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A Stellaris lewd mod! Basically, I plan on fully updating and integrating the old BnB, MASSA and The Galaxy is a Dark Place mods (with permission from the authors), with ideas and mechanics from other mods such as SG (Sexual Gameplay) and SSX (Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more) as well as completely new ideas. A lot of progress has been made so far and LV has grown to a point where it has many of its own unique things made by me and others that contributed to it so far.


As stated in the title, this is still very much a WIP. However, I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible while still maintaining quality. This mod is made with ALL dlc's in mind, but should still work just fine if you don't have a specific one or any. Also unless stated otherwise, it should work with the latest Stellaris version (look at the upload date and any paradox major update release dates!).




Current Features:


  •        14 Lewd Leader Traits.
  •        50 Lewd Biological Traits.
  •        12 Lewd Robotic Traits.
  •        Some traits have synergy bonuses with each other and more will be added with time.
  •        4 Origins, 10 Civics and 14 Sexual Technologies., which have various special mechanics, policies and decisions.
  •        Lots of things from MASSA. (Thanks Darkspleen!)
  •        Lots of anomalies and events, many of which have been updated and integrated from MASSA, but also new ones unique to LV.
  •        My own custom hybrids system with inspiration from other mods like Sexual Gameplay and MASSA.
  •        Mono-gender and Futanari mechanics with the ability to convert entire planets to one or the other with the right tech.
  •        Dairy and Sex building chains that adds Milk Cows and many Prostitution related jobs (more to come!).
  •        Lewd Megacorp branch office buildings and 2 civics which can change by combining them with certain base game civics.
  •        All non-leader traits affect LV jobs, usually in the form of a bonus ormalus to production (bigger breasts give more milk ofc).
  •        Lewd Advisor (voiced by LalaLexxi).
  •        21 Lewd (and optional) rooms.
  •        Lots of optional loading screens as a way to say sorry for taking so long lol (all credit goes to the actual artists!)


You can also find an options menu in the edicts tab where you can turn off any event pop-ups if they start to get annoying. Also please report any bugs you might find! (preferably on the discord server)






  • Required: The main Lustful Void archive (Lustful Void.zip). Extract the contents to (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod), if you don't have a "mod" folder create one there.
  • Portrait Patches: You need the Base Game Portraits Gender Patch for pops to change when using mono gender (and futa) traits. Unfortunatly I don't have time to make patches for other species mods anymore, but I did write a basic guide you can find here to make your own!
  • Optional: Everything else. Also, only use one loading screen set! All credit for loading screen art go to their respective artists (see credits).


Another note...delete all the old mod folders and .mod files! then extract the new .zip file's contents to the mod folder. You will have duplicate and broken mods if you don't do this!






Any portrait mods that change base game files or have separate sets of portraits for genders will need a patch. Basically, pops won't change gender without it, only leaders will. Here's a quick way to know if you need Protrait Patches.


  1. You use the mod it patches. (Note you actually need the original mod!)
  2. Do you need all of them? No, look at the first step.
  3. Do you need them at all? No, they are optional. LV works just fine without them.
  4. How do you install them? Just like any other non-steam mod, extract in (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod).


I recommend using this UI mod - UI Overhaul Dynamic...or gene modding will be a nightmare. Seriously though get a UI mod!





Coming soon! lol


Also translators I'm not trying to ignore you! I just need to set up a proper way for you to see what I change with localizations as it constantly changes while I add and fix things.



 New Changelog:







-  Fixed intercompatible womb/sperm pops being able to smex any robots no matter what. Now they can only smex robutts
   with either the Lushtech Synthetic Womb or Sex Bots traits.
-  Hybrids will now inherit the intercompatible womb/sperm traits.




New stuff!:


-  Civic: Milk Ranchers.




-  Origin: Sadomasochistic Evolution, Invasive Breeders.
-  Civics: Institutionalized Sex Slavery, Orgasmic Diplomats,
-  Traits: Aggressively Adaptive Reproduction.
-  Country events: Festival of Love, Futa Rising, Science Gone Wrong.




