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  1. Recently i'm having CTD near whiterun, specially around the stable & farms (not inside whiterun). And for some reason, i don't see the Kijit caravan at the entrance of whiterun. Can anyone tell me why this is happening. See my list of mods. Load Order.txt
  2. Hi all, I really am not sure what is causing a CTD when I enter Whiterun. To be specific, I can enter and fastravel into Whiterun and walk around. After 10 seconds or so and entering the middle of Whiterun, my game will freeze for a couple seconds then CTD immediately. I haven't messed around with many more mods since, so I'm wondering if there is a direct cause or flaw in my load order? Thank you
  3. No idea why, recently update DD equip D cursed loot and DD beast refits if that helps, no idea how long it has been like this (might be pre updating mods problem), I use NMM and loot, here is the load order
  4. I've had a little trouble getting this to run properly. I've looked at several different downloads and they've all referred me to different requirements for the mod. When I had it working, everything operated smoothly but the entirety of the body would disappear when one of the clothing restraints or items or whatever you'd call it was equipped. My character would just be a head floating. I downloaded what was required with all the patches and files to support what I was missing and now I get stuck in an infinite loading screen. Any help would be appreciated! My FNIS is reliable and working through MO. When I start to take away the mod I think the problem is, my character reverts to the T-pose without any animation. I do not use Special Edition.
  5. "That Armor is unreliable, take this instead." Lots of pictures, More to come. Part 2: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2549-shitty-armor-23/ Part 3: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2550-shitty-armor-33/
  6. “Today we are Canceling the Apocalypse” Fucking finally. I'm done. Thank you very much to Sai and Collygon for the help on the poses as well as other things during this. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  7. So i am fairly experienced when it comes to bodyslide and building bodies, batch building, ect... However for some reason when a devious device(s) are put onto my character, my body disappears. Load order is correct as i have run loot often and have experienced little to no crashes. I am just stummped and would really appreciate some help. If any additional info is needed i would be happy to provide it. Thanks! Load Order Provided below: loadorder.txt Here is a preview of the issue im facing.
  8. Years of modding have left us with many occupied locations on a much too small map of Skyrim. Big question is always: WHERE CAN I PLACE MY NEW MOD? So, let's start with what I know myself. I created a quick scratchmap with locations that are occupied by mods of my current game. I will post probably more cities as I stumble upon them. But for sure I will update this article and replace the map with a better one! Part 1: Whiterun Red = location is modded orange = location is probably modded (old mod, currently not in use by me)
  9. Previous part:https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/8146-confusion/ Whiterun Blues It took a while, but I reached Whiterun, mighty trade capital of Skyrim, compared markarth this place is looks much better, even safer and people not care what I am, nor shun me, first time I felt good in my skin. City of Whiterun felt much more lifeful, less fearful than Markarth and even Jarl are a decent nord. Of course, I wouldn't reach the city without a help of Uthgerd, warrior I meet on the road, she took some interest me and led me in the city. She was a bit rough looking battle hardened nord women, but she was my type. I convinced her to train me in martial combat to improve my skill, and I promised her showing the arts of Dibella and I kept my promise, we started doing dibellan arts, while she train me in combat, was win-win for me. But this was a few weeks ago, now I mostly spend my time resting in the Bannared Mare, while waiting Uthgerd for training, she constantly goes on adventure and not let me there, she told me "You are not tough enough and softy, only strong part is you have is your tongue". So I got other activities to keep myself busy like practicing Dibellan Arts alone. Even thought my current happy mood, I got a letter from my mother fromt hese weird couriers.., I think I burn it later, I liked when she was "dead", but of course she was always alive, as kid I thought myself she got killed my the angry nords to make myself feel better and eventually I believed as delusionally truth, til she wrote this then I got remember everything.. "To