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DEADLY PLEASURES : a Komotor and Delzaron joint project.


Co Authors : Komotor (animations, synopsis)


Dependencies :

  • Skyrim
  • Sexlab
  • FNIS
  • Komotor animations of course !


What do you need to know :

  • This mod is for females characters.
  • This mod is a complex project. Special animations are planned. We both plan to make prerelease on Patreon, like lot of people do for Sims mods. For more details : https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron. And Komotor's patreon : https://www.patreon.com/komotor
  • You need the T2 animation pack from Komotor animations.
  • How to start the mod : talk to an In keeper, and follow the story.



Authorship and portage :

- TheDarkMaster and The Venus Noire team, developers of Seeds of chaos (a renpy game I strongly recommand! It combine very good draw art, castle management, exploration, and war management) for Jezera portage (I simply love that character design and personnality). Please find here his Patreon and Itch.io links :



The Mod content :


Follow the track, and meet Jezera, a dark seducer, and her pets.... don't worry, you'll be one of them. You'll done exhibitions and missions for her... voluntary or not.

This mod is designed to use the excellent Komotor's animations... so expect things you'll never saw


Core Quests : They are the story quests.

  • aDP0_starter : the starter quest
  • aDP1_begin : the prologue
  • aDP1_fourdays : your firsts days as a pet...
  • aDP2_begin : a new run
  • aDP_2Quai : meet Anna Venicci, Jezera's business partner, and her sins...


Side Quests : each side quest unlock a new animation, and explore the past of NPCs. You need the Komotor patreon pack for playing these animations.

  • aDP_SideQuest_Giant : a story about Miquote's past, and her giant friend.
  • aDP_SideQuest_Dwemer : a story about Lamiae's past, and some researches on dwemer artifacts. (on project)


Radiant Quests :

  • aDP_Rep_Analpendelum
  • aDP_Rep_Komachine3kw
  • aDP_Rep_komachinetable
  • aDP_Rep_komEnduro
  • aDP_Rep_KomBrutalDildo
  • aDP_Rep_KomGiant


  • aDP_ActorEvent_Party1 : for animating Anna's manor.
  • aDP_ActorEvent_Dungeon1 : girls will ask for training on the brutal dildo.


Some of the mod's NPCs :

  • Jezera : the Mistress. A young, beautiful and dominative Dark seducer.
  • Lamiae : a falmer teenager from Ibn.
  • Miquote : a chocolate young elf.
  • Quai : Jezera's slave. Seems depressed.
  • Chuul : Jezera's older sister. She totally submissive.
  • Anna Venicci : Jezera's business partner, and sinfull noble.
  • Molag Bal : I really need to present him ?


Musics and other ressources :

  • Medieval from Aticca Blue.
  • Masked Bal form Eyes wide Shut (Jocelyn Pook)
  • Venitian Masks from CPU
  • Molag Bal outfit form Vigilant mod.


Sources of inspiration :

  • Miquote is a Sicambre forsworn shaman from AFS, she's related to Ethrane and Badycia, it's also the name of an elf girl in Bravil Underworld mod.
  • Quai is also from here, and she's also the copy of a bandit girl I played in D&D 3.5.
  • Chuul was the Mazken created by my brother for his Oblivion playtrough.
  • Lamiae is a ceyemer from Things in the dark, like her uncle, Volukar (which is also inspired from Gromph, from the chronicles of Drizzt).
  • Jezera is a portage from Seed of chaos... I simply love the character, I get lot of difficulties to find a way to make some nice horns, and a nice red dress ! Please find at the top of this page some links to TheDarkMaster and The Venus Noire team work (Seeds of chaos in simply an execellent game, with very good quality art). In term of lore, Jez and her sister Chuul are Mazken (or Vile Seductress if you prefer, the opposite of Aureals). They were former mistresses of Molag Bal.

Permissions :
You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. Animations and AnimObjects are from Komotor.

What's New in Version Beta 0.6


Fixing the rep doubledildo quest
Add an hint for slave tats use in giant quest
aDP3_begin : add a function to reinforce hook 150-160
aDP_dwemer : Fixing veez package conditions
aDP_chuul : modifing Jez package to avoid her trapped in scene.
aDP_Chuul : some fixes on scripts and debug dialogues
aDP_Chuul : fix the note script, add an altar with note.
aDP_SideQuest_Quai : some little fixes.
aDP3_molag : some little fixes


aDP1_Begin : again, Veez bug...
New side quest : aDP_SideQuest_Chuul
New red quest : a DP_Rep_KomDildoDuo
Jez and Chuul have now green eyes, like Mazkens.
Fixes in aDP_SideQuest_Chuul quest


zDeadly Pleasures 0.4
Fixing glitches in the Main Hall.
fixing glitches in arena 2
aDP1_begin : fixing veez travel problem
aDP1_begin : fixing hook setstage (Chuul dialogue conditions problem).
symbol for mapmarker
sex dialogue restrained to slaves
no more deathhound in small world
miquote side quest : objective 1 fixed
miquote side quest : fade to black reduced
miquote side quest : jezera and player moved to the giant and miquote for avoiding scenes freezing.
Anna quest : Quai oved to Jezera to avoid her travel and scene late.
add door to the giant den in Outpost small world (for miquote return)
Anna Manor : fixing some glitches by using the grid option
Lamiae side quest : volukar is now forced to move to jezera bedroom
Quai quest : complete objectives.
Quai quest : slaver package repaired
Lamiae and Quai side quest : travel package set to run
dildo rep quest : repair the scene property


zDeadly Pleasures 0.3 bis
new small world
new introduction quest, in Solitude
Outpost marker in tamriel is visible
Mapmarker visible at the cave entry.
giant quest : fixing Miquote package
added a condition to player WICommentNaked
First quest redone (moved to Solitude)
First orc guard modified
Action moved to Solitude
Quai side quest : quai will now follow the player
Futa quest : trouble making scene with jezera removed


zDeadly Pleasures Beta 0.3
new rep quest : adp_rep_komstreetlifeduo (with hook)
new hook for aDP_rep_KomSuperDuo
new rep quest : aDP_Rep_KomLesbDildoDuo  (with hook)
new rep quest : aDP_Rep_KomfistingDuo  (with hook)
new quest : aDp_Rep_KomMilkFuta (with hook)
aDP4_end : more organized, Veez and volukar supressed form the ceremony.
Prison is now closer to arena
Rep quest for player attempt to escape and punishement (in progress).

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