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  1. worked fine for me with a extended event page mod
  2. just been playing with this mod for a bit a i have noticed that the random events happen a bit to often so in the next update can you turn down the frequency Good luck with everything
  3. idk if it is just other mods i have but the final months trait is never removed for me so i have to do it with console commands also a few ideas i thought up are 1. directly spreading the tentacles to a girl 2. a religion that worships the tentacles 3. a county modifier that says there is a tentacle cave
  4. for some reason when I adopt feudalism after being tribal Matriarchy I go to normal feudal instead of gynarchy and I'm up to date to this version
  5. i think this the right mod for this but idk But anyway I just got the hunted event and it is broke right now I had to spam click to get through the event after i chose the fight option the only time it would move on is when the vampire won the fight also there was no hit counter for the vampire also if this is the wrong mod please tell me so i can get to the right person
  6. question how do I turn off the extra trait to pick thing because I got another mod that gives me way more
  7. hey i got the image glitch thing when using flamestrike as a mage
  8. i was just make sure what the update was Welp good luck with the update i can't wait
  9. so does this work with newest versions yet or was the update just for the older versions?
  10. question is the steam version different from this one or are they the same
  11. hey with the new demon portraits you can get the male ones as a female so that may be a bug have not played with the angels yet tho so they might have this problem to
  12. Hey just fond the mod wwweeeiii was talking about Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598699516&searchtext=Red-Light+Demeanour%3A+Civic+Mod
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