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  1. I have. But the job position isn't available anymore
  2. 😳 Not good... now to the bad news: a daily walk in the sunshine can help And even worse: you should keep that habit even after full vitamin D recovery
  3. I've still 20+ or so posts that would be very urgent to get a thumbup, but unfortunately my ressurces are ... exhausted
  4. As I said: teamwork 🥂 Congratulations for their first sucessful adventure! Although it seems Mrs Elfy missed part of the fun and Mrs Orc was "sleeping" through her royal incentive. I'd like to see them return for another adventure, DCI Chapter 2 Technical side note: the cave makes the pictures very dim and difficult to watch on the casual couch reading notebook. It can't be helped much, I think 🤔. A location in the outside or in an ice cave wouldn't have that issue.
  5. It's all about teamwork, isn't it For a random adventure party, they do indeed very well. One question though 🤔 : Shouldn't ellie be getting some XP for mastering her first ... hmmm.. mass .. hmmm.. mindcontrol ... spell? Can we call it spell? Or is it just a manual basic skill which is a requirement hor higher magic 🤔
  6. So far, they are doing quite well for a group of amateurs. I mean, nobody got seriously harmed, yet they arranged quite a successful multi-level distraction they even cut (*cough*) the numbers of foes down and they advanced directly to the boss in their first attempt 👏 Well done!
  7. It's always the same with those illiterates and the whimpies. They don't get anything done and just keep others from doing their thing *sigh* *mood to rant on and on here* PS: But your dwarf is an absolute 11 on the scale from 0 to 10 😎 Can we get him somewhere as an NPC mod or a race to embed into our games ?
  8. And another case solved, thanks to Cass' superior intellect and empathic techniques. I like the style of her trap, it's ultimate functionality, it's trap-in-a-trap design, her execution technique and the graphical representation of Mr. Spy as our first-hand reporter of her doings. +1 Perhaps a priesthood of Mara might help Dirk to regain purity and overcome his wrong-doings? Dibella might work, too. But the path would be much harder for him. 🤔 *cough*
  9. Dirk is really helpful. It is very good to see that Cass' can rely on the local civilians to help out in non-combat missions. And she has to be carful not to exploit his help too much. 🤔 Though .. there is one thing, that we don't know yet and Cass' could never solve this alone: We dont't know if the panty hijacker isn't a threat to the male population and their pants, too. 🤷‍♀️ There is only one way to find that out: Dirk has to sacrifice his underwear. Maybe Cass should convince him to extend his help to that level?
  10. For the onscreen texts, it is the language setting from your skyrim.ini. If the selected language file is missing from a mod, it's just gibberish, I think. To prevent the gibberish and have readable text, the simplest solution is to copy a different language file and rename it. That's not a translation, of course, but at least it avoids the gibberish. I'm not sure about audio output, though 🤔. Edit: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:Skyrim_INI/General#sLanguage
  11. it's all about itching and scratching .... in certain situations
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