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  1. worik

    BarleyDark Farm???

    Maybe adding the right faction to the farm inhabitants in the *.esp
  2. I'll keep a variant with do-neither-touch-nor-strip in mind
  3. worik

    Guess This Location.

    I'm trying now for 15 minutes to get the right angle, exactly as in your screenshot ... one attempt more and I give up with the perfect solution Edit: Not perfect but at least close to a few steps
  4. worik

    Hearthfire Dungeon Addon

    *turns-around-immediately-to-have-a-look* Edit: I don't mind it. But if I find out, I'll post the culprit.
  5. worik

    Hearthfire Dungeon Addon

    Tried it ... with ZAP 7 ... annd even here it looks nice And ouuuu, I like those toggles and switches and levers ... Teasers: But one funny bug(?): Endless distance in the picture here ...? But if I get closer, the rock slides in from the right to the left and when I'm in the bath itself it shows a perfect rock wall at the end.
  6. I'm just writing up the plot for a prostitution oriented quest "The banquet". As a spin-off trail of thought for restrictive but elegant bondage gear it could follow basically be hired to serve at a noble's banquet (Jarl,.etc ...) get gear (lend from Laura) arrive at location switch your clothing (timed devices could come in handy here!) serve the dishes depending on your taste the activities range from simple walking around and serving the meal (hobble dress?) to groping to being fucked by the odd guest or being the main course for the banquet get released out of your gear return stuff My original plot is focused on the "escort" side with a mod like Radiant Prositution in mind. But if the basic idea strikes your fancy, i will write a variant in the whole range from no-sex-at-all to whatever Just give me a basic hint of your preference and taste Edit: The first idea came in march. It's still unpolished, but a more detailed teaser here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/95304-radiant-prostitutiongigolo/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-2181352
  7. worik

    What is your Skyrim load order?

    A while ago, I wrote an article how I do it and where I found a good guide:
  8. worik

    Guess This NPC

    but of course
  9. worik

    What do you find most overrated in life? Why?

    The idea that the human being is supposed to be the most intelligent species on earth. 24h a day it's only purpose appears to be to prove that theory utterly wrong.
  10. worik

    BarleyDark Farm???

    As far as I know, they placed the farm at the same spot that was originally intended by Bugthesda. Their idea was to go through the published but unfinished parts of Skyrim and "unhide" what they find. A nearby spawn point strikes some other unhidden locations, too. And of course modded locations. Not uncommon.
  11. worik

    Guess This NPC

    Aaaah I see you like the companionship of certain blue Khajiit. Congratulations for the solution! Have a or ?
  12. worik

    Guess This NPC

    A lady is lying on the table in front of me? If you know where I am, you may know who it is. If you know who it is, you know, where I am. DO NOT name location or lady. But DO make a picture of yourself here.. if possible with her.
  13. worik

    What are you currently listening to?

    Now, you got 2 adult people dancing and remembering the good old days. The following is entirely your fault:
  14. worik

    What are you currently listening to?

    Going back in time Dieter Reith orchestra, Arabia, 1966 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggZ4ByH2Z0U
  15. worik

    Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    none, the story is the difference RP/G is primarily about you and your body on the market TDF's PAP is more about selling your follower (but not limited to that)