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Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus 2.1.1

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New in version 2.1.1: 

Several fixes with giant mounds of thanks to 




and I added the sleep activator directly to the mod, with the same giant mounds of thanks to @jc321


As of version 2.1 you no longer need HDT Workshop


Includes SE conversion from the aptly named Herowynne (see her release notes)




The pickaxe digs into the crevice. With a practiced twist, I remove the axe while widening the hole. After two more strikes, a chunk of ore two handspans long tumbles to the ground at my feet. I absently push it to one side with my foot, already locking my eyes on the next spot. Just as I start the downswing, the horn blares. I drop the pickaxe and bend to gather my ore. It makes a knee high stack - master will be pleased. He moves along the line now, stopping at each worker, counting their ore, complimenting or punishing, marking their tally on their chest with a piece of charcoal. The new workers have the least amounts, of course. It is easy to tell they are new - they still wear gags, still show signs of strain, haven't yet learned how to pace themselves. Still have hope in their eyes. I don't like to look at them, see the fire that burns in their bellies. That fire will soon be banked, then extinguished. I still remember a time when I had such a fire. No. I don't. I remember dreaming of such a time. An empty echo, the tattered remnants of an imagined life. A husk. Fanciful images of a world that doesn't exist, cannot exist. Master comes to me, compliments my work, tallies my ore on my breast, moves on to the next. I gather my ore in buckets and carry them to the smelter, dump the ore into the pile, then resume my place. The horn sounds again, and we shuffle in a straggling line to the dining area. I take my place, kneeling in front of a trough. I am rewarded this meal - a small piece of crusty bread has been added to the usual assortment of lettuce, radishes, and wiry meat. Once the meal is finished we shuffle to the bathing room. We take turns on the chamber pots, then are chained standing along the wall. Masters douse us with buckets of water, rinsing away a layer of black dirt. On, then, to the sleeping cell. I kneel on my pallet of straw and wait for master to lock my collar to the ring on the wall with a length of chain, then settle into itchy, dreamless sleep. Some undetermined time later I am awakened by a touch on my back. I shift my weight back, raising my rear into the air and spreading my legs. I feel master enter me, hear his grunting, press my face and arms into the floor to brace myself. Master finishes with a long groan, removes himself, and I crumble back to the ground, already nearly asleep again. The horn wakes me, and I kneel, waiting for master. He comes by presently, detaches the chain from my collar. I stand and wait until all the workers are in line and chained together. We shuffle back to the mine and take our places. I pick up my pickaxe and, when the horn blows, I strike. The pickaxe digs into the crevice. With a practiced twist, I remove the axe while widening the hole. After two more strikes, a chunk of ore two handspans long tumbles to the ground at my feet.


Slaves of Tamriel description (for those who haven't played it): 

Spend the rest of your life as a slave in a mine. 


This is a continuation of the continuation of Slaves of Tamriel (made by Slaves of Tamriel). It is exactly the same as Slaves of Tamriel Continuation by Hæretic except it now includes a way to escape.




Starting the quest:

There are two ways to start the quest: The MCM (if you can get it to open - it has shown up exactly once for me) or via any version of Simple Slavery (I recommend Hexbolt8's SS++ version, as linked). 



If you click on the sleep activator at night and find nothing happens other than the time has moved to 6am, download and install the Bed Patch, kindly provided by @jc321




Working at the Mine


At the beginning of the quest, you're processed as a new mine slave and forced to mine ores along with other slaves. Upon the arrival, you'll be branded with a slave number 36 (and optionally shaved) and led to the mining area where the other slaves are working.


Mining Efficiency and Perks


Each ore deposit has random 'strength' assigned to it, and while you're mining, it decreases until it reaches zero, then an ore will be put in your backpack nearby. Unlike in a normal game, the deposit cannot be depleted and attacking it (instead of pressing 'E') won't yield an ore.


The mining efficiency depends on a hidden mining perk, which will increase as you successfully mine ores. Initially, your efficiency is the lowest among the slaves so you won't be able to mine as fast as any of them.


(In the current version, it's perfectly normal for the player not being able to mine a single ore during the first few work shifts.)


Exhaustion and Resting

As you mine, your stamina will decrease constantly until you're no longer able to continue working. You can press 'Rest Hotkey' (Q, I think) to sit down and catch your breath(you'll hear rough breathing sound when your stamina falls below 70%), which will restore your stamina faster than the normal.


This mechanism applies to other slaves as well, so the slaves will occasionally stop working and sit down to rest when their stamina runs out.


Guard and Punishment


There's a guard at the mining area who'll constantly watch over the slaves and punish whoever get caught while being idle.


He will randomly stares at different directions and when he notices an idle slave, he will chase it down and punish it after a short pause (about 3 seconds). It means, when you see him staring at you, it's not just an animation but he is really watching if you're working or not.


So it is advisable to check what he is doing while you're working, and take a short break whenever he's not looking at you to save stamina.


After you're punished, he won't chase you down for a short while, so you can use that time to regain your stamina as well.


Being hit with a whip will randomly throws you into the ground, and it will also incurs some health damage. When your bladder is full, there's a chance that you'll leak while being whipped.


During the scenes, the guards might order you do certain task, like entering a cell or follow. Failing to comply with the order promptly might also subject you for a punishment.


