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  1. I've been looking into it casually between other stuffs and may actually give it a shot, haven't played around with it yet but certainly will! There's some other mods that do just the "drain NPCs" part, there's currently no way to disable drain benefits to the player in Succubus Heart tho. (You can override Status Caps, but it's too manual to really be a solution) On a technical side, I don't think there's really any way for a mod to detect when the player levels their stats normally without some rather aggressive scripts, tho you're asking to disable both at the same time which is p
  2. Glad the issue is resolved! You may want to look into merging non-script mods, a lot of armor/graphics mods can be merged without harm to the game. (Anything with scripts will break tho, since it'll change item IDs and such) Different ways to access skills and such has been suggested quite often, unfortunately there's not really an easy way to make a better menu. Skyrim's menu systems are pretty terrible, the 'best' alternative I've found is using a spell to summon a custom menu, but those menus would triple the amount of work it would take to change anything menu related and would be pretty
  3. My Discord server is called The Broken Chatbox, an invite link is posted in the first post and in the read me - https://discord.gg/v9cbQrx - obviously use the r18 channels when talking about Succubus Heart (or other adult mods and such). (assuming you're refering to the AI bug) I honestly have no clue what's causing it so I don't even know where to look, I just know it can happen even if Succubus Heart isn't installed. If I can find exactly what's causing it I can at least try and work-around it tho. There's a scaling option available in the settings which sets progression to a
  4. I'd actually never heard this, tho I'm not sure if/how it would be an issue with Succubus Heart. Sounds more like something to do with animation issues caused by SL or some sort of script error. (You can trigger this with Draugr, for example, by ending animations early or by triggering some sort of AI behavior while it's restricted by SL - happens without Succubus Heart enabled, tho Succubus Heart may make it more likely by the setting things up in a way that can glitch out.) alphabetsoupdog1234 did a pretty good job explaining most of your issues, so I'll chime in where bugs may be co
  5. Regal Glow level increase was a visual bug that 'should' be fixed in 4.10. For Vigilant hostility, what type of transformation is this, mod induced or is it like werewolf/lord from vanilla? (Sounds like some sort of faction/relationship change when transforming, it's most likely a visual bug with how the MCM checks for it, but I could be wrong)
  6. It's a bug with Level List based actors. These things register in script just like any other NPC but they're actually a 'list' and it spawns randomly from them based on player level, I'm working on a fix but it's currently really slow and requires way too many resources to put into release. I hope to either find another method or optimize this one to grab the actual actor (or create a temporary 'clone' actor in the save somehow) so it will always spawn the desired pet. In short - just more Skyrim weirdness >.> On another note, I've received a lot of messages lately asking abo
  7. From my DEV notes, the regal glow issue is caused by some faulty update code, so it applies once but doesn't update its values properly, it's fixed in my working version (unreleased). However it can also break by having armor applied to the same 'slot' as the invisible 'regal glow' armor, can't remember what slot it is tho (don't have the reference handy >.<) so it could also stop working from an armor mod using that slot, which isn't used by the vanilla game as far as I'm aware. Also, obligatory "Yes I'm still working on the mod, just not all that often" statement. X.x
  8. is the spell that you can use to target to make the npc do you, is it suppose to work at range, i cant get it to work unless i am up close to a target, i was hoping i could aim at a taregt like a female forsworn and then she comes to me for the death sex lol

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      join the discord i got an answer quickly

  9. where 5.0 ?? we still waiting

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      not cool you don't answe even you log

  10. The only issue I have currently with summoning multiple pets is having them actually act like allies, this is why they become temporary followers in the current version, but Skyrim's default creature follower limit is 1.... as for idea #2, more varied pet spells are planned but not for 5.0 (Which would include what you're describing, at least somewhat). I don't like "replacing" things very often as it breaks compatibility a lot of times, but a nude suit as mcnv may be possible, it's a bit out of my scope at the moment tho (another modder may be able to make a mod for this and integrate
  11. When I complete 5.0 there is a good chance I'll at least try to back-port it. I mostly dropped consistent LE support because I couldn't develop using Vanilla's tools and vanilla just had too many technical issues on my PC to test with. I could easily set-up creation kit to compile the new versions, but I wouldn't be able to really test it and I'd need to go through and manually re-define everything (which is a massive time sink, and a pain X.x).
  12. I'll have to look into adding follower checks to DOM so it's a bit more compatible (like teleporting followers with the player instead of trusting Skyrim to do it automatically), it's strange that they're dying if you have them set as essential but I don't think that's related to Succubus Heart (shouldn't be at least). The Calm option only works if the player is in an act because of its implementation, however people have talked about another mod that removes characters from combat during acts so that may be worth a look. Combat Seduction does have a 'cooldown' period and because o
  13. Still confused on what would need to be done, or what you're even asking to be compatible? Does it run alongside SexLab or is it without Sexlab? Succubus Heart requires SexLab's event's system to work, without it nothing would function properly, so unless it has its own (easy to hook into) events system it wouldn't really work? It appears Regal Glow's rank isn't displaying properly in the menu when re-loaded, however the rank is still increasing and kept (it's purely a cosmetic issue). As for it actually functioning, it works and increases armor in my test game but the armor itself doe
  14. Succubus Heart is designed like a complimentary mod and works really well when used with other SexLab mods. It can be used on its own (and even has its own basic version of a submit mod built in), but most people will want to customize and expand their experience. (Submit mods are pretty popular in combination with Succubus Heart, stuff like SL Defeat) Succubus Heart's surrender mechanic is called "Combat Seduction" but it's super basic and lacks the advance features stuff like Defeat has. (It's there for people that have issues with other submit mods, or just want the base-line experi
  15. I'm actually not sure on SKSE compatibility, I know people had HDT issues if versions of the mod/skse don't match (strangely), and using too old of a version means SKSE will lack features Succubus Heart needs, I just don't remember the specific number. I have no idea what Flower Girls is, so I can't say.
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