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  1. Is lustful void compatible with GOG version?
  2. Question: Is RJW compatible with More monster girls mod?
  3. The Lesbocracy Mod and the School of sappho mod makes the game crash
  4. I need help!!! Any of you have seen the chain events of the devil seed? and i can't see the custom portraits from CoL
  5. Question: Did you plan to add pregnant options to the female armors? Thanks to you for this great mod
  6. Question for Dewguru: Did you plan to add some hunting options for the vampires in the future?
  7. Happy Birthday Darkminxi may the heavy metal gods bless you today
  8. First Thanks to all for this mod again and for your hard work Second The slaves (Mia, Jenny and all the others) had a combat style like magic casters, two handed wepons use, dual wield or are all of them equal? Third In one moment during the creation of this mod did you think to add yourself or one of you're partners as an npc like a Darkminxi the succubus dominatrix captured by Mia?
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