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  1. Clearly, he is bound for some educative lesson. Probably "behaviour 101" My prediction, Cass has it all figured out and is already applying deceptive techniques to make the inevitable lesson sink in even deeper. 🤔 Though first, she has to find the missing panties and return them safely to their owners.
  2. I drank whiskey that's been older than me. But that's it with old food.
  3. Although it's working now between tabs, it seems the site somehow forgots my settings after some time
  4. That's among the things what my mother taught me to cook, when I was just entering school. Though we did use the same simple dough for almost anything she taught me. .
  5. 🤢 Voluntarily by my own free will? 🤢 Neither back then nor today ...
  6. And that's exactly what we are doing. And that's why I don't need any interference of an idiotic webshop to help me decide what's "suitable" content or "sexual" content
  7. Although I have to agree to that, my heart is empty now Rest in peace, my dear Ebonvale!
  8. It seems that the new customizer isn't remembering my settings in a new tab. Will see tomorrow if it remembers settings after I log out and return to the site 🤔
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