-  Improved some civic icons.
-  The ai can no longer get hybrids to save the galaxy from the pop flood!
-  Implemented some tweaks to the hybrids system made by glanducra on LL. The hybrids system was something I never really
   got time to fully fix so I'm very glad someone did, so thanks!
-  Fixed missing localizations on some techs. Now you can see why you'd want to cuddle the tentacles lol
-  Nerfed pop growth bonuses on traits.
-  Removed SR multiplier offsets from traits. Paradox recently made the decision to unhide these hidden modifiers which
   just makes them clutter up everything now. This means that traits will be much more powerful since they now not only
   give SR's, but will also multiply them.
-  I looked into why LV traits don't show up randomly. Most will now, but due to LV traits costing above average points, it
   will still be somewhat rare for them to show up. The game favours traits with lower costs when generating new species.


Possible questions:


Where is my bestiality!? 😧


It's coming don't worry! This is just an early release of what I've done so people can use hybrids again if they want.




The new stuff might not look like that much, but it's just because I only listed their names lol.


Old Changelog:





New stuff!:


-  Chinese translations for LV v0.5.5 shared by godhidden! To other translators, if you share translations for specific
   versions like this I can easily make them separate add-ons. Because I can't maintain them myself, I will then be able
   to upload new versions as they get shared. Even this little hotfix made changes to localizations, but these translations
   will still work with mostly.




-  Fixed some localization formatting errors I missed.
-  Added unhidden or changed job localizations (by some recent game update probably). Unfortunately I can't hide these
   as far as I know, but I can at least give them some proper localizations.
-  Made some changes to the new "Hidden Pit" anomaly. It seems to be having some problems with adding deposits after
   finishing the special project. Hopefully this fixed it, but if it didn't I'll have to take a closer look.




Due to all the changes I've made to LV in 0.5.5, it will very likely NOT be save game compatible. Use the previous version
until you finish your old save games, then upgrade when starting a new one. You can always find the previous version in
the downloads list.




New stuff!:


-  5 new crime events made by Kyiper! These are mostly flavour events you get with high planet crime and uses the
   base game crime system to get triggered.
-  2 new anomalies shared by kan on discord. I had to modify them a bit, but thanks for sharing!
-  3 new loading screen sets with art by Nyuunzi!
-  I made a simple guide on how to make portrait patches for LV gender traits. You can find it on the discord
   server under guides (I'll also link it here for people who don't use discord). If someone does take the time
   to make these patches, feel free to share it and I'll add them to the downloads section! It would really help
   me out a lot since I have lots I want to do with the mod but only so much time.


~Dairy Things~


Although I said I'd make a whole expansion for milk and cum, I got really busy irl so I will be adding a bit now
and the rest will come in future updates.


Dairy fixes/changes:




-  The old Dairy Farm has been renamed to Sapient Dairy Ranch. It provides 4 milk cow jobs and can be upgraded to a
   Sapient Dairy Estate, which provides 8 milk cow jobs.
-  Base game slavery policy has no more effects on happiness when having dairy buildings.
-  You can unlock Sapient Dairy Ranches by researching the new Lactation Drugs tech. No more guessing how you'd even
   get enough milk from humans (as an example) to replace farming lol.
-  To get the Lactation Drugs tech, you need to research Genome Mapping (base game tech) and should give you an idea
   of how early it will show up.
-  The Milk Cow Specialization tech now requires you to have the Lactation Drugs tech first. Can't specialize milk
   cows if you don't even have any. It also gives a permanent +5% boost to all milk cow jobs (stacks with other
-  Added resort colonies as potential building sites. It doesn't really make that much sense to have milk cow jobs
   on them, but who am I to stop you!
-  New Specialized Creamery building! Limited to one per planet, it boosts all milk cow jobs by 30% and gives 10%
   happiness due to yummy exotic creamy stuff! Requires Advanced Food Processing (base game tech) to unlock.
-  Made a new Dairy World planet designation to specialize your planets even more. It's pretty basic, but can be
   very strong if used right. It gets unlocked when you unlock the dairy buildings.




-  Robots should no longer take dairy jobs if they don't have the right parts for the job.






After a lot of testing and some frustration due to things paradox changed, I decided to rework how lv's hybrid
system works (again lol).