Gwynolda de Chapeau My Daughter I hereby inform you, I am acknowledged you as my legitimited daughter, Your bastard status offcially removed and you are now heir of my guild, land and noble titles along with the wealth of my family. In this moment I expect you immediatly to take responsibility for your duties as my heir. I'm going travel to city named Riften in province of Skyrim for bussiness reasons, I like to meet you in person where we can speak of these matters. Daughter, I hope you consider this opportunity and will meet me and not deciding to rot as peasant or a ragged prostitute thinking herself as a Devote of Dibella. Your mother Lady Eliza Claudia de Chapeau" She can fuck herself, I'm not gonna bothered by her matters, if I meet her only to punch her in the face then spit and leave. I'm having to goodtime to let her ruin by her desperation and mavolence, I'm sure she have no heairs or any other kid and remembered I am existing, now try tempt me with this. I'm not caring about this. Bannered mane is now quite empty, even Hulda seems bored, but I like watching over a crowded night as naked wearing my amulet only, showing them the devotion of Dibella. Of course not too long, Hulda seems get annoyed by it, she is pretty nordic women, even a bit mean, I wonder if Malicia looks like her, might should show her the Arts of Dibella later and taste her.. Hulda: Gwynolda, you should not wander around the balcony naked, back to your room and take some clothes, you arousing my guest.. And I got on her never again, fine... Gwynolda: Don't be like that Hulda, I just devoting Lady Dibella.. This place is less open for the graces of Dibella, I shown it a few girls like Ysolda, even Carlotta and of course Uthgerd too, as cool is whiterun they not too open for sexuality. I heard Balgruuf is a bit too vanilla and Mara worshipper. Anyway I think I will meet with my mother, I have some words for her... Gwynolda: Ohh hi there Uthgerd.. Uthgerd: Gwynolda.. Ummm.. Gwynolda: You wish start practicing the Dibellan Arts I presume Uthgerd? Uthgerd: Indeed, I waited this for the entire day, followed your instructions, I'm ready to show the fruits of it.... Gwynolda: Wonderful, I can't wait for it... And we started the best time of the day, Dibellan arts.. Gwynolda: Thats right, you use the tongue quite well known, Uthgerd usually getting greedy, when it comes to my sheat, she sometimes using her nordic barbaric strength to put me weirder poses. Gwynolda: You getting a bit rough down me don't you think? Gwynolda: I think you had enough of my sheat, my turn big girl.. And this is when a tough nord girls like her is vunerable to my tongue.. We finished the lesson with the usual mutual pleasuring as Lady Dibella teaches and went sleep. Next day we started preparring to travel to Riften with Carriage. I'm ready to face my mother and all sins of Riften and Uthgerd offered help me to stay of the badside of Riften. New Adventure awaits. End
  10. "That Armor is unreliable friend, take this instead." Part 1: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2461-shitty-armor-13/ Part 2: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2549-shitty-armor-23/ Hope you enjoyed another shitty story, thank you Nisetanaka, Someone, Diablo, and Koffman77 for making these sexy armors, can't wait for the next one. Which is part of the reason i made this now, i couldn't wait. PATIENCE IS NOT A VIRTUE!!! I will be taking a short break while i come up with the next story. The next one will try to be more of an actual story too rather than an excuse to show off sexy poses in armor, though that's fun anyways. Bonne Journee!
  11. Version 1.1


    This is a simple garden, in Whiterun and made for Elluard. It sits behind Breezeholme and should not conflict with any other Whiterun mods. It's well placed with JK's Whiterun as the stone path will line up with a door in that mod. This needs Dawnguard to run. If the idea is well recieved then I can start on a larger version of this.
  12. View File Hello, here finally Comes the Whiterun Serendipity - Player´s home with nearly the same Features than in the past. This is a rough and quick new start for this mod, but as I noticed, it´s quite beloved: so here we go again... Dependies all the same as before, Fully supports the ZazAnimationPack V.6.22.1 p.s. -this may have issures - it was a superfast "mod-trip".... skyrim update dawnguard hearth fires dragonborn SexLab ZaZAP Enjoy:-) TIP:- if you use the horse you can ride with it (tipsy) into the stable and far enough to the rock-wall, where the hay lays. There´s no roof anymore and you can easily sit off the horse...in future I´ll set the stable Little more higher... Submitter t.ara Submitted 04/15/2017 Category Other Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  