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  1. Hi! I've unfortunately not had much time this week to work on the mod due to people keeping me busy with birthday things, but it won't take that much longer to finish the update I think 😉 I was tinkering a lot with the new triggered modifiers for traits and sadly it's still too limited to use properly on its own. An example would be to give brood parasites a malice or boost based on other pops on the planet, but since it's tied to a trait, to affect anything on the impregnated species that species would need a special trait of its own. Something that can be done, but would require an event to do and events that add and remove traits cause a lot of lag so not really an option. The last thing I'll try is to see if pop assembly/decline rate can be applied to pop flags since pop growth can't (unless they changed that too with this update). Either way, it still needs some work before it's done. @Dadicho Sounds like a good idea to me! Also yes I am french lol @shuuchi I'll add it to the fix list. @emes For the 1st one, it's possible to make events like that. The reason why there isn't really any is because of just not having enough time to get to everything myself. The 2nd one is because of the limitations of the game itself. I've tried many things in the past and it has the same problems as the brood parasite example I gave above. And the 3rd one is again to avoid lag, but small events that trigger for your main species can be done so I'll add it to the list! And to everyone asking about the sexopolis mod, I promise to look into it lol. If I do decide to do anything about it though, it won't be part of the next update for lv either way. Anyway, I'll try to get the update out as soon as possible! 🙂
  2. I think it's been long enough, so time to close the poll. That means the following 1-3 traditions will be made: 1. Breeding/Growth 2. Sex/Prostitution 3. Tentacles If you voted for something else then don't worry, there will probably be more polls and things in the future!
  3. Hey! I'm still reworking the traits and jobs, but it won't take too much longer. Next up will be adding some new things, which will be observation events from MASSA and some lewd traditions! And so I thought I'd get people a bit more involved by making a thingy on pollly. You can go vote on or suggest any lewd traditions you'd like to see, and I'll make the top 1-3 (depending on time) when I'm done with the reworkings part. Here's the link if you feel like voting 😉 https://poll.ly/#/2NwkroRP @shuuchi I am reworking traits, so they might be less op in the next update. I aim for just a little stronger than the base game, but I know some are a lot stronger lol. Also yes, forgotten queens have gone through a lot of changes since I added built in support, so it's not compatible anymore. @KingofSkyrim I will consider it! @User1842 It's by Nyuunzi and BBC Chan.
  4. Hi again! Just a small "progress report" so people don't think I disappeared again lol While getting back into things have been a bit slow as I catch up on things, I've made quite a bit of progress. Butt with the 3.1 update coming out soon and the things it will allow me and other modders to do, I'll have to delay the update a little longer sorry! With the new changes though, I can make things like traits, jobs and civics work a lot better. I can even make some lewd traditions finally since it looks like they're adding a way to not have to overwrite anything (which causes a lot of incompatibilities) so there's that to look forward to as well among other things. Also sorry if I missed any messages! I'll try to get to them as soon as I can 😉
  5. Hi everyone! I know I've been away for a few months now and kind of just disappeared. I won't go into too much detail, but I went through a bit of a depression dip of sorts. But enough about that! I feel like modding again though so I'll be catching up on everything I missed while I was gone 🙂 Since I was away for so long I'll have to "get back into it" which means my old priorities and goals will probably change. Here is a short list of things I'm already working on for those wondering: LV rebalance and update to fit the current game version. As well as fixing any bugs I find/got reported. Fully integrating and updating those old mods I set out to do in the first place. Submissive advisor. I'll probably remove the current advisor from lv and make a new thread where you can download both of them and any future ones separately. After those things have been done, I'll get back to adding things people voted on a while ago. Also if there are more outdated/abandoned mods on LL people want me to integrate and keep updated feel free to suggest them and I'll try to contact those mod authors too! Sorry for just disappearing like that and if I missed any messages! I just needed to take a bit of an unplanned break I guess. Butt like I said I'll be catching up on things in the coming weeks and hopefully have some of the mentioned things ready soon 😉
  6. Hope you are doing alright Lithia, we have not heard or seen you in months so we of the discord are feeling worried about you. hopefully your safe and healthy. 

  7. Updated! This is just an update to make things work with stellaris 3.0. Any new (and old) content will have to be reworked and added to the next update. Things should be working as is, but the "dick" update brings a lot of new things to conceder and new/better ways to code events and such. I really wanted to add the things I already made, but I need to see if they can't be done better first. I am also very busy with university things so I'm sorry about the slow progress these days, but expect another update soon! 🙂 You can ignore any version warnings you might get for now. And as always I will keep an eye out for any bugs being reported so do let me know if you find any!
