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  1. I can't wait! If there's any delay, do tell us, since I have all the mods ready, just waiting to add House of O and start a new playthrough.
  2. That is what I meant. However the list is rather basic - all species using your portrait class will spawn with the "Onna" name to them. I made myself a generic name list for your mod a while back, you can yourself if you want. 01_ONNA_species_names.txt
  3. A great adition, especially when making custom empires. However, I will request you add a name list to the mod. Having species pop up without a name to them is incredibly frustrating.
  4. This mod continues to be a solid 10/10. The only thing that would push it to 11 was the ability to fight back, becoming a well reknowned tentacle slayer. ... Until the day you are finally defeated, get your first taste of tentacle cock, and enter a downward spiral of lust and debauchery that results in the crushing downfall of the heroine of the land. Or the ability to try and exploit tentacle beasts as a non-tentacle slave, drinking their cum to beautify yourself, only to later realize you are developing a craving for it! Or use a captured beast to break your female
  5. A simple, yet excellent addition to Stellaris porn mods. My only complaint: Try to avoid using several similar portraits. I’ve been using MoreFuta pack 1, and portraits 71 to 107 are all the same model, only with slight variation to dress, expression and cock size. This resulted in several of my leaders looking like clones of one another, which was rather obnoxious in an overall very solid portrait pack.
  6. Exactly what we needed, well done!
  7. @Toronam would it be possible for you to include more species name into the mod? The list is pretty short, I feel like I get Doucien and Stellarian every game.
  8. I'd redo this a little. I know there is way to create planetary tiles via events, and this is what I think we should use here. Only think I do not know is if you can have planet decisions based on empire ethic. What I would do is: Options: 1. Acknowledge the Wulvari as a primitive species. Requirement: Non-xenophobic Effects: Adds 4 Primitive Wulvar pops to the planet They must posses either strong or very strong, interbreeder traits, and large physicaly traits. (They are essentially a large wolf-like speices adapted to the planet) -3-6 months
  9. Personally I think it's best if every events has it's own google doc, maybe have a hub that has link to every googe doc event. I know some people use github for that type of thing, but I have no experiance with it.
  10. That's good shit. Port this into a google doc with (at least) the option to view and comment, and I'll suggest some minor adjustments.
  11. Guys, Lithia wanted a writing guide so events are in a more unified format, so I went and wrote one up. Here you go.
  12. You have to keep in mind that any event that triggers multiple times will quickly become a bother, with the same description and graphic repeating. It's best not to make events that trigger every year. So for the above, a one time event for acquiring the trait would be best, as you will likely see it more than once anyway across multiple scientists. So something like this: Acquired via anomaly or neighbouring a hive civilization. The requires a short special project to be finished, then applies the following to the head of Society research: Alien Broodmothe
  13. Honestly, after playing the game some more, I think the game is in desperate need of more mid-endgame content. Rather than anomaly events, we need projects – long event chains – that start after the player develops certain late game technologies. Synthetics: Introduction of sentient sexbots into the empire. Morphogenetic Field Mastery: Developing animal xenomorph soldiers, for some sweet bestiality content. (What I’m currently working on). Psionic theory: Dealing with psionic invaders, for some Mind Control content. Gene Tailoring: Dealing with people modifyin
  14. Personally I'd rather the mod be kept as unintrusive as possible, to make it compatible with as many nonsexual mods as possible. Anybody interested in making a list what it works with right now?
  15. Hmm, would it be possible to add a planetary bonus that only applies to pops of a specific trait or ethos within a planet? For example, would be possible to make a planetary modifier that applies: a) A happiness penalty to all xenophobic pops on a planet. b) A ethos attraction to all pops who do no have, for example, the big dick trait. ?
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