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  1. Can you download anything from LL at all? 🤔 The small 76MB DDI package is usually not a problem at all. Or are you lost in the DD universe and are asking about the (much) bigger packages for DDx (Expansion) or DDa (Assets) ?
  2. Now, you have the idea and the purpose.
  3. You did. So fix your ambitions first and then rebuild your load order. Do it step by step Some things on first glance: did you use loot? Do it to find issues in your load order and selected mods. Looks like you mix in some old and outdated things Read the mod pages and make sure you only play mods that you actually want and know what they do. Read the incompatability parts and known side effects of the mods to decide. Make sure you use cleaned mods. Some older ones didn't pay attention to cleaning. With such a huge list ... you probably bring the engine to its limits anyway. Except if you add some little helpers to your game to solve memory issues, overfowing the string limit ... etc ... ... Before I go on, start reading some guides Like:
  4. This wouldn't have happend with the right deck of cards and the right skill points ( Yuuji, I-9029 by Jellyfish-Sama | MTG Cardsmith )
  5. Granted Unfortunately you lose the ability to decide, so you are stuck with the same aging as anybody else. If you just could come up with a will .... I wish I would have more time to read the books of A song of Ice and Fire and watch the previous seasons of Game of Thrones again. It got me confused and I always mix up both plots 🤯
  6. You get what you vote for. Don't tell me anyone expected anything less ? It's just a pity for the minors. Now there is another piece of the puzzle where they just have to ignore the weird world of the idiots adults.
  7. Banned for ignoring the spanish flag icon when using the spanish "color" 🇪🇸
  8. Much better thinking It's getting hotter. More perspective ? Let's put another firewood in the flames:
  9. 🤔 Tough choice since I don't drink that much. Maybe Mojito ..
  10. Banned, because I can do french couleur as well 🇫🇷
  11. ... and she can be such a nice person. She clearly understands the harmonic flow between Dibella and Kynareth
  12. Like the Snickers 9026 Fixed Belt
  13. banNED for using the wrong type of banning colour
  14. Banned for banning the most helpless members in a Skyrim board. The Pyrodracophobics 😱
  15. But the key is dropping to the ground. Who knows where ... ? We need to hurry and form up a rescue party of volunteers. The Quest for the Holy Key.
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