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  2. 14790 doesn't need one. I think.
  3. Does it sound like 14788?
  4. That's the problem with "digital" work. It's hardly possible to give children a task that seems meaningful and let them be a part of their parent's work.
  5. See? Told you so. If there is one thing that C19 could have taught us all, is that your own children of course can have a look at their parents work. I can remember days (decades ago) when I was allowed to visit my parents at work and it made me very proud, when I could "help" **cough** The important thing is, that I understood there the concept of "be quiet, I must concentrate for an hour". (And I am told, I could read the clock and numbers a lot earlier than I could read or write my first word)
  6. BANNED for bringing up "understanding" in the banning thread. What's next? Peace and harmony?
  7. Yahama brought you 14786
  8. :coffee: Good morning :classic_cool: . It's concert-time today.

    Have fun with Hamburg from above

    Released yesterday, 12hours ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VASVraoqGcI

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      :classic_laugh: I can't remember. We are quite shy and didn't want to disturb them :classic_blush:

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       You could

      Season 3 Reaction GIF by Good Trouble

    4. worik
  9. 14783 will take care of your friends to get there
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