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About this blog

Well, here it is.  Now that my story is nearly a decade in the making, I decided I would write my thoughts and experiences down.  

Come along as I feed my most rabid addiction: exploration and adventure.  And, I guess, solving other people's problems in the least heroic ways possible.


This is my story.  Destana Stormblade.  Once a prisoner, a slave.  Once a refugee from Hammerfell.  

Now, master thief.  Assassin.  Mage.  Fledgling Vampire.  Sometimes, sex-object.  Lover of Sanguine and Ulfric Stormcloak.  Mother of Runa Fair-Shield, Damien Guevenne, and Fenrir Stormcloak. 

Entries in this blog

Entry 41: A Grand Wedding

Disclaimer:  Another worldbuilding episode.     Hey, it’s Destana, and this is my wedding!  I’d told Madanach and the others I was getting married on the following day, and I was woken up in the morning after sleeping the sleep of the dead. “Who are you?” Borkul asked. “I’m here to collect my mother for the wedding.  She’s still got a few hours, but we need to get her ready.” I peeked my head outside to find Damien and Runa waiting for me. “Hi mom!” Runa said.

Entry 40: Today, Everyone Escapes Cidhna Mine!

Hey, it’s Destana again.  Just wanted to clarify.  My recent outburst against Ulfric was me reacting to new information I learned.  I may have overreacted, but he understands.  Though I am not the picture of morality (Infact, my hands are red with culpability) killing innocent bystanders is something I take exception to, and try to avoid.  And killing an entire race of people (which I think is what a lot of Nords wants to do with the Forsworn) is monstrous.    The Forsworn have become

Entry 39: More Tests for a Shaman

(Note:  To differentiate them, I think I’m going to start calling beast shouts, “Beast calls.”) Hey, it’s Destana.  It’s Day 12 of this month of preparation for the Thalmor.  It was morning, and I’d stayed up all night going through the ceremony to become a shaman of the forsworn.  I also learned a few new teleport spells from the senior shamans, and got a noticeable increase to my magicka recovery just from the ceremony.   I feel like since I came to Skyrim I’d been doing my best

Pick my Wedding Dress!

I have a few mods that add dresses, and I picked out a few choices.  What do you guys think?   1 - Thick Black Dress     2 - Elven Thin Black Dress       3 - Red and Black Vampire Dress     4 - White DB Dress     5 - Pink 19th Century Looking Dress     Disclaimer:  I might just pick whatever I want.   I have a couple party dresses too.  That'll be a surprise though.  The e


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Entry 38: Going Native

Hey, it’s Destana.  Last time I joined the Forsworn.  My goal here is to make peace with the Reachmen and put an end to this neverending war.  My ulterior motive to trying to make the Forsworn a full part of Skyrim is having them to help us fight the Thalmor in the coming invasion.  It’s day 10 of 14 (til my wedding with Ulfric) and of 30ish (until the time imbalance corrects itself and the Thalmor attack). I woke up again, after having gotten my last tattoo from a Forsworn tattoo lady, abo

Entry 37: Becoming the Beast

Destana again.  Things are heating up.  Last time I freed the companions from their curse.     Time to check the old list. List: - Tour of the holds. - Get Stronger.  (Forever ongoing) - Get the Forsworn.  Better Nord than Thalmor. - Marry Ulfric, become Queen and him High King, unify Skyrim.  Wedding date is 6 days (it’s day 8). - Study the Eye of Magnus.  (Damien). - Ready the holds for war.  (Fenrir and Ulfric). - Go to Cyrodiil and either: Tr

Entry 36: Serving the Companions

Hey, it’s Destana again.  Last time I continued my work with the Companions, and I became a werewolf and merc'ed some Silver Hand dudes.  Big picture, it’s day 7 of 30(ish) and I’m not as far down my list as I wanted, but I’m having fun solving the Companions’ problems.    I came back after my first night as a werewolf, and fought two dragons in the city before I crashed (after fighting several in the wild, and some new kinds I haven’t seen before).  The next day, I asked Aela if she

Entry 35: Dancing with the Beast

It's Destana.  Time for me to get back in the saddle.  Runa's caught up with her leaving Skyrim and she has more to tell, but that'll have to wait.  Last time, Runa and I joined the Companions (as a favor to Ysgramor) and I'm pretending I'm not who I am so they can actually test me and make me a little stronger.  It was 4 weeks until the invasion, minus three days and I was making good time so far.  Let's see... I just became an official member of the Companions.  As I understand it, to advance

