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  1. I wanted to get back to Alicia's story but it had been so long I wasn't sure I wanted to pick it back up, I also had an urge to tell someone else's story for a bit. Alicia's story isn't over yet but Vera's is one I'd like to tell for the awhile. Any feedback on it would be welcome ❤️ :))
  2. My Followers Pack 4 - Standalone Followers - LE / SE View File This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fourth merged pack. Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ Read Adasha's story here. Read Iliss' story here. Read Juliet's story here. Read Miane's story here. Read Vivi's story here. Followers: Adasha, Iliss, Juliet, Miane and Vivi. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. Adasha and Miane carry two scimitars, Juliet carries a steel dagger, Iliss carries two daedric daggers and Vivi carries the Dawnbreaker. They wear the following clothes/armor: Adasha & Miane → Redguard outfit. Iliss → Dark Brotherhood armor. Juliet → Jarl outfit. Vivi → Psijic robes. I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Adasha - The Sea Squall, Dawnstar. Iliss - Outside Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Falkreath. Juliet - Blue Palace, Solitude. Miane - Outside Jarl's Longhouse, Falkreath. Vivi - The Bee and Barb, Riften. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA - SE / LE Skin - Leyenda Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE Submitter Anuketh Submitted 08/20/2020 Category Companions Requires Read description Special Edition Compatible Yes
  3. previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/10376-the-purge-of-riften10/ Next part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/10697-nightmares-of-the-dawn1/ Eliza's Aftermath Its been quite a while, since I visited the so called owner of Skyrim's worst mead... Not only she makes piss and dare to claim being Skyrim's best, she is a petty crimelord who thinks run this province... How insulting... That Masked idiot wants put end of this corruption.. but he utterly lacks any clue how things truly work.. No wonder, things are bad in the Empire.... Maven Blackbriar, a minor thorn under my toes. She is the one who play a kid game about being skyrim biggest name... Im suprised, he couldn't figure out it, pathetic... Anyway, time to meet Maven... Normally I use larger numbers and my goons, but this time feels I do everything truly...(sigh) As I thought, without the frost armour and the sun trying to burn me, things are more comfortable.. I feel lot stronger in indoors and at nights... Taking out this entire house should be easy... Is that her son? If I recall her latest kids born from him.. How amusing... Im getting hungry... ...... Time to feed... I sense only five life signs in this entire building.. Isn't that a bit too few? Or they just that a bit too confident to leave their home undefended... Well doesn't matter, results are the same when it comes to against me... Trap is set up in my mansion, just incase... All my family members moved outside from the city.. far from it With the deals with those necromancers and now the Imperator Magus here for blood, along with Bellaxtrix from Solitude.. Things went from good to a massive headache... Better to wait out here then in the city.. How embarassing... Now I feel truly insulted... This was the ambush? the trap? Especially for me? Few guard... Should I be impressed by them using a novice illusion magic to hide and transform one of them to the son? This is just so amateur and outside of this idiots, no one else here... Even their blood tasted like nord food, disguisting... I deserved a better ambush, seriously... Now then, where is Maven? I don't really want waste my precious time on hunting worthless worms... Of course.. Necromancy... I can just interrogate one of them by using magic... My My, Im always ahead of everyone.. Let just find a suitable one... Been ages since I used the dark arts of arcane... There it is.... Be honored you worthless garbage to be risen by my magic.... I only have one question, where is Maven?... Obey, I command you... Lady Maven is in uhhhhhhhhh... her manor outside near Riften... from the Eastern side Well that doesn't sound too difficult to find... Since you are no longer any use, I just end the spell.. Time to truly show Maven... Where she belongs... Same day at night... I not heard any word from my guard since hours... I hope these idiots, not got drunk again... (Screams...) What in the.... Thats worrying... was it from my guards or someone else? This months really been bad for my business, I should never bargain with necromancers.... Maybe the dead came back again... Huh? Been a while Maven... I would love chat a bit.. about our business... 1 week later in Solitude Its so good to be here again, in some civilisation... This province is just way too barbaric for my delightful taste... Riften was just disguisting.... Im glad, the situation there ended up favorably for me... With the Blackbriars out, my influence can expand over Eastern-Skyrim as well... I expected a thanks and a favor from that Masked idiot... But instead I got a lecture, despite the facts, I was the one who solved the issue... He made a speech of Law and other imperial things... about evil threats whatever Spoke about necromancers and similars.. temple descreations and undeads... I was bored of it, so I did not any pay attention... of his words... Only interesting thing was the fact, he was aware of my duel with Gwynolda... Apparently my daughter survived and went missing... I can't say Im suprised, she is after all my blood... Girl is only half of my greatness.. He dared lecture about the duel... She challenged me, so it was natural I accepted it and defeated her... Im complety baffled how he did asked her for help and told everything instead of me... My daughter was there for me, not for your petty business.... What an incompetent idiot.... Maybe he is too long in the position and need a much more talented and intelligent replacement.. All I got is threats... and don't get me started on his opinion of my diet changes... I can't let such ....... lowborn scum do this...with me I make sure he regret that... I should take a bath really.... to relax (Humming) I spent a lot of fortune to just build a worthy one for my needs, these nords cannot even comprehend what a truly noble women like myself need... What can I say? I deserve the best... But there is one thing now..... Now that my decades of search for immortality is my.... for a mere cost a red diet... What should be next? I can't just stop at this now.... What about taking the role of a new, way more talented and perfect Imperator Magus... Who I am joking... I should be the new Empress, I shall take the the throne of the Septims... Thats wonderful, I have already a new ambition and goals... First I need get all inferior vampire spawn uder my rule of course... I could meet again with my old Master, who taught me the dark arts.... There is one person who can challenge me even after everything.. Its my own daughter... She turned out quite a beautiful women like myself... it was exciting to see an almost mirror image of me.. My greatness, my blood... Almost sweet sweet mirror... Instead of destroying her... I could just make her mine... She rightfully belong to me after all, I made her..... for a reason.. Since that failed and not matter anymore.... I can make a new better use of her... She is craving me..... after all Even in the heated duel.... I sensed that... She can be my lover, my slave and my bodyguard..... All I need to do is corrupt her, infect her with my refined blood... And bound her to me...forever That is so great.... I never thought that possibility til now... Im glad she survived, now I realise how much a waste her death would be.... Such a tragic realisation... Its been truly long time, since I was this excited.... What a wonderful bath.. I feels like rebirthing... My new body, my youth and immorality..... And the untapped power of my blood and arcane... And most importantly my new goals... The Imperial Throne, The Empire, My daughter... All will belong to me.... There is much to do... right now I need more power.... to do steps.. The end
