


Damage is multiplied by the number of creature participants. Depending on the creature, they will be more or less likely to begin a threesome, foursome, or five-some — Giants are less likely, while Wolves and Falmer are very likely to group up. Therefore you may want to 'whittle down' the creatures, if you are worried the damage may kill you.


Creature Deeds, and the Damage from them, represents the risk to remain in control of the scene. Are you fucking the creatures, or are they fucking you?


For example,

Dirty Deeds scene involving 2 wolves will cause you to take "2 x [Random: 7-30]" damage (so between 14 and 60 damage).

If there are 4 wolves in the scene, the amount is increased to "4 x [Random: 7-30]" (28 to 120 damage). That's a small chance of killing a very low-level player.


Another example,

1 Giant would cause you to take "1 x [45-140]" damage.

If there were 2 Giants in the scene, the amount would be increased to (70 to 280) damage. Ouch! That's likely enough to kill a lot of characters.

(You can imagine how damaging a scene involving 3 Giants might be...)


However, damage is mitigated by your 'Lewd' sex skill. At Lewd 50, you subtract 50 damage from the amount. At Lewd 100, you subtract 100 damage from the amount.

(Lewd skill comes from SexLab Framework, and is increased every time you have sex with creatures.)


If the damage amount is less than 20, it is not applied. A successful monster fucker will have high Lewd skill, and high Health, to endure the girth and tenacity of creatures.


As result, you'll want to heal between rounds of Creature sex, and be careful about fucking creatures that are too powerful. You may want to wear health-fortifying enchantments, or even drink a potion of fortify health beforehand! A higher-level player will be capable of completing Creature Deeds with ease, and making a lot of gold from them!


Expansion Deeds (*Patreon*)


To celebrate the current stability and success of this mod, I worked double-time to create a huge batch of Deeds, as a treat. These are based on the feedback and suggestions I've been given. In February 2022, I'll be merging these into the main file. But if you want them now, then you should head over to my Patreon. All synthetic voices are included.


Creating Skyrim mods can take a lot of sacrifice, particularly when creating script-heavy mods with SexLab integration. In addition to thousands of hours of modding practice, it's taken me upwards of 80 hours to get Dirty Deeds to this state. I am intending to support Dirty Deeds into the future. Perhaps it will also be on the next Elder Scrolls game? To help me sustain my obsessions, please consider donating.


Expansion Characters

  • Lami, of Morthal. An alchemist, and bored wife who is looking for excitement. Her husband, Jorgen, doesn't seem to mind.
  • Reldith and Ennis, of Rorikstead. Long ago, the elf Reldith adopted the young Redgard Ennis. Now that he's a man, he has a mind to travel Skyrim, but Reldith has other plans.
  • Jarl Siddgeir, of Falkreath. It's good to be Jarl, and Siddgeir makes the most of his status. He's looking to hire a prostitute for 'court service'.


New Deed Type: Summoned Creatures

These Deeds involves speaking to an NPC who then spawns another creature. After the SexLab scene completes, the creature disappears.

  • Horses. Speak to any stablemaster to partake in a one-of-a-kind apprenticeship in animal husbandry. Learn how to harvest a 'stud'!
  • Atronach. Wylandriah, the court mage of Riften, wants to hone her skills in controlling summoned creatures. Perhaps you will help?


Expansion Locations

  • Temples. Provide 'succor' to the weary and hopeful temple worshippers, including the priests. Become an agent of the Divines' blessing!
  • Stormcloak Camps. Help to raise 'morale' of the soldiers.
  • Imperial Camps. Help to raise troop 'morale'.


Expansion Creatures

  • Rieklings. The leader of the Skaal Village, Fanari Strong-Voice, is seeking an alternative to endless war against the Rieklings. Nobody in the village will volunteer, and now she seeks an outsider to help with 'diplomacy'.
  • Seekers, of the realm Apocrypha. Phinis Gestor is the second-best conjuration mage in Skyrim, but his responsibilities at the College keep him from risking his life. If he's ever going to be the best, he needs to learn from those who have travelled to other, dangerous realms.


Thank you to all those who have supported Dirty Deeds during this early period of its existence!

Gold Calculation


When a Deed uses a particular sex skill (such as Farengar only wanting oral) then you can gain up to +100% more gold depending on your level in that sex skill (up to Oral 100).

For Deeds with no sex type preference, it will use the Vaginal skill to award up to +100% extra gold, regardless of the actual animation.


You can also gain +100% extra gold from your Speechcraft skill, likewise up to 100 Speechcraft.


In total, you can gain 300% of the base value of a 'Deed', if you are master of Speechcraft and the Sex skill involved.


There is also random variation -30% to +30% of gold given.