-  The Intercompatible Womb and Intercompatible Sperm have been remade. They cost 0 and give a growth bonus.
-  The two new traits work as "anchors" for events and other things to scope to. A species can only have one
   or the other. So as an example, giving an all female species the womb trait and some other species the sperm
   trait will trigger hybridizing.
-  The intercompatibility AP (lv's hybrid AP) has been removed and replaced by a tech called Hybridization
   Mastery. This unlocks the "new" traits and since it's a tech, it will save an AP slot as well. You'll need
   Gene Tailoring for it to start showing up as a research option.
-  Biological Mimicry unlocks it for machine empires (like with most lv traits).
-  Mono-gender starts will have it as a tech option from the start (kind of) and get a substantial bonus to
   progress. It being a tier 4 tech does mean it will still take some time to actually research though.
-  You just need to genemod the traits onto the pops/species you'd like to hybridize.
-  Policies will unlock that allows you to control whether you'll allow pops without these traits to be
   "converted" into all female or all male by pops with the new traits (yes you can now outbreed other pops
   for those that wanted this lol).
-  No more lv hybrids AP means no more overwriting that base game file, which means better compatibility with
   other mods that modify AP's.
-  Reworked and readded the Nano Forge Womb trait. It will now create robots much like the above hybrid traits,
   but will also produce living metal when pops that have this trait work LV jobs.
-  Robot hybrids can be random or the same as the "father" species. This has a slight side effect which causes
   new "identical" robots to be put in their own species type. I suggest using the mod I recommend in the new
   recommended mods I hopefully remembered to add! It should fix or at least help with species spam.
-  You can disable or enable new pop creation at any time in the LV options menu.




-  Redone ALL gfx assets and converted them to use the correct .dds settings stellaris wants. Apparently the game
   cares more about it these days than it used to.
-  Removed the oversized event pics as I have little time to make a proper custom window. I was trying to avoid
   this, but I have no plans on making my own window in the near future. I have however changed all events to use
   "diplomatic" windows, so the pics are still bigger than normal events and they have an actual event frame too
   now. The downside is being limited to horizontal or very much cut off pics, which is why I wanted to avoid
   doing this.
-  Another side effect of using diplomatic windows is that some events might seem a bit empty or unfinished. This is
   just because the text and options are really meant for the normal windows. There's technically nothing wrong with
   the events, but some might seem a bit underwhelming with all the extra space I guess.
-  The smaller pics patch is now no longer necessary and will only be needed for older versions of LV. I will try to
   make this as clear as I can in the installation instructions on the mod page.
-  The above took a lot more time and work than I thought it would, so you can blame that for some of the delay lol
-  Reworked the "event_mods" file. This means popups, pop modifiers you get from synergies and a lot of hidden
   event maintenance have been changed. Other than the obvious things like modifiers being planet modifiers now and
   maybe some performance improvements, you shouldn't see much of a difference as a player.
-  A placeholder breeder job that's basically a copy of the spawning drone, but for normal empires. This
   will be made better with time. If pops don't take the job, just remove one from another job and they should
   take new jobs.
-  Some trait synergies will give planet modifiers that give the above breeder job as well as other lv jobs
-  The breeder job is affected by lv trait bonuses, but in a limit way for now. This means things like bonuses
   to sex jobs and such. When I make a more permanent version of this job, I'll add all the bonuses to that one.
-  A new tech for non-xenophobes which make tentacle blockers give 6 breeder jobs. The tech also removes the
   district penalty from tentacle blockers. You need the Tentacle Removal tech first so if you want the new tech
   called Tentacle Symbiosis to make the blockers valuable, be patient! I added a little description to the first
   one to hint at a second tech.
-  You get spawner drones (base game job) instead of breeders if you are a hive mind.
-  Reworked and fixed megacorp pop stealing event.
-  Excess Estrogen/Testosterone synergy removed. I plan on reworking/expanding these traits soon and will probably
   add synergy back to whatever comes from that.
-  Added necroids patch to main mod.
-  Reduced the chance of getting lv traits on leaders.
-  Hiveminds can no longer get the Highly Submissive leader trait.
-  Changed some image's compression methods to reduce archive size a bit.
-  Fixed some localization errors.
-  Lewd Mind now costs -5 (was -6).
-  Sex Crazed now costs -7 (was -5).
-  Updated all techs to work better with new things added by recent dlc's.
-  Intergalactic Prostitution Industry tech: Removed the -5 stability loss. It being an empire wide debuff was
   bad. Instead, it buffs sex jobs by 10% now, but went up a tier of research so you get it a bit later.
-  Sex Slavery tech now gives a 5% boost to sex jobs.
-  The Prostitution Prohibited policy option has been changed to increase crime instead of reducing stability.
-  All Female and All Male traits now allow much younger leaders to spawn. This should help people who don't
   get any age extending traits with all male as they die kind of fast.
-  Made lithoids less likely to take LV jobs if there are biological pops on the planet.
-  Made biological pops slightly more willing to go for LV jobs if there are lithoids on the planet. (stacks with
   the above thing)
-  Reworked purge events. They should work again hopefully.
-  Made some new and hopefully better job icons.
-  Fixed the lewd rooms sub mod.
-  Fixed all loading screen sub mods. This has reduced their size significantly so it should also improve loading
   times for the bigger packs.
-  Removed old and misleading "starts with the ability to assimilate" localizations from lv hive minds. I removed
   that ability a while ago for compatibility reasons and just forgot to remove it from those civic descriptions as
-  Aligned all lv techs to have closer to base game costs and weights.

