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Curiosity: Troubled spots in Skyrim - Part 1 - Whiterun



Years of modding have left us with many occupied locations on a much too small map of Skyrim.


Big question is always: WHERE CAN I PLACE MY NEW MOD?


So, let's start with what I know myself. I created a quick scratchmap with locations that are occupied by mods of my current game.

I will post probably more cities as I stumble upon them.

But for sure I will update this article and replace the map with a better one! :classic_blush:


Part 1: Whiterun



Red = location is modded

orange = location is probably modded (old mod, currently not in use by me)


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It was a discussion that came up in Laura's Bondage Shop mod.

But the question is nothing new and everybody who wants to add a building somewhere runs into troubles with other existing mods.


I had dropped far too many rising ideas, because I learned that a certain spot is already occupied and dropped the idea or lost the drive to go forward.

To counter my own frustration, I started my own tool map to scratch off the occupied spaces.


My own mod ideas are circling around the thinktank posts in this blog. Though not yet speakable or sufficiently focussed to talk about.

Lack of spare time and a surplus of RL on top of that.

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