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  1. Could just have them drop it as an item like milk cartons. So on orgasm, they drop it. Perhaps to distinguish farmed animals from wild, it checks if they're in special farm tethers. And if not, it just sprays liquids as normal.
  2. The mouth can still be fairly large, like how a snake can dislocate their jaw, so to could you have this thing's mouth several times larger than a standard humanoid. Actually, the frogg are a good example, as their mouth structure would allow a very large opening if they actually opened them.
  3. If all else fails, you could just handle scaveran like most irl birds, a simple cloaca for both genders that you penetrate/grind. If you wanted to put its mouth to use, I'd still say they best option would be flipping it onto its back where you could sit on the upper scoop part of the beak and use the bisected lower beak as handlebars while getting some tongue work that remains largely unseen and thus can be applicable to both genders.
  4. I'd voice my support for this. Strap some artificial wombs to the robots and fill 'em up. How viable is it to either swap out what type of monster something actually is, or to just disable certain attacks based on pregnancy status? Because my first ideas were a scandroid holding a cylinder with a fetus inside it, or a spiderbot with the same cylinder on top of it. Of course, these would interfere with their electric and fire attacks respectively.
  5. "You're all perverts" bemoaned the man regarding even basic pixel tits, from atop his mountain of rotting, half eaten human bodies, as he ate severed penises and baby heads like candy while drinking pus. Like, I can't be the only one who's noticed that he's incredibly fixated on cannibalism and squick.
  6. Those later ones aren't added yet, but their assets have been made. It's slated to be released when the mutated biome creatures are finished, along with a polishing off some lush stragglers like the momma poptops.
  7. I'd just release the poptops, personally. As you said, they're heavily humanizing them. Someone's going to be upset either way, and catering to the more censor happy crowd in such a scenario rarely does a project any good. Ideas for the scandroid submissive could be holding it either by the base of the legs, or its chassis with the legs retracted, with either a pocket pussy or dildo from an underside slot exposed. Might take a little finagling to make the animation look right regardless of player gender, unless you've since found a way to separate available actions based on which t
  8. If they give you permission to release, with credit granted, the existing poptop animations, why not? They've become the defacto mascot, so you can't just leave them out. But yes, the poptops from frackin' are all recolors looks wise, certainly not worth trying to deal with them over. The unique variants from pandoras box, however, are far more interesting if nobody's asked. Though the author's on extended hiatus, so it might take a good while to get a response if someone tries.
  9. Maybe. But I'm just far more a writer than an artist.
  10. Some of these are pretty nice, though others I'd kinda prefer a somewhat less overpowering bust. This is especially true on ones where you've increased the overall size of the object, possibly causing some conflicts, like the sarcophagi. Thankfully, the structure of starbound textures makes it incredibly easy to pick and choose what we like. Either way, hope you keep it up. A definite request would be a feminization of the apex pods. Some tits, maybe pressed against the glass if you made her endowed. Perhaps a pregnant belly and a patch to the description changing it to she, if you wanted to
  11. Was more curiosity on if it was. The only ones I can actually think of as lewdable without bringing mod critters like bears and deer in are the egg cell (jerking off onto it) and the symbiote (wearing it)
  12. Does that mean critters in general are being considered?
  13. I kinda figured paratails skin was sort of like hagfishs skin. In that it's only actually connected in one or two spots, so if something bites them, they just sort of shuffle around inside their own skin to avoid it. Then the hagfish slimes the wouldbe predator, or the paratail detonates pouches of explosive material, sacrificing its second skin.
  14. Could always make them them humanoid hybrids resulting from the player impregnating or being impregnated by a poptop. Or splicing it as a kind of mad science experiment (spawn a filled capture pod) if people are a bit squicked about loving their daughter.
  15. Really can't think of any that should be restricted to either or. Even robots could have different hardware slotted, or if presumed none, at least it just determine which role they take. Same is kinda true with say, peblit, I can't imagine much more than getting it to rub you off, or grinding its head. The only real issue I see is Apex mutants, since they all have the male base model. So unless you wanted to pull a moontant and make them able to pull from multiple parts, they'd either be all male or just have a jarring transition when they suddenly grow tits. For the paratail spe
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