-  Other things I probably forgot about!


Possible questions:


-  Why make LV traits produce SR's directly and not put it in social classes like where the lithoid SR traits get
   their production from? Simply because compatibility is more important. I'd have to overwrite base game files,
   which would conflict with any other mod that does the same like most total conversion mods. This causes a little
   more lag maybe, but doesn't break other mods or them breaking LV.
-  Why don't SR production on advanced traits get multiplied (and get cancelled out) by the output multipliers?
   Because if the trait has a base production that gets multiplied by having the same trait that gives it, I might
   as well just boost the base production. It also keeps things a little more balanced as the advanced traits are
   already very overpowered.




Sorry about the delay! lol






-  Fixed pop up event settings. Just silly copy-paste errors I made, sorry about that lol.
-  Increased the timeout for pop up events. They shouldn't be spamming anyway, but they are apparently
   so this should help with that.
-  Fixed planet checks for pop up events. They should now only trigger once per planet. Then only ever
   trigger again after no more pops qualify, then qualify again.
-  Increased job weights. I'll keep modifying these until a good balance is found since I don't want to
   overload them (yes that can happen).




I've been a bit busy irl, but will start modding again soon. So far I have 4 main focus points I'd like
to work on. Those are a better/proper event window, milk/cum expansion, hives rework and lv's own
portrait set. I'll do the portraits as I do the others, but I'll probably take a vote or something soon
to see what people want me to work on first.






-  Made Invasive Tentacles and Xeno Zoo Breakout 50% less likely to happen.
-  Moved cheat trait removal checks from on actions to event mods. This will make sure you never get it after
   empire creation. You shouldn't be able to anyway, but some people have had it pop up randomly.
-  I had to revert mono gender traits to single traits again and remove the switch effect. I don't know if
   paradox maybe made some hidden changes or the event never worked, but traits just refuse to go inactive
   once conditions were met. This seems to be the case for pop modifiers too and they did work before. I'll
   leave the modifiers in for now since they are more flavour than anything else and the little buffs they give
   don't really matter since pop growth speed still can't be added to them. I'll probably rework it again in
   in the future, but at least you won't be stuck with super bad traits on some pops.
-  Since the traits are back to what they were, I reuploaded the EoS portrait patch since people really want
   it. It might still be out of date if EoS itself got a major update recently though, so it might cause bugs
   then, just so you know. I'll update all the patches soon either way!






-  Nerfed all traits. Seems like people could not look past the big trait point numbers. Which is fine, and why
   I did this nerf.
-  Aphrodisiac Milk and Aphrodisiac Cum now require Psionic Theory instead of the Secrets of Life tech to be
   unlocked. They both still need pink and blue candy techs in addition to that as before.
-  Addictive Cum now requires Telepathy instead of Genetic Resequencing. Why? Because it's the next tech after
   Psionic Theory. These are meant to be "mind control" traits and will be the starting point to any mind control
   related things I add to the mod, which I probably will eventually!
-  Fixed Sex Crazed. It was not suppose to also reduce LV job production. As the Titanic Evolution combo trait
   includes sex crazed, it has also been fixed.
-  Fixed mono gender trait switching. Also added the Gene Banks tech as a permanent alternative.

