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  1. Where can I find the NPC and Titties Flies?
  2. I discovered a bug in the current digitigrade addon mod: 02_YA_Digi; Female Argonians are fading out of view when I put my camera and character between them regardless of distance. Consequently, this also for some reason, makes them invisible during a Sexlab animation involving the player.
  3. Those mods may be essential for me as well. :S
  4. So I've been preparing an esp with YA5 as master, trying to make some custom NPCs. However I am having some difficulty making: Panthers, Tigers, Cheetahs, Khajiit and some other furryfied races keep their hairs. Basically anything that isn't a "nord race hair" defaults back to a vanilla hair after saving the esp. Is there a way around this?
  5. Maybe have two separate SOS versions , or make the old one available /w Female textures. I too welcome my arm thick Schlong overlords
  6. Hoodies on NPCs do not scale when given size distribution. They're all smol. How do I get them to have overcompensating junk again? I got no SOS or skeleton related mods loading after YA. Other schlongs like VectorPlus Muscular seem be distributed just fine.
  7. Is the Kaiden Patch compatible with Kaidan 2, or -just- the older Kaidan mod?
  8. Equine Race Equine Hoodies Equine Hoodie color variants (Pink , motled , black) Doge hoodie (sheath hoodie) color variants: black
  9. Very promising mod. How likely will it be for you to explore (maybe implement) Sexlab's Defeat NPC vs. NPC feature? It would be pretty rad walking into a pack of wolves using a merchant or unlucky bandit while you go about your daily business.
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