  4. This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fourth merged pack. Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ Read Adasha's story here. Read Iliss' story here. Read Juliet's story here. Read Miane's story here. Read Vivi's story here. Followers: Adasha, Iliss, Juliet, Miane and Vivi. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. Adasha and Miane carry two scimitars, Juliet carries a steel dagger, Iliss carries two daedric daggers and Vivi carries the Dawnbreaker. They wear the following clothes/armor: Adasha & Miane → Redguard outfit. Iliss → Dark Brotherhood armor. Juliet → Jarl outfit. Vivi → Psijic robes. I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Adasha - The Sea Squall, Dawnstar. Iliss - Outside Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Falkreath. Juliet - Blue Palace, Solitude. Miane - Outside Jarl's Longhouse, Falkreath. Vivi - The Bee and Barb, Riften. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA - SE / LE Skin - Leyenda Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE
  5. Version 1.0


    This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fourth merged pack. Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ Read Adasha's story here. Read Iliss' story here. Read Juliet's story here. Read Miane's story here. Read Vivi's story here. Followers: Adasha, Iliss, Juliet, Miane and Vivi. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. Adasha and Miane carry two scimitars, Juliet carries a steel dagger, Iliss carries two daedric daggers and Vivi carries the Dawnbreaker. They wear the following clothes/armor: Adasha & Miane → Redguard outfit. Iliss → Dark Brotherhood armor. Juliet → Jarl outfit. Vivi → Psijic robes. I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help). Adasha - The Sea Squall, Dawnstar. Iliss - Outside Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Falkreath. Juliet - Blue Palace, Solitude. Miane - Outside Jarl's Longhouse, Falkreath. Vivi - The Bee and Barb, Riften. A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE). Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA - SE / LE Skin - Leyenda Skin - SE / LE Brows - Enhanced Brows - SE / LE Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE Hair - KS Hairdo's - SE / LE ENB - Rudy ENB - SE / LE
  6. First chapter to my first story, any feedback would be lovely ❤️
  7. Version 1.0


    This is the base version of this mod. In other words, it is a starting point for this city. I only have minor changes to the city, an npc, her home, and some books. There are some changes by the lake as well. Seeing as Riften is a popular choice for modders, I decided to keep the additions to a minimum. I am always open to ideas and suggestions. This is a basic version and more will be coming.
  8. Something appears to have glitched in my game (some time ago, but I only just noticed) I've played through the main questline with the Imperials winning the civil war, but for some reason, the Rift (Riften, Shor's Stone, Fort Greenwall and possibly Ivarstead) are still controlled by the Stormcloaks. Laila Law-Giver is still the Jarl rather than being replaced with Maven and the bard in the Bee & Bard still sings Stormcloak affiliated songs. Can anyone tell me what's gone wrong and how I can fix this?
  9. previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/9530-shade-of-the-reach44/ The Purge of Riften(1/) Riften, taint on the Empre, the corruption here is exceed anything in all the Empire, such a disgrace, such a failure of the ruler, everything here is simply not work and need to be solved, and for such thing, only one person was good enough, me.. Gauis Tiberus Magnus, if the Imperator Magus need come personally to solve a mess, things are very dire and terrible. I will remove the rot in this place, if I need rip of the head off the jarl and burn this town I do it, but lets not make haste decisions, slowly we need remove the plague here and make it function, one thing sure, nothing can stop me solving it, nobody can stand up my authory, let alone defeat me in combat, crushing the corruption here is inevitable. But lets start with the some problems... Public security is just not exist at all, if someone get in danger, they die, no one can rely on a very thing what should defend the good citizens of the Empire, what a rubbish and this city dare to call itself part of My Empire? Guards just pretend to watch and stand, act like they do their job, but in reality just look away.. Things works here that way, guards are corrupt, sometimes they do themselves the crime or worse.., walk in wrong place, live in a bad part of the city, like the canals, and you are at the mercy of the Eight.. And when the trouble happens, they just leave you to be raped, killed, murdered or get robbed, they laugh at you and pretend it never happened... Just walking towards the palace, I can't count how many things I saw, and most importantly how many law-breaks, Bravil was a shitehole, I needed make rather extreme methods to solve, but in Riften I can't order Imperial legion to crackdown things, I'm rather limited, but at least corruption can be solved or at least made it way lower.. As for the general population? They starve only the jarl eat here and the rich, live in fear and danger from the guards, from the grunts of the criminals, from the monsters and other garbage like vampires, the food is scarity, only thing they buy is Skooma and other trash from the sewers, everyone is skinny and barely feed, not even fitting for serve the legion, let alone be cannon fodder, how uneffective and unhealthy.. Lets not even talk about the leadership of this shithole.., this entire city makes my blood boil.. I been here for a while and she still not get the problems I am talking about, Im sure Gwynolda even woke up by now, she was a bit traumatised after the spell removal, til she rest, talk can wait and I try desperatly make this women get the main point why I am here... Gauis: Im officially here to help solve the corruption problem this hold been suffer for years, Emperor trusted me with this task, after solving Bravil, I can confidently say, I can help greatly with that problem... Lalia the Law-Giver, such a mocking name for someone like her, she can't run her hold, let alone keeping the city safe, using the benefits of ruling living a highclass lifestyle, while everyone suffers in the city and outside, inbreedity amoungs the skyrim nobility is getting ridiculous, I swear by Akatosh she is worst one.. Lalia: There are no corruption in my City, Riften is the most lawful place in all Skyrim, fact Empire sent you here is disgrace, how dare they question my rule here, I am called by the Law-Giver for a reason.. I been doing this for hours straight with her, and I can say she is either stupid or really not step outside of her palace at all.. or just wasting my time, I guess she is part of the corruption shemes of the place, seems the case.. Laila: Your claims for corruption here is just insulting, Empire getting really tyrannical after the Talos-ban, and now they sent a masked coward who want interfere with my governing...Ulfric seems right Empire is getting out the hand..... Calm down, do not snap her neck..., we not need more unnecessary problems... Gauis:(sigh) Not enough she insulting me, she lie to my face and deny everything, this problem start with her and her goverment already, thats a big trouble... Gauis: Im sure you like any decent imperial citizen in your age, fought