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  1. I tried to fix the downloads page but it still refuses to save. I also uploaded a small hotfix which is mainly just localizations as well as chinese localizations shared by godhidden on discord. @Abominus The latest version is @Pfactor Due to how much I changed with the latest update your old saves very likely won't work with it. Use the previous version (which you can find in the downloads section at the bottom) until you decide to start a new game. @Zorlond Your first problem seems to be due to paradox making those visible very recently and
  2. Update! Finally! lol So loverslab is having connection issues again and just refuses to save any changes I make to the downloads page, but it did actually save the main mod page so you can look at the new changes there. I'll come see if they fixed their issues tomorrow and try to change the downloads page again. Until then um...cat meme!
  3. Here is the patch to make things work with the new dlc. You have to extract it to (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod) and say yes to overwrite. So you need LV itself in that folder first and then you can overwrite it with the patch. You can also just ignore the version warning for now. Necroids Patch for LV @zelayasrevenge301 Thanks for the suggestions! If more people want buildings to give extra jobs the more pops you have, I'll conceder adding it. And I'll take a look at nerfing the growth on traits a bit lol
  4. Hi! Just a little status update since I kind of disappeared for a few months. I won't bore you with why I've been gone, but don't worry LV isn't dead yet! lol. I have been working on it when I had time though and it's at the point where I feel like I should release an update soon. I just wanted to add the last few things on my todo list and to fix anything the lasted update/dlc might have broken. After testing it a bit, I can't see anything broken just yet, but I'll do a thorough test probably tomorrow to make sure there isn't any not so obvious problems I missed (I still might mis
  5. Small hotfix for the problems people have been reporting! Also for those that can't get parallel evolution to work, make sure there's no other mod or mods overwriting LV. Usually something like the "unofficial hive expansion" can cause it. Unfortunately without a patch for the mod causing it, you'll have to pick which one you want to use as making lv take priority will likely break that mod too. As I said in the patch notes, I've been a bit busy irl, but will start modding again soon. So far I have 4 main focus points I'd like to work on. Those are a better/proper event window, mil
  6. Just so people here know, I do know about mono genders still being weird! I thought I fixed it but will have to look into it more. I'll get a new patch out as soon as it's fixed. Also @TheDarkMaster I'll see what I can do about the advisor. And here's a fixed base game portraits patch (sowwy I'm forgetful these days and miss things lol). Base Game Portraits LV Patch.zip
  7. Small update released since I had the day off.
  8. Sorry, I wanted to upload the fixes here too butt forgot. Here's exactly what I said and linked on the discord server: So I know I've been a bit inactive, just busy with some rl things. I decided to make a quick patch for some of the bigger problems with the currently released version. I wanted to bundle it with the unreleased one, but I'm still adding new things to that. You need to overwrite 0.4.8 with this (not the other way around lol). Next update should be out in a few weeks 😉 And: Here's a hotfix for the new stellaris 2.7.1 update. You should use the
  9. @Raana Already made them into origins
  10. A freeze at the start of a new game should be expected, but I'm testing some things so I know about the longer time it does freeze. Like Everdark said just wait and it should be fine...although in my testing it only did it for about 10-15 seconds so I thought it should be fine. It depends on what pc you have ofc. That being said the new dlc and the optimizations they promised with it should fix this as I'll be able to tune LV to whatever those optimizations are. So either wait for the dlc and my fix after that or try out the new version, but so far it seems to work fine if you're willing to wa
  11. I posted this on the discord server, but was asked to also post it here so... After working on the mod for quite a bit these past few days, I can see that the lithoids dlc will need a bit more work to make it fully compatible with lv. So far I'd say it's around 75% complete, but I'll need some more time. Until then I suggest changing the "supported_version" in the .mod file to "2.5.*" and to overwrite "00_species_archetypes.txt" in (...Lustful Void\common\species_archetypes) so lithoids have traits again. Also, overwrite "lv_species_traits.txt" in (...Lustful Void\common\traits) so
  12. I didn't silly, I just compressed them a bit. All localizations are still there. I could not replicate it on my end. I'd recommend deleting your stellaris Documents folder and do a full reinstall. As for the stability modifiers, they came from massa. This means it was for a version of the game just before they removed the tile system, so small things like that might slip through as I integrate them...but I can always fix them afterwards. And apparently I didn't make this clear, but only slavers get a stability hit. Also, hotfix released! lol
  13. Sorry about the soon meme being posted too soon (lol), I didn't expect that to happen.
  14. @teutonicguy Thanks for saving me some time lol...I'll add it to the next update. @Bloodly LV does not have a civic called 'Salacious Machine'.
  15. @ag12 Species rights are mostly hard-coded unfortunately. Also, I'll think about making the localizations a bit more...informative. Like I've said before, this is still just a framework and many things are really just placeholders and possibly buggy. They'll get refined and fixed with time lol @teutonicguy I'll take another look at github since more people are interested in that now. The discord server does what I wanted it to do anyway, so I can just ignore that feature I didn't like. Thanks for finding that bug though! I thought it might be in there but haven't had time to take a
  16. Sorry rl is being a bit of a jerk right now. Anyway... @BlueWinds I don't mind if you make an add-on (in fact it's good to see), but you can't use this mod's assets and make your add-on stand alone without asking me first. Even then you'd have to at least give proper credit. If you want to discuss this further you can pm me, this is not a place to argue about something so silly. I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding anyway, you did want me to add your changes directly at first after all. As for the mod, I'm still working on integrating massa right now as well as star
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