13. Hey guys I've been having a problem with whiterun lately. for some reason when i first enter through the gate it takes quite a bit to load and then when i'm finally it kinda tends to lag. also when i enter belethors shop i get an infinite loading screen. so far whiterun is the only city that this problem happens in i've been to Solitude and i get no problem. This is my load order if it helps ------------------------------------------ 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp 6 6 Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm 7 7 ApachiiHair.esm 8 8 ApachiiHairFemales.esm 9 9 SkyMoMod.esm 10 a FM - HaafingarHall.esm 11 b hdtHighHeel.esm 12 c SexLab.esm 13 d RSkyrimChildren.esm 14 e EnhancedLightsandFX.esp 15 f ELFX - Exteriors.esp 16 10 RealisticRoomRental.esp 17 11 RealisticWaterTwo.esp 18 12 GM_NewNobleHDFurnitureAndClutter_AllInOne.esp 19 13 ELFXEnhancer.esp 20 14 AwpSylvanas.esp 21 15 Duel - Combat Realism.esp 22 16 CalienteVanillaArmorTweaks.esp 23 17 dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp 24 18 DSerHorsesRevamped.esp 25 19 RSChildren_NonPlayableOverride.esp 26 1a CombatFatigue.esp 27 1b zzLSAR.esp 28 1c SkyUI.esp 29 1d Solstheim Music in Skyrim.esp 30 1e RaceMenu.esp 31 1f RaceMenuPlugin.esp 32 20 SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp 33 21 KS Hairdo's.esp 34 22 FNIS.esp 35 23 titkit.esp 36 24 Dr_Bandolier.esp 37 25 LeatherBackpackDarkBrown-100.esp 38 26 Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp 39 27 Lore Weapon Expansion - Daedric Crescent.esp 40 28 Lore Weapon Expansion - Goldbrand.esp 41 29 ethereal_elven_overhaul.esp 42 2a NoHealthRegen.esp 43 2b The Ordinary Women.esp 44 2c Valerica.esp 45 2d Bijin Wives.esp 46 2e aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp 47 2f AMB Glass Variants Lore.esp 48 30 Differently Ebony.esp 49 31 Morrowind Soul Gems.esp 50 32 DVA - Dynamic Vampire Appearance.esp 51 33 ImmersiveLoversComfort.esp 52 34 ELFX - Weathers.esp 53 35 Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp 54 36 Lore Weapon Expansion.esp 55 37 RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp 56 38 RealisticWaterTwo - Waves.esp 57 39 Colorful_Magic.esp 58 3a MrBs-UniqueLoot.esp 59 3b RRR_ELFX-Patch.esp 60 3c SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp 61 3d Lore Weapon Expansion - Relics of the Crusader.esp 62 3e EliRedguardHouse.esp 63 3f KNM_Mour.esp 64 40 FM - HHall Exterior.esp 65 41 Follower Neisa.esp 66 42 Yami.esp 67 43 LiFEv1.1.esp 68 44 Follower Onean.esp 69 45 Follower Neisa Wardrobe.esp 70 46 Ariente Follower.esp 71 47 Overknee_Beatrice.esp 72 48 DovahBlingJewelryReplacer.esp 73 49 Bijin NPCs.esp 74 4a Bathing in Skyrim - Main.esp 75 4b SoapRetex_BIS.esp 76 4c Scent of Sex.esp 77 4d RSChildren - Complete.esp 78 4e SimplyKnock.esp 79 4f Vivid Weathers.esp 80 50 RealisticHumanoidMovementSpeed.esp 81 51 TrueEyes.esp 82 52 SoundsOfBarenziah.esp 83 53 dD-DG-DB-MonsterMod EBT Patch v4.esp 84 54 GoToBed.esp 85 55 KS Jewelry.esp 86 56 TradeBarter.esp 87 57 PC Head Tracking - Patch.esp 88 58 Luna_GoV.esp 89 59 dD-Reduced Wound Size.esp 90 5a PC Head Tracking - MCM.esp 91 5b AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp 92 5c Nerida.esp 93 5d Bijin Warmaidens.esp 94 5e Sweet&Sexy Lingerie.esp 95 5f iNeed.esp 96 60 DudestiaMultiMarriages.esp 97 61 ApachiiHelmetWigs.esp 98 62 Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp 99 63 FM - UNP Merchants.esp 100 64 Potions.esp 101 65 iNeed - Dangerous Diseases.esp 102 66 Serana.esp 103 67 dD-Reduced Splatter Size.esp 104 68 XPMSE.esp 105 69 Realistic HD Beverages.esp 106 6a BodyChange.esp 107 6b AK_RM_PubicStyles_All_In_One.esp 108 6c Dual Sheath Redux.esp 109 6d Schlongs of Skyrim.esp 110 6e Pizza_part1.esp 111 6f RaceMenuOverlayCompilation - CBBE.esp 112 70 UIExtensions.esp 113 71 AddItemMenu2.esp 114 72 Bathing in Skyrim - Realistic Room Rental.esp 115 73 aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp 116 74 Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp 117 75 Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp
  14. Version 6.0


    Hello, here finally Comes the Whiterun Serendipity - Player´s home with nearly the same Features than in the past. This is a rough and quick new start for this mod, but as I noticed, it´s quite beloved: so here we go again... Dependies all the same as before, Fully supports the ZazAnimationPack V.6.22.1 p.s. -this may have issures - it was a superfast "mod-trip".... skyrim update dawnguard hearth fires dragonborn SexLab ZaZAP Enjoy:-) TIP:- if you use the horse you can ride with it (tipsy) into the stable and far enough to the rock-wall, where the hay lays. There´s no roof anymore and you can easily sit off the horse...in future I´ll set the stable Little more higher...
