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About this blog

Well, here it is.  The story of the snarky badass reluctant Dragonborn who's lived in Skyrim for fifteen years.

Come along as I feed my most rabid addiction: exploration and adventure.  And, I guess, solving other people's problems in the least heroic ways possible.


This is my story.  Destana Stormblade.  Once a prisoner, a slave.  Once a refugee from Hammerfell.  

Now, Queen of Skyrim!  Master thief.  Assassin.  Mage.  Vampire Lord.  Sometimes, sex-object.  Lover of Sanguine, Ulfric Stormcloak and Serana of Volkihar.  Mother of Runa Septim, Damien Guevenne, and Fenrir Stormcloak.  Grandmother to Oddvar, Kintyra and Sinidar.  

Entries in this blog

Entry 92: Solstheim in a Handbasket

Hey, it's been a while.  It's me, Destana.  I've been busy in Solstheim.  I don't think I've slept in... well, since I got here.  What day is it?  It's the 17th of Morning Star, and it's been a wild ride.     As you know, I was looking around for clues and found a note in the temple that led me to a small Dwemer ruin to the north.  I arrowed my way through the place and found a man named Kenro with a lot of data about a cult of the Tribunal here in Solstheim.  Not really what I was loo


I made a Discord channel.   https://discord.gg/uYSCmZbf   I am starting to think I do need to write about this, even if they are shorter entries like my old ones.  Feels kinda disconnected without the words to bind it together.


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Side Post: Pyandonea Uncut

This isn't really a full entry.  I've not really been feeling like writing lately.  Been building up my youtube channel, yes, but I'm also looking for a new job.  Times not great.  I had wanted to do something special for the 1 year anniversary, but I didn't do it, as you can see.   So I've progressed Runa through Pyandonea, Destana through a lot of Solstheim and Damien through just a bit of Summerset.     And I can't really show some of the things they've been getting up to

Entry 91: To Lands Unknown...

Author's Note:  I'm going to summarize the remainder of Fenrir's Kagrenfahlz Journey.  There's not a lot that's relevant to the overall narrative, and also, wouldn't be all that interesting in written form.  If you want to hear the minute details, go watch the videos.  Below is a link to Kagrenfahlz Part 5, where I left off.     Kagrenfahlz Summary:  Damien, Valiana and Fenrir find their way through Kagrenfahlz into an area in the Velothi Mountains called Samaria.  A group of du

Entry 90: Toddler's Tactics

So here we are.  Treva's Watch.  Today, it's Kintyra.  Thought I'd give Fortuna a rest.  But also, maybe she can fill in some gaps in my knowledge as we go along.  I am literally four years old with the brain and body of a fourteen-year-old.  So by the grace of not being on this planet for very long, a lot of things are new to me.   As we passed near Largashbur, a group of goblins passed us.  Oddvar and I put our hands on our weapons, but Fortuna stopped us. "Look, they're not hos

Voices Test Part Deux

So I have four new characters I need to pick voices for.  I also downloaded a lot of new voices.  I already have the voice I used for Kintyra, but I may switch.     Kintyra FNV Veronica [I think I like this one more than what I used already] Hello there. I am a voice.wav Dragon Age Leliana [What I used before.  I'm trying to keep the british accents to High Rock Natives, but it's not 1:1] Hello there. I am a voice.wav     Oddvar Ob


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Entry 89: Baby's First Adventure

(Not a youtube spoiler)   Hello there.  You probably don't know me.  And infact, you may never get to.  I want to say that I know you, but there are so many out there probably reading this, and those yet to come.  See, my name is Fortuna.  I am known as many things.  Time, it seems, is a shifting river.  I look at most people, especially the personages of great power, like Oddvar and Kintyra.  Sinidar.  They seem to swim with time's current with the ease that comes from being a 'norm

Entry 88: Puzzle Time! C'mon Grab your Friends!

Youtubes:   Hey, this is Fenrir.  I've been on a real Dwemer knowledge kick recently.  Val and I stormed through a recently-uncovered Aetherium mine and I got new armor.    Then I got wind of an ancient dwemer university called Kagrenfahlz, built by Kagrenac's buddy Ludz.  Damien and I have been doggedly searching through ancient tomes, playing fetch for various people, and getting into lots of scrapes along the way.  Speaking of scrapes, I stopped by a town on the way back

Entry 87: Intuition, huh?

More youtubes:   Hey, this is one more from your boy, Fenrir.     ...Sorry, I figured all the best quest journals' hosts were saying it, thought I'd give it a try.  It's 216, the 14th of Sun's Height (7th Month). Damien and I are looking for Ancient Dwemer tomes.  Why?  Well, originally I was looking for Dwemer ruins to raid and learn more about their amazing technology and history.  But I'm also now fully invested in finding these philosophy books.  Maybe the real Dwe

Entry 86: Read a Book!

Obligatory Youtube link:   Hey, Fenrir again.  Last time I tackled a new dwemer ruin and started to double down on my search for ancient dwemer lore.  Now that there's not a war to fight I figured it's time to double-down on finding all of Skyrim's ancient mysteries.  Unfortunately for you, that involves reading skimming a lot of books, if I can actually find them.      Last time I'd just enlisted Damien to help my Dwemer book search.  We teleported back to River

Mod Salad Concept and Other Musings

Edit:  Going to point out my ESMifying video on YT     Hey, this is just me thinking about things. In my last video I randomly gave a name to the concepts behind my views on mods. The reason why I load a bunch of quest and building mods and Don't immediately do them:    Mod Salad - It's when you start playing Skyrim and you find a bunch of mods have melded together to interact in ways you didn't expect.  Examples:  1. I just did Moss Mother Cavern (Vanil


