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[mod] [Stellaris] Lustful Void - WIP

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31 minutes ago, derel2122 said:

Constantly crashes on start... F for my luck. 

(Only using this mod and lastest Stellaris Update)

PM or post your error log and I'll try to see what's causing it.


6 minutes ago, BlackDragoWolf said:

question how do I turn off the extra trait to pick thing because I got another mod that gives me way more

Delete this folder (...Lustful Void\common\species_archetypes). I'll add it to the incompatability list so people know.

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Awesome work, thanks, you made Stellaris great again.


What I really enjoy is your great way of writing. Most modders tend to write descriptions without giving it much thought, but you wrote it very high quality. For example there was not a single spelling error I could find. Thanks!


But still I have to mention one thing: "Ivory" and "Crystal Ivory" do the same (Pop Amenities Usage -10%), but "Crystal Ivory" is one point more expensive (4 compared to 3).

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11 minutes ago, JuicyDroid said:

Is this compatible with Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more (SSX) 1.8 ?


Ok, I'v read the description again and i see my mistake. It's a mod merge project under other modders lead.
Anyway, i see there's not much potraits at this moment. Will those lacking (from sexy xenos) be included later ? I suppose there's no workaround for them now as we need patches.


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Lithia<3: What changes did you make to the ascension perk file? I'm asking because I'm using the Space Industry and Habitat Overhaul mod which makes changes to allow habitats to be built earlier. So I was wondering what actual changes you'd made to the file?

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