  15. Version 1.0.0 (WIP)


    Author : © MenManMen Version : 1.0 (Work In Progress) Release date : 02/11/2015 Requirements : KS Hairdos - Renewal & all of it's requirements : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311/ Beards : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28363/ Brows : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30411/ Recommended (but not required) : Shape Atlas for Men (SAM)(NSFW) & all of it's requirement : http://www.ladymoiraine.com/index.php?/files/file/1-sam-shape-atlas-for-men-recoded/ Ixum's Smooth, Hot'nSweaty Muscles Re-texture (require SAM)(NSFW): http://www.ladymoiraine.com/index.php?/files/file/27-sam-ixums-smooth-hotnsweaty-muscles-re-texture/ Cute Eyes : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13076/ ~~~ This is my very first mod, so be comprehensive please ~~~ (and i'm french, so sorry for my bad english :/ ) I was scared by the ugliness of the vanilla males, so I created this little mod that replace the faces and change the hair of all Whiterun men. Each male have its mod (.esp), so you can choose the ones you want. This mod was originally created for my personal use, but finally i want to share it with you. AT THIS POINT, THIS IS NOT A VERY SERIOUS MOD (to know more, read the "WIP, Help needed" part below) (in alphabetical order) Amren Andurs Anoriath Athis Avulstein Balgruuf Belethor Bjorlam Brenuin Brill Caius Eimar Elrindir Eorlund Farengar Farkas Gloth Heimskr Hjornskar Hrongar Idolaf Jenssen Jervar Jon Kodlak Mallus Maurice Mikael Nazeem Olfrid Proventus Quentin Cipius Sabjorn Severio Sigurd Sinmir Skjor Skulvar Torvar Ulfberth Vignar Vilkas Wilmuth THIS MOD IS MY VERY FIRST MOD & IS IN A "WORK IN PROGRESS" STEP So bugs can appear, if a bug (that is not already reported below) appear in your game please report it ! I need help to : 1 - Merging and modify ESPs and BSAs files 2 - Fix the first Issue below I think I have to completely rework this mod. This is mod is entirely created with the NPC Editor. So have to learn how to use the faces i created in the NPC Editor in a new original mod, and if you want to help Me, i will be very happy ;-) ! In Racemenu, the number of hair can be disproportioned and it can be very hard to choose the hair you want : Until I fix this bug, If you want to modify the hair of your PC (by the showracemenu command), please load your game without checking any of this mod's ESPs, load your save, change your hair, save, and exit the game. You can now load the game with the ESPs checked. Open the archive, and copy .esp files (and the respectives .bsa files) of each man you want, to your DATA folder. Foretrenty for "Skyrim NPC Editor" Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for "KS Hairdos - Renewal" Hvergelmir for "Beards" and "Brows" VectorPlexus, Earrindo, lxlHunter & Hymnaru for "SAM - Shape Atlas for Men" Ixum for his "Ixum's Smooth, Hot'nSweaty Muscles Re-texture for SAM" TKTK for "Cute Eyes"
  16. "If a building becomes architecture, then it is art." -Arne Jacobsen
  17. Since it was asked, I made some screenshots whithin the brothel in Whiterun's labor district. It's from the mod "Whiterun Expansion_ Alternative Entrance" and can be downloaded from the Nexus : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37403 I just checked and the mod's author is still alive (last login end of april 2018) although he/she seems not to be responding to his own mod thread anymore. Excuse the lack of colors and vibrance, but I still have my usual dim light effects on and the quickest way to counter them for screenshots was a ring of night vision. *blush* Yes, yes. I may enhance them later The outside: entering the main room the dancers the bar Mysterious guarded door down in the basement More pictures in the posts below...
  18. What does the Housecarl Desire? Lydia is mourning alone in the hall of dead, her Thane is died in the battle, as an housecarl she need pay her respect to her former Thane. Sanguine noticed the sadness in her. Sanguine: Poor Poor Lydia... She looked az her and simply, became sad. Sanguine: She lost her Thane, such a sad thing. Sanguine expression took Lydia's sadness and she felt she need do something with the girl. Sanguine: This make me sad too, poor housecarl she can't be used by sex object by her thane, what a sorrowful day for a young housecarl.. Sanguine decided took the matter in her hand. Sanguine: Don't worry my darling, Sanguine take care your desires. She went closer to her to the grieving housecarl. Sanguine: I'm here, everything will be fine now.. Sanguine: I saw how you served him, I know your desires Lydia. Sanguine took of her clothes, Lydia did not noticed. Sanguine: Soon you can be used.. Sanguine: Like before... Sanguine is got ready to cast her spell. Sanguine: As a cumdump.. Sanguine transformed into her Thane daedric version, she took his shape. Sanguine stood up and greeted her. Sanguine: My dear Lydia, I returned to you, ready to serve? Lydia: My Thane??? Lydia face's expression was full of fear and confusion, she did not know what happened, but as housecarl she was ready to serve. Lydia: Yes my Thane! your orders? Sanguine: I want use your tight asshole, bend it over. Lydia did comply the orders, she bended over and Sanguine put his dick to her asshole. Sanguine: I did miss this my hole.. Do you miss me? Lydia: Yes my Thane! Sanguine got rougher, started fucking her hole harder. Sanguine: Lies! Lydia: Ahhhhhhh!! Sanguine: You just a cumdump, Housecarl, do you enjoy being that? Lydia: Yes my Thane!! Sanguine: I cumming into your filthy hole dump. Lydia: I'm honored my Thane.. After cumming her, Sanguine used his magic and grabbed her with it. Sanguine: Now then Lydia lets say your oath... Lydia: My Thane are you magican? He started pull his staff to her pussy. Sanguine: The oath! Lydia: I sworn to carry your burdens, protecting my Thane.... Sanguine: Again wrong! As she not give the answers he expected the staff went deeper. Lydia: I only exist to serve my Thane, I am nothing more just a cumdump, a worthless vessel for his sexual satisfaction, I am just a talking hole ready to fill warm cum of my Thane. He brought her to his dick. Sanguine: Good girl! Your reward, remember shallow it! After it, he brought her ass to his dick and started use her asshole again. Lydia: Use me!! Ah!!!! Lydia: I am just your cumdump!! Ahhhhh!! He cummed in to her. Lydia: Yes!!! Cum in me!!! After finishing, Sanguine reverted to her form and leaved Lydia naked, cummed in ass to the hail of dead. Sanguine: Look at you much happier, now you are just a degraded to a walking cumdump, who only exist to serve her owners, who ever get you next, it will be lucky. Your desire is granted Lydia, get filled well and carry those burdens from balls.. End