in the Great War or at least know a few war-hero, you know I not hide my face for my enjoyment, cause during that I got a few massive injury... Laila: Wait you are the Imperator Magus? Ohhhh Gauis: I already introduced many times for you... yes, I am Gauis Tiberus Magnus, the Imperator Magus of the Elder Council.. I am here to solve the massive corruption problem of your city.. Laila: You could start with this, instead wasting time for many hours(sigh) I am a resonable person and patient one, but it been a while since I am this pissed of someone, it took me 12 hours, to she allow me to solve this mess.. this day would be already enough to kill everyone who causes the corruption, Im at a bit of an disadvantage.. Laila: Fine, I allow your investigation.. but I think you will be dissapointed, my city is perfect.. Gauis: Thank you, but I think I will not, if your words true, then finding out corruption is not a thing here would be just perfect result... Now the question where to start, I am here the first time in this town, corruption start with the goverment, namely with this inbecile Jarl and her steward, and council of the Thanes, like in bravil these things just puppets, meaningless to remove or kill them, the Underworld is the rulling class here... I have zero intel from about them in this hold, and thats is rather making things hard a bit... Guards are rather corrupt here, and they die just as much like any citizen here, maybe Interrogating one with a fast illusion spell can get me some hints, where to find this Underworld.... Guard: Hey what are you doing?!! Gauis: I just have a few question... would be polite to asnwer them.. Of course, the evidence I talked this guard, need removed, Underworld here seems have eye for everywhere and they already aware I am here, I turned his body to mere cold and he slowly just melt, removing any trace he ever existed, the place gonna think he had debts or other similars and got killed and removed... Based on the guard's memories, Thieves Guild seems moved to Skyrim and has tie with the Underworld, The Ratway Canal system seems a good base operation for this shadow goverment of Riften and can led me the true head of the place... I was bit lucky with my pick, he was corrupt enough to know some bits, but I have my hints to start my purge.. Now then, since my official talk with the Jarl is finished, I need head back to my temporaly base and finally start talking with Gwynolda, the fact she place herself illusion spell to forget is got my interest, I need talk with her about that, and get her involved this purge of corruption.. Currently she is only ally of my here.. She did already woke up good, after my spell removal she just fainted, i put her at the bed and let her rest, it took a bit more time then expected, I am sucpicious of the memories she "erased". Gauis: You woke up, good... Gauis: We have many things to discuss Gwynolda, from starting with your job contract to your illusion magic... End
  10. "The Hunter Becomes the Hunted" [bonus] Aria Bal belongs to Agent Tex. (http://www.loverslab.com/blog/293-the-child-of-darkness/) Part 1: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-3179-the-hunt-begins-16/ Part 2: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-3180-the-hunt-begins-26/ Part 3: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-3181-the-hunt-begins-36/ Part 4: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-3218-the-hunt-begins-46/ Part 5: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-3219-the-hunt-begins-56/
  11. Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/10236-the-purge-of-riften8/ The Purge of Riften(9/) Darkness and chaos beacons in Riften, but even in the worst some miracles may happen deep down in Temple of Arkay.. Voice: Cursed, and weakened by your own Matron, yet you are the one who can save this City.. Voice: Gwynolda... Gwynolda: Where I am? Voice: In the Temple of Mara before the tragedy.. Gwynolda: Another dream? Is that you Lady Dibella? Voice: She forsake you, due your sins and failures til you get back to her favor... Gwynolda: So who are you then? Why I am here? Voice: Im Arkay, you cleansed my temple and restored some of my pressence here in Riften... Gwynolda: Arkay... Arkay: Look around and you realise why you are here. What do you see? Gwynolda: Book of the divines, an letter and a lot of potions and healing scrolls.. Arkay: Read the Letter.. Dear Arthur, I hope you're faring well. We haven't heard anything from you in the last few months. I suppose being in Maven Black-Briar's service is keeping you busy. The parishioners miss you and some of them brought over your favorite cakes to express gratitude for you treating their ailments. Of course we sent the pastries over to the orphanage, just as you would've done. The temple is doing all right. We might even gather enough money to fix the roof leaks this season. I pray for you every night, my boy. Stay safe and true to yourself. You have a good heart and I know the light of Mara will guide you through any trials. May the Divines watch over you, Brother Maramal. Gwynolda: I don't understand it, why are you showing this to me? Not much point to see letter from priest, I do not knew before they die or see the temple I never was in... Arkay: It seems seeing the temple before "Her" deeds not motivate you at all, so tell me what would do it? Gwynolda: Getting back to Lady Dibella's grace and taking revenge on my vampire Mother is my goal, I don't need motivation to destroy her enemies.. Arkay: Is that so? I can help in that goal Gwynolda.. While Dibella took back her power and blessings, you can hold our powers as vessel.. Gwynolda: As vessel? Arkay: Yes you are Dibella's sybil, you functions as her divine avatar and can hold power as much she see fitting, but you can hold other's power as well.. Gwynolda: Interesting and what exactly you want from me? Arkay: I want you to save this city from "Her", I remove Dibella's cursed scar on you and give you some power to crumble her plans.. Should be enough to save the city and destroy your mother.. Gwynolda: You gave power just like that? Arkay: Situation is far more dire then you realise, this is only chance to save Skyrim from tragedy. and your chance to get back to Dibella.. Gwynolda: I do it.. Arkay: I name you temporaly the Harbringer of the Death God.... and you will purge Riften from all unholy undead.. Gwynolda: Quite fancy title you gave me, so what powers and blessings I can count on this holy quest? Arkay: Remember the sword you slayed the Shade from the void? Gwynolda: Yes, something whispered to take it and I did.. Arkay: Sword blessed by holy magic and can fatal to all undead, each strike of it undone any unholy magic and make them face vunerable.. Blade of my Champions.. it is crucial to strike her down with this sword.. Arkay: Your body suited to handle Dibella's powers and blessings, you not will be at your full potential, but enough to slay her and handle the situation.. Arkay: Unlike my Champions, you are not invincible to the undead, just deadly them, beware and do not underestimate them or they are your doom.. Arkay: Now wake up and use your holy magic, moment you use them, I can give my blessings.. The dream ended... My body was full of pain, armour too heavy to move, I never had that much strain from magic... In the end, despite all of those. I need all my will power and strenght to stand up and do what Arkay asked... Gwynolda: Time to cast it and lets hope I don't faint.. Moment I casted my holy magic, something special happened like before it was potent and not exhausting... Compared the one I used against the shade.. My body got stronger, my armour was no longer heavy, my magicka returned and the burning scar of my face disappeared.. I was ready to do what I must, save the city from "her".. Purge all evil and unholy along with my mother and ger back to my Lady Dibella's grace.. Gwynolda: Time to leave this crypt. Gwynolda: I have a city to Purge.. Something is very odd and strange.. My magic is weakened, Arkay pressence is returned.. how is this possible? Wait.. Gwynolda...., seems her pressence can conduct Arkay's power and serve as an shrine to distrupt undeads... Months of corpses are wasted, so many cells filled up with material for an army, now can't raise up. Only my advanced ones remained.. no cannon fodder for the Imperator Magus, ohh well.. Plans changed, shades and others can handle Gauis, I need get Eliza to distract the new potential danger.. The End