Allow other mods to overwrite this one.


I edited some Races to turn on 'Dialogue with Player', such as WolfRace, GiantRace, TrollRace, FalmerRace. This will not conflict with mods that change the meshes of those NPCs, since Race is a different record from Actor. Any new creatures which uses those same Races will also get the dialogues and be available for the Creature Deeds.


I've made a few, non-essential changes to NPCs to allow them to partake in Dirty Deeds. This includes adding Factions to NPCs who should have that faction, and changing AI Packages to make an NPC (Stands-In-Shallows) available at night. These are very few in number, and there shouldn't be much that conflicts.


It's possible that if you use a different Temple of Kynareth overhaul than JK's, you may have trouble getting to the cabinet with the Dirty Deeds. I'd recommend using 'tcl' in console to move through the floor, then take out whatever letters you want.

For those who don't use Missives (Version 1.2.0)


I've cleaned up and added a previous version, from before I integrated with Missives, as one of the files you can download. In this version, you will find 15 Deeds in total, including the original Deeds plus the first Creatures deeds.


In total the Deeds are: Belethor, Farengar, Gwendolyn, Hemming Black-Briar, Pantea Ateia, Stands-In-Shallows, Drevis Neloren, Fihada & Jawanan, Guards, Miners, Tribal Orcs, Companions, Taverns, Wolves, Trolls, Giants, Falmer.


In terms of content, it's the same as 1.3.0, but doesn't rely on Missives. You can still find all Deeds in the cabinet in the Whiterun Temple of Kynareth, with a quest leading you there.


Thanks to Inanna17 for sharing your copy!


Recommended Animations


It can be difficult to find all the current animations you can add to your game. When searching LoversLab files by 'number of downloads', you'll see previous releases ranked more highly than new releases.


Here's a list that should help you find the real locations for animations.


'Dirty Deeds' assumes that you have animations for threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes, so be sure to pick up animations beyond the default ones SexLab Framework includes. Otherwise, you may find that dialogue leads nowhere.



  • BakaFactory's SLAL Animations (Direct Download) - Baka (aka Babo) is a highly regarded Korean animator who enjoys a huge amount of Patreon support. Download this public release for a massive amount of animations, including creature animations. Each month (or few months) they release a new package, which includes all previous animations plus some new ones. They also have a few other SexLab mods on their Patreon.
  • Billyy's SLAL Animations - Billyy is an exceptional animation provider. Be sure to download the SE version, not the LE one from that link.
  • Leito's SLAL Animations - Leito is a prolific SexLab animation creator across Skyrim and Fallout.



You can often best find animations at the Skyrim LE animations category (link here). Just be aware to only download SE versions of the animations. At this age of Skyrim modding I recommend sorting by 'Updated' rather than 'Downloads'. Too many boneheads download obsolete stuff, just because it has a lot of people who have already downloaded it... Lemmings, I say.


Recommended Other Mods




  • PrivateProfileRedirector (Download) - If you have hundreds of mods enabled, and your load times are long, this will almost completely solve the problem. From 5 minutes to 30 seconds.


NPC Appearance

  • Pandorable's Males NPCs Series (Males 1/Males 2) - Together 120 male NPC's are replaced with sexier versions.


Creature Appearance

  • MNC / ABC Fluffworks Patch (Download) - Lets dogs and wolves be fluffy.
  • Diverse True Wolves and Dogs (Download) - Requires True Wolves of Skyrim SSE found here (Direct Download)



  • Better Blowjobs (Download) - Increases the amount that mouths open during blowjob scenes, to reduce clipping. I believe it only works on the player.


Future Additions

I intend to release future expansions including new Deeds. Check out my Patreon where I am hosting a public poll to hear what you want! You don't have to be a Patron to vote.


Tips & Support

I've created a Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/questwave where you can tip or support me! I'm hugely appreciative of any support as I'm just beginning my work on SexLab.

Edited by QuestWave

What's New in Version 1.3.3



Fix for FNIS issue — I had accidentally included my FNIS files in 1.3.2. This version doesn't have them.



I've learned how to create my own synthetic voices. From here onwards, the file includes its own synthetic voices.



New Features

  • Location/Faction/Creature Deeds now have additional quest stages (Reward, Completion). Return to Missives board to restart these Deeds.
  • 'Bonus' Servicing (Paid for additional services above the number requested)


  • Reduced payment for all Deeds by 25% to 70%


  • Pantea Ateia's dialogue no longer shows up on everyone after her quest.
  • Added the Troll Deed to Missives Boards.


  • Tribal Orcs now do some Sex Damage (around the same as Wolves)
  • The Falmer questline is now given by Calcelmo, and rewards with gold.

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