  8. @Ozvelpoon I am actually doing something very similar with a tentacle symbiosis origin that wasn't finished yet (so it was not in this update). It has a lot more things though like tentacle festivals and trading pops as breeders to get various things. I won't spoil it too much lol, but I can definitely make sadomasochistic evolution also get a unique trait with a few other mechanics linked to it. @zhaliora When you said robot pops I immediately knew what was wrong... just a little oversight which allowed them to impregnate any robots no matter what, sorry about that lol. I uploaded a new version with the fix so it's part of the main mod and not just some attachment I leave in this post, so you can get it on the downloads page 😉
  9. @unbiaseddiehard102 I'm not sure which mod those buildings are from, but it looks like it might be the BnB mod which is very outdated. That will actually be the mod I update after I finish with massa though. @Ozvelpoon Usually, when a second species doesn't get generated, there's a mod overwriting LV causing a conflict. Are you using a mod called "Forgotten Queens" maybe? That mod always causes problems with LV for some reason. I've looked at it and can't really see why it would from a glance, but I've heard it conflicts with a lot of other mods too lol As for the actual effects of the origin... yeah after looking at it again, perhaps I should make it a little more unique lol. I kind of forgot that you still have to use the trait points if it "forces" the trait on empire creation, so I'll just make a little event to give it on game start instead and it should free up a trait pick too with that method. Feel free to make more suggestions and I'll keep them in mind while I make the changes 🙂 @zhaliora I could not replicate that problem, unfortunately. On the planet that it happens, are there any pops without the intercompatible sperm trait? Even if they are the same species just without that trait? If not then it's likely a conflict with another mod.
  10. Salut! The new year has been very busy for me, but I got some time to work on the mod here and there. I went through the comments and saw glanducra made some tweaks to the hybrids events which were something I never really got around to fully fixing. I decided to implement some of those changes and thought I should release it so everyone can use hybrids properly if they wanted. So thanks a lot for sharing! I also saw a lot of people are talking about massa. I am still in the process of updating it as well and you'll see I've added some of the things already with this update (and basically all past updates lol), so don't worry I'll get to everything eventually lol There is also a poll on discord with more bestiality content being in first place. It's still coming don't worry! Think of this update as more of a semi-update/patch I guess for the above reasons. Anyway, depending on when the next dlc gets released, I expect to make one more update before that. If not, then I'll probably have to do a very similar thing and release what I've made up to that point with whatever changes I have to make for the dlc/official game update. Thanks everyone for your patience and remember that you now require handholding to make LV work for those that got confused in the past!
  11. I tried to fix the downloads page but it still refuses to save. I also uploaded a small hotfix which is mainly just localizations as well as chinese localizations shared by godhidden on discord. @Abominus The latest version is @Pfactor Due to how much I changed with the latest update your old saves very likely won't work with it. Use the previous version (which you can find in the downloads section at the bottom) until you decide to start a new game. @Zorlond Your first problem seems to be due to paradox making those visible very recently and is probably why you're seeing it in multiple mods. I added the missing localizations, but I have no way to hide them unfortunately. As for the second bug, I made some changes that should hopefully add those deposits, but if it's still not adding them then I'll have to take a closer look at it. @Raana Those events were removed when I reworked how that whole system worked. But basically, They were condensed into BDSM or biomechanical breeder to reduce some of the script lag all those checks were causing. Everything you see in the city_sets folder are the new images, with the exception to a few you can still find in event_pictures due to how those events work.event_pictures due to how those events work. @DarthMob31 I'm not sure what you mean by required, but you can find all the downloads here and the main LV mod is at the top of the list. I'll keep an eye on things and add any reported problems to either another hotfix or to the next update depending on how severe they are!
  12. Update! Finally! lol So loverslab is having connection issues again and just refuses to save any changes I make to the downloads page, but it did actually save the main mod page so you can look at the new changes there. I'll come see if they fixed their issues tomorrow and try to change the downloads page again. Until then um...cat meme!
  13. Here is the patch to make things work with the new dlc. You have to extract it to (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod) and say yes to overwrite. So you need LV itself in that folder first and then you can overwrite it with the patch. You can also just ignore the version warning for now. Necroids Patch for LV @zelayasrevenge301 Thanks for the suggestions! If more people want buildings to give extra jobs the more pops you have, I'll conceder adding it. And I'll take a look at nerfing the growth on traits a bit lol
  14. Hi! Just a little status update since I kind of disappeared for a few months. I won't bore you with why I've been gone, but don't worry LV isn't dead yet! lol. I have been working on it when I had time though and it's at the point where I feel like I should release an update soon. I just wanted to add the last few things on my todo list and to fix anything the lasted update/dlc might have broken. After testing it a bit, I can't see anything broken just yet, but I'll do a thorough test probably tomorrow to make sure there isn't any not so obvious problems I missed (I still might miss some though lol). While typing that I noticed people were saying the new origin has a problem so I'll look into that soon. For now, delete (Lustful Void\common\scripted_effects\lv_scripted_effects.txt) and don't use lv's Parallel Evolution or Symbiotic Evolution origins as deleting that will break them! Some highlights for the next update are reworks of the hybrids system (linked to tech and traits, removing the ap) and pop synergy system. This should reduce lag maybe. Also milk/cum things!
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