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  1. I'll go ahead and upload all the previous versions of the mod that I have archived Thank you! Is this an issue with all jobs that use "lv_worker_job_check_trigger = yes"?
  2. This is what the modjam patch is for. I don't use ModJam, but I figured I should put this patch up for folks that do. Didn't know it was broken rn. Wow, thanks! I'll be sure to give it a look over, I've been meaning to do some of that stuff at some point of another. Also, what is a git diff and how do I use it? EDIT: figured it out
  3. Thank you to all the folks that posted bug fixes! Had a killer headache yesterday so I couldn't work on the mod, so y'all helped out a ton. Just keep letting me know if anything's out of wack and I'll try to get on it as soon as I can. Don't hesitate to post suggestions as well!
  4. Ok fixed not being able to terraform it, let me know if there's still issues! as for the jobs, at least with tentacle milk cows I tested a few things and found they were still affected by traits, the civic, and govenor traits. If you were talking about the other new jobs (Spire Keepers and the Distillers) I didn't set them as sex jobs, I might change the spire keepers to sex jobs in the future though.
  5. Damn, that's a weird one. I'll have to investigate that a bit more, economic categories are a bit new to me, but I'll get it sorted. This is weird to say the least. I'll be sure to get this sorted as soon as possible. Actually thought about doing something like this, but that's a ways away if at all
  6. Hadn't really thought of this, although I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Do you mean to add new "pleasure fortress" districts? I might do something in the future related to this but tbh I don't really use defensive armies (not much experience in the area). Maybe if LV adds some more army types I'll look into it since for now the only have slime. I am considering adding some interesting things in the future though, and I'm always happy to hear ideas, so thank you!
  7. uh what. that's about the strangest thing I've ever seen, and it should be impossible. Checking the code, the next release shouldn't do this, but if it does pop up again I'll take a good look over the issue.
  8. Because FUCK the cold and FUCK dry heat. Humidity or bust. (I'm 99% sure I just copied ringworld habitability but I can't remember)
  9. Thank you for the feedback and fix! I really appreciate it, any help goes a long way. salderson slices should require the proper ascension perk now. I was considering it, but I have to figure a way to get it to work (I don't have much experience with them) It's supposed to boost the sex forges' output, but it's not working properly. I'll just remove it for now until I come up with an actual fix.
  10. Thank goodness someone found the issue! never would've figured it out myself
  11. Thank you again! I'll add it in once I get a few more things to add in
  12. @Raptor375 I have no clue what could be giving you this issue, but I checked on my end and it doesn't happen. Have you tried testing if the bug still happens with other origins or with this mod not loaded? It could be another mod causing the issue. @Zorlond I'm gonna be honest with you, this shouldn't be happening at all. Not just because I didn't intend it, but because I added the flag that should disable those events ages ago! And still, the game acts as if they are perfectly fine to turn into Ecumenopoli and have an odd factory. I'm going to ask around and investigate some more, because this bug has been very annoying!
  13. What great timing! I got a lot of time on my hands at the moment, plenty of time to check out the new features. Thanks for letting me know.
  14. The mod doesn't have anything that should be incompatible with the 2.7.2, so you should be able to just change the version number in the Sexopolis.mod and descriptor.mod files. Yeah, that's something I've never really gotten around too, I might make one at some point but it's not too high on my list of priorities. Haven't really been playing Stellaris to much recently. While I don't think it'd be all too difficult to make the pleasure habitat or ringworld into a decision or terraforming process, I don't really see myself doing this. I want these versions of the planets to be more accessible than their regular counterparts, at least to an extent. If they were a decision for habitats and ringworlds, chances are you'd not be able to get them until later in the game. Although, now that I think about it, it might be a good idea to have a decision in place to convert already built ringworlds and habitats, but still allow for you to build them on their own (to convert conquered colonies or ones like the Cybrex ringworld).
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