  12. Blackbriar Family Matters The Blackbriar name is Riften most powerful word around the town, it is a very influental family in the hold. During this night Hemming firstborn of Blackbriar Matron Maven, came to his mother to tell her a few problems within the family. Maven: Hemming is that you? Hemming: Yes Mother... Maven: Come closer... Hemming: But.. Maven: Don't be shy this isn't the first time you see my naked body.. As her mother ordered, Hemming went closer to her, while trying keep his head down around his mother. Maven: So what is it? Something you want? Hemming: Well Mother... Hemming: Its about Sibbi, he is again did something idiot wich ashames us all again, if he continue this route he will be problematic to our plans. He might blow of our cover... Maven looked him expressionless face while her son complained about Sibbi, she seemed thinking something. Hemming: So what will we do with him? Maven: I already punished him, Hemming. Hemming: Yes I aware, but putting him in luxury jail will not solve anything, if he continue this way... Maven expression changed a more annyoned, soon Hemming saw it he immediatly silenced any word of his mouth. Hemming: Our....I'm sorry Mother.. Maven: Listen well Hemming... Maven: I don't really care about your son, if he need be eliminated he will be thats it. Hemming: He is your son too, Mother... Maven: As I said... Maven put her hands on her ass showing her son a bit more apperaling charming pose and smile. Maven: My dear little son, if our Sibbi is this problematic it is not too late to create a better one we already have a fine daughter even she is spending time with useless things. Hemming: But... Maven: Now then get off your clothes. Hemming took of his clothing and looked a bit shy, Maven looked him. Maven: You remind me your Father, you ended up after a quite nice looking boy Hemming. Hemming: Well to bad you killed him... Maven: He had it coming my dear... Maven: Time to bring a throne to put ourselves a bit exercise when I will became Jarl. They brought the Throne and Maven started doing with her son. Her son started with licking her feet. Maven: Good...kiss it He started licking her. Maven: Hemming you always been a good boy... Hemming: Thank you Mother... Maven: Thats right, lick your mother... Maven: Ahhhhh, you became better licking me after all ever since your... Maven: Father Was killed by myself, you replaced him. Maven: Ahhhhh yes!! It was good decision... Maven: After all who is even worth to breed me aside of my blood? Ahhhh!! Maven: Yess!! Thats right my son... time to advance.. Her son started to fuck her. Maven: Ahhh great!! This remind me our first one... Hemming: Mother's pussy feels good!! Maven: Do you remember it? When we did it first time? Hemming: Yes mother of course I do... Maven: When you reached the adulthood I knew you were ready.... Maven: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! You are great my Son!! Hemming: Your one is still the best!!... Maven: We starting get to the finish let Mother to take care it alright... Hemming: Mother always do it good in the end... Maven: Ahhh damn!! You feels so great!!! Maven: I'm finishing!!! Hemming: I getting closer to it too! Maven: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Hemming: Ahhhhh!!! After they finished, they contiuned the night like nothing happened. Maven: Time to back the work again. Get your self up and go to our bedroom, after all we not finished yet the family need growning. Hemming: Yes Mother you right... End
  13. The Blackreach Experiments Part 14 - Full Set If you missed Part 13: Here ya go: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-676-the-blackreach-experiments-part-13/ There will be a break in between the next set of stories. But hopefully not too long. What do yall think, should I continue these characters or do something new? Anyway, on to the story. Celes and Mani arrived at Riften. Only Celes entered since it probably wasn’t safe for Mani. “Okay, from what I learned, Celine was living here with her daughter but I didn’t think you had kids,” Celes said. “We don’t.” Mani was confused. “Something isn’t right. Last time I saw her, she was talking about a mistress and her eyes were glazed over.” “Hmm, she could be in some sort of thrall. They mentioned her daughter got a job in Solitude. Let’s head there next.” Mani agreed with Celes and they both set off toward Riften. **** About a day later, in Riverwood **** Celes and Mani decided to get some supplies before heading to Solitude. Mani was staring off toward the distance, “I’ve always loved this town. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.” “Me too. It’s one of the few places I can be in my mechanical form without people freaking out. You know, I think that…HURMPH.” Mani turned around and saw an assassin’s blade impaling Celes. Before he could react, the assassin tossed her into the water. He turned his attention to Mani and said some kind of spell. He couldn’t breath and his vision started to fade, then his world went dark. Mani woke in a strange house. He rolled over and saw his wife! “Celine! How did I get here? What are you wearing? Where are we? She crawled to Mani, “Darling, I’ve missed you. We’re in a replica of the house I lived in while Mistress and I stayed in Riften. Isn’t it nice?” “Dear, we need to leave. We can’t stay here.” “Sure we’ll leave but first, a present.” Celine handed Mani a necklace and insisted that he take off his shirt and put it on. He removed his shirt and put on the amulet to satisy his wife then he looked at her impatiently, “Now lets go. We need…to…what was I saying?” “I don’t know dear, you were not making much sense. Let me show you around the house.” “Yes dear, let’s have a look around.” **** Lake Ilunalta **** Arissa was flying over the lake when she noticed Celes washed up against the shore. She flew down and pulled Celes somewhere secluded. If she was careful, she could blame Alduin for her actions and maybe find some redemption. Celes looked up weakly, “Are you going ….to kill me?” Arissa replied, “I’m sorry for attacking you. Alduin corrupted me but I’m free of him now. I’ll get you somewhere safe.” Arissa laid Celes down gently. Celes looked into Arissa’s eyes and weakly said, “I need…. There is a place… Blackreach lab… so tired.” **** Sometime later **** Arissa found a lab in Blackreach. Hopefully it was the right one. It had two large glass tubes and lots of machinery . Celes eyes opened briefly and mumbled. “Inside…tube…sleep. Thank you.” She motioned to some buttons and pressed a few then Arissa placed her in the tube and she seemed to float and then stop. It was like time had paused for her. Arissa guessed it was some kind of stasis spell. She climbed into the other tube and joined Celes in her long slumber. **** A few months later**** Kiva had been using the Pelagius Wing for magical experiments. It was the perfect place to practice without being seen. Although, oddly enough, she always felt watched even though all the rooms were empty. “Was someone just here? Nah, it’s just my imagination,” Kiva thought. She turned her attention back to her spells. “I’ll rule this place before anyone has a chance to stop me. I have all this time in the world.”