Entry 34: Runa's Four Sanctuaries

Hi!  It's me, Runa!  I'm going to catch you up.  I am the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, and we've gone through a lot lately (it was lately for Skyrim, but five years ago for me).  I was kidnapped and forced into a role I don't know that I was suited for, Astrid betrayed us and got killed.  We killed the Emperor of Cyrodiil and really kicked a beehive when we did.  My mom helped for a while, but she finally decided she'd go finish off Alduin and Harkon.  At this point in my story, she just ho

Next Entry: Runa or Destana?

I might edit an offtopic entry in here.  For now, just the poll.     I like to do a offtopic entry every 10-15, to realign.  Also, it takes far less brain power for me.     Most likely in 2-4 entries, I will be caught up with myself.  I have not actually in-character played Beyond Bruma (more than like just exploring).  But I did do Moonpath to Elswyer.  


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Entry 33: Runa's Active Listening Tutorial

Hey, it's Runa.  My mom is asking me about what I've been doing.  We're in the hall of the Companions, feasting, and they all want to hear what I have to say too.  So I'm going to talk as I write it down.  I'm the Listener, and I did a lot before I went to Cyrodiil.  Last time I told my story, I'd just recruited Vala Amatius after she murdered a couple guys with no escape plan.    I appointed Babette and Nazir to be the new Speakers.  I spoke with the Night Mother and she told me my ne

Entry 32: Seeking Companionship

Disclaimer:  this is that entry I warned you about.  I tried to keep it tame.   Hey, it's Destana.  I was going to let Runa talk a little bit and catch us up more on her dealings with the Dark Brotherhood, and what she's been doing in Bruma, but... maybe next time.  I was finishing my tour of the holds to inform them of Alduin's death, and now to tell them about the barrier falling... and to plan a strategy.    Here is my off the cuff to-do list: - Finish my tour of the

Entry 31: What's the Damage?

It's Destana again.  Since that day, I read a few books on Dragon Breaks.  Many times, it is caused by things related to Lorkhan, like the Numidium.  That might've been it.  But, I believe me killing Alduin was what really caused time to go all wibbly-wobbly.  I was in Sovngarde for about five days.  Five months passed in Skyrim.     "What?? Five months?  How is that possible?" I asked Serana, in shock. "Well," Serana started, still clearly emotional, "Alduin was Akatosh's child. 

Entry 30: I Guess I AM the Dragonborn

Hey, it's me, Destana.  I was alone again.  Flying on the back of a dragon.  Damn the birds, I wish I could fly!  Odahviing touched down in Skuldafn and left me there to fend for myself.   So there I was, at the cusp of one of my greatest victories, or maybe one of my greatest challenges, entirely alone.  As I approached the bridge I was stealthy, picking off two weak draugr lookouts with arrows.  I turned right, finding two mid-level and two very tough draugr in the distance, to which

Entry 29: The Fated Hour

Hey, it's Destana again.  Last time, I got ready to call Odaviing and fight him and find out where Alduin is hiding, but decided I would take care of the vampire problem first.    With both Elder Scrolls, I headed back into Castle Volkihar and found the Moth Priest, Dexion Evicus.  And I noticed he has a blindfold on.  He said, "I'm sorry, I won't be able to read another Elder Scroll for you.  I'm afraid in my haste to read the first scroll, I neglected the time I needed to prepare.  T

Entry 28: To Rend a Dragon

Hey, it's Destana.  I'm a Volkihar vampire, ex-guildmaster of the thieves' guild.  Future Queen of Skyrim (maybe).  Hero of the Stormcloaks.  Mother to the Listener.  Slayer of Dragons.  Skilled mage and archer.  What else... gods I'm bored.  I feel like a lot of time has passed since I made an entry.  But really that's because I've been sitting here for two days, waiting for Urag the Librarian to actually find all the scattered notes on the Elder Scroll.   "Gods!  What is taking him s

Entry 27: Runa's Better Brotherhood of Old Resurrection Forever!

Hi!  This is Runa!  I'm the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, and we're trying to recruit.  A job I'm super-excited to do my best at!  My mom asked me to talk about what has been going on for the past few weeks with the Dark Brotherhood while she gathered the moot and looked for Elder Scrolls.   While Nazir worked on gathering new recruits, I spoke with the Night Mother.  She spoke a little while about the Dark Brotherhood being as strong as it ever was, to which I listened intently. 

