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  1. I've gotten alot of use out of these, thanks for the share.
  2. Holy shit, I was just looking for mass effect ladies and could only find one or two. Thanks my guy.
  3. I know it was already stated above, but I'm just making it proper and official. Lithia has taken over BnB, hopefully they have a better name for it when they are done.
  4. From the looks of it all you should need to do is reassign the Kagami to run off of the Biological archtype and mess with the traits a tad. I just tested changing the archtype from Kagami to Biological and it worked fine.
  5. If you do this I declare you King of Loverslab.
  6. An update? Probably not, from the looks of it i'll have to rewrite the mod from scratch due to both the gameplay changes and the coding changes. Right now the update is in flux due to the upcoming patch that should hopefully fix most of the outstanding issues with the patch. After that, i'll probably jump on seeing how best to implement BnB.
  7. You have plenty of time on figuring out how to play the game again, because paradox broke custom species. Again. For some reason custom species pops have no upkeep, which means that something in the code isn't working right or recognizing right. I'm glad to hear that this is still updating though, or at least you are considering updating it.
  8. So the feature video on the new update had a bit of a revelation. For those who don't want to watch the whole thing, they added an "Animal Kingdom" selection for the randomly generated world. Horse culture in the steppes, Elephant culture in India, a dog culture in Egypt. EDIT: Another link, with Ducks, and a Holy Dog Empire. Also Muslim Hedgehogs. And FUCKING DRAGONS, BEARS, CATS.
  9. Lets take off the nostalgia glasses for a second and remember how long exactly for them to actually fix retinues and decadence and how they "fixed" rebellions and made them thirty times worse. Lets also not forget that the two single largest changes to how the game played, the levy nerf and then the additions of shattered retreat and coalitions were and still are very unpopular to the point that for the latter they allow you to chose whether or not they actually are in your game. Also are we still on this "Making the game more casul" nonsense? Removing content
  10. I have never seen anybody so absolutely nuclear and contemptuous about a change in a paradox game and I've been in the community since EU3. You seem to be very angry about the loss of potential additions to the combat system and the loss of "Strategy". I hate to break it to you dude but there was never going to be any additions to the planetary invasion mechanic. Paradox has never had in depth combat mechanics other than two numbers slapping together and for the foreseeable future never will. We also don't have all the information about the changes yet, there are still
  11. No offense my dude, but thats essentially every main paradox game. Its a spreadsheet simulator with a GUI, they were never going to add anything more complicated than numbers smacking together like G.I. Joe figures.
  12. Personally i'm excited. Its the reason I haven't updated actually, the new system looks like it would support the way I intended the mod to go.
  13. Poked through the code, the answer is as always. FUKKIN BRACKETS Fixed and thrown to the wolves put in the OP
  14. Jesus Tapdancing Christ I was just going to flat out rewrite the whole damned thing. And the Live Feed building too. You are a life saver my dude. Having some CPU trouble at the moment, but as soon as i have access i'll add it to OP. EDIT: Had a laptop, fixed it and added to OP
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