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  1. Its out of date and should be considered unplayable. Lithia's Lustful Void is what you want. Its a combination of MASSA and a few other mods, plus a lot of features added by Lithia and is not only just a better mod but is also up to date. Lustful Void
  2. Hmmm.... Odd. Just to be sure you have SE - Humanoid followed by SE+ LV WL CP Patch. You DO NOT want SE -Humanoid - Plus enabled. I also recommend trying it without Lustful Void Patch - SE Uncensored if you've been using that.
  3. You want SE- Human Modest (its linked in the OP) and this mod enabled.
  4. Ignore the one above. Use this one instead. SE+_Humanoid_LV_WL_CP_Patch.7z
  5. I'm stupid. Give me 5 minutes. Edit Ok, give this a try. Lemme know if problem persists. SE+ Human LV WL CP Patch.7z
  6. Give this a try and also check my post in the humanoid patch thread. SE+_Human_LV_WL_CP_Patch.7z
  7. Give this a try. SE+_Humanoid_LV_WL_CP_Patch.7z
  8. Have you tried starting the game without any mods on? Maybe reinstall?
  9. Its not. I spoke to Lithia yesterday and she's rolling out an update very soon.
  10. >.> <.< Edit: Joking aside its theoretically possible to do. Portraits are in the same .dds format as is used in event pics after all. Still I wouldn't say its really feasible to do. It wouldn't just be a case of converting a gif into a .dds file. Honestly though Mk40 would be much better equipped to answer this than I. He actually did work with portraits for MASSA after all.
  11. Compatibility patches for SSX and Elves of Stellaris. Nope.
  12. Doing that is easy. I've been doing that for things in MASSA for quite a long time now. Unfortunately all-male species are going to have incredibly little content in regards to the MASSA stuff.
  13. I know Lithia is going to be rebalancing the traits eventually, so just keep in mind that the stats and whatnot are liable to change. Those will be making a comeback of course. I might end up rebalancing things. Not sure yet. I want to add more observation events, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to that or what they'll actually look like.
  14. I'm going to be working on converting the anomalies and observation events from MASSA to this mod over the next two days, so if there's something you guys REALLY want to see in regards to those specific events speak up.
  15. Oooooh. That's an interesting idea you've got there.
  16. You should check out the post I made just 2 posts before yours.
  17. I've been talking with Lithia about converting some of MASSA's events over to Lustful Void. I'll be helping out with converting/modernizing some of my old events and making new ones over time. I don't want to make any promises about adding to the mod or updating it, especially since Lustful Void isn't my mod, but I'll probably have at least a few of the old MASSA events ready to go this weekend.
  18. We have arrived at the promised land.
  19. Lithia, and anyone else for that matter, has my permission to release their own version of MASSA that may entail any and all changes they so desire, including (but not limited to) updating mechanics, adding events and new mechanics, etc. I've been meaning to update MASSA myself, but simply haven't had the time/energy to do so I'm glad someone else is willing to do so.
  20. Everyone has their kinks and things that they find disgusting and that is fine. There are certain things that I find utterly disgusting, just as I know that some of the things I'm into disgust others. Its okay. Its okay to like different things so long as we don't let our sexual preferences stand in the way of respect and decency. I think that's all that needs to be said in regards to this topic. If you guys desire to continue this conversation I ask that you take it someplace else as it has long ago evolved past a point of having any meaningful relationship to MASSA.
  21. There is no trait in MASSA that causes all pops of a species to be either all male or female.
  22. Its also just good form to put _l_english (or whatever language) at the end of the file name. So darg_fleetblah_l_english.yml Not doing so won't break your code, but does make localization messier than it needs to be.
  23. If it worked at all I imagine it did so in a very broken fashion. On that note I have made a ton of progress updating MASSA. Originally I had said I was going to remove its buildings from the update, but I think its more feasible just to update them at the same time and include them. Having said that I'll probably be going in tomorrow for Jury Duty and how that turns out will directly affect my ability to work on MASSA, so no promises as to when I'll actually be able to roll the update out.
  24. Anthro means furry, yes. Its not really my thing, so there are no furries in MASSA, though I do have images of women with cat/fox/etc ears (which I don't consider that alone to make them a furry) in MASSA. MASSA is not compatible with the current version of Stellaris and I am still working on updating it. Of course I would have Jury duty starting next week.... so that's a thing.
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