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  1. Hey! Thanks for the very comprehensive response! I'll definitely check it out, see what I can do :) Really appreciate the assistance!
  2. Hi, I am aware that the Frogg race npcs are basically Hylotls in costumes and when you initiate a scene with them they spontaneously turn into Hylotls. I've read that this is why no support has been given to them, however I have read that Agarans are basically Florans in costumes as well however Agarans have full sexbound support. I'm wondering then is it not possible to extend this support to the Froggs? I tried digging into Sexbounds files to see how it managed to support Agarans and to find out how I can possibly make a mod for the Froggs as well. Can anyone help enlighten me ho
  3. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately while looking into my invidia control panel there are is no option to switch to a 10 bit colour mode, it only allows me to go up to 8bit. I can't seem to find out where to activate windows wide color gamut either? I also kept all the ENB settings the same. Not sure what else I can do :(
  4. Hey! I am having some serious color banding issues in dark areas with the Tetrachromatic ENB and the TAZ Visual overhaul. Here are two images to demonstrate the problem. The first image is the screenshot taken in game, I'm willing to wager that you won't see any issue there as it looks completely normal on my laptop, its pitch black like its supposed to be. The second image is a picture taken with my phone of what I see with my desktop monitor and there you can see the problem very clearly. Im guessing this is a monitor issue, but I don't have this issue at all with any other game like cyberpu
  5. I don't think that's the issue, it's because the on on twitter is the 1.1 version. SkyDranei addon works on LE skyrim too, it's just that it doesn't work with skydranei 1.1. Yes totally agree, would be great if someone could share it
  6. Thanks for the reply! I found the original creators twitter but sadly they only have version 1.1 up and that isn't compatible with this mod or Edkin's dranei bikini armor mod 😔
  7. Thanks for sharing! But this one seems to be the CBBE SSE version. Does anyone happen to have the original 1.0 version of this mod? Also not a fan of the new version not being compatible with anything, and the new vanilla armor conversions of the original creator are not my fav. Thanks in advance!
  8. Love your mod, been enjoying it allot for quite some time! I just had a suggestion regarding the models, I imagine that anyone can make models in blender then import them into CK3 quite easily, a bit like making custom ship models in Stellaris. Making the models is of course the hard part but I know there are allot of artists making 3d porn of world of warcraft characters and they make their own custom models of elves, werewolves and a whole host of other fantasy creatures. Some even share their models to the public for them to download! (I know for example Liard shares his models on patreon a
  9. When I go on a date after about 10-15 in game minutes the date suddenly ends randomly and it states date failed. Another issue is that when I interact with my date non of the date objectives are fulfilled. So when I flirt or socialize with them it doesn't register in the objectives on the top left. So these are the fixes I've tried: -I tried repairing the game -I've made sure my mods are up to date -I've tried disabling all mods in the settings, restarting the game and then playing. still no luck -tried using the ww.fix command, no luck -wen I start a new g
  10. Thanks for being understanding guys
  11. Hey! I've seen allot of posts on getting C5Kev's parasite armor and priestess armor to work with this mod, but they are all pretty daunting as someone whose very unfamiliar with tesvedit and the creation kit, any chance someone can summarize how to do it or even better,share the updated files
  12. Hey Everyone sorry I've gone on Hiatus for so long, I hope you all can understand that I've been really busy with real life stuff (in a good way) and I've really been occupied by allot of important things. I feel really bad for not keeping people up to date, as the weeks have gone by I got more and more guilty which made it harder to come back and so on. Unfortunately I cannot say I am able to continue work on this mod any time soon, I will have to put everything on hold for the foreseeable future but I really invite people to take this mod and update it for the newest version themselves, just
  13. Just curious, does the mod refer to the player as a breeder at any point, so far no one's confirmed nor denied it
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