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  1. I hope you have a save from before you enter the mansion. If you fasttraveled the game should have an autosave from exiting the college. Try that, travel to the mansion, drop a manual save and brute force the dialogue. Enter the mansion until the dialogue is done. If I remember right the entering should spawn a comment by thaena ... If that does not work either the chance is very high you have a conflicting mod somewhere. Since this mod is more than 5 1/2 years old it is likely modern mods are conflicting with it. The very basic stuff is accounted fo
  2. The dialogue stopping when Jasper is introduced is either because Bailey decides to start his introduction and show of his skills and purpose before time or (more likely) because Jasper is trying to start playing a song and is therefore considered busy by the game, One can usually (but sadly not always) fix that through waiting. In other instances loading the last save before entering the mansion works. Normally the game autosaves upon entering. The mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29968 works as well as it delays said performance.
  3. MNC SLAL Edition V12 has Sexlab as a requirement alongside an up to date game. Not the absolute newest but much more recent than AMP requires and supports. If memory serves there was a big rewrite between then and now adding many new features while stripping old unneeded/unwanted features to Sexlab. But the main culprit is SKSE or "Skyrim Script Extender". In numbers AMP supports Sexlab up to 1.60.2 in turn requiring/supporting SKSE 1.5x and MNC V12 requires Sexlab 1.62 which in turn requires SKSE 1.73 or newer. So ... err ... yeah. It should work in the sense that it is
  4. Last update to the mod was 5 1/2 years ago. Take a guess.
  5. Well ... Were have you been? Redux is dead for roundabout 2 years now and was lying in agony suffering a few month prior. Mainly due to idiocy of the author ...
  6. Yes and No. It loads into the game fine. Thing is after I added SSX and started a new machine empire I noticed they had a habitability of 0 and colony ships were not able to be built. That may or may not be caused by SSX directly, though.
  7. I told you how the behavior in the mod more or less mirrors the behavior in real life. That you feel forced to come up with an unrealistic event (a "skinny wimp" will not even try to rape unless you order him to) is a sign of a far deeper rooted problem. With you. Not the mod. If you are sooooooo opposed to rape turn it off in the mod options.
  8. Well ... There is a random dude extremely close to her being violent with for instance forcing her head into the pillow, choking her, ... In that position 1) it is extremely hard to fight back and 2) fear is taking place. That she has 20 melee is kinda irrelevant in that regard. With the dude being that close she would have not enough space to pull back the fist far enough to generate enough force for a serious punch. Even if she is capable of doing it under normal circumstances ... Plus imagine that on yourself. You have a physically more capable being close to your vulne
  9. Err ... Open the launcher. Click "Mods". Click "Manage Playset" Click "Add More Mods" I honestly don't get how people have problems with that. Yes the launcher is hot garbage but at least this part is plain logical and self explanatory.
  10. The maximum time the player can wait or sleep is 24 hours. So regardless of how much of a troll the player is sleeping through multiple 8 am "roll calls" simply isn't possible. Therefore you DON'T need to check the date as well for this case.
  11. The term is "working on commission". Common for jobs like outbound callcenter agent and other seller jobs. But in this case it's more like "free schedule working with a fixed minimum workload per week" So for instance: "We are open 12 pm to 12 am every day. You can work any time you want but I'd ask you to do at least X shows a week. Working more is always appreciated. You are paid a token amount per show/at the end of a shift and a weekly payment according to how many shows you performed in. There are special fixed shows at 9 pm most days. If you want to do them notify me
  12. Well ... I wouldn't necessarily count things that I'm able to do off work as a benefit when I'm supposed to be doing the same things at work. Basically you are paid to fuck with animals in front of customers but you can fuck with animals for fun. That's the whole benefit? Yeah ... No ... In that case Thaena can count herself VERY lucky that she found the player. With this benefit she'd not grow her business and when the player moves on or has other things to do her business will falter. Simply because after a while the fun will lose it's fun value and feel like a chore. "Us
  13. The way I see it the Animal Mansion is basically a guild and all guilds in skyrim award the player an at first limited personal space upon joining. Yes it is a business at the end of the day but the player is the most valued and valuable employee so an employee benefit isn't out of the question. Like a room in the house or near the "work stage". Like after the agreement to help opening the shop a "And by the way if you want you can use the room at the end of the basement. There's a bed there. Don't be alarmed if you get visits by the dog at night ..." with "upgrades" along the s
  14. Wait a minute. AME is for Skyrim Special Edition (SE) and AMP is for Skyrim Legacy Edition (LE). Regardless of the fact the mods are incompatible because the same cells ingame are being altered the games themselves are separate. These are NOT two names for the same thing.
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