  19. Sanguine & Whiterun The sound of cheer, joy and fun in the Misty groove, however one sound is not the same, from one person Sanguine is bored of this party Sanguine: This drunkards bore me.. Her expression is full her boredom, uninterest and monotomy.. Sanguine: It was fun first, but these guys aren't doing anything else than drink and vomiting each other no orgy, no sex, no fetish, just alcohol and even the most shittiest one... Sanguine: Hmmmm, what should I do? I bored..wait... She stand up and looked them. Sanguine: Why don't just get rid them and go some fun place? As soon as she said the bad news, the sound of the party changed into something else. Sanguine: Hmmmpp!! The party is over!!! Drunkards: Why? Ahhhhh!! You supposed to be fun prince!!! Debauchery my ass... Sanguine: Well my dear ungrateful guest, I can send you to another party, in Coldharbor..it will be fun bye assholes... After get riding of the ungrateful drunkards, she decides to go whiterun for fun.. Sanguine: This place got dull, ehhhh, time to spice it up. She went to the Dragonsreach throne room and started planning her fun. Sanguine: Ahhh good old Balgruuf, ever since lost his lover, he doesn't do too much fun and his hold is boring, but he has a little secret. Sanguine: His little secret is a mere act of his stream blowing off, he simply start fapping secretly. Balgruuf: Time to use my rusty sword... Sanguine: Hmmm lets make it more fun shall we? She took her rose and started analysing him. Sanguine: Show me your darkest desires... Sanguine: Favorite pose missionary, likes vanilla sex, and what he desires the most is simply fapping? My my you are boring, need my blessing for your life. Balgruuf: Stupid drawner is looking at me, I need cum now.. Sanguine: Really? She aimed her rose to him and casted. Sanguine: Bam! Lets give this poor sod some fetish! Sanguine: Now then he got my blessing, fun is coming, lets say he doing his usual thing and fresh young servant girl go to the wrong room, i altered his libido he will jump on the poor girl, (chuckles) Sanguine changed herself to an nordic servant girl. Sanguine: A bit of alteration and ready to go, obviusly I will take the servant girl role, I need make him fun for the sake of the hold. She walked in the room and yelled. Sanguine: Ohhhhh!! I'm sorry my milord!! Balgruuf: What!!! He looked her angry and yelled at her. Balgruuf: Girl, who are you, why are you here!!! Sanguine: I'm sorry milord, just a new servant girl, I get lost immediatly.. Balgruuf: No girl you remain, I have a big urge desire of a good fuck, as your Jarl I order to get naked Sanguine: But... Balgruuf: Come on!! Girl.. She took of her clothing Sanguine: Yes milord!! Balgruuf: Nice ass!! Get ready girl!! They started get ready to sex. Sanguine: What an big rustly old sword milord, time to get it use... Balgruuf: Its been a while, when last woman touched my sword. Sanguine: Well milord, time to use it, take it to my sheat. Balgruuf: Yeah... Sanguine: Ahhh yes... Balgruuf: Ahhhhh!!! Balgruuf: Uhhhhhh!!! Sanguine: Hmmmm.. Sanguine: Standard standing fuck... Sanguine: He fucking quite good, but I thought he get more stuff than one pose.. Balgruuf: Damn your fine... Sanguine: This is not enough... I need make him more fun... Balgruuf: I'm cumming!! After the he cummed into her, she started to talk him.. Sanguine: Hmmmm what a big load milord, but.. Balgruuf: But what? Sanguine: I thought you have more fun ideas, than a simple fuck.. Balgruuf: What do you mean girl, you getting on my nerves.. Sanguine: Milord, do your darkest desires with me, your secret fetish, what is your darkest desire? Balgruuf: Well I always wanted to do hard rough anal, with slave irons and use my partners as cumdump... I don't really know since when.. Sanguine: So this is what you got from the my Rose, not bad at all... Sanguine: milord use me as your sex slave, a mere cumdump, satisfy your desires on this young servant girl! Balgruuf: Looks it this night is my luck, took the chains girl! She tooked the old prisoners chains on herself and got ready for Balgruuf desires. Balgruuf: Thats right bend it over! Sanguine: You like it milord? Balgruuf: I like it! Sanguine: Please milord use me!! He started fuck her in roughest way of anal, he known. Sanguine: Ahhhhh!!! Yeah!!! Now we talking! Sanguine: Rougher!!, Deeper!!! Fuck harder!! Milord!! Balgruuf: I cumming slut!! Sanguine: Thats right, there!! Balgruuff: Ahhhh!! Sanguine: Ahhhhhhhhh!!! After the act, he went to sleep, Sanguine get ready to leave. Sanguine: You got tired quite fast... Sanguine: Still this was fun, I wonder how many servant girls will get their round with him.. deed is done, Whiterun will be fun..next time.. End
  20. Hello, I announce a real cute house-mod: The home is directly over the entrance gate of whiterun! After the basis is finished, you´ll get it as an empty house for your own mod ideas. And secondly I´ll go forward and decorate it how I like and put there nice stuff. This comes "load-free" and with exterieur and interieur mesh and later also the clutter and full-accessible mod. This is a first step to restaurate some parts of the old whiterun citywall(s). From the Whiterun gate tower (right tower), you can enter and climb up a narrow stairway directly into the building. And I think this stairway should also go ahead to the next floor. By that I spare the fully space of the left tower and I can quit that stairs from wood...!! That tower will get a side-roof of the house roof itself. The second tower (left) will get a sleeping room and has a stairway to the second floor. A third floor inside the tower may lead into a tower balcony. At this point I have to decide, if the player will have an accessible view to the whiterun/tamriel world, which is of course not LOADED, because the player is in the city. This problem could be surrounded by setting a higher wall to the direction of outside, or simply allow that view- I´m not sure what I will do therewith for the moment. The room participating will be coming and I depend it on the doors and ambience inside. The mod will come with two meshes, that have to be put together inside of Creation-Kit to become a full working house. Two meshes (inside/outside) of the original "gate of whiterun" will have to be exchanged for this project. This is again a mod for LL-only and I hope you will like it. (one of the most common reason to do this, is to go more deep into "my" 3d-software because I prepare something really cool in future;-) ...and i have sooo much fun with this!!!) (the mod CAN also be offered as a normal house with load-door-no problem !!!)
