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  1. Thanks! I downloaded zap 8, I didn't even notice I didn't have the latest version. I run FNIS with every trial I commence. Now I don't know if the body is working because I've been getting an infinite loading screen. I thought I did post it on their thread, but I'm not so good with the interface of the website. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. I have CBBE and I have ran the body slide... I think. I do it through Mod Organizer and I reinstall it and it asks for specifics of which body type and I pick the right one. I'm not 100% that's it though. Now when I screw with it, I just get stuck at an infinite loading screen. It's quite the task to figure it out. Maybe I'll try extracting and running it if it has an exe, I don't even know if it does. It's weird. Thanks!
  3. I've had a little trouble getting this to run properly. I've looked at several different downloads and they've all referred me to different requirements for the mod. When I had it working, everything operated smoothly but the entirety of the body would disappear when one of the clothing restraints or items or whatever you'd call it was equipped. My character would just be a head floating. I downloaded what was required with all the patches and files to support what I was missing and now I get stuck in an infinite loading screen. Any help would be appreciated! My FNIS is reliable and working through MO. When I start to take away the mod I think the problem is, my character reverts to the T-pose without any animation. I do not use Special Edition.
  4. I managed to figure it out, One of the mods I had downloaded, I don't even remember which one, didn't specify that it was a Special Edition mod, but once I replaced it, I think I got it! Onto the next problem! Thanks!!!
  5. Lestat -- I removed MYSLALPACK but I don't think that's the problem. Somehow, I just think they're confusing each other. FNIS has two errors , but even when I use to load order above without either of those, I have no problems at all; just not the content. It's mighty strange. Sternum -- I wasn't so sure it was the problem, I was just thinking maybe animation mods were getting crossed and that's why it messes up. I just jumped back into modding a few days ago. I use MO and I have FNIS running through MO and it works well for all the other mods that require it. Just for some reason, the Sex Lab Aroused and ZAZ are causing me problems and I'm not sure why. (Thanks!)
  6. I've been trying to successful download Sex Lab Aroused and it's animations plus the ZAZ animations and they seem to be conflicting with my game somehow. When I utilize one, every person floats around in a permanent T pose. I removed all the conflicting mods and now the T pose is persisting. I think it might be something to do with Body Slide + Outfit studio but I'm unsure. I've just been going about it with a trial and error mindset. I have FNIS. (FNIS behaves oddly as well -- it will randomly get errors saying it can't find certain things so I simply remove it from the Data folder and put it back in and create a new exe. in MO and it works again.) I also read that I might need an earlier version of Sex Lab aroused and I managed to get it to work one time with both activated but then the next time I booted the game I haven't been able to recreate the happy accident. Any ideas?
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