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Entry 85: The Great Dwemer Hunt

Youtube Videos:   Hey, it's Fenrir.  It's Sun's Height (7th Month) 4E 216.  Only a few months since the Invasion of Summerset and Valenwood and already patrolling the Sea of Ghosts is getting boring.  I've heard rumors of some new old dwemer ruins that were uncovered by miners.  And of course, I have a huge backlog anyway.  Mom definitely focuses on bandits and Nordic ruins, so I figure I could focus on Dwemer ones.  One of the mission notes floating around the Bannered Mare in White

Aside V: Destananomicon

Current Time: 4E 220, Sun's Dawn.   Introduction If you want to know where to begin in this story, if you're a newcomer (I've written a lot in a relatively short amount of time), feel free to read the Story Section below for a catchup and just start with the next entry.  Little details may be missed, but you'll have an overall idea of what's going on if you know TES lore and/or play Skyrim.   Good Break Points - Entry 75 - 81 is the Invasion of Valenwood and Alinor


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xEdit Guide: Compacting

I guess I should post this here so the LoversLabLurkers can have access to it as a resource if they want it.   This video is about Compacting in xEdit.  Distinct from just flagging an ESP as ESL, this is changing the formIDs so they'll fit into 2048 records and forcing it to be ESL. Some of the regulars have already looked it over for correctness and watchability.    


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Entry 84: Old Friends and New

Hey, Destana again.  The dreams are continuing.  Is the mundanity is enough to call them nightmares?  Probably not.  Last time a bunch of mystery fluid and 'life' waters got spilled on a bunch of children.  I informed Runa and Damien.  They weren't sure how to take it.  Both knowing no bad had come from the waters so far, Runa shrugged it off and Damien just said he'd monitor.   Also, the raid on the Dawnguard went well.  Their members are gone or on the run.     So here I am

Entry 83: Baddest (Grand)Mother Around

It's me, Destana.  It's been a few months since Runa had her baby.  Sun's Dawn (Second Month), 4E 217.  Not seen much of her in that time.  But that's to be expected.  After our victory with the Thalmor, we all deserve a bit of an adventuring break.  I'm going to fill you in on what's been going on.     Over the past year or so I've been concentrating on bounding the bandits, rogue vampires, pirates (in the sea of ghosts) and the friggin Dawnguard, who've taken to just killi

BIG Update Part 3

So here was my graphics test.  Looks pretty good.     New Graphics.mp4       As far as quest mods I also added: Relics of Hyrule https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12244 Agent of Righteous Might https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29067 Kagrenfalz https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/40776 Vigilant https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11849/ Unslaad (Upd


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BIG Update Part 2

At the bottom I'll update on my overall progress.  I just wanted to highlight a few side projects I'm going ahead with during this process.   Combat Mods     TES Arena Towns   Player Voice     Overall Progress 1.  Backup characters. 2. Run FNIS, turn off auto FNIS, switch to Nemesis keep FNIS data 3. Turn off TK Dodge, Turn on CGO, add Nemesis animations 4. ESLify everything that can be (the looooong step) 5. Add gr


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The BIG Update

I'm commencing the BIG Update.  Wish me luck.   1.  Backup characters. 2. Run FNIS, turn off auto FNIS, switch to Nemesis keep FNIS data 3. Turn off TK Dodge, Turn on CGO, add Nemesis animations 4. ESLify everything that can be (the looooong step) 5. Add graphical updates 6. Begin recreation (the other long step)   Ongoing project list -   Long List of notes for myself so I don't ever need to do this research again (Ongoing) ESLifyed, A


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Entry 82: Dragonchild(ren)

Hey, it's Runa.  I want to say our winning against the Thalmor was sweet, but as I walked the battlefield the night after, I think the term 'bittersweet' would be more apt.    Our dead, their dead, they all piled up.  Too many to dig graves for.  So they were burned.  Well, until it rained.  I found Galmar talking with Brutus Brutalis about old times.  They were both old timers, though Brutus had aged well.  I had a suspicion they'd fed him life water just so they could torture him for

Entry 81: End of Empires

Hey, it's Destana.  It'd been sitting with Ulfric, trying to figure out what the Thalmor did to him.     A missive came to me from Damien.  The boys were in a tight spot with a giant dwemer robo. "Are you needed?" Mynisera asked.     "Seems that way," I replied, charging up my Recall spell, "Thanks for watching him." Gotta love Recall.  Because it is focused to a specific location it takes all the guesswork out of teleportation, and thus, has a pretty muc

Entry 80: Climb to Summerset Throne!

Hey, this is Destana.  Much like I've been doing lately, I'm going to handle the narration today even if I'm not present.     After the kids and I finished with our fun in Valenwood, we headed for the fleet. It took us days to find them, and we didn't want to approach Summerset and give away our position or plans so we took it carefully.  Finally Jura used the Imperial missive mages to give us their position.   "The airship's finally here," Jura said. The morning of the

Entry 79.5: Group Therapy Session

Author's Note: Not a full entry, just wanted to drop a video of the thing I did not describe or show.  May be a little rough, and is uncompressed so probably good quality.   Group Therapy After Valenwood.mp4     Also, going to say I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks.  (Next week and the week after).  I'll probably be working on an entry, but it might be a little slower than usual.    

Entry 79: Death Uncarnate

Hey, this is Destana.  I think I'm going to compile stories I'm not there for again today. We finished our victory party (the army was also celebrating down in Haven with the locals).  And I addressed the command group in the morning.    "Good morning.  I can see you're all pretty tired after two battles and partying all night. Anyway, good job everybody.  I'm not one for big speeches like Ulfric.  We're going to meet off the coast of Alinor in about a week.  See you on the fifth of Ra

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