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    The first step to recovery is admission. Skryim has overtaken my life. Is there a support group for Skyrim Addicts?

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  1. not sure if I commented on this before, but is there a way to have one normal arm/leg and the other automaton? Also like feet and hands?
  2. Looks like I am having the same issue as Zaflis I am not triggering anything when defeated, my PC falls to knees and then the attacks stop, 30 sec later, rejuvenated and the attacks resume, and repeats until I have no health then it locks - no health regeneration, or ability to do anything.
  3. I tried changing slots in 2018? by myself, and it was a PAIN.. well you know where... I found this like 6 months ago and its pretty thorough, and maybe help you.
  4. Omg! Turbosnowy!!! I soooo forgot her/him!!! Got me started down this wicked path straight to Zaz, sooo many years ago..
  5. Thanks!!! funny I tried google and got nothing. Apparently the censors at google dont want me to see skyrim armor mods......
  6. ugh.. i downloaded that years ago, back when 7base was on fire... i have no idea where or who the source is.. sorry.
  7. here ya go, another for your consideration! Sexy Elves - 7B Natural BBP.rar
  8. No Problem, you're the one doing the work, so its your choice! I agree that not all of them are worthy of a redux.. We can only through ideas at ya!
  9. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/106475?tab=description its a hot mess of meshes.... thank you!
  10. might be here already but i couldnt find it: when using this mod and BDOrcV3.02 with MO2 - which should be loaded last? they currently share some .xml files
  11. thank you! I had a mod overwriting it, which I didnt think would when installing. I moved the offending mod down the list and reinstalled your mod. One thing about MO and MO2 is that sometimes (dont ask me how) MO/2 will use the last installed data, not necessarily the load order, which can cause dramatic hair loss for the user!
  12. its back...... something with you new update.
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