  21. Ok. I am having a problem with CTD when entering Whiterun. I had no issues entering until later in the game. I gained levels and could no longer enter due to CTD. I can COC to other cells in Whiterun, but not Whiterun's cell itself. All ways I can enter Whiterun I CTD. Thanks in advance for any help given. my modorder #Mod_Priority,#Mod_Status,#Mod_Name "0000","+","DLC: HearthFires" "0001","+","DLC: Dragonborn" "0002","+","DLC: Dawnguard" "0003","+","SSELODGen 3.2.1" "0004","+","A Quality World Map" "0005","+","SkyUI" "0006","+","Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch" "0007","+","Cutting Room Floor" "0008","+","Alternate Start - Live Another Life" "0009","+","RaceMenu" "0010","+","Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE" "0011","+","FNIS Creature Pack SE 7.0" "0012","+","FNIS Spells SE 7.0" "0013","+","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended" "0014","+","BodySlide and Outfit Studio" "0015","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod" "0016","+","HD Lava for Dawnguard" "0017","+","Ruins Clutter Improved SE" "0018","+","Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-tweaks)" "0019","+","ENB Helper SE" "0020","+","Obsidian Weathers and Seasons" "0021","+","Sovngarde HD" "0022","+","Soul Cairn HD" "0023","+","ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition" "0024","+","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-" "0025","+","Smooth Sky mesh - SSE" "0026","+","Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants Gildergreen" "0027","+","Skyrim Textures Redone Enhanced Night Sky" "0028","+","SSE Texture Pack - Osmodius" "0029","+","Cutting Room Floor Locations" "0030","+","Alternate start- LAL Locations" "0031","+","Riften Leaves HD 2K" "0032","+","No more ugly Vines" "0033","+","Better Nirnroot - Hi-Res 2K Textures" "0034","+","Hanging Moss replacer into plant by Pfuscher" "0035","+","Skyrim 3D Rocks" "0036","+","JK's Skyrim" "0037","+","Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants" "0038","+","SSEEdit" "0039","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods" "0040","+","Realistic Needs and Diseases All-In-One for USSEP" "0041","+","Realistic Needs and Diseases - Frostfall patch" "0042","+","Campfire - Complete Camping System (Supports Skyrim VR)" "0043","+","Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival" "0044","+","PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions" "0045","+","The Elder Scrolls - Veydosebrom" "0046","+","ET3D - Every Tree 3D Different" "0047","+","Majestic Mountains - Darkside" "0048","+","hdtSSEFramework 1 5 80" "0049","+","hdtSSEPhysics 1 5 80" "0050","+","hdtSSEHH 1 5 80" "0051","+","Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K" "0052","+","NSM - SMIM Patch" "0053","+","SexLabFrameworkSE v163 BETA7" "0054","+","SexLabArousedSSELoose" "0055","+","Skyrim 3D StoneWalls" "0056","+","CC's HQ Carts" "0057","+","Farmhouse Door 3D" "0058","+","Skyland - Towns and Villages" "0059","+","RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition" "0060","+","PELTAPALOOZA - Special Edition" "0061","+","RUSTIC FURNITURE - SPECIAL EDITION" "0062","+","Noble Furniture Improved" "0063","+","Iconic's Real Hay" "0064","+","HD Photorealistic Ivy" "0065","+","CC's HQ Barset" "0066","+","Comfy Dwemer Beds" "0067","+","Mead Barrel HD 2K" "0068","+","RUGNAROK - Special Edition" "0069","+","Silverware normal map fix" "0070","+","2K Retextured Mage Tables" "0071","+","RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION - Special Edition" "0072","+","Training Dummies Retexture 4k and 2k" "0073","+","Misc Retexture Project smim" "0074","+","Devious Devices Integration" "0075","+","Devious Devices Expansion" "0076","+","Devious Devices Assets" "0077","+","Mfg Fix" "0078","+","Forgotten Retex Project" "0079","+","Misc Retexture Project 2.0" "0080","+","CL's Barrels and Crates" "0081","+","Immersive Weapons" "0082","+","Immersive Armors" "0083","+","Immersive Armours - SSE CBBE BodySlide" "0084","+","SG Female Eyebrows" "0085","+","KS Hairdos SSE" "0086","+","KS Hairdo's SSE - Male" "0087","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards" "0088","+","Leyenda Skin" "0089","+","Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard) [CBBE]" "0090","+","Feminine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat and Leopard) [CBBE]" "0091","+","ZAZ 7.0SE-Rev1" "0092","+","SlaveTatsSE" "0093","+","LewdMarks" "0094","+","Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice" "0095","+","Laura's