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  1. Been getting CTD when trying to get riverwood. I have followed this guide in all but installing DynDOLOD and the mods in the list associated with it. Checking through now and I am confident this issue will be resolved but just trying to save time.
  2. Yes. The wait is over. Lithia, thankyou.
  3. Yeah, I run it. However, my recurring issue is that the hdt will clip through the DD.
  4. Hey guys, quick question, does your devious devices work with this mod. Particularly unp. I am getting clipping through the belly and breasts and just wondering if people are getting it to work for them.
  5. So how did you fix the issue, sorry I just don't quite understand. My Devious devices didn't work.
  6. I am also having this exact problem. This is only having an effect only on devious devices and isn't having any effect on any of the base outfits or any of the mod outfits. Can someone if they are able, to give me a solution.
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