-  Some small fixes to the titanic evolution trait and event.




I tested breeding offensive and it works fine for me. If you're having problems with this, please post your
error log file and perhaps some screenshots in the issues channel on the discord server. I can only guess that
it's a conflict with another mod as I tested it with only LV and a ui mod active.




New stuff!:


-  Lewd rooms! These are put in a separate and optional mod of their own. 21 to choose from!
-  Added new options to disable LV events. The new options are Raunchy Titans, Bestiality, Futa, Rape and All.
   You can find these in LV's options menu.
-  Removed species_archetypes (the thing that changes trait picks/points) from the main mod archive. This was
   done for compatibility so if you want more trait picks/points, there's lots of other mods out there that
   give them!
-  Reuploaded Calm loading screens as well as updated it with 31 more pics. There was no specific reason why I
   didn't upload it again last time, I must have just missed it.
-  Remade tentacles and futa loading screens with lots more pics. Note that pics are from random artists so
   expect some different art styles.
-  Updated portrait patches and added some new ones. However! They need updating again after I reworked the traits
   so I'll take an afternoon when I get a free moment and fix them. I'll probably add some more too then.
-  Will make a basic portrait patching guide which you'll find on the discord server if you wanted to make your
   own. I already made it technically, but it will also need updating after the traits rework.
-  Remade the "The Mad Scientist's Tentacled Creation" anomaly with better and gender neutral text (re-enabling
   it for all male again), a new event pic and better rewards for options. Note that due to art limitations it
   will still have girls in the event pic. If you find a good pic for male or futa then feel free to share it!
-  Also remade "The Cyber Sex Shop" anomaly. I got a bit distracted with anomalies so I had to force myself to
   focus on my todo list since an anomaly rework is not on it just yet.
~custom events~


Event idea by Rein: Lost Sexbot

-  3 new event traits for ruler, governor and scientist leaders.
-  1 new tech to unlock the above traits. Researching this will allow the traits to randomly appear on leaders
   like the base game AI assistant traits. Also gives some robutt trait points.
-  Lost Sexbot anomaly event chain with multiple outcomes!

Note: ADM. Kresta shared some code they've been working on regarding this event. Unfortunately I couldn't use
it and decided to do everything from scratch. Thanks for sharing though!




-4 new events-

Interstellar Exchange - Random country event triggered by having comms with any other empire. Rewards based on

Robot Rapists - Random country event triggered by having non sapient robot pops and high crime on any planet.
Rewards based on ethics.

Unit Recreational Parties - Random country event involving rape of new recruits. Rewards based on ethics.

War Prisoner Rapists Punished - Follow up event to various discipline options for other events.


~traits rework~


-leader traits-

-  Leader traits are no longer free. This means that you won't get new leaders who start with all the lv traits
   they can get AND a normal trait. It's either an lv trait or a normal trait now to make them rarer.
-  Having the sadistic species trait no longer gives all your leaders the trait as well.
-  Most species trait requirements for leader traits removed. Before, you needed specific species traits for
   leaders to get traits like Lustful Body or Seductive.
-  Hiveminds can no longer get the Shocking Fetish trait.
-  Improved or remade some trait icons.


