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  1. most users who are serious about modding stellaris stopped using the paradox launcher to manage mods. real users started using this: https://bcssov.github.io/IronyModManager/
  2. have you considered maybe they don't want to live lives of sexual servitude? those are people too you know
  3. damn shame about the hiveminds losing their respective swarm/host type government types. it broke my heart to spend so many minutes crafting the perfect human-bug femhive only to find out the breeding casus beli was disabled and it's just a broken, gimped version of a regular hivemind
  4. Is there a new format for overwriting the base mod's DefaultCaptiveEventsFemale.xml file's events with custom ones? It's been a little while since I've written content for this mod and I'd like to have a fresh start on a new document where I can fully tailor the mod to a certain experience. I'd like to start by creating events that overwrite the default events, seeing as the document has <!-- RECOMMEND TO REPLACING THIS FILE WITH YOUR OWN EVENTS --> written across the top. How would I do this?
  5. there's another file in the download section, a patch to disable the full screen event pops and replace them with the smaller ones
  6. i've seen the Bestiality tag in the EventsModal and thought it would make for a great excuse to get some... ahem "stable" events written up for them. would there be any way to check the TravellingParty or Location to see if they have horses in their inventory? it wouldn't make much sense to be with three looters on foot, and having them decide to make you service the two horses they don't have 😏
  7. a quick update on what I've been working on in this document; i've undertaken pretty much overhauling every existing event into events with multiple, branching paths, centered around a promiscuous/submissive player character. a few examples include: the "guard interest" event, where you're given the option to Resign or Escape; this event replaces "Resign" with "Continue..." and adds "Lure one (man) over" and "Lure two (men) over", both of which have three options for engaging in intercourse with them: Handjob Blowjob Sex Vaginal
  8. i tried that first, and the mod message at the main menu told me it only loaded ten images instead of the additional 9 i've put in. i think i know why it's doing that, actually. i'll have to back up the files i've made and reinstall the mod manually as opposed to using a mod manager 🤷‍♂️
  9. so after a bit of prying, and i'm not 100% sure if this is intentional, setting up new images for the events is kinda tricky. i had to learn what a .symlink file is and how to create them. the whole ordeal took me about twenty minutes and a few permission/file location errors. however, once i got the new folder set up, images worked perfectly! only problem is i'm going to have to delete the linked folder and relink it every time i want to add files to it.
  10. i would if i knew what i was doing. the extent of my mod-modding capabilities is editing the mod files themselves, and i wouldn't begin to know how to create a new .xml that depends on the other files of this mod. i'm also playing with the idea of linking outcome events into new events, and i've successfully created a branching multi-stage event centered around the "sleep creep" event, where the player has the option to coax the captor into receiving a blowjob from them, complete with two different outcomes for having the captor cum inside or outside. it's getting to be fun playing with the
  11. i poked around the CE events xml to see what it would take to create a new event and it's actually a lot easier than i thought it would be. that said, i'm using that opportunity to expand on the existing events to give them a bit of flavor and different choices based on your perversion persuasion. so far i've just modified the drunk/flirt event to include a more accepting, promiscuous option - in addition to just ignoring their babbling - and it works quite well.
  12. answer my own question: yes, it does appear to work for SE
  13. if one were to run this through the asset optimizer for SE, would it be compatible with the special edition?
  14. that'd be rad, honestly. i'd love to send some persuasive missionaries to my neighboring empires to peacefully, sensually convince them to see the light
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