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  1. Can you guys fucking stop digging up this god damn corpse from its grave? It's getting real tiring and old now. Unless you have any REAL updates, gtfo this thread.
  2. Is it possible to have these coverted to overlays? or even tattoos?
  3. when that happens all you have to do is delete all the Keyframes the camera has and move it bit by bit, happens a lot of times to the amateur animator
  4. It is here! I can finally enjoy Stellaris again
  5. To be fair there are plenty of NSFW voice actors that do commissions for lewd games and the like. You just got to look in places like Patreon (The one I know works for FOW studio, forgot her name tho so you might have to do some digging)
  6. If I had to have a single request, it would probably be this one
  7. Out of all the armours you made, this one is possible the best one :D
  8. As long as there's acknowledgement then it's ok Seeing how the project in question is a merger of multiple mods I wouldn't want some mod author to suddenly wake up and not be ok with it, thus having to delete a third of their work. But yeah a separate thread is a fantastic idea to keep everything organised
  9. small question, seeing how I haven't seen any comment from the original mod creators (at least that I know of) do you have their permission to even do this? Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that you're combining the mods, but I'd love to have at least some confirmation by the mod authors that this is all done with their knowledge.
  10. Yeah I've been looking myself and I can't find anything. Looks like something I'll have to do myself. You can probably expect something during the summer after I'm done with university.
  11. Good find! Now all I need is the body suit thing and we're golden :D
  12. I'm quite surprised that no one has done this yet, but basically there's this "armour" (term used as loosely as possible) that would work perfectly with my succubus character that I'm making from the animation me!me!me! It doesn't look too hard to create and if I had the time I'd do it myself, but I just can't commit to learning how to do all that fun Bodyslide esp making stuff while simultaneously writing my thesis Hopefully someone picks this up as there is a gaping hole ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) in Skyrim modding that's the shape of me!me!me! EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'
  13. It has to be a problem on your end as I've literally never heard of this issue. SKSE bypasses the steam launcher so I highly doubt that that's the problem here, and I've been modding Skyrim since 2012. with 400 mods, the issue could be that you're overloading the game with too many esp files which, regardless of what PC you have, it will fuck up your Skyrim. My advise it to first check to see if it does the same thing on a clean save with only that mod activated. If it still happens then try a clean re-install of everything, so basically backup your mods, and scrub your drive clean of anything
  14. Don't use steam for modded skyrim. Always use a mod manager as it makes life waaay easier
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