Work Schedule and Submitting Ores


After every two hours of working, you're supposed to submit the ores you mined. The guard will visit each slaves and mark the number of the ores on its left breast. When no ore is mined during a shift, the guard will punish the slave instead.


After the marking, the slave is supposed to go to the smelter and give the ores to the Smelter Slave and allowed to take a short break.


It is safe (not being punished) to use the toilet during the ores are counted, but you'll need to be quick as other slaves might also want to take the chance.


Feeding and Integrating with Other Mods


Before and after the work, the slaves will be fed twice a day in their cells. As their hands are bound all the time when they're not working, they are fed with a trough, and the amount of food each slaves gets is proportional to the amount of ores it mined (marked on the breast).


Also, there's a proof-of-concept plugin for integrating with iNeeds, so when a slave eats from a trough, it will increase the satiation and hydration value accordingly. In future, plugins for other mods will be provided as well, and when they are completed, the player will required to work hard to avoid being starved to death.


Using a Toilet


Slaves of Tamriel includes a light weight 'Private Needs' type bladder system, which will track each slave's individual bladder size and its status.


Roughly, the bladder is filled every twelve hours, and once it fills over 40% the NPC slave will try to use a near by bucket toilet when it's allowed to so (i.e. during a break).


If it reaches 80%, they will try to use the toilet even during the working hours, and if they get whipped there's a chance they will leak. It will also leak when the bladder is completely filled up,


The player can use a toilet once the bladder is filled over 20%, but the other rules apply the same.




When in the mine, pick up the shovel near your work area. Then make your way back up to the administration building to collect the things taken from you.



SE Version 


This mod includes animations. Run GenerateFNISforUsers after installing this mod. (This is true of LE as well)


If you want Simple Slavery to send you to Slaves of Tamriel, go into Simple Slavery's MCM and ensure that Slaves of Tamriel is enabled as a post-auction destination. (This is also true of LE)


This conversion gives KS Hairdos to this mod's NPCs, but KS Hairdos is not required. All the KS Hairdos textures that are used by this mod are included in the BSA. (This is also also true of LE)


SlaveTats Troubleshooting

  • Ensure you are using the latest SE version of SlaveTats, which is SlaveTats SE (2020-03-15). (I'm using 1.1.1 on the LE version. Seems to work fine.)
  • The previous version SlaveTats SE has a bug that prevents this mod's tats from displaying.
  • You must download and install one of the slave tat packs provided with this mod. I successfully tested with Slaves of Tamriel - Textures UNP 1k.zip (Also also also true of LE. 4K seems to work fine.)
  • After installing your chosen slave tat pack, you must activate the slave tat pack in your mod manager. (Of course)
  • In game, you must go into the SlaveTats MCM and tell it to Add tats, which will reload all the tat lists. (This is NOT true for LE. Should work without even looking at the Slavetats MCM)

Known Issues


When your player character is sent to Slaves of Tamriel, the Slaves of Tamriel MCM Slave Settings are reset, meaning that those settings are lost that you may have entered before being enslaved.


After the branding scene, there is a fade to black. Your character is supposed to wake up lying on the ground. That only works about 10% of the time in my testing. Most of the time, your character is standing, which makes the subsequent guard's tattooing animation look odd. (It's really effective when it does work if you're in first person perspective)


After the tattooing, your character is placed in devices (collar, gag, etc.) After that, you are supposed to get a quest objective to follow the guard deeper into the mine. In my testing, you often do not get that objective automatically, and your character remains frozen with no movement controls. If that happens, you should save your game. Simply saving can prompt the quest objective to activate and unfreeze your character. Otherwise, you can load the save, which should cause the objective to activate and unfreeze your character. If that still doesn't work, you can try waiting a while, because sometimes that helps the objective to activate. 


When you get to the mine working area, you should go into the Slaves of Tamriel MCM Slave Settings -> Behaviour and uncheck Ragdoll on Hit, because during my testing the player character often gets permanently stuck in a ragdoll state, with no movement control and no way to fix the problem other than reloading a save.




Requirements, straight from the old mod  


Thanks to @HexBolt8 and @Lupine00 for their help in getting the stuff returned. :)


Thanks to @Herowynne , @jc321, and @verel for their bug extermination.


Thanks to all of these people for their general amazingness.


What's New in Version 2.1.1



  • Forwarded Update.esm changes to Quest / DialogueGeneric "Generic dialogue" [QUST:00013EB3].
  • Forwarded USSEP changes to Quest / WICommentNaked "Player is naked" [QUST:000A8655].
  • Removed edits to Worldspace / KatlasFarmExterior and Worldspace / SolitudeAttackStart01.
  • Removed identical-to-master (ITM) record Worldspace / <-19,31>.


  • Made the ankles use the ZAZ 7/8 models, so the HDT Workshop mod is not required anymore
  • Removed some dirty edits, worth mentioning the Crude Mace had a broken record.
  • Copied the mining markers and replaced the ones in the mine. The original ones used the vanilla skyrims and made changes to it.
  • Copied the region and made it unique.
  • Crop was missing weapon critical data
  • Fixed scene with NULL Quest reference



Fixed some dialogue

Switched to Continuation version

Added shovel to pick up to trigger escape

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