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  1. There will be a camra issue with the Undeath mod lich form, the camra will move down to the ground.
  2. I think we had the same problem, There is a CBPC patch for xp32, try that, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988?tab=files XPMSSE CBPC Patch
  3. Nice work. Could you make a texture replace version for ScocLB ? This mod have better random effect but I really like your textures.
  4. some of your mods use the script not match to your skse version. try remove any mod add plug-in script to skse folder.
  5. I think to have a mod that make your boobs small when dual casting will be more easy. Some modification to the “mana tank” parameter perhaps?
  6. I have Fuz Roh Doh, all goes well until sabre mission , I can talk to all beast until sabre, and save and lord did not fix the problem.I will try lord a save and try the entire mission from the start again and see what will happen.
  7. Some how I can't talk to sabre cat in it's mission, the quest mark is on it but no any interaction option. so I stuck with this mission. Do any one has the same problem? And I do I fix that.
  8. About 0.4.4 prostitution_industry planet_stability_add = -10 country_energy_produces_mult = 0.05 -10 stability is -5% of all work. how is 5% of energy do any good. Also the stability punishiment -30 of Dairy Arcoloy is too much even build one only. I think the crime rate would be better
  9. Would you make the lewd advisor a independent file next updata, those audio file are big. NO point down load them again if there are no updata or any change. Larger file means you have to wait much longer if you are in different side of earth.
  10. Nice work, good for succubus player.
  11. The gene modding patch does not surport some new portraits type you added later. Can your fix that, thanks.
  12. I see, have not play since 2.26, this will change my game play.
  13. What do you mean "Because paradox removed growth rate from pop modifiers"? last time I checked "pop_growth_speed = " still can be uesd as pop trait modifier.
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