  14. Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/9919-the-purge-of-riften6/ The Purge of Riften(7/) Riften, what a garbage city, complety unworthy have my pressense. I would never step in such disguisting town if I wasn't forced to come with that masked inbecile, he even brought my daughter here to meet me.. I stayed at the Bee and Garb, where I was supposed to meet my daughter, but I never meet her... Instead I wasted a week in this lowlife place doing nothing just waiting him to say what should I do.. After I drank the blood, I not saw him.. Talking about the blood, he gave me a different one, and said its like a make up nothing like actually becoming a vampire, all I need is eat and drink red, which I tried to do. I ordered the City's best red meat and red wine, and all tasted like a garbage.. Eversince I drank that, I feel always hungry and thirsty, and every food and drink have atrocious taste, even my Cyrodiilic Brandy, which was the most delicious wine before. I do looker young and kept the diet. Maybe I just got sick.. Inkeeper: Ahh Lady De Chapeau, was the meal nice and the drinks? We served the best of the city.. Eliza: It was decent I guess.. Inkeeper: Before I forget, there is a letter for you from Winterhold by someone..., courier said it, its for Lady Gwynolda de Chapeau.. Eliza: Ahhh probably for my Daughter Gwynolda? I supposed to meet her later, I come back for it later.. Inkeeper: You really look sickly my Lady, you should visit Anna the local alchemist, she can make miracles with her potions.. Eliza: Maybe you right, I will visit her later. I was forced to wait til almost nightfall, sunlight just hurts, even burns.. Seems I got allergic to it, I really hate Riften.. Eversince I am here nothing good happened with me. This hunger and thirst getting on my nerves, no matter how many things I eat, seems just not enough to satisfie this feels.. Alchemist is down there in the slums, I not get why the place is down there.. How humiliating to even make a step there, uhhhh... Disguisting, smelly, dirty, everywhere starving and skooma addicts, as well rats and skeevers.. but the alchemist is getting closer.. There is it.. Finally, it was a nightmare to reach this place.. Seems decent I guess, but well what can I do if this trashy city offers this as its best.. Anna: Welcome, come in, you come a bit late, but shop is still open.. This hunger and thirst getting worser, I feel like dying from starvation, but I eat hours ago, I should really figure out this one soon or things get horrible direction.. She must be Anna, seems young and tastey, rather fresh piece of meat, her blood is flowing well and healthy.. Huh? What I am thinking?... Anna: Come come, and tell me what brought you here at this late? You looks sickly, you need medicine? Ohh Call me Anna.. Eliza: I have a bit of problem, I got sick, but I have no idea, whats my problem... Anna: Ahhh then we need investigate that M'lady.. what are the symptoms Eliza: I become vunerable to the sun, its burns my skin, all food has terrible taste and I can't proerply eat due of it, I feel weaker as well and always hungry and thirsty, no matter how much I eat and drink.. Anna: This seems maybe a new one? How long you have it? Eliza: For a week.. Anna: Maybe a parasite, Riften has common problems with them, you might got a nasty one.. or maybe.. Anna: Have you ever been attacked by a vampire? Vampire attacks got common nowadays, you might get infected by them.. Eliza: Last time I had encounter with vampires, was decades ago.. Recently I have not meet any of them.. I don't think I got infected, I cured that one years ago.. Anna: Fair enough.. Anna: I need examine your body more, please take off your clothes and we can beginn the inspection.. Eliza: Huh? You mean outright now? Anna: yes, I have no one else to come tonight, so we can figure out your problem.. Eliza: That seems a bit unusual request.. Anna: Don't worry, Im herbalist, now take off your clothes.. Eliza: ... I did comply to her ridiculous request, how humailiaitng and shaming, taking my clothes off for this alchemist girl.. I am a bit desperate to figure out, whats happening with me.. She did examined my body, touched me everywhere and spent a few minute to think... Anna: Your body is very cold, almost like a corpse.. Your skin is sickly and pale.. Your blood barely flows. But you are walking and alive, but feels like you are dead.. Eliza: I not really understand... Anna: Your body is effectively dead, you are like an undead, but your life signs are still present. Are you sure you not got any kind.... Im really hungry, I starting lose my mind, maybe I should just ... Anna: Your eyes... Eat something, fresh and delicious, yes like her.. Anna: Wait are you... I should just kill her and rip her throat out, and drink out all red liquid from her body, slowly.. Eliza: Don't move my dear...stay still Anna: ...I can't spea... Bit of paralysis with blood magic, keeping her body from moving and talking... Then just slowly drain her body to dry from all delicious blood.. This was great, finally something with a decent taste, like my Cyrodiilic brandy paired with some nice beef and a sweetroll.. and my hunger and thirst disappeared... What just happened? Did I drank her blood like that with my tongue? I am a vampire?.... apparently yes... That masked inbecile seems tricked me drinking that.. like a make up not worry, then I just turned out this... He said vampire blood not turn people and can be drank freely for making one look youthful like what those arrogant Vampyrum Order jerks do.. How disguisting way to drink blood... no wonder I not made any sucpicious connection, I have no fangs like those other low-life vampires.. instead I have worser, a leech tongue.. Anyway, it seems the problem solved and I need actually blood as the red diet.. I feel better and more stronger.. Maybe I should get my clothes... Feels nice to wear something again, I really was uncomfortable standing naked.. Now then, if I am being a vampire, that means necromancy works on me? Maybe I could just use that on myself and force this hunger for blood away, makes me a bit clouded and losing my controll is just barbaric and bestial, what I am a filthy nord or some monsters? In the end it just a diet change for youth, he was not far off with that.. If anything, I am already the greatest one just because I am one, I will show those low-lifes vampires how to use this Of course I should take care of her body This is Riften, if she going missing or end up in the canals, who gonna care? Nobody, finally something good in this city, ohhh yes of course I should meet my daughter still.. The End
  15. previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/9821-the-purge-of-riften2/ The Purge of Riften (3/) One thing I realised from all the memories I hidden from myself, it was not wise. I made myself weakerby taking away all the experiences and memories. I could avoid so many events and trouble, I experiences in the past months, and even the heart-break too from Evelynn. After I done here, Markarth is the next after all. I swear on Lady Dibella's name, I make the city pay for everything it did for me, and for you Evelynn? I crush your plans and ambitions as you did with my heart.. you made your own doom by letting me go.. Lady Dibella be praised, I have now the authory and power to do what I see fit right. Imperator Magus suggested starting with the prison, in this corrupt town there might be someone who know the something about the underworld.. Im not sure he actually told the Jarl and the guards, he has a Iudex with him.. this might make the things messy.. No matter that, I have my tools for that.. One guard at the door, seems opposed Whiterun, entering the prison is not allowed just like that... Most of the guards here are corrupt, so they are worthless anyway, no one gonna care if I kill him, let alone