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  1. Yeah, I really like that look for Sybille as well. I wanted something to distinguish "on the clock" Sybille with "off the clock" Sybille, and maybe speak a little to her personality. One of my favorite things to do in writing these stories is take vanilla characters and add a bit of depth. Bethesda did a good job of creating somewhat interesting characters, and I've enjoyed expanding on them. πŸ™‚ The Wolf Queen is one of my absolute favorite pieces of Elder Scrolls lore, so the idea of doing a story without at least feeling her influence never even occurred to me. I also mentioned her in Aza's little intro chapter. πŸ€” It is a complicated story. Sigh. πŸ˜” And LOL. The fog effect sound Sybille's "sister" was done using a mod sometime recommended on the discord a while back. It's not on Nexus, and it's LE but works fine in SE. I think it's Ponzu Effect Ring, but I'll check when I have a chance. Thanks for reading!
  2. Thanks for the support Jay-Omms. It's greatly appreciated. ❀️
  3. So, this is nowhere near the length of a normal chapter, however it was long enough that I felt including it as part of the upcoming Chapter 6, might actually take away from the rest of the chapter, especially considering that it will be quite long enough on it's own. Given that we're starting to explore other characters, and add to the world building surrounding Thora's tale, these little interludes may become a bit more common as we go. That way the main chapters can keep their focus on Thora and her story. I hope you enjoy this little interlude. As always, the rest of my work can be found here: A Bard's Dream Table of Contents I'll also apologize for the slight change in attire. Some things were not where I thought they were mod-wise as I've been rebuilding, and as a result, Gisli's outfit is a different color, and Sybille is missing her choker. Neither detail is crucial to the story, so hopefully, we can just move on with things. ☺️ I hope you enjoyed this little interlude, relatively short though it was. ❀️
  4. Thanks! I'm sorry to have left you all waiting so long. 🀨 But it has been nice to see I was missed. ❀️
  5. Thanks! I had a lot of fun putting this together and it reminded why I was doing this before in the first place, and why I why enjoyed it. I'm definitely doing one more chapter of Lexi and Sadie to help rehone my skills before I jump into Thora and Amy... I mean Aza's much more complex setups. So, well see Lexi and Sadie confront the mysterious person who emailed them, and I don't think things are going to get less stressful for Sadie there. I like Lexi's look too. I really like her color coordination here. Since her and Thora are the same actor, I rebuilt Thora first, and then altered her. They won't be exactly the same as before, but based on Thora I think they're pretty close.
  6. Thanks Tirloque! It's really nice to be back. Aside from loving my characters and the stories I'm telling, I've met some really cool people here, and I missed you guys. ❀️ One nice thing to come out of this, is that my build was in desperate need of maintenance anyway. I'd basically started doing these stories with the build I'd used for playing the game. There were a lot of scripted mods that just weren't needed for storytelling, and the whole thing could be somewhat unstable from time to time. Now, I'm rebuilding with only these stories in mind, so I can cut out a ton of those, and focus just on the mods that enhance the photographic aspect. It was a little daunting trying my hand at this again after well over a year of not touching the game, but I seem to be catching on again. A lot of the very basic things I did in this chapter took me a long time to learn initially, and I was able to refresh myself over the course of a few hours. I'm kind of using my Lexi chapters for practice right now to get myself back up to speed because they're pretty basic and easy chapters to do, and I can experiment. I'll probably have one more Lexi chapter before I dive back into Thora and Aza, for a little extra practice, but Dream Chapter 6 and Aza Chapter 2.5 are both pretty well scripted, so I'm looking forward to jumping back in on them. Malicia, I'll tell Thora you said Hi when I see her, and Sophia's sister says Hi.😊
  7. Thanks! Looking forward to finally telling more of them!
  8. A Bard's Dreams Table of Contents And now, a word from our Lexi... So, basically, I lost my entire install a while back, presets and all. At the time, I was extremely frustrated, especially at myself for not backing anything up, and didn't have the energy or will to try and rebuild everything from scratch. Fast forward a year and a half later, and I'm working on getting things rebuilt and set up. I really am invested in these characters, and am actually looking forward to working on their tales more. I have most of the pieces in place to start back in on my stories, so they shall continue. Now, I'm tired and it's time for bed! Later, Lexi. ❀️
  9. Very cool! Thanks @Tirloque ! I've kinda been out of the game for a month or two because of PC issues, but I'll likely be returning to this come autumn.
  10. I'm running a lot further behind than I'd like to be, given that I've basically been troubleshooting issues, and trying to fix my game since I released the last chapter of Aza, but I'm slowly getting back on track, and have finally begun working on Chapter 6 of Thora's story. In the tradition of Thora's other chapters, I thought I'd release a short preview of what's to come. Enjoy. Hopefully more to come a little later this month.
  11. Even better! I can't imagine any problems there. πŸ˜„
  12. "Oh wow! Congratulations, he never mentioned you!" πŸ˜‚ I loved that! Love the way this is shaping up! I love that this time around she actually made it to the militia office. I'm sure there won't be any troubles or complications arising from the Cass sharing a home with Bran and his fiance. Although I'm reminded of Erik's "hero" training in the previous universe... πŸ™„ A really fun read! Looking forward to more!
  13. I could probably have a chapter with like five hundred pages and fifty individual characters, put Amy in just one of those panels with like two lines of dialogue, and that would be what people would comment on! πŸ˜„ As far as their first meeting, that tale is in the works! We're going to hear it twice! Because Aza and Amy are so different, there's a kind of unreliable narrator element to the story so we'll be hearing it from both points of view. Ah Talsgar. Sigh. The first time I encountered him in game was during my original Thora playthrough way back when. She and... Cosnach I think, were lost in the wilderness north of Markarth (A terrible sense of direction has been there since the beginning!) I've had an interest in him ever since. I like using vanilla characters and trying to give them a bit more depth. I did of course "recast" him like Sybille because his vanilla model is atrocious. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks! ☺️
  14. I worry for Maylinda when Everly dies catch up to her! 😯 What I really liked about this chapter was the idea of someone being out of their mind (high on shaman juice/ecstacy) for example, knowing they're out of their mind, and just rolling with it. It just makes me chuckle for some reason. πŸ˜„
  15. Glad you enjoyed it! πŸ˜ƒ I do enjoy writing dialogue, Amy in particular right now. As far as the darkness... yeah. It was my first time shooting anything at night, and I think I took a lesson or two away from it. I think going forward I'm probably going to do most of my "nighttime" shooting a bit closer to dusk. I think just a little more ambient light would have made a world of difference in those shots. And, my lovely Malicia, sometimes when it's the right girl, or in Hana's case, an available girl, that "kiss" is worth the risk. 😯
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