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  1. Evidently, one important npc to further the questline. She's on the ground floor of the Blue Palace, in Solitude, or she should be, under normal circumstances. Do you have any mods that can affect npc packages based on certain dynamic conditions?
  2. Open the the mod archive you downloaded, and copy the contents of the AnimObjects folder (contains a plugin, a meshes folder and a textures folder) under Skyrim/Data, and remember to activate the plugin, if you want to install manually. It won't break if you use your mod manager to uninstall and reinstall the mod and select the options you want from the fomod installer. Just make sure the plugin installed is active, you had run FNIS again and when you next load up your game, register any new added animations in SLanimloader.
  3. Have you forgot to re-run FNIS by chance?
  4. First order of business would be checking what else can affect NPC behavior. Do you have anything else installed that can cause to override their packages based on certain conditions? They might be stuck in a scene, which can easily cause the aforementioned behavior, because the characters needed in one scene are hogged by another running scene.
  5. You can either manually align them with existing furnitures for screenshots or whatever, or use the furniture system introduced in Sexlab Utility Plus that tries to select furniture animations and position and align actors participating in the sex scenes. So if your character is having sex in the inn, and there is a chair around and you have furniture animations that are meant to be used on chairs (and are tagged properly), the mod will move the sex scene over to the chair and will play the appropriate animation.
  6. Make sure you selected to install the animobjects plugin, and it is also ticked in your load order.
  7. At that point, you might as well edit the plugins to flag all of them as essential or protected in xedit or the creation kit, so that they won't die a random death.
  8. If all else fails, you can do so yourself via the console.
  9. Another two DD-based mods for the list: And this one also supports DD through soft dependencies: If and when @qawsedrftg765 gets around to updating the main post, my observations, additions and correction recommendations in my previous 3 posts here still stand.
  10. You don't have the correct dependencies installed. You are still running DD4, however DCL9 requires DD5.
  11. Couple of additions that could be included as well, in conjunction with the recommendations in my two previous posts:
  12. As of right now, the mod is DD5-compatible "as is". Meaning the latest public version was developed for DD4.3 and will only work guaranteed under that version of the framework, so if you are experiencing issues like this, that is the likely culprit. However if other DD-related mods (even those which are using the up-do-date DD version) consistently fail at equipping/unequipping items, you should be looking into sorting out your mod setup as well.
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