the Imperator Magus.. Moving up there, distracting as a new comer guardwomen, few flirts to let his guard down, after all who can say no to a pretty face, even the mighty Witch Queen couldn't, why would this weak-minded idiot would?.. Gwynolda: Hello Handsome, Im the new here, can you a help a bit? Guard: Of course have you lost your post or what can I do for you sweety? Gwynolda: There is thing you can help with me.. Then casting a illusion spell made up with sickness, terror and some of the dark vision, this corrupt guard just die from the shock slowly and terribly.. Gwynolda: Just die.. Not the first time I kill someone, I even erased my first time doing it along with my combat skills, .. just because I did fear end like my mother.. I should be greateful for the Imperator Magus, this was definetly nothing more than just stupid girls naive desire to run away problems, he is right, I need face them and accept them.. Prison seems to big to scout a head without getting suspicious, there must be something I can start with.. Guard: (laugh) Wasn't we a bit rough with her? Guard: Why? Gwynolda: Hmmmm? Guard: I mean we raped her while arresting her, we could wait afer she is in the prison? Guard: I can't help with, she was my type.. I presume the Boss means someone in the underworld, this might be a good lead.. Guard: Boss ordered to be rough with her specially, we had too do it... Guard: I guess you right, what do you think of a second round with her(laugh) Im sure if these two trash just outright descreate the Divines and a girl just because someone's order, I should try getting some intel out from them before delivering justice, they seems not bright either.. Gwynolda: Hello handsomes, Im a bit lost, I was ordered to join guarding the girl from the boss.. Guard: Ohh my who is this girl? Guard: Im not sure, but I did not know Boss had pretty girls working for.. Guard: Of course girl in the 1st floor of the prison in the very back, she is a bit had a rough day, but Im sure we can patch her up later(chuckles). Guard: So when did you join the town guards, wanna get know each other? Gwynolda: I think I pass that.. Their words where true, I find the women's cell in the 1st floor, compared a prison cell this one is rather too good, but in this prison most of the cells look way too good for keeping criminals there.. something off.. She immedietly noticed me of course, looked rather not my type of girl, but I keep my guard up..lets find out why are you so important.. Women: Who the fuck are you? What you want your friends was not enough? Gwynolda: Im Gwynolda, working with the Imperator Magus to cleanse the corruption of the city as Imperial Iudex, Im not your enemy, but I can be your ally.. Gwynolda: I know its hard, but can you give anything what we can use as leads or anything what can help us finding out.. Rigmor: Call me Rigmor, so you working with that masked person? You say he is actually that person? Gwynolda: Yes, and you can be sure, nobody can stand up against him.. Rigmor: In that case, I know who is the boss behind the whole crime organisation.. there was a reason why they throwed me there, to keep the information safe and punish me.. Gwynolda. Punish you? Why? Who are you exactly? Rigmor: I was the second in command for the hole thing, but Boss decided get rid me, since I was not followed her like a puppy, damn it without me, she never would got the whole city and the hold under her graps.. Gwynolda: Who is the Boss? Rigmor: Its the Blackbriar family, specificly Maven Blackbriar, keeping the council of Thanes, skooma trade, Thieves guild in her hand, she run the whole hold, while that stupid Jarl sitting at her fancy chair.. now she plan to get the bandits and baraign with the dark brotherhood and other dark sects.. She did make one mistake, you not tell intel and important information without asking first something in return, there are no remorse or regret in her words, I think I have no reason to keep her alive.. she is just as scum like the others.. Rigmor: I was content following her and helping out everything, but when necromancy, death worshipper assasins and even vampires got into the plans, I questioned her once Rigmor: Now she raped with her goons and throwed me there, til I kiss her feet and beg to her mercy.. but seems divines smiled upon me, when I saw the Imperator Magus, I feared him few days ago.. Rigmor: But now his pressense is blessing, I can make Maven pay, I presume I get protection and pardoned for my words and intel yes? What are you doing? Gwynolda: I patch you up with my spells.. Rigmor: What those are not healing spells!! Gwynolda: You are just as scum like this Maven person, Stendarr may show mercy, but I don't, since you told me everything, I just can burn you alive.. Be cleansed by those flames and be burn.. you do not deserve any mercy or second chance, it was truly lucky she spilled those intel without asking something first.. she was stupid as those guards.. So Maven Blackbriar, we already got the name, Imperator Magus will be pleased to hear that. I think before telling him I check the Temple of Mara just incase to see there are no heresy.. But finally, we can work towards to cleanse this city of all the trash, Riften can breathe finally. Humming This Vampire blood thing was not a bad product, I got younger and prettier like for what some diet change? Feels so good to be my prime again.. like a new make up Ohh Of course, lets not forget why I am here in the first place to help out with Riften's corruption. That arrogant masked idiot asked me to help, but he said its fine if I drank this blood and my daughter is here to meet with me as well.. What is even her name? End
  16. Previous part: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/9806-the-purge-of-riften1/ The Purge of Riften(2/) Time was something, what I had not much to waste, in this city, I brought Gwynolda down to the cellar, to talk the very things I need ask from her and explain her role as Iudex, and how we gonna will proceed in our next move to cleanse this city of this rotting corruption, we are rather in an disadvantage, for now.. I made sure with my preparations, no magical methods can overhear my talk and no physical either with my illusion magic, I have no idea what tools the Underworld have, but one thing sure they not match my magical skills, keeping myself as an unknown variable to them, make them thin their resources to prepare, more thin, the easier to destroy them.. But now I have to deal another thing now, that is Gwynolda, her memory affecting illusions spells, while intriguing, sametime very concerning, I have no idea what she erased, but it may useful or meaningless, but the real worry about it the fact she had multiple layer, and I removed all of it, not just the lastest one, question what exactly she hide that much.. Gauis: Using illuson spells to erase your own experiences or keep memories hidden is an ineffective way to deal problems, you just run away with that way, as much terrible they are, face them, know how to defeat them and crush them, with that you overcome them and become stronger, anyone under me need their mental and physical health keep top, I am clear? Gwynolda: Yes..I just not wanted face them, but in the end I can't run forever from them.. Gauis: What did you hidden this much? Gwynolda: Ummm....lets see.. Something is changed in her, whatever she kept hidden, altered her attitude, her behavior somewhat, she carried a lot of pride in her hairstyle and how she kept it well, now she just outright changed to a different one, her posture resembles her mother now, and she lie about the amount of memories she erased with that spell. She lie about this, I certainly know.. Gwynolda: My love experiences, they just broke my heart too much.. Gauis: Is that it? You are young breton, you have way more time to find that, don't you think this was a bit