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  1. thank you for the dog replacer! i cannot stand the vanilla dogs. its been a long time since a replace worked on my load order. any chance for an LE file? I run both se and le
  2. hello and thank you for your mod! i am curious as to what files you used to create your fabulous gif on the main mod page?
  3. having troubles firing off sexlab animations after defeat - pc stays in defeat animation and recovers after 30 sec. I have set the % to 100 with the same result. Also, if multiple attackers, the first becomes passive but the second (or more) become aggressive after 10 seconds or so. I have been trying this mod on and off for awhile now without any luck, maybe its my mod list interfering with peril?
  4. im liking the concept of your mod! looking forward to trying it out, thank you for sharing! hoping that there are wondering daedra to help my poor pc become a succubus!
  5. an amazing mod. truly. This is better then DCL content
  6. WOW. I have never had a response like this to a suggestion for a mod author. THANK YOU! I'm floored, honestly.
  7. It is awesome to see that! Freaking Awesome!
  8. interesting to add this concept to the followers control over the pc... Skyrim Chain Beasts - Page 33 - Downloads - Skyrim Adult & Sex Mods - LoversLab
  9. interesting to add Skyrim Chain Beasts - Page 33 - Downloads - Skyrim Adult & Sex Mods - LoversLab as both a control for the follower over the pc or just an alt to the pet suit.
  10. this would be interesting to add Dwarven_Devious_Cuirass_Variations as an alternate
  11. to quote the us department of patents, Charles Duell, who said in 1889, "We can close the patent office now, as everything that can be invented, has been invented." Skyrim is complete.
  12. tried your mod in the past, and the creatures were "unselectable" - meaning I could do nothing with them, they were in essence floor lamps.. I am hoping the new version has changed that somehow?
  13. love your mod! thank you for the content sharing, and all your hard work! REALLY APPRECIATE THE MERGED MOD! (why didnt i think of this myself? duh.. )
  14. tried new version 9 . cant find the building in riverwood - possibly Etac is overwriting? but DCL is set lower on the load order. Was arrrested and DCL prison did not start up, I went directly to a cell - vanilla pinion start.
  15. not sure if I commented on this before, but is there a way to have one normal arm/leg and the other automaton? Also like feet and hands?
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