Entry 26: Scroll Huntin'

Hey, it's Destana.  I called a moot in Skyrim.  And, for the most part, it seems like the Jarls are willing to go along with my plans.  But I had a lot of work ahead of me.  This had gotten bigger than just gathering Elder Scrolls to finish the vampires' fool plan.  Now, I was on my way to kill Alduin and Harkon.    I took Serana to High Hrothgar, leaving the others.  I approached Arngeir, "I need a shout that will kill Alduin." "What have you heard?  Who have you been talkin

Entry 25: The Point is Moot

Disclaimer:  This might be a little boring to some.  This is nearly 100% conversation and world-building.   Hey, it's Destana.  My friends and I are in Sky Haven Temple to find Alduin's Wall, and I learned that the Greybeards might know about a shout that can help me fight Alduin.  I must confess, I had an ulterior motive to coming here.  I wasn't sure if it'd be suitable for this purpose, but I wagered it would be, and it is.   When we left Riften about a day and a half ago,

Entry 24: Stormblade Company Resurgence!

Hey, it's Destana.  I'm headed to Riften to find Malburn.  It's First Seed, 4E 210.  Been a while since I pulled off the Emperor's Assassination, and still no waves in Skyrim, though I imagine the ship made it's trip back by now carrying the body.  Too bad I'm currently infertile as a vampire, because there could be a whole 'lost hidden heir' of the Emperor ala Oblivion Crisis.  But I don't want to go through pregnancy again.  I think I'm done having kids, even if I do get 'cured.'   C

Entry 23: What would being a Daughter-in-law of Coldharbour get me?

Hey, it's Destana.  Serana and I just walked into the Soul Cairn.  It was a sad, purple landscape.    We traveled across the land for a while, fighting bonemen, until we came to a structure.  Valerica was inside, hidden by a barrier. "Mother!" Serana said. "Maker!  Serana!  Then I must've failed.  Your father found out how to decipher the prophecy, didn't he?" She asked. "No.  We're going to fulfill the prophecy our way, not his," Serana replied. "You've brought a s

Entry 22: King and Princess

Hey, it's Destana.  So, I just killed the Emperor of Cyrodiil and part of the rest of Tamriel.  Not really Hammerfell, or Skyrim, or any of the Elven nations.  Or Elswyer.  That's mostly controlled by the Thalmor, I've heard.  High Rock?  Black... Marsh?  Oh, nope.  They seceded after the Oblivion Crisis.  Only Cyrodiil and High Rock.  WHAT AN EMPIRE! I decided I would leave Runa and the others to do the rebuilding, both of the Dawnstar Sanctuary and of the Dark Brotherhood itself.  Also, R

An Aside

So I figured I'd just take a moment and talk.  For one, part of the original premise of the blog was that Destana was pregnant in Windstad, and I've already passed that point.  I'm going to continue writing in past tense first person semi-omniscient.  Also, I'm going to do a summary of everything up 'til now, so everyone (including myself) can keep it straight.  I kept pretty detailed notes and took a decent amount of screenshots while I was playing, because I had an inkling I wanted to do somet


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Entry 21: A Date with Destiny

Hey, it's Destana.  I'm a vampire now.  I have a mission to kill the emperor very soon and I need to kill the Gourmet to steal his clothes.   My first thought was that the Dawnguard, being slayers of vampires, know more about vampires than probably anybody else.  So I thought I'd pay them a visit.  I rifled through my junk and found a full helm and slapped it on.  It seemed to go with my Crusader armor.  Make me look very paladin-like.  And also, hid my big GLOWING GOLDEN EYES.  

Entry 20: Helgen Harder - Nothing Lasts Forever (Except Me)

Hey, it's me, Destana.  Last time I took a few days helping the Keepers of Haatu (Imperial independent freedom fighters hunting Thalmor) get some support from the Stormcloaks, my old boys.  Marcus Jannus is set to start hiring builders to rebuild Helgen as soon as I finish mustering forces.  I'm on a timetable for my next Dark Brotherhood mission - kill the Gourmet then kill the Emperor.  This is probably going to shake up the whole province a lot and potentially the whole continent.  Get ready!
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