extreme? Gwynolda: Yes, was rather stupid thing, but I should move on as much it hurts..but I not used this method in any other events.. Gauis: Fair enough.. Gwynolda: What exactly will my role as Iudex and what we will do in Riften? I have intel on her, according the my agents and sources from Markarth, she was rather alluring thing in Markarth's daily life that much people thought her as the Sybil, helping the poor and weak and the opressed of the city, making Markarth a bit better place, ideal Dibellan sister, but something is fishy. She has just as many bad rumors, entire Temple hated her, and she was accused of making Ognar mad, spent few weeks in Cidhna mine and escaped from the city without any notice. Im sure she might know something about the "witch queen" and probably hidden great deal of things with that spell.. I gonna keep my eye on her, and Riften is a good place to see who you really are Gwynolda... I choosed a her based on, the fact I wanted an ally to assist me in Markarth and Riften, words of Eliza and those bad things I heard of her. Seemed perfect for Iudex, and her magical potential tipped it more on favoring her. We see how she handle authory and her ability to judge, and what rumors were true or lies and I regret it or no. Gauis: Imperial Iudex of Magnus is enforcer of my authory, think like an Inquisitor or like a Judge, what you do is what tasks you get directly from me, you only take orders from me, no one else in the Empire aside of the Emperor Himself. Your word equals my word in term of law and authory. I made this group to keep my eye on more things of the imperial provinces, and keep the corruption and internal threats down and solve problems of the Empire.. Is this clear? Gwynolda: Of course.. Gauis: As for Riften, we have a rather terrible situation to deal, as you noticed this city is more or less bad as markarth, and the Empire's most corrupted city Gwynolda: I thought that was Bravil.. Gauis: It was, but not anymore, the amount of trash I removed from there was almost unbelievable, but I managed, this time things are a bit more problematic, my authory here is not that strong as in Cyrodiil, I needed ask the permission of the Jarl.. Gauis: Tell me what did you saw when you entered the city? Gwynolda: Trash, a lot of them, many many things what my Lady Dibella hates, and many things what Stendarr wishes to have justice.. and Akatosh wishes to have the law here kept.. Gauis: Indeed.. Gwynolda: That just horrible and spit on the face of the Eight, we need do something about it and will do yes? Gauis: Obviously, thats why we are here, so let us talk what exactly we have to deal here, City run by a shadow goverment from the Underworld. I not find anything outside we can find intel in the servers, Jarl is puppet, but I managed get a permission to do what we need here, and hold has many crimes based on rumors, but one thing sure, corruption is real and we need crush it.. Seems some of rumors might be true of her, no matter, I will have a chance to see her in action and how she handle the role of Iudex, her combat abilities if her words are true, is more than enough to handle the lesser part of my missions here, for the majority I am already enough.. Gwynolda: Where should we start? This city need a purge.. Gauis: One question, what you can do in combat and how willing you are to kill? I presume you have the trainings what my new edict brought, you know the one what militarise the temples of the Eight.. Warpriest one.. Gwynolda: Ohhh? I been trained to protect myself in melee and have decent martial training with maces, my magicla skills is more effective for self defense and offense, killing anything what the Divines hates is my job as Priestess of Dibella, and if I need protect myself, self defense kill is legal in the Empire.. Gauis: Good.. Gauis: I will explore the sewers and try uncover the ties and base of this Underworld and the Thieves guild, destorying and burning the city will have too many casualties, and I not wish to harm innocent citizens of the Empire, that would be not efficient, so our best bet, to secretly eliminate the Shadow goverment, for that we need to be bit careful and get intel, I think I am more then enough for that. Gwynolda: What I gonna do? Gauis: Seems you expert on Illusion, and capable to fight, there are a few things I heard rumors in the town, I want you check those, talks with the people and see those are true, side note if you may can look at the prisoners, in this city they may not be criminals, and if you find any kind of murder or rape ongoing, stop that and execute the ones who commit. Is this clear? Gwynolda: Yes.. Gauis: Before I go, last thing Gwynolda, Power and Authory comes with responsibility, we uphold our own laws we enforce and choose methods what the best for the Empire and its citizens, do not ever use miuse the authory and power I granted for you, you are free to do anything as lnog as you can justify its serves the Empire, but not act on selfish goals.. I am clear? Gwynolda: Yes, do not fear, I gonna use my the power and authory bestowed on me as my Goddess wishes and the Divines, I not do anything what would break their laws.. Gauis: Good, there are some gear here, take something and start working on your task.. Gwynolda:(humming) Gwynolda: Lets see what the Empire's most powerful person stored here in his little base.. Gwynolda. I wonder if he keeps some powerful artifact or something interesting or some pretty outfit.. Gwynolda: There is it... Gwynolda:(Chuckles) Gwynolda: Now that is dissapointing, normal decently protective armour what guards use commonly here, useful and helpful for the task, but its not too pretty or fun.. End
  17. What a mess! We were arrested in Riften and nobody told us anything about the charges against us, yet. I doubt we will ever hear about them. That's what I had learned during my last visits in imperial dungeons. Flashback, Pale Pass Fort, 6th of Sun's Height, 201 E4 Now, here in Riften, they take no chances with us. Even inside of the closed prison gates, we are kept in iron. And we will be dumped into some damp and dirty lice infested hole any minute now. Jailer: "This way, my ladies. If you please? I hope it doesn't make too many circumstances for you! Though there is no need to rush. We have plenty of time here." Really! They take no chances. Gagged and bound, all the way to the cell, whatever they call it here. The door gets locked behind us. Flashback, Pale Pass Fort, unknown day, Sun's Height, 201E4 Ciri: "mmmmmmmmm" "hmmph". Yes, me too. I wonder if they let us rot in here or just simply starve to death. Better, we sit down now and rest and try to conserve our strength. Time passes by ..... NOISE, a rattling key and some chains dragging over the rough floor. Guard: (clearing throat ) Guard: "First, the red vagrant!" I take a deep breath. Guard: "And now, the white one." I feel something wet trickling down on my arms and my back. Guard: ".. and back to our ill-bred Reddy here." I pass out. Some time later... ... I'm just wondering, what they will do next to keep us "entertained" ...? But, let's see it positive. We are not gagged anymore, and Ciri's hands have been unbound.
  18. "That Armor is unreliable friend, take this instead." Part 1: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2461-shitty-armor-13/ Part 2: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/407/entry-2549-shitty-armor-23/ Hope you enjoyed another shitty story, thank you Nisetanaka, Someone, Diablo, and Koffman77 for making these sexy armors, can't wait for the next one. Which is part of the reason i made this now, i couldn't wait. PATIENCE IS NOT A VIRTUE!!! I will be taking a short break while i come up with the next story. The next one will try to be more of an actual story too rather than an excuse to show off sexy poses in armor, though that's fun anyways. Bonne Journee!
