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  1. Tried to view file but I keep getting a site error. Is the file still there?
  2. Wasn't there a mod that let you capture raiders? Would work well with this.
  3. I'm working on a mod I'm going to call Southside Raider Town. It's located south of Abernathy, by the river. The way I want it to work is this: Player finds the abandoned settlement, player activates the workbench, player has access to the area right behind the town to build whatever they chose. I tried copying Covenants workshop and it sorta works. I added a door across from the Sanctuary bridge for testing purposes. (I plan to add lore to the area and possibly a quest) Problems are that no settlers show up, the build area is way too big, and Workshop Plus flight mode doesn't always work. I would really love for someone to fix this for me or step me through how to fix it. I'm so close to being able to release it. I really want this part fixed before I put the finishing touches on it. I really need help. I've been pulling my hair out over this and at this rate, I'll run outta hair before I fix it. Thanks for anything you can do. Here is the esp. It's using only vanilla assets.
  4. Things I noticed: There were no dead bodies outside Sanctuary. I had to spawn the key using console commands. The note needs direction. Something like "Head north following the river." Saying "coast" might make people thing of the ocean. The towel clips into the body. Music in the club needs to come down in volume just a tad.
  5. I'm looking for guns for the settlements. Something scifi like starship cannons or high tech looking.
  6. I'm not sure why but the player surrender isn't working. I just die. Nevermind, I'm slow. I didn't assign "options" hotkey. But after sex, my character ended up with a brown face?
  7. I am very excited to see you come back. So to clarify you're looking for someone to turn your art into armors and etc? Or someone to group with in the modding process?
  8. I thought the problem may have been a keybind within this mod. Also figured out it's not AAF. I swaped the hotkey within AAF. Still get naked bodies with the Home key though. Just scratching my head now lol. I least I found out it wasn't this one. 😃
  9. Maybe this has been covered somewhere but when I hit the Home key to open AAF, it spawns a naked NPC. I'm not sure where the problem lies.
  10. Any chance you could make this compatible with Nanakochan Anime Race? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38588 I really dig both mods and was hoping to get them working nicely with each other.
  11. What im confused about is what I actually need to download for this. Do I need the original sex slaves mod, then the labia files, and MiasLair? Nevermind, I'm slow. But I am wondering where Andrew is.
  12. Looking at the downloads it list 2 for "Labia Exciters" and 1 for "MiasLair." Do I need to download one of these or is the file missing?
  13. Awhile back, someone made an animated version of Widowmaker's Visor. Does anyone remember where that was posted?
  14. Holy crap! I just found this thread. You've been busy. Thanks!
  15. I was coming back to post. I dismissed my follower (Cait) and I didn't die. I have no follower mods installed. I was a little confused with the infiltration mission though. I couldn't rescue Vadim until I killed the raiders (used console) other than that I had a blast.
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