-species traits-

-  Almost all stats have been changed. Look at the traits file or in game to see what they do (too much to list
-  Trait costs have been recalculated so some positive traits might be negative now or the other way around!
-  Traits overall cost more trait points and might be OP if you "cheat"!
-  Candy techs now give more trait points to compensate.
-  Improved trait descriptions. They should be a lot clearer now.
-  Improved or remade some trait icons (ongoing process).
-  Tried to get modifier names as base game as possible. A time consuming process as well as an ongoing one. An
   example would be renaming something like "Ship Speed" to "Sublight Speed" while in code it's called
-  Added presapients to many of the traits. This should allow you to find them with something like sexual
   pheromones and things like that (yay bestiality! lol).
-  Removed "other pop happiness" effects for now. There's not much gain for the performance impact it causes.
   Also removed the hivemind unity bonus which made up for the happiness normal empires got from this.
-  Removed sadistic + masochistic synergy bonus for the same reason as above. Probably temporary until I
   think of a better way to make traits interact with each other.
-  Targeted Pheromones now produces exotic gasses (was zro). Also affects dairy jobs now.
-  Exhibitionist is no longer considered an advanced trait.
-  Added back compatibility for base game crossbreeding mechanics. For people that prefer the base game AP.
-  Excess Estrogen, Excess Testosterone and Oviposition are now available to all genders. This also means
   they won't be automatically removed if you become mono-gendered.
-  Submissive + Dominant and Excess Estrogen + Excess Testosterone still have (slightly modified) synergy
   bonuses for now.
-  You can now have Large Breasts + Excess Testosterone and Large Penis + Excess Estrogen. For those that
   want to RP (huge sizes are still locked).
-  All biological LV traits will now be unlocked by Biological Mimicry for machine empires (not just the
   advanced ones).
-  LV trait effects on jobs are now fully percentage based. This has led to buffs and nerfs, but mostly buffs.
-  Organic special traits: Brood parasite, all female and all male now have "switch" effects. This means that
   they will be very negative until you find "proper" things to breed with. In code, they now have an active
   and inactive trait. You can pick the inactive trait at the start and as long as you provide them with what
   they need (stated on the traits themselves), they will automatically switch between the two ingame.
-  Optimized Intercompatible Womb and Optimized Intercompatible Sperm removed for now.
-  Cybernetic Minifacturing Fabrication Womb is disabled for now. I want to rethink that whole thing first.
   Will probably link it to a new civic or origin later.
-  Removed unused zoophilic uplift trait for now.
-  The Sex Bots trait is now a combo trait consisting of the Pheromone Generators, Synth Breasts, Synth Vagina
   and Lushtech Synthetic Womb.
-  The 3 robot womb traits were merged into one trait called the Lushtech Synthetic Womb.
-  Same with the 2 robot biomechanical breeder traits, now called the Omni-Seed Fabrication Modules.
-  Made the Perfect Hybrid combo trait. I had to reduce the amount of traits they got by a lot. Even after that,
   the combo trait is extremely OP due to how the new traits work. I might nerf it again in the future.
-  Made the Titanic Evolution combo trait. Also OP, but maybe not as much as the perfect hybrid one.
-  Added a "cheat" trait that gives you 99 trait points to play with. For those that want to RP but can't
   due to the new high trait costs. It gets automatically removed when the game starts so don't worry about
   losing the trait pick.