Bondage Shop v3.01 SSE version - By tznvlw" "0096","+","SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)" "0097","+","TroublesofHeroineSE1" "0098","+","SlaveTats-whore" "0099","+","SlaveTats-brat" "0100","+","vampy tats" "0101","+","Rutah-art" "0102","+","SlaveTats-criminal" "0103","+","JContainers SE" "0104","+","Schlongs of Skyrim SE" "0105","+","Creature Framework 1.1.0-pre2A-SE" "0106","+","HornyCreaturesofSkyrim V1 13ASE" "0107","+","Tempered Skins for Males - SOS Full Version" "0108","+","EstrusForSkyrimSE_VR" "0109","+","Estrus Chaurus V4.37se" "0110","+","MoreNastyCritters v12RC10SE" "0111","+","HentaiCreatures MNCv12SE2" "0112","+","UIExtensions" "0113","+","dse-soulgem-oven-vbeta5" "0114","+","Milk Mod Economy" "0115","+","Milk Mod Economy SE Assets" "0116","+","Milk-Mod-Economy-SE-Bodyslide-v8" "0117","+","Devious Training Core 3.0 SE beta 2" "0118","+","Animal SOS SE 0" "0119","+","Devious Training Martyr SE beta 2" "0120","+","Devious Training Mayhem SE beta 2" "0121","+","Devious Training Textures beta 0.0001" "0122","+","Deviously Cursed Loot" "0123","+","Heels Sound 1.5 SSE" "0124","+","[SUNJEONG] LOVERS LAB COLLECTION 3_0" "0125","+","UPDATE 3-1 REQUIRES MAIN FILE" "0126","+","UPDATE 3-2 REQUIRES MAIN FILE AND UPDATE 3-1" "0127","+","SunJeong's Ninirm Collection 3_0_0" "0128","+","Summer Casual [SMP]" "0129","+","Damaged Feather [SMP] 1_2" "0130","+","Dragon Rises [SMP]" "0131","+","SL Defeat SSE" "0132","+","Skooma Whore for SSE" "0133","+","Skooma Whore - Addicted for SSE" "0134","+","Sexlab Dialogues SE May 2019" "0135","+","Better Females Eyebrows - Standalone" "0136","+","OBIS SE - Organized Bandits In Skyrim Special Edition" "0137","+","SexLab Separate Orgasm SE" "0138","+","Serial Strip SE v1.1.4" "0139","+","Serial Stripper SE v1.1.4" "0140","+","Sexy Starting Options SE v1.0.1" "0141","+","SexLab Solutions v5.0.7" "0142","+","Simple Slavery Plus" "0143","+","SDPlus" "0144","+","SDResources SE May 2019" "0145","+","Bijin NPCs SE" "0146","+","Bijin Wives SE" "0147","+","Bijin Warmaidens SE" "0148","+","Seranaholic by rxkx22 - Ported to SSE by bchick3 and elrizzo" "0149","+","Bijin Family Bodyslides - CBBE" "0150","+","Bijin All in One 2019" "0151","+","PSQ SSE 1" "0152","+","PSQ Transformpack SE" "0153","+","Dripping when aroused" "0154","+","fnis output" "0155","+","AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer" "0156","+","The Eyes Of Beauty SSE" "0157","+","Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life" "0158","+","Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update" "0159","+","Wearable Lanterns" "0160","+","Wearable Lanterns MCM Fix" "0161","+","Mikan Eyes - SE" "0162","+","Female Makeup Suite - Face - RaceMenu Overlays of Eyeliner EyeShadow Contours and Highlights - Special Edition" "0163","+","Uno A beautiful NORD preset for Racemenu" "0164","+","Jade A beautiful NORD preset for Racemenu" "0165","+","Isla - Racemenu Preset" "0166","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows" "0167","+","Aleya - The Elf a RaceMenu Preset" "0168","+","Danyca - RaceMenu and Bodyslide presets (CBBE) for a female Nord" "0169","+","powerofthree's Papyrus Extender for SSE" "0170","+","Sexlab LightMeUp" "0171","+","Sex Lab - Sexual Fame 0.99" "0172","+","Fall Of The Dragonborn SE - v0.708.1" "0173","+","[SunJeong] Ninirim Collection 5.0" "0174","-","FallrimTools - Script cleaner and more" I have attached my papyrus logs as well. Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log Papyrus.2.log Papyrus.3.log
  22. This has been a problem in my skyrim across so many machines and load orders it's ridiculous. The first time I enter whiterun is fine on any save, but the second time, such as, leaving a building back into the whiterun cell, crashes me, pretty much every time, requiring several reloads before it lets me back out. If I save outside in whiterun, I get a visual runtime error that looks rather like this: As you can see from the fact it displays absolutely no text, this crash information is incredibly lacking. I have tried, so many times, the various visual runtime fixes, reinstalling it, but no matter what, I always end up with this issue. I'm at my wits end with this rubbish. As much detail as I can give is literally just that. Honestly at this point I'm considering throwing out all the sexlab mods that use whiterun and just installing open cities so I can ignore the whiterun cell.
