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  1. First, validate you game files in case of corruption, then try this load order; ToT VF Beta VF ToT Patch If the problem persists then I think one or more of the mods are corrupted and need a fresh download and install. EDIT: I've been doing some testing with the next update and ToT patch (will be out soon, like 1~2 days) and it should be fixed. Dunno why, but I think missing portraits might be format/overwrite issue. I was having issues between Beta 0.7 and the current ToT patch (beta 0.3) even though it should have worked fine, but after updating
  2. Very nice catch, and thank you for telling me, must have happened when I was updating the patch to not need dlc . It might be because graphical_culture = mammalian_01 isn't inside a class set, or that Machines no longer have a graphical culture. Either way, the patch will be redundant with the next update since it'll add back in the human and humanoids that SE needs. All the images are masked and the fungoids have their dds files done, so it'll be out either the end of this week or early next week.
  3. That patch is a bit out of date, so I'd recommend either waiting for the next update (will be soon-ish) or editing VF's species classes to add ToT's sets and not using the patch. Also, what is your load order?
  4. Sorry about that, I updated the change log witch seems to have broken the page, here's the link while I fix it;
  5. The galaxy mods might have scripted solar systems or events, I can't say for sure, but what I can tell you is that my old robot portraits mod(s) is rolled into VF so you don't need them. I've not looked at them in a long while so they are could potentially be the cause. One or more version of it uses the 00_species_classes file which deals with pre-sapients, so aside from anything else, you can just remove those.
  6. That's rather odd. I'll see about making a few changes to the next update about that. Right now, VF doesn't create a custom name for pre-sapient sets, it just overwrites their portrait file so they shouldn't be able to even find the vanilla images. Have you tried the steps I suggested? Also, does this still happen with just VF active? I'm just trying to rule out file corruption or mod conflicts this way.
  7. Could be the launcher (which is kinda temperamental), a mod conflict, or perhaps some are out of date because of the recent base game update. You might find things easier with the Irony Mod Manager launcher, seems like most people I know use it. Other than that, I'm not sure what I can do for you. That's a weird one. Delete the VF folder, re-download and install fresh is always a good first step. Make sure it's the last mod in the load order, and make sure you're not using the More Vanilla patch. If it persists after that I may need some screenshots and a list of your mods. And
  8. What exactly is wrong with it? Are they still the vanilla portraits, empty boxes, not available at all, or something else? Verifying game files is usually a good first step, then deleting, downloading and installing a fresh version to eliminate file corruption. Just launching the game with VF after this should confirm its working, but if the problem come back with the other mods active then its either a conflict or load order issue. It's also generally best to keep VF as the last mod loaded.
  9. It adds custom portraits to each species while disabling the vanilla ones. What you want to do should be simple enough, it just seems like you might have to fiddle with the species classes files if they use the same name or try to redefine a species class such as Humanoids.
  10. Hmm, I think I'm just gonna have to enable base human and humanoids so it's more friendly with SE, or have a simple drag and drop patch. Short term solutions: 1) Just drag and drop the contents of the VF SE patch into VF (Human for human/plus/2, Humanoid for humanoids/plus, and Combined for both) 2) go to Vanilla Framework/common/species_classes and open 00_species_classes in notepad or similar. Just delete the # symbol in front of human and humanoid 2~5. I really don't think VF is causing crashes on city/ship selection because it doesn't touch any of that and it's someth
  11. It's compatible with SE Human, Humanoid, Human 2, and the pluses. VF disables the human and humanoid that SE uses so you need to use one of the compatibility patches depending on which you are using. VF SE Human is for just enabling the human portraits. VF SE Humanoid just enables the humanoid portraits. VF SE Combined enables both.
  12. I just installed Se human 2 and it seemed to work fine, my load order was (first to last); LV, UI overhaul dynamic, VF, Se patch, Se Human 2. Basically, VF overwrites the base games classes file and tells the game which portraits to use for which species, the patch then overwrites that but now includes humans, and then SE Human 2 changes what the human portraits are. If there's a blank portrait, that could mean that something is wrong with SE or the game itself. It generally means that either the assets are missing or that the portrait file (90_portraits_human.txt) is pointing to the wrong p
  13. I still think it's a load order thing, the patch just doesn't do enough to cause issues. Could you try LV, VF, SE patch, SE Human? If that still doesn't work, disable the patch then go into VF/common/species_classes and open 00_species_classes in notepad or something similar. The # symbol is used to disable human portraits, and just delete it for now. You can try this too since it could rule out the patch being the issue. I thought not having those dlc's might cause problems, I was able to get someones help to test that (they didn't have Necroids) and it worked fine for them.
  14. Have you tried this? Only load: LV, VF, SE Human, VF SE Human patch (in this order) It's possible if you have any other mods active that they could be causing conflict, but other than this suggestion, I think I'd need to look at the crash log to get an idea what happened. You can usually find it at x:\Users\user\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\logs Just had a look at SE Human 2. It replaces the standard human portraits like SE Human and Humanoid, but VF disables those. It looks like the SE human patch would work for it.
  15. Try delete the patch, re-download and install again as something might have gotten corrupted. I can't think of any other reason the patch would cause that as it doesn't touch ship or city appearance.
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