-  Fully fixed and updated for Stellaris 2.7+
-  Removed "descriptor.mod" from all mod folders. I added it when the new launcher came out as it seemed
   to fix things, but it looks like the latest versions of the launcher does not like it in there at all.
-  Removed old symbiotic evolution civic. It was replaced with an origin and I just forgot to remove it
   after converting it.
-  Added a timeout for the last two titanic life events. Some people reported it getting spammy.
-  Added redundant flag checks to the titanic life events since some people reported it triggering the
   change event even after deciding to remove the titans beforehand.
-  Reworked and updated the hybrid events. Also added options to disable them. These DO NOT use paradox's
   crossbreeding mechanics (for the people that think they do).
-  Fixed the Spoils of War events scoping errors. They should work as intended now.
-  Updated some files that overwrite base game things to the latest game version.
-  Removed defines overwrites for better compatibility.
-  Fixed .mod files maybe. Might still not work for everyone, but that's still a paradox problem sadly.
-  Removed SSX portrait patch (too messy to keep updated, sorry).
-  Fixed and updated the background traits cleanup events. Should no longer cause a rare crash.
-  LV anomalies have been made a lot rarer. They now have the same spawn chance as normal stellaris anomalies
   and some are now set to only spawn once per game.
-  Nerfed the biodiversity growth bonus you get from lv's intercompatibility AP (sort of hidden bonus).
-  Interstellar Prostitution Industry tech now gives 10% "global" energy increase at the cost of -5 "global"
   stability (was 5% energy at the cost of -10 stability). Research at your own risk!
-  Removed 00_citizenship_types. This will reduce some functionality to lv hive civics, but at the same time
   free them up to do what you want to. I decided the compatibility impact is more important than preventing one
   or two things from happening.
-  Also cleaned up the hive civics a bit and added some missing code.
-  Nerfed megacorp buildings slightly.
-  Fixed the gender leadership policies. They should actually work now.
-  Fixed some scripted triggers.
-  Fixed a bunch of localization errors.
-  Removed 00_ethics. This will make lv traits only affect ethics if it says so in their description. This was
   ofc also done for compatibility reasons.
-  Lots of other small fixes or changes here and there that I thought was too insignificant to put here or lost
   track of lol
-  Removed all "rewards" from event popups. People seem to forget you can just hide or disable these, so was
   getting upset about influence loss.
-  Xeno Zoo Breakout made a lot rarer. You can also just disable it in the options menu if you still don't want
   to see it.
-  The sex crazed expansionists edict now costs 850 influance (was 500). This is a very powerful edict that If
   still plan to rework, but instead of removing it I nerfed it basically for now.
-  Nerfed all the lv planetary decisions. Mostly they cost a lot more now.
-  Reworked job weights (again). LV traits should make pops more likely to take lv jobs (again), but this might
   cause some lag. Seeing as more people complain about it not being a thing, I added it back. I did however
   try to keep the weights as low as possible while still making pops prefer those jobs. If lv jobs are making
   you lag, go into the job files and remove that code block (I marked them).
-  Improved civic icons a bit.


Possible questions:


-  As this update has been taking a long time, new traits and other combo traits have been moved to a future
-  I still plan on making a portraits add-on for lv soon. Again, this update was a lot of work even if it might
   not look like it lol.
-  A custom events window is also still planned. The current "method" was always just a temporary thing, like
   with most things in lv.




I tested ravage bombardment with brood swarm and it was working fine. Please make sure there's no other mods
interfering with LV when playing. If you are using other hivemind specific mods, put LV under those (this might
break them though).




"New" stuff!:


-  Two origins. Parallel Evolution and Symbiotic Evolution. These were civics converted to origins.

-  New futa loading screens by Krane.




-  Re-enabled the use of the base game crossbreeding ascension perk. Now LV's AP will be available by
   default, but you can go into the options menu and disable it which will enable the base game one. I
   also added an option to disable both. This won't remove it if you or the ai already picked it, just
   stop it from being possible.
-  Changed the immigration pull of LV's crossbreeding AP from 25% to 33% so it's the same as the base
   game one.
-  Improved the icon for LV's crossbreeding AP.
-  Updated all buildings with the base game's new changes.
-  Reworked all four pop stealing branch office buildings. They now provide diplo weight, branch office
   value, more trade value and one sex job. Escorts for non-criminal and whores for criminals.
-  Added a block to the Invasive Tentacles event so you don't get multiple planet modifiers. Someone
   on LL reported this and although it can only happen if you're a spiritualist from what I can tell, it's
   still a bug. Since I'm still adding things from massa and trying to not change too much from what I
   update and integrate, some of these events do not have options to block them until I'm done with massa.
-  Made the big bad pop modifier event player only. The point of this event is to provide flavour and it's
   a massive lag fest for not much gain (as people like to point out). That being said having pops not interact
   at all with each other isn't that great either, but the ai doesn't need flavour so this is a middle ground
   approach for now. No more freezes at least! lol
-  Options menu has a new pic thanks to Raana!


-  Removed pop flag system, it's no longer needed. Note that all male pops can now be "milk" cows. Will
   expand on it and give them proper jobs eventually.
-  Reworked weight again lol.
-  Escorts now act as slightly worse bureaucrats when it comes to admin cap, but sill gives all other
   resources they did before so are overall better.


Possible questions:


-  Trait rework? Next!
-  Portraits? Also next!




No new stuff this time really, just wanted to make it playable again with the new dlc!







You can join the discord server here. If you want help, you're more likely to get it there.



Tip Jars!







  • Please ask me before using anything within this mod. This does not include artwork from the listed artists and any directly copied ideas from other mods.
  • Also don't upload this anywhere else please!




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