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  1. @Lithia<3 Suppose I should've double checked the localization text / event files too. Thought it might've been an oversight, but if they were adding to the script lag then it makes sense to condense similar events a bit.
  2. @Lithia<3 Found these while checking what I needed to do to update an image replacer mod to the diplomatic room sizes. Both the events and event images for the Sadistic, Masochistic and Biomechanical Wombs pop up events for their related traits seem to have gone missing entirely in the update. A couple other images look like they got missed in the size change as well. Two of the titanic life images and the pow image I think. Haven't seen them in game yet so I'm not sure if it will affect how they display.
  3. Been more of a hiatus than anything. I chip away at bits of it here and there, but I haven't had much modding drive since the launcher update. Being unable to get my Workshop mods to properly update has been frustrating. At most I'd be able to post a refined and expanded set of portraits, but the mechanical stuff still needs a bit of work.
  4. The mod likely doesn't play nice with the Necrophage origin because it adds additional parameters to the syncretic pops generation coding. Changes which aren't included in the mod's coding which is loaded after. That and it looks like they moved the generate_start_pops bracket that contains syncretic pop handling from the scripted_effects.txt to the start_of_game_effects.txt Basically a combination of the new necrophage coding being missing and the coding for syncretic pops handling being moved to a different file. Dropping the marked Parallel Evolution and Symbiotic Evolution additions from the mod into the new coding and renaming the file fixed it for me. Also, fun note: Necrophages can be Fanatic Purifiers with starting syncretic pops unlike other Purifiers. First thought was a conversion to devouring swarm hive minds, but with a lewd twist.
  5. Not sure if it's been reported yet, but the BDSM pop up events are missing entirely. Had to copy their scripts over from a previous version to get them to show up in my game. I like the new trait text layout. It looks a lot cleaner now. Granted the point costs threw me off a bit at first, but I think that's just because the old costs were all a bit cheaper. Though I don't see myself using Seasonal Breeders as a point offset or thematic trait pick anymore unless stacked with traits to counter its negatives. That growth penalty and habitability penalty combination looks painful even if it is a -7 cost. I noticed the trait pick counts were reverted back to vanilla values. I suppose the previous values might've been a bit high, but I still ended up bumping them up by 1 over the vanilla values. Kept running into the issue of needing just one more trait pick on pretty much every species I started to rebuild on my custom empire list. Could never really do anything creative with that 5 point base cost even in the base game... Also, the "cheat trait" is pretty much a requirement to set up a machine species with more than one of the positive traits (let alone starting them as sex bots). Had the same issue with the previous trait costs too. There just aren't enough negative cost traits to offset the positive cost traits.
  6. Nothing significant. Took a short break after refining the portrait sets before starting on the buildings, but I haven't gotten too far on them. Had some trouble setting up the requirements so you could only build certain buildings if a species with a certain trait was present on the planet. Aside from that I still need to set up the ritual system with new rituals, adjust some of the tech unlocks, set up a couple origins, and nail down some of the changeling mechanics.
  7. I have separate optional mods for loading screen and Lustful Void image replacements already set up. 😉
  8. Still have a bit of work to do before the updates I'm working on are ready for play testing. Trying to figure out a way to make certain buildings available on a planet only when a specific species trait is present on it. I also need to set up the new rituals, magic stability system, and technology tree. That said, the portraits are pretty much ready so here's a couple previews of what I've set up for them so far. Each set has both male and female options (though some of the male options are limited in number). Wish I could find more images for reformed changelings though. All I've been able to find so far that's decent-quality is a single image for thorax, a male changeling and a female changeling, and that's it. Also, both anthro and non-anthro loading screen and LV event image replacers are pretty much ready. So pretty much the "easy part" is done. 🙄
  9. Not really sure myself to be honest. Tried adding that trigger to a trait in one of my own mods and that requirement warning didn't even appear. It just let me apply the trait. Though it's possible that might not be the correct way to use that condition. Only alternative I can think of is to have an event apply it automatically via an on_action trigger. on_game_start would most likely be the right one to run it from. Other than that, I'm not sure since archetypes seem to be semi-broken (again) when it comes to upkeep.
  10. Change: To: For each of the non-machine categories in the species_classes.txt in the mod. You can probably remove the non-machine ones from the species_archetypes.txt as well after that. I suppose it would specifically just be the Lewds category, since that's the one the sisters are in, but it's likely the draenei and elves don't have food upkeep either. For the portraits that have unique traits tied to them, you can probably use the is_species_class condition in the species_traits.txt to restrict those traits to that particular portrait category. I think machine portraits also need a patch event for them to have their upkeep and stuff work properly too (unless that's been fixed in the game for custom machines). Should look something like this: Triggered by an on_action event in the on_game_start_country category.
  11. The former civic for Symbiotic Evolution still exists though (albeit missing its former icon). 😏 If a traits rework is next, like the patch notes suggest, I kind of want to request a few more negative cost traits. I've noticed I fall back on sex crazed and seasonal breeders a lot when creating new empires to offset some of the pricier positive cost traits. I struggle with machine species in particular because they have a lot of high-cost traits and very little variety in ways to offset them.
  12. @Ozvelpoon Pretty sure they don't with the way the generate_start_pops scripted effect seems to work, but I could be wrong. Also selecting the Parallel Evolution origin and Syncretic Evolution origin at the same time seems to cause the latter to overwrite the former in the custom empire UI. @Lithia<3 Found the files that needed editing and made a patch. Symbiotic Evolution does not actually need to change because its generate_start_pops command is handled differently due to being based off the machine assimilator setup. Which wasn't changed to an origin either. LV Parallel Patch.rar
  13. Parallel and Symbiotic Evolution civics still work (surprisingly), but are probably going to need to be updated to an Origin like the vanilla Syncretic Evolution was.
  14. @Lithia<3 Not sure if you'd be interested, but I made a stylized version of the LV letters from the event options image. Created it while making a few event image replacer sets after trying (and failing) to clean up the existing letters for the replacer images I was working on (pink on pink is hard to separate XD ). The base file is a vector image I made in Inkscape. So the letters could even be easily scaled up to use for larger images if you wanted to. A few previews: LV Options Overlay.svg
  15. @Synlaine For now, yeah. I actually have a few mods on the workshop that are probably going to need updating after Federations, and one of them is rather large. So I'll probably focus on those once this mod is playable. Though to be honest the way the existing portrait mods lean towards being all-female or all-male always bugged me a bit. So I actually made a personal mod that mixed a bunch of the portraits from them together. Gives me the option to have both genders under one portrait set that I can split into monogender species at will with LV traits if I want to. Rather than those portraits being split between two portrait sets in two different categories. With the only way to combine them being burning a civic point on syncretic evolution. Still need to find good male Dranaei, Selachii and Dark Elf portraits for it, but aside from those the result was 21 different portrait sets that had both genders as an option.
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