  19. Trace Chapter Three: Innocence Previous Chapter: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/521/entry-3032-trace-chapter-two-voraciousness/ Next Chapter: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/521/entry-3034-trace-chapter-four-madness/ Story
  20. The Blackreach Experiments Part 10 - Second Chances If you missed part 9, it's here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-655-the-blackreach-experiments-part-9/ ***About 1 week after Celine summoned the Keeper into Nirn. **** They had taken the long way to Riften and were only now getting close. They decide to make camp for the night. The Keeper waved her hands and the tent set itself up. “Master, I have some questions. There is so much I don’t understand.” “That’s okay pet, you’re not meant to understand much. But what is your question?” The conversation didn’t really bother the Keeper, she had been human once too and to talk to someone, even it was someone in a magical thrall, was still nice on occasion. “Do you have a name? Something other than Master or Keeper?” The Keeper laughed, “Yes pet, I do have a name, although I haven’t used it a very long time. It’s Solmyrkva.” “Celine fumbled with the name, “Solmykiva…Solykvya…” “The keeper held up a hand. “Why not Kiva for short? But when we’re alone, it’s Mistress. Master seems odd.” Celine shook her head in agreement. “Okay, Kiva when we’re out and Mistress when we’re alone. Got it.” She was smiling ear to ear, overjoyed that her Mistress was happy with her. Kiva continued looking at Celine. “Pet, you said you had some questions? Is there another?” “Oh yes! I had forgotten.” Celine shifted nervously. “Well, you are all black and void-like. Why doesn’t anyone freak out when they see you?” Kiva stood up and went to the mouth of the tent. “Well, when I was a dragon priest, I was tricked by the ideal masters. My body was destroyed, and …this is too complicated for you. Basically, things in the Cairn can’t normally exist in Nirn and the ritual that bound me to Nirn caused me to look like this. However, normal humans just see me as a young girl. “This is normal humans see me.” Celine had a headache from trying to grasp it all. She also looked a bit sad. Kiva noticed her mood, “Pet, what’s wrong?” “I’m having trouble understanding. I used to be smart…I remember that.” Kiva consoled her, “You’re as smart as I need you to be.” Celine smiled, “Thank you Mistress.” Then she laid her head down and went to sleep. “Sleep well little pet. I have so many more plans for you but you have too many questions.” She called up a spell and blue fire filled her hand. She placed then placed her hand on Celine’s head. Celine let out a small sign. “Hopefully this is the last time I have to reduce your intellect.” Kiva stepped out of the tent and placed a protective shield over it. “There. No one will be able to see or enter the tent.” Then she went to a nearby village to ask about current events and plan her next move. Celine and Kiva resumed their trip to Riften. They arrived at the gate around noon. One of the guards stopped them. “Halt, before you enter the city, you have to pay the ta….” He squinted a bit before saying, “A kid and her mother. I can’t. Just forget the tax and go on in.” As they entered the city, a woman named Mjoll told them to be careful, that this wasn’t a good place for two young women alone. Kiva brushed her off and they walked around Riften for a long while. When night started to comem they headed to the inn. Kiva ordered some food and drink and the two enjoyed a nice meal. She noticed a couple of men kept looking over at Celine. “Looks like you have a couple of admirers pet,” she whispered. Celine blushed a bit but kept eating. “Oh, that gives me an idea,” Kiva said. She got up from the table and spoke to the two men. Celine was thoroughly confused. Then Kiva spoke to the innkeeper. She handed her some gold and the innkeeper pointed upstairs. Kiva led Celine to a bedroom. “Okay pet, this room is yours. I’ll be right downstairs. When you’re finished, I’ll join you. “Finished?” Celine asked. “Yes, pet. You’re about to have some company. Several hours later, the two men came downstairs and left the inn. Kiva joined a very tired and worn out Celine. “Good job pet. Now we’re 500 gold richer.” Celine tried to get up but passed out. Kiva was about to lay down until she noticed the condition of Celine and the bed. She locked the door with a spell and rented the adjoining room instead. 202 The next morning after a hot bath and breakfast. Kiva took Celine to a quiet spot by the lake. “I have some bad news,” she said. “Your husband Mani was found guilty of murder. Apparently, someone he was traveling with went on a killing rampage and Jarl Ulfric is blaming him since they can’t find the actual person.” Celine had been playing with the bones on Kiva’s armor the entire time. She hadn’t even processed the fact that Mani was in Skyrim as being noteworthy. “Mistress, I still love him, and I don’t want him to die, but I don’t want him to take me away from you either.” “Well, there is nothing I can do to get him out, but I could give you some time alone with him. Didn’t you tell me once that you wanted to have a child with him?” Celine nodded her head. “Well pet, I think you should. We’re heading to Windhelm. Lets go.
  21. "The traveler with empty pockets will sing in the thief 's face." -Juvenal *warning, nudity on a mara statue*
  22. Hey guys! Welcome to Act Seven! So these next three parts together create the final act of Chapter Three. I do recommend catching up on previous parts before reading, as this is where the first "arc" comes to a close. Also, remember that weird issue with Gerruck's eye missing? Well I couldn't fix it. So it is still here for now. This part, and part 2, will be the last times though, I promise! Let's begin. Previously on: The Frost of Ages Act Seven Index:
  23. My little adventure to bust the skooma trade in the harbour two days ago was quite sucessful so far. I got some background information, I got the endorsement of the Jarl, earned some gold and Tamriel has two skeevers less who won't sell their poison to the poor anymore. A slightly foggy and very early morning awaits us after a refreshing night in the Bee and Barb. The same slight fog clouds my head a little, since Ciri and I enjoyed a bottle of wine or two for our little success. Slowly coming back to life, my first steps take me over to the Hall of the Dead for a short prayer and a meditation in the name of Arkay. Ciri is waiting outside in the temple compund. She has her own believes, though she is very appreciative about my religious whims. Arkay! The god of death! I know him well. Ciri? Where are you? Hm, she must have walk over to the market. Halt! In the name of the Jarl! - What? This must be a mistake? Turn around and keep your arms in your back. And do not even think about reaching for your dagger! What is going on here? Shoud I resist? Better not, it must be a simple mistake. (second voice) Gag her! We don't want her to scream and shout at us. - Do they know who I am ? No one should know in Riften? You wait here until we get the other drifter, this girl with the white shirt. (second voice) We have her! Caught her at Madesi's stall, staring at the gems. Vagrant strumpet wanted to loot the Argonian. I bet my ass on that! Up with you! You have a date with your new friend: the jail master. We are there in the dungeon below Mistveil Keep. And finally the she-guard is taking my gag away. At least I can ask now what charges have been brought against us? Shut up! I'm the jail master not a judge! I do not care about charges and trials. I follow orders. And my orders are to make sure you have a nice stay in my best room. And in this function I welcome you both my noble ladies to my secluded lodging. (What an asshole!) But, ... we are innoce ... MMMMMMMMPFH! Ah! Much better. I can't stand all that whimpering in here. And every newcomer is telling me the same. They are so boooooring. Now, Whitey: You strip first, we don't want your nice white shirt to become stained in here. Wouldn't we? Reddy, you strip second. Don't worry, girls. This is an orderly prison and not some primitive bandit cave. Of course you get proper clothes. We do care a lot about our guests here. Fine. Now we are Whitey and Reddy. I know the imperial prisons, it can't be much worse in here. For sure, it will get amusing soon, clothes or not. *sigh* At least it seems they do not know who we really are. Perfect! Your new attire looks smashing and dashing. I like my noble guest to always look at their best. Would you please follow me now? It would delight me to show you into my best chamber for you and to introduce you to your entertainment schedule. But I must confess, we are very strict when it comes to timeliness for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So don't stroll too far away. This way please, my ladies ... ============================================================================================ Part 2:
  24. Does anybody know what can be the cause of this glitch? This happens to me when I look at the direction of the market in Whiterun or Riften. When I look away everything goes back to normal. (see the video) Load Order of this particular profile (but it happens with other profiles and other mod orders): Any help will be appreciated.
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