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  1. I cleaned out the old version prior to installing the new version, heck I'd just did a full cleanup on my mod directory getting rid of any old mods I wasn't using anymore. I have an idea as to why the humanoid_03_male_clothes_01 entries were causing such a problem. Your portraits don't use clothes, but even then the game still has a default it goes to even if you aren't using the clothes selector. Since the default clothes from humanoid_03_male_clothes_01 aren't anywhere close to being able to work with your portraits the game basically gives up and shows nothing instead, no clothes or portrai
  2. Listed in the tooltip for the Sex Training Center building there appears to be a Unreadable String. Not sure if it's just a issue with the tooltip or if it's an issue with the building itself. What is the building supposed to do? I'm not that good at parsing the files and understanding what the buildings are supposed to do... Edit: Okay I see what's going on, it's supposed to have a string showing a increase in Sex Job Output, apparently the game can't understand that string....
  3. ZS Animated species still has the issue of Kbust2's portraits 21-40 being missing. _Kbust2_portraits.asset has this for portraits 21-40 as of a freshly downloaded file on 02/26/2021. It appears that you missed changing the clothes_selector entry in the file for these. they are showing the default humanoid_03_male_clothes_01 instead of Kbust2_clothes_01. Edit: Just did a quick edit to see if that would do the trick, replacing humanoid_03_male_clothes_01 with Kbust2_clothes_01 worked like a charm!
  4. If you want something similar then SSX has you covered with both the Snu Fever and Snu Fever Light traits. If you want something similar those would be a better starting point than whatever MASSA had considering how outdated that code is.
  5. Well of course it wouldn't fix those. IIRC those are from SSX not Lustful Void!
  6. Are you using any UI mods? You should be able to scroll down to reveal the other portraits.
  7. The patch isn't a seperate mod, you have to copy it over the Lustful Void mod and have the patch override the mods files. Load order has nothing to do with it.
  8. There is a patch on the Lustful Void Discord that allows LV to work in 2.8.
  9. Thanks alot for this, though I did also make a personal tweak so it could be triggered by the Sex Crazed Trait or the Lewd Mind trait!!
  10. Amazing, Simply Amazing!! Definitely gonna be a must have in my load order!!!
  11. Those are from Lustful Void or SSX IIRC....
  12. Go into your control panel and uninstall the "Paradox Launcher V2" then launch Stellaris. It'll reinstall the launcher and usually clears out the blocks most of the time. Also what exactly does it say when you hover over that red triangle?? The popup's description can help us diagnose the issue.
  13. She mentioned it was not Covid, so lucky in that regard. But yeah I understand how you feel!
  14. Lithia popped into the discord, she was ill. So the date slipped due to illness. You wouldn't feel like modding either in that state....
  15. The new launcher is buggy, sometimes I've had to reinstall the launcher itself to get it to work. it should appear in the programs area of your settings menu as "Paradox Launcher V2". Simply uninstall that, and fire up your game to reinstall it. You can also clean out any files from the launcher in your Appdata folder to be even more thorough. Also are you sure you aren't accidentally nestling the folders for the mod?? As in you've extracted the files wholesale and have accidentally have the folder structure being "mod/Lustful Void/Lustful Void/etc" or something similar instead of "mod/Lustful
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