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  1. Now, the most important question is which comes first : payback or pants away. Immoral being as I am ... I've already two ideas where both targets could be met with the same action
  2. @Laura 'Lokomootje' I'm done with my playing for today so back to work and I got some screenshots for you. My usual game first, the screenshots circle around the troubled shop location/ mule . First view to the west, along the road, view S, view E, view N 4:45 in the morning, pictures postedited in brighntness, forceweather 81a for the second set, I forgot that in the first set Same setting plus the shop, views in the same sequence The shown mods include Extended Town and Cities (ETaC) just a stray stone fence directly in front of the door to the shop Mule in Skyrim, the farm is the troubled building mod for enlarged trees (forgotten the name) and the shop
  3. worik

    Chapter Twenty: Release

    He is neither a "collector" .. nor an artist nor has he a fancy "gallery" On the other hand, the hall of faces is absolutely stunning. Combined with "boner theft" it made my twisted brain connect two dots But that's the dark side... I am still musing over the light side
  4. worik

    Chapter Twenty: Release

    ... depending on which way the wind blows .... I just thought about the darker side of it
  5. worik

    Chapter Twenty: Release

    *itching* I'm starting to feel an idea for a little quest mod growing ..... a bit spooky and perhaps .... not everybody would like it But depending on the players actions no harm would be done
  6. I woudn't mind. And day after day I get the feeling that only a small minority here is an english native speaker. By the way, who said that Laura must speak without accent? It wasn't me. Now, if you add whistling, humming, mumbling, clearing throat, coughing,sneezing ... the scene is becoming alive. But I'm spoiled. I played too much Witcher games, where they made it a habit to make villages feel alive with tricks like that. It took me a while to recognize it, because it feels so immersive Will do I forgot to capture some. Now, I just started my main game for a quest or two, trying to understand the cause of two other bugs but I'll return to you .
  7. Bottom left (in my case) "Carbon full width" => should do what you want to achieve...
  8. Finally some time to update my test profile to v1.20 and play a bit around. I like it very much how this little shop is developing. Congratulations! Now, a few thoughts from me. Although some of those have been mentioned before, I'd like to point at them again Now, if you would excuse me a minute please, I need to tend to this itching ...
  9. worik

    Chapter Twenty: Release

    My fault and lack of proper english language skill glad you didn't! Your track record so far:
  10. worik

    Chapter Twenty: Release

    When I thought about "education" in chapter 19, this is not necessarily what I meant back there. But nevertheless it was obviously long overdue to widen Cass horizon in many fields: social skills, mastering tools, body control, ... i could go on... Though I think this "education" is still unfinished, isn't it? I mean, Cass still needs more lessons like this! PS: and I am very happy about "sexy" Karliah. After her tragic personal loss, she deserved a bit of joy
  11. worik

    Guess This Location.

    Probably completely useless for tailor's work. Perhaps even hazardous if the handling isn't done by the book. They even pinned it at the wall inside. But it's always the same, nobody cares for safety regulations. .. too busy to be bothered to even read or listen to them. "Wall? Which wall? Have you seen a wall here? Do you have a picture? What does it say?"
  12. worik

    Chapter Nineteen: The Plan

    A wide alley to stroll on with both extremes to the left and right .. a bit here a bit there .... or a sharp dance on the razor's edge. I'm excited what you will come up with
  13. worik

    Downloads section for user profile?

    I didn't know that. Very useful
  14. worik

    Guess This Location.

    Do we need another location? I think so. Let's visit .... a terrible domestic accident scene. I think she just wanted to cut a loose thread from her robe... should have taken scissors. Where are we?
  15. worik

    Apropos2 Poll

    Skyrim LE for the next time. Its running, supported and has all my beloved mods. SSE is a good idea, BUUUT: It is simply unusable for me for as long as Bugthesda keeps up the habit to break the important parts (SKSE) while pushing their their crapclub in my face. I'm not interested. No thanks. As soon as that disgusting behaviour is stopped, I might start to care.