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  1. Had a late breakfast, skipped lunch to gain time for a jogging trip in my break, worked overtime. Decided to be lazy, have a walk after work and instead of cooking we order pizza from a restaurant nearby. .... all is well .... except .... EVERYBODY does that today and it's still 1h before we get our food (We should have become wary, when we walked past their windows and saw how busy they were)
  2. I recommend to play "The Sisterhood of Dibella" .. It has a possible solution for that ..
  3. 13229 is out there ... somewhere
  4. (Prince) William Sound
  5. 13227 is ready to be shipped to you
  6. Wait! How did you know that my mother knew her? She told me that it was a private meeting.
  7. privy council (same silly idea ) city council
  8. 🤔 I don't think you can query the triggerbox for the world object of the ore. But you could check for the player and if the PC his having ore in the inventory. It's probably the same issue that you have in the Foresaken Cave with the bowl to open the secret door. Take a look there. Another idea could be to create your own ore and make it equippable. Your triggerbox could now check if this special ore is equipped (a.k.a. holding it in your hands)
  9. I wish them luck. Anyway, my mother would be proud of me
  10. (infinite) improbability drive
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