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  1. Daaamn, looking really good! I you have 4 houndmasters in team, then it be 8 sexy girls, looting the poor monsters:)
  2. Wow, what's unexpected, but really awesome present for all. Thank you:)
  3. Wow, amazing collection over here! Thank you:)
  4. Really well done! Thank you for posting this story:)
  5. Well, finally, the male version of the monsters! It looks very cool, I hope that such a conversion expects everyone else. I do not blame anyone, this is a private matter, it’s just personal to me that it’s disgusting to fight cute monster girls, some of which, judging by the images, are either seriously injured or die after the battle.
  6. Oh, Draenei, such are lovely things. Thanks for making this:)
  7. Oh, i hope she is ok. With this Covid crap, this kind of news always makes me feel scared are bit.
  8. Ooh, seems really good! Thank you man:)
  9. Oh, no-no, please dont remove it! It such are great thing for role playing as alien horde, who want to infestate the galaxy as quickly as it possible, no matter that:) Hm, i have only LV with you mod, as well as this nice mod http://stellaris.smods.ru/archives/24015 .Strangely, but it not showing up right from the beginning, but later, it wont let recruit some leaders, because, i think, they tried to spawn at 40+ years old. See, the default is 80 y.o. -40 put them in non existing state at start, but it not shows on start, then all of them are spawns quet young. I mugt be wrong thought, because at the start, i see they can spawn as normal, even 40 y.o. But later, it makes this bug for some reason. Here some example. After some years, there will be all of them, and you cant hire anyone. Strange, but after i restarting the game, it will be fixed aftef 1 mounth, but then start to bugging agai, then the game goes on.
  10. Hi, thanks again for amazing mod:) Is that young maturity trait from this mod? Sorry if not, just not remember it in LV. Anyway, have are problem with it. Seems like it mess up with leaders pool, so sometimes it goes blank, with negative numbers on it. Cant play now, cause cant hire any scientist.
  11. Absolutely amazing stuff! Thank you very much for sharing:)
  12. @DanAlmeny Eww, no, please not put guro staff here. Or at last, create separate versions. Also, why did some girls in backgrounds looks so big? Or it was just are strange example here?
  13. Its never be enouth tentacles, am are right? 😀
  14. Holy crap, it was soo great! Thank you for sharing:)
  15. Absolutely love the idea of this mod! Thank you very much:)
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