  23. Does anybody know what can be the cause of this glitch? This happens to me when I look at the direction of the market in Whiterun or Riften. When I look away everything goes back to normal. (see the video) Load Order of this particular profile (but it happens with other profiles and other mod orders): Any help will be appreciated.
  24. Bard's Tale and the Girl who wanted forget(1/) Arilith: Coming Whiterun hold may was biggest mistake of my entire life bigger than Windhelm, working with that paladin is easily worst idea I ever had, I should stay in Eastmarch.. Arilith sat down, trying to get over what happened her, but she heard locals start shouting for a famous bard.. Arilith: I need a bit of rest, this Inn might give me some I believe.. Shouting: Good folks of the Bannered Mare, here comes our new eccentric bard Svenja!.. Arilith: hmmm.. Very shy girl with Cyrodilic barding clothing appeared, she was a young nord women, named Svenja.. who had some infamy.. Svenja:.... Shouting: Come on girl! Don't be shy, share your tales with us... Arilith: Ohhh This might be amusing... shy bard girl gonna entertain us.. Infamous Svenja.. her stories are famous of being very weirds, let see if those rumors are true.. Svenja was frozen, she forget the tale she wanted to share, but the pressure was big, as a bard she didn't had the luxury to be stand still and say nothing, she started figuring out a tale fastly.. Svenja: (Ohhh crap, wich story should I tell, ohhh wait there is that rumor from winterhold of that Malicia girl...lets put up something fast) She got enough strength to open her mouth and she starting making a up a story about a non-existant princess.. Svenja: Bit moment of my dear audience, allow me to tell an very old tale of the most forgotten part of Whiterun history... Long time ago, in the earliest dawn of the nordic Empire, city of Whiterun was once a capitol a big kingdom.. King Olaf the One eyed, slayer of the dragons had a strong and mighty daughter... Her beauty was unmatched in entire skyrim, her hair was long like the tundras of Whiterun hold, the color was fiery as the sun, her face was pretty as my one, her body was marked by the ancient warpaints of our heritage, her mind was sharp as the most deadliest weapon, her knowledge ofhad no limit, an Army of suitors desired her hand.. sieged her everyday.. However the heart of the princess was already taken, no matter how all prince of came to her in All Tamriel.. No matter how hard they tried, she found her Prince long time ago secretly.. Like her father she was strong and mighty, even those who challenged her trying forcefully get her hand got defeated by her and her most trusted companion her horse.. Their bond was strong, almost inpenetrable, Skyrim never saw such strong connection of maiden and horse, even mighty norse gods looked at it. And they was the most deadliest duo amoungs of the warriors of Skyrim, however such connection had a secret, their relationship was much more than horse and women, it was a secret love... The Princess and her horse was indeed lovers, she secretly made love with him, when she could, she often was missing... And the truth of her might was came from the love and juices of her horse.., she always pleased him and drank the powerful nectar from it, made her invincible, but.. Eventually she wanted more, and that was biggest mistake of her, she overestimated herself.. and her body... She died when she put his horses greatword to her and the mighty Princess life's ended that moment, she was buried in the catacombs of Whiterun, and her Father the Mighty Olaf exiled all horses after that.. As she finishing her story, entire Inn getting confused, what they heard... Svenja: And this was the tale of old history of Whiterun(Thanks Crazy Malicia of Winterhold, you saved this night...) Shouting: What was this tale?..Why can't she actually tell a normal once... typicial Svenja, she can't make a story without something weird.. Svenja: Hey you told Hulda to invite me hire.. Hearing the Tale, Arilith efforts to forget her previous adventure fails, all of the events came to her mind again.. Arilith: Maybe this wasn't a bright idea after all again, this story reminds me someone I don't want to remember wanted to forget her, the paladin named Cassidy... while she didin't do anything with her horse, she is crazy as this bard.. Cass: Don't be worry, this gonna be fun.. Arilith: I feel this idea gonna be my biggest regrets of my life.. End
  25. Thank you Kokoro for showing me that…..Hooooooooooooooorrifying monster that I simply called a Demon Spider. Fuck those things, and fuck that Hallway I was in while doing that shot, it was fucking terrifying. Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
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