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  1. Event chains need decent writers, and people willing to undergo the monotony of coding them into action. As well as adequate game design chops to make them more than "watch how this unalterable sequence of events unfolds." It's not easy. Hell, even the base game isn't great at that. I was just playing a life-seeded game where I built a couple (3 or 4) robots on my homeworld-turned-ecumenopolis before shutting down the assembly plant. Later, I've got a population of over 200 on it, and I start getting the robot uprising event chain - picked the anti-robot choices every time, and the
  2. From my examinations, it seriously looks like the most annoying part of defining a new tradition is putting in the graphics and the layout.
  3. Unfortunately, slavery and purge types are mostly hardcoded. Certain effects of existing types can be changed, but new types cannot be added.
  4. Sure, that's all achievable, and what I've been fiddling with. Though I don't think the trait should have such a self-effect at all. Races with "big _____" should not, by that fact, have any special attraction to aliens; if anything, they should probably have less attraction due to comparative "inferiority." Though I'm not bothering to model that aspect of it.
  5. Not as a planetary modifier. You can use scripting to apply modifiers to individual pops, though. There's already code, for example, to apply a happiness penalty to all xenophobic members of a species undergoing interspecies breeding. Likewise, though it's a bit different from your example, in my testing code I've implemented code giving pops attraction to xenophilia if a different species on the planet has the big dick trait. (Though I realize now that, indeed, that should be shut off if the pop in question has it as well.)
  6. That seems a little far-fetched. Particularly as there would certainly be other males of the race willing to donate a little genetic material, whereas other women willing to bear a child at any given time are likely to be in shorter supply.
  7. Some of that's already present...sort of. Free alien pops drive up xenophile attraction, especially if they're charismatic. Robots drive up materialist attraction. It can certainly be expanded upon. I've actually been working on an adjustment to the xenophilic/xenophobic divide to better account for the case of subjugated aliens. In vanilla, they need to be xenophilic (alien-loving) to join the xenophile faction which pushes for them to have full rights. But this doesn't make a great deal of sense - it's purely self-interested behavior, and shouldn't require you to have any great affect
  8. That's absolutely possible to do, but I'm not sure how desirable it is. It adds to race spam, and the underlying reasons behind it wouldn't be consistent; after a while, some of the non-spiritualist males would become spiritualist, and the separate spiritualist race would have some people become non-spiritualist.
  9. Is the mod actually selected in the launcher? That is a consideration. I did not give specific thought to the case of a species with both forms of intercompatibility, but yes, at present that does end up with a doubled growth bonus... Right now, the implementation doesn't exactly match up to my own reasoning as to what "logically" makes sense, for bonuses, since I was really only streamlining the assignment of existing traits, rather than altering the circumstances under which they are assigned or what they do. But I had concluded, since "womb time" of mothers is e
  10. Also, for Lithia, the code to fix the issue with purge-neutered pops that I mentioned. neuteringfix.zip edit: Hell, my earlier hybrid event "fix" doesn't work to prevent further hybridization after all. I guess the species flag must only be applied to the specific subspecies.
  11. The first place where it would be apparent would probably be in the empire design screen, for your species' traits. No new traits are showing up there?
  12. Can you be more specific on the problem that you're having?
  13. Whew. well. I finished the second optimization I mentioned - all "interbreeding" trait assignments moved to a single event which is triggered only for the pops on a particular planet when that planet's population changes, due to growth, decline, robot assembly, or whatever. Since most planets have their population change much less frequently than once a month, it should substantially reduce the CPU load even compared to the previous method - to what I think is a very acceptable level. To the extent that the assigned traits are desirable from a design perspective, I don't think there's any
  14. Hah. I see. Didn't think mods like that got put on the workshop.
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