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  1. Hey guys, When I have Rimjob World activated and also Prepare carefully, it says that RJW is not compatible with Prepare Carefully. Wasn`t that case when I played last time about one year ago. Is there any explanation or workaround? Couldn't find an answer on google. EDIT: Started nevertheless with both mods active and it seems to work. I am very confused but happy
  2. Thanks for updating the Mod! Just one question, since I'm thinking to use the "All Female" Trait for the first time: So basically I buy a disadvantage (-10% Growth Speed) without any points (+/- 0), which may become an advantage later on, if I get male pops to become part of my empire? Is that why I don't get any points for taking the disadvantage?
  3. Even though it taks some time for the update, I still want to stand up for all of us silent watchers that bookmarked this page and visit it daily to make sure that Lithia and her team do realize how very much grateful we are for all the effort you're putting into this project. It is absolutely normal for projects to slow down after the initial modders excitement and I still want to thank you in the name of all stellaris lovers that you're doing all this work and giving your time to make Stellaris a better game for all of us who enjoy a more lewd way of playing games. Th
  4. No offense! You did a really great job at seaching for high quality pictures and altering them to fit the Stellaris-mood! I realize that it is very very hard top get artwork with tastefully depicted sexy women; even more so if you want to add Stellaris compatibility.
  5. Basically nice art... nevertheless I really would love to see women enjoying the sex. I know it's everyone has their own tastes, but it seems like most artwork that might fit for stellaris is about rape, which is a bit sad for me (still not judging, my friends )
  6. Haven't played this version yet, but I'm loving the prostitution policy. So much flavour. Thank you!
  7. I think I got that feeling, too. Nevertheless I was not sure. The internet is a bad thing concerning sarcasm or well-meant subtle jokes
  8. I am sure that you are as excited as we all and believe me, we would love the next version rather today than in a week. But still Lithia, whom we owe this great mod, is putting all her work into it for free! Free! Please consider this. Every rant "why isn't this going faster?????" might change her view towards what an ungrateful bunch of users we are and might also make her reconsider modding this game at all. So please, for the sake of all of us, be patient
  9. Of course you're absolutely right in the real world, but for simpler game purposes I think that dividing up whores/escorts in the way Davidchan says could be flavorful. In the images and events we have lots of women being raped, grabbed by tentacles, slaves etc. so having some women of power (not necessarily dominating) might be cool.
  10. My wife and me played for some six hours yesterday and she wants me to thank you for the wonderful mod. Even though some of the fetishes were totally new to her (at least the extend of them taking a huge place in the mod like milking/Dairy farms etc.), she did enjoy playing her Sadistic-long-tongued-tentacle Monsters next to my classic lewd-mind-sexually-gifted-dominant Dark Elves. She is eager to see what will come next. Again: Thank you! Now we just have to reign over all this democratic scum next to us. So many democratic crusaders everywhere around our autocratic desp
  11. Oh yeah, I would love whether someone can verify whether this mod still works or not. My wife and me will play the new story pack in a few hours and she would love to have her first taste of Lustful Void, too (Thanks for all the work, Lithia!)
  12. Awesome work, thanks, you made Stellaris great again. What I really enjoy is your great way of writing. Most modders tend to write descriptions without giving it much thought, but you wrote it very high quality. For example there was not a single spelling error I could find. Thanks! But still I have to mention one thing: "Ivory" and "Crystal Ivory" do the same (Pop Amenities Usage -10%), but "Crystal Ivory" is one point more expensive (4 compared to 3).
  13. Thanks for the great mod! It is my absolutely favorite mod in Stellaris history. But may I huimbly inquire what "2 new buildings" were added to the sexual idyll civic (Update 1.7.2)? While playing with this civic I have only encountered the "Pleasuring Gardens" right from the beginning. There has to be at least another one and I cannot find it. Again, thanks a lot for your hard work
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