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  1. Gestalts should be getting their own unique building chains and jobs when I get around to it. When that happens bio trophies and robots should have separate unique jobs.
  2. The concubine job for the divine coupling civic is just a stand-in, it's supposed to be a different job each tier. Also needs to be revamped since the temple upgrade chain got changed. Exemplars are a decent idea, would probably be a civic though.
  3. Synths not working as milk cows makes sense (without the right traits), but they should be able to work in sex jobs, so this is a bug. It might be a weighting issue.
  4. I don't think so. What would be possible is to have 3 identical events with different artwork, and then randomizing which event gets called. So the same effect could be accomplished.
  5. Milk cow production bonuses not working is a known bug.
  6. A number of people have had issues with the mod to showing up. It appears to be a combination of new launcher and windows update stuff. Doing a full reinstall (possibly booting up the game after you've removed the files) and checking windows defender settings are some of the fixes people have come up with. New update soon(tm). A fix for the EOS compatibility will wither be in that, or whenever it's gotten around to (no promises :P).
  7. Keep in mind that gestalt sex jobs haven't been really looked at, it's just letting the default ones sort of work for now. In a future update they will have their own unique jobs ad building chains.
  8. This is actually a fairly common issue. The way it's being addressed is with combination traits, where upwards of 3 traits often picked together are fully merged so they only take 1 pick. I'm not sure if they will make it into the next update, but it's pretty far completed. The milk farmers changes agriculture districts to give 1 farmer job, 1 housing, and 1 milk cow job. The reason it was cut for this version was Lithia couldn't figure out a way to make it work without breaking any other mod that interacted with districts, because it would have to overwrite base files. The nex
  9. Was just fixing an error with the voice actor's credit, nothing new mechanics wise. ...That said, there should be a bunch of new stuff soon(tm), including some VERY nice artwork for some of the buildings.
  10. There is a specific channel on the discord for submitting found art for use, so things should be put there.
  11. Yes, might be a little bit though. Expect a first patch to make it compatible, then an update with some traits/features for them.
  12. The discord would be better, however I will generally post over suggestions I think are interesting enough to consider.
  13. Only a heretic would suggest selling sex for money! A true believer would understand that sex is a gift from god, meant to be shared openly, not traded for cheap coin! For real though, this is more a problem that the only sex jobs currently in game are prostitution ones. There should be some more added in future to help with this.
  14. If you bother to read the last ~dozen comments, you'd know that an update is expected soon. The slight delay is actually to add another civic in.
  15. Lithia has been busy IRL, but mod is still in development. If things go smoothly, there may be an update in around a week.
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