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  1. Oh, didnt know it can also add some traits. Interesting. Well, if Spririt have courage to contiue this mod, i am sure hi fix it in no time:) But i think, LV gonna have update soon, ant it gonna be about zoo topic as well. Maybe patch it after this, gonna be for best.
  2. I belive, its from Lustful Void
  3. For some reason, i can open only second picture, about red dragon. Oh well. Anyway, art looks nice, keep it up)
  4. Dont know mate, cant open them for some reason
  5. Thanks mate! More clean version is really nice:)
  6. The hero we all waited, but dont deserve. Can believe it happens, looking so damn cool! Thank you very much mate:)
  7. Well, what was unexpected, but hell of the pleasant surprise:) Thank you for update!
  8. Yep, works absolutely perfect. Thank you again, for this lovely mod:)
  9. Oh, new version, thank you! What are amazing present for all humanity!:) ZillaToast, what do you mean? You can read them in changelog, as usual.
  10. Hey, is everything alright? It's been awhile, since last update. Its the best mod for Stellaris, in my opinion, and i hope it not be abandoned.
  11. Just thank you for update, magnificent person:)
  12. Damn, what are scene! Nice job:)
  13. Ooooouuuueeees! Grad you doing well, Lithia! Damn, cant wait to see, what perverted things next update well brings us:)
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