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  1. Looking really nice, thank you for creating this mod:) Just hope it will works fine with Tentacled Dreams.
  2. @Idefix0 Got it, thank you man:)
  3. Apologies, i am not familiar with Xcom 2 mods, so here is my question. Is there any adult, gameplay changing mods here? Like new traits, battle-fuck, some lewd missions, friendly "interactions" with aliens or something li that. Or just are nude mods and clothes packs? Just are confusing, because dont see any download links at first and last pages, so i have no idea, how deep this rabbit hole:)
  4. Niur skin without of tentacles!? What are nonsense Looking good though. Really love the eyes colour, same as crystals.
  5. @IRrebel Nah, i am good, its worked now, thanks for answer mate:) Just puted the moust tentacled version on game folder/dls/color of madness/ campaing/town/buildings/nomad_wagon. If enyone curios.
  6. Damn, looking really good! But is that mod, or just some pictures? I downloaded it, but dot get it, how it supposed to be installed.
  7. You can add some robo-legs for them, so i dont think its are really problem. And this debuffs are slowed down some animals too.
  8. Go to new game and create some hive mind. Look for "Motherly mind" civic. If its there, then mod works right.
  9. Its time to open some business with aliens! Thanks for update:) Edit: I just tested the Сriminal Syndicate and I must say that the new buildings are truly impressive! And the new mechanics with abductions are amazing and able to open new facets of gameplay At first I thought that they were all too strong, but then I realized that they are much more expensive, require more funds for maintenance and at the same time, they give very solid bonuses to the owner of the planet. And i really curious, it actually decrease numbers of species on planet, or just spawn new one in you world? Oh, and thanks for allowing turn of some events, i REALLY needed that:)
  10. Dont know guys, everything works perfect. Maybe problem with dls's or different versions of the game?
  11. Really love the artstyle! Who is the author, might i asking?
  12. I havent are chance to see this Motherly Hive earlier, so really excited about this:) Also, new buildings sounds very cool, cant wait to see what they does.
  13. Thank you for continue working on this mod, even little by little. And happy New Year man:)
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