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  1. worik

    CTD Pelagia Farm Giant

    Not that bad You shoud be able to deselect them. one of the tabs on the right pane... Anyway, they are not the only one feasting on your ressources. And even with a high end machine, at some point Skyrim gives a shit about it. Unless you do something about it like ENBs do. But follow my uninvasive tests and checks first (update mods!) Another quick and funny test start game in the main window, DO NOT start or load the game open console tgm coc whiterunexterior01 and run around a bit You can make sure that it is basically working that way. If it crashes later in that special scene, you know it is something from the scene. PS. And while you are cleaning up, more to read for you
  2. worik

    Count to 1,000,000

    Does the manual has at least 8138 pages to read?
  3. worik

    Sexy Bandit Captives

    Ah! I remember. Gatti14YumikoHDTDUPLICATE002 sounds like we don't need that for SBC anyway. @Blackbird Wanderer kick it out for 0.957? Once and for all? Or do you need that for something?
  4. worik

    CTD Pelagia Farm Giant

    Having a look at your list, my first idea is that you are overloading your poor Skyrim engine with too much to do => dang. Textures are eating your ressources, especially if you didn't touch your ini's and don't use an ENB. And I see alot HD stuff in your list. Try to get that load off your Skyrim first and see if that's enough. Just for the fun of it: reduce resolution , disable HD textures packs... one after the other. Oh, and ULSEEP has a fix for HD textures as well AFAIK. IF you insist on using Bugthesda's HighRes packs, don't forget to add the USLEEP fix too. They failed even at that end. If you want to dive deeper into it, you need to read about your GFX cards abilities, read about the Skyrim inis and fix yours. Good reading: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.0
  5. worik

    Count to 1,000,000

    Page 8135 in the manual states it very clearly that everything is needed.
  6. I'm pissed of that they don't use this or a similar ad here. Just booooring that way. Didn't feel it necessary, obviously. Booooooring
  7. worik

    Frostfall and Sexlab

    You did that in an ongoing game? Or did you start a fresh game? I recommend a fresh game! I use SL and FF for years, but I never ever had your issue => so you either installed incomplete or some other mods are interfering. check with a new game. Give it enough time to initilize! it can take minutes. make sure ALL your mods are installed completely and correctly! Double check the versions => update old stuff If that doesn't help, load order please. Put it here in spoiler tags, not to annoy anyone on a mobile device and spending hours of scrolling downwards. Edit: And one thing to check in FF directly in your current game is the Armor&Clothing editor MCM->FF->Armor & Clothing Have a look at your stuff there. Just wear it before you go into the menu. Good luck!
  8. worik

    brauch mal Hilfe

    Seife nicht vergessen, dann gehts auch mit den besonders dreckigen Stellen. Ok, warten wir
  9. worik

    Count to 1,000,000

    Spare part #8133 was not replaced as it is required by the safety manual. An amateur, I guess.
  10. worik

    brauch mal Hilfe

    Ah! Winny in jungen Jahren. Na, dann warten wir mal auf Bilder von @Mickthegrey Ich kann mir nämlich nichts unter der Beschreibung vorstellen Liegt aber an mir und meiner Phantasielosigkeit
  11. worik

    Sexy Bandit Captives

    Just a serious case of digital TES5Edit-itis Anything to do about that? v0.956
  12. Sure they were... but HR is not utilzed by POP. Perhaps availability in DD is making it a quick&easy option to use them in POP If DD is not the way to go, ZAP9 is teasing us with maaaaany sexy new items as well. Err.. I meant ... emmmmh: Useful devices to keep unruly prisoners from damaging the interior, hurting other prisoners or themselves.
  13. worik

    brauch mal Hilfe

    Fangen wir doch einfach mal mit Screenshots an. Am besten jpg und in spoiler tags (das Auge Symbol) *hust* Volkszählung war rund um das Jahr 0 in Judäa und hat auch nicht geholfen. Sprache reicht Edit And this is probably better moved into the technical support section https://www.loverslab.com/forum/39-skyrim-technical-support/
  14. worik

    Skyrim lesson number 86.

    We have a mod for that